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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.


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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.






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Kip Puterbaugh on Things You Know that Can Ruin Your Game

Kip Puterbaugh is one of the all-time instructors in golf. He was worked with Major Champions and PGA TOUR and LPGA players alike and has coached winners like Scott Simpson, Larry Mize, Loren Roberts and Dennis Paulson. Kip was schooled at the University of Houston under legendary coach, Dave Williams, and then played as a professional under the guidance of PGA TOUR legend, Gene Littler. After a brief competitive stint he turned his attention to golf instruction and quickly became one of the most sought-after minds in the game. A published author, Kip joins #OntheMark to discuss golf and his book "What You Know (about Golf) Can Hurt You." Kip highlights and elaborates on his Top 10 Golf Instruction Myths, including "Swinging to Fast" and "Coming Over the Top." He then dives into the concept of Hand-Path and how the Handle of the Club moves in the downswing and through impact. As he does so he also details concepts like: Shaft Lean, Casting and Club-lag, Proper Wrist Alignments, Arm Action and Movement and Grip Pressure. He then shares a cool story about Lee Trevino and how Ben Hogan described the "Flat Spot" of the golf-swing. He also shows his "Whirlybird" practice drill to help golfers find the proper wrist alignments in the downswing and at impact. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube. Search and subrscribe to Mark Immelman.


Phil Shomo and his Circles of Focus to Improve Your Mental Game

Phil Shomo has over 35 years experience coaching people. in a variety of arenas such as Business and Ministry, to navigate challenges more effectively. He is now leading a thriving Sports Psychology endeavor that focusses on helping golfers to "fuel their mental tank" while "controlling controllables." Phil has a Masters Degree in Transformation with a specialization in Personal Character Development. He works with golfers of all skill levels including elite NCAA competitors from teams like Mississippi State University and Augusta University. He joins #OntheMark to help you to improve your concentration and focus in practice and on the golf course. Shomo exhibits his "Circles of Focus" as he talks about: He then explains each Circle of Focus and how to use your mental energy effectively: This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman.


Tom Boys Enhances your Golf IQ, Course Management and Strategy for Better Preparation and Play

Tom Boys is a former European Tour Professional, and co-founder of the Upgame App, a statistics-based game improvement system where golfers are able to track their performance on the course and in practice. Tom is also a Performance Analyst on The DP World Tour and works with Tommy Fleetwood, Jason Day, Matt Wallace and Lucas Herbert. He joins #OntheMark to walk you through the Upgame App and its features while advising on score-lowering approaches like better Course Management, and purpose-driven Practice. He talks about how the App works and illustrates the ease of data input and mining for game-improvement insights. He also addresses: The Power Game and the Strokes Gained Contrast between Distance and Accuracy Where to Miss and the Impact of Short-sided Misses Appropriate Target Selection by Understanding Shot Biases and Dispersions. The Importance of Distance Control for Improved Proximity Speed Control on the Greens and its influence on 3-Putt Avoidance, and Game Planning and Strategy Development. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman. Also, use code ONTHEMARK15 for a 15% discount on the UpGame App.


Dan Frost with Insights on How to Turning Swing Thoughts into Feels

Dan Frost is a DP World Tour Instructor and the Founder of "Sure Golf." Recognized as one of the leading golf instructors in the game, Dan is extremely well read and exceptionally knowledgeable. He has dedicated his life to discovering the "Why and How of Golf" and is versed in many fields across the spectrum of performance. Dan joins #OntheMark to talk about a few of the Golf Training Aids he has developed, specifically the "Swing Connector" and the 'Sure Set." In highlighting the training aids, Dan talks about the elements required to build a reliable golf-swing that delivers a consistent and solid strike on the golf ball. This podcast is also available on YouTube. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman. Listeners to the podcast and vodcast can also us the promo code, OntheMark15 at golftrainingaids.com for discounts on training aids.


Eion Gibbons Helps You to Find the Right Key to Unlock the Door to Your Golf Improvement

Eoin Gibbons is one of Ireland's leading golf instructors and coaches. Based at Kinsealy Grange Golf Academy in North Dublin, Eoin is a member in good standing of the PGA and is Trackman-certified. He is also an Ambassador for BodiTrack and has received the Ground Mechanics BodiTrack certification. Gibbons has also earned, among other qualifications, a certification in The Biomechanics of Golf from Penn State University. Eoin joins Mark Immelman to teach golfers how to make positive, beneficial and lasting adjustments to your technique for better golf. He talks in-depth about how "Old Keys Do Not Unlock New Doors" and illustrates key concepts to getting the correct Key for Improvement: Throughout the conversation he weaves other topics into his presentation. Topics like: How to Gain Confidence, Lesson Frequency and Data Collection, Predictability over Consistency, The 50/50 Rule for Learning, and Breaking Practice into Training and Performing. This podcast is also available as a vodcast. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman on Youtube.


Brendon Todd Talks Golf, Navigating Slumps in Form and Accuracy and Precision

Brendon Todd is a 3x Winner on the PGA TOUR, and a 2X Winner on the Korn Ferry Tour. Before advancing to the paid ranks of golf, Todd was a star and a 4x All-American on the University of Georgia National Championship-winning Golf Team. He joins Mark Immelman to talk about his life and career in golf. Todd shares insights from his childhood in Junior Golf in North Carolina and offers advice to Junior Golfers and Parents of Juniors on how to make the most of talent for success. He shares anecdotes from his time at UGA and then talks about his graduation into the Professional Ranks and the challenges he endured. Todd talks candidly about playing golf on TOUR and he talks about the slump he survived and came out of to re-eastablish himself as a winner on TOUR. He also offers advice to golfers who may be struggling, as well as talking about the golf-swing and the value of playing your own game. Brendon then dives into what he did to recover from the Golf-Swing Yips and find his swing again. He specifically addresses his approach to swing technique in his work with Bradley Hughes. He also talks about Open-to-Closed vs Closed-to-Open swings and why he prefers playing from a clubface position that tends open. He also shares advice on: Brendon also speaks about the nature of competitive golf, some of his wins, and he talks about how he has had two Holes-in-One, on the same hole, on consecutive days in a Korn Ferry Event. This podcast is also available on YouTube. Search Mark Immelman Golf.


Mike Colley Elaborates on Attitudes for Success

Mike Colley is a former School Teacher and Coach who turned to Executive Coaching. His tenure as an Executive Coach led him to the founding of 'Future Relevance,' the home to the 'Success Cube,' a simple way to unlock your potential and map a pathway to future success. Mike joins #OntheMark to discuss how golfers can mazimize their potential and performance by understanding Attitudes and their collective influence on mindset, decision-making, self-talk, self-awareness and examination. He shows how productive attitudes can lead to: Mike then talks about the qualities and characteristics of his 24 Attitudinal Traits and elaborates on: Awareness, Gratitude, Curiosity, Accountability and Adaptability. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube. Search for and subscribe to Mark Immelman.


Matthew Rudy Dispels 5 Myths that may be Ruining Your Golf Score

Matthew Rudy is an author and the ghost-writer of over 25 golf instruction, sports and business books. He is also a Senior Writer for Golf Digest Magazine. Matthew joins #OntheMark to discuss and elaborate on an article he wrote, for Golf Digest, dispelling 5 Golf Myths that could be ruining your golf. Those myths include: As an added bonus, Matthew also talks about a book of swing sequences he wrote, and he shares insights on what you can learn from 'outlying' golf-swings like those of Paul Azinger, Raymond Floy and Chi Chi Rodriguez. Throughout his lessons, Matthew shares insights and tips from people he has spent time around, e.g., Instructors and coaches - Kevin Weeks, Mike Jacobs, Stan Utley, Bernie Najar, Dave Stockton, Hank Haney, and players - Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Scottie Scheffler, and Justin Thomas. This podcast is also available on YouTube. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman.


Ludvig Åberg on How He Plays the Game and Lessons Learned Throughout his Career

Ludvig Åberg is a budding superstar in the global game. The young Swede has made a splash on the PGA TOUR and DP World Tour after just a short time in the paid ranks. A 2-time Ben Hogan Award (National College Player of the Year) winner at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas, Åberg won the PGA TOUR University Rankings to earn membership on the PGA TOUR. Within three months of turning professional he won the Omega European Masters in Switzerland. The victory catapulted the tall Swede into the European Ryder Cup Team for the Matches at Marco Simone GC in Rome, Italy. Ludvig joins Mark Immelman to share his journey from Junior Golf in Sweden, to University in the USA, to being on a winning Ryder Cup Team. He shares lessons and anecdotes from his lifelong Swedish Coaches as well as lessons learned in College and the Pro's. Ludvig talks about events inside and outside the ropes as he explains his winning mindset. He talks about turning professional and the differences between Pro and Amateur golf. He then revisits his experiences at the Ryder Cup, including playing alongside Viktor Hovland, and their 9&7 victory over Scottie Scheffler and Brooks Koepka. Finally, Åberg talks about his golf-swing and his golf-swing technique.He talks about practice routines for success, and how he creates speed and power off the tee. He then offers insight on how club golfers can pick up a little extra distance off the tee. Ludvig also shares how he remains calm under pressure, and offers a tip that all golfers can use to be mentally sharp when the chips are down. This podcast is also available as a vodcast at YouTube.com. Search Mark Immelman and subscribe.


Viktor Hovland on Golf, Winning Mindsets and Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

Viktor Hovland is one of the leading golfers in the game. Born in Oslo Norway he was a standout junior who parlayed his talent into an All-American career at Oklahoma State Univ. As a collegian he also won the 2018 US Amateur at Pebble Beach. Viktor turned professional in 2019 and quickly signaled his arrival with a PGA TOUR victory in Puerto Rico in 2020. Since that win he has garnered 5 more PGA TOUR conquests incl. The 2023 FedEx Cup and the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome. Viktor joins #OntheMark to talk about his life and career in the game. He shares lessons learned from college and his years as a young PGA TOUR professional. He talks about the ups and the downs of the game and his attitude and mindset with regard to game improvement and winning. He also shares his insights on playing under pressure and bringing your best when it matters most. Viktor also shares anecdotes from inside the locker room and the ropes and talks about his approach to golf-swing technique, the mental game, being in "The Zone", practice and preparation. He also dives into Short-game improvement and talks about D-Plane data parameters like "Spin Loft" for more spin and control around the greens. This podcast is also available as a vodcast. Go to YouTube.com and subscribe to Mark Immelman


Kellie Stenzel on Building a Reliable Swing and Lowering Scores

Kellie Stenzel is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and a PGA of America Master Professional. One of the foremost minds in the game, she has written and published three golf instruction books and she joins #OntheMark to help you build "a swing for a lifetime" and lower your scores. With regard to golf-swing improvement, Kellie addresses: Cause and Effect in the golf-swing, Set-up, Posture, Body Tilts, Grip Awareness, and Golf-Swing Myths. She then pivots to sharing tips on how to lower scores as she focuses on Short Game Improvements. She elaborates on: Understanding the jargon and terminology, Building insurance for Better Contact on Chip and Pitch Shots, Putting from off the Green, Routines, Concentration, Focus, and "Letting Go" under Pressure. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman.


Rick Sessinghaus on "The Flow Code" and How to Go from Fear to Flow

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus is a Southern California PGA Professional, the Director of FlowCode Golf Academy and the life-long golf swing and mental game coach to Collin Morikawa. He has been a guest on the #OntheMark show before and he joins Mark Immelman to discuss "The Flow Code" as a mental approach to better Motivation, Focus, Confidence, Execution and Performance. Rick illustrates the elements of the state of "Fear" and "Flow" and how a person/golfer moves between those states. He elaborates on each state by talking about various mindsets and emotions. He also shares ideas and tips for learning how to move the mental state from one of Fear to one where focus, intent, positivity and high performance are the order of the moment. He further elaborates on: What is the Mental Game? A golfer's Mental, Emotional and Physical States and how they affect each other. Routines and their value. The Brainwave activity during Fear and Flow states. The perception of Challenges and Skills. Myths and "Rules" in the Brain. Flow Triggers and Brain Activity, and The Perception of Situations at Threats or Challenges. Dr. Sessinghaus also shares PGA TOUR examples from Collin Morikawa and Jordan Spieth on how they perform, mentally, physically and emotionally at the highest level under high pressure. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on YouTube - Subscribe to Mark Immelman to view the graphics Dr Sessinghaus used in his presentation.


Hernan Rey Shares Insight to help you from Tee to Green

Hernan Rey is an Argentinian professional based in Orlando, Florida. He operates his "Hernan Rey Golf Academy" from Orlando and he teaches players of all skill levels, including a number of players on the global professional Tours. Before turning to Television broadcast (with ESPN Deportes) and Golf Instruction Hernan played golf as a Tour Pro. In his career he competed in over 50 countries around the world, including the PGA TOUR, the DP World Tour, The Sunshine Tour, The European Challenge Tour and the Korn Ferry Tour. He brings a competitive and playing emphasis to all of his lessons and he joins #OntheMark to talk about his career in golf as he shares golfswing tips and insights to help you from Tee to Green. Among various topics and concepts he elaborates on: What Good Players have in Common, Micro and Micro Golfswing Elements and Moves, Dealing with Defeat and Failure as a part of Success, Separating the Player from the Person for Self-value, Simplifying Swing Moves into One Feel, and The "Camera Swing" vs the "Real Swing" for Scoring. This podcast is also available as a vodcast on Mark Immelman's YouTube Channel. Subscribe and watch to see Hernan demonstrate some helpful drills for better ball-striking.


Lisa Cornwell on The Habits of Successful Golfers

Now a published Author, and Play-by-Play host for ESPN / PGA TOUR Live, Lisa Cornwell was an accomplished AJGA Junior and NCAA golfer (Univ. of Arkansas). She is also a former Golf Channel Host and Reporter. Lisa hosts her own podcast, "The Troublemakers" and she joins #OntheMark to share stories, anecdotes and lessons learned throughout her time in the game. Lisa expressly references attributes she has seen in leading golfers, statesmen, businesspeople and coaches as she illustrates how you can build habits that will set you on the path to more personal success - in life and on the golf course. She talks about: Self Belief and Healthy Mindsets, Work Ethic, Time Management, Controlling the Narrative and Risk Assessment. Lisa personalizes those successful habits as she shares anecdotes (and personal experiences) about Coach Nick Saban, Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, President Bill Clinton (her cousin), Andrew Huberman, Jordan Spieth, and Earl and Tiger Woods. Improve your habits and your game. Download this podcast and subscribe to Mark Immelman's YouTube Channel.


Improve the Lag in Your Downswing with Mike Dickson

Mike Dickson is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Instructor and a PGA Master Instructor. He is also the inventor of the "LagMaster" golf training aid and he joins Mark Immelman to discuss the concept of "lag" in the golfswing and introduce his LagMaster. As Mike illustrates how Lag in the downswing occurs, he dives into how to create lag correctly for a powerful and timely release of speed to the clubhead for more powerful golfshots. He talks about how the use of the LagMaster can eliminate swing faults like Over-swinging and the "Chicken Wing," Turn Slices into Draws, and Improve the Body and Arm Kinematic Sequence in the golfswing. Mike also describes how using the correct Pressure Points in the hands gets the clubshaft on plane and improves Lag and Release. This podcast is also available on YouTube. Search Mark Immelman and subscribe to watch how Mike demonstrates the use of the LagMaster.


Theo Bezuidenhout on How to Build Momentum

Theo Bezuidenhout is a South African Sports Psychologist and the founder and owner of BVP Sports Psychology - the home of South Africa's leading sports psychology services. Theo works with golfers on the DP World Tour, The Sunshine (South Africa) Tour, and with leading Amateur and Club golfers. His easy manner, his clear and concise communication, and his approach to de-mystifying Sports Psychology make him sought after by athletes of all sporting codes. Theo joins #OntheMark to help you worry less about Confidence, Resilience and Motivation by focussing more on easier to manage controllables in order to create and maintain momentum. He dives into concepts such as: Self-Talk, Breathing, Routines, Acceptance (of results and events), Being Present, and Your Actions (despite results and adverse situations.) He also shares 4 tips to improving your attitude, mindset and performance with improved Self-Talk. This podcast is also available as a vodcast. Go to YouTube.com and search Mark Immelman.


Rick Gehman and Mark Immelman Wrap the 2022/2023 PGA TOUR Season

Rick Gehman is the founder and developer of rickrungood.com - a golf database used by countless fans, DFS and One and Done players, as well as golf-bettors around the world. One of the leading minds in Strokes Gained metrics pertaining to the PGA TOUR, Rick joins Mark Immelman to revisit the recent PGA TOUR season and highlight some of their memorable moments. Rick highlights three statistical data points that are likely to surprise you, including a Scottie Scheffler ball-striking achievement that not only bettered his own record but also that of Tiger Woods. Rick and Mark also list and discuss their Most Memorable Shots, Events, Highlights, Disappointments and they opine on the potential PGA TOUR Player of the Year. In their back and forth that chat about: Rory McIlroy, Bob McIntyre, Max Homa, Nick Taylor, Wyndham Clark, Matt Fitzpatrick, Scottie Scheffler, Jon Rahm, Brooks Koepka and PGA Professional Michael Block. They also talk about the PGA TOUR/PIF Merger, the 4 Major Championships - The Masters, The US Open, The PGA and The Open Championship, the Genesis Scottish Open, the RBC Heritage, The Genesis LA Open, the RBC Canadian Open, and the PGA TOUR Playoffs, notably the TOUR Championship at Eastlake. This podcast is also available on YouTube as a vodcast - download and subscribe to Mark Immelman.


Jonathan Carr on How to Deliver Your Peak Performance

Jonathan Carr is a former successful NCAA Collegiate golfer who has turned to coaching and teaching. Based in Canada, he specializes in golf instruction with an emphasis on Peak Performance. Carr joins #OntheMark to talk about his notion of Peak Performance and how you can perform at the peak of your personal skill and ability all of the time. He talks about the idea of any individual's "Greatest Fear and Greatest Treasure" and how those influence mindset and performance. (The theory is one Carr learned from renowned pastor, Tim Keller.) Jonathan then explains why he believe golfers suffer from unnecessary stress and pressure by grading performance by winning or losing. As a more beneficial way approaching performance and expectations, Jonathan describes how Peak Performance is obtained by striving for the characteristics of Courage, Joy, Focus, Determination, Peace and Self-Control. He elaborates on how "Journaling" can lead to a better understanding of events and hence chart a path toward more consistent Peak Performance. He also talks about the Wisdom of Separating Oneself from Expectations, The Origin of Confidence, Dealing with Anxiety, Sources of Momentum, "Lighthouse Statements for a Focussed Mindset, and Eliminating Unnecessary Battles for Improved Focus. This podcast is also available as a Vodcast on YouTube.


Emma de Groot Shares 5 Drills for Better Ball-Striking

Emma de Groot (Australia) is a former LPGA player who has turned to golf instruction. She now lives and works in Canada as a PGA of Canada Class A Professional and is garnering a lot of attention with her insightful and successful manner. Emma brings a playing emphasis to her lessons as she channels her playing experiences and knowledge to help learners of all skill levels achieve their goals. She joins Mark Immelman to talk about her career in college and on the Symmetra and the LPGA Tours; she also talks about the fundamentals of consistently solid ball-striking and shares 5 Drills that will improve your swing and striking: This podcast is also available on YouTube. Search and subscribe to Mark Immelman's channel to watch demo's of Emma's drills.


Joe LaCava on Mindset Shifts and Lessons from Inside the PGA TOUR Ropes

A native of Newtown CT, longtime PGA TOUR caddie Joe LaCava became known to golf fans around the world for his work alongside Fred Couples and Tiger Woods. Currently working for Patrick Cantlay Joe has also worked for stars like Davis Love III, Mark Calcavecchia, Dustin Johnson, and Justin Leonard, and he is arguably the most respected and recognized caddy in the game. Joe joins #OntheMark to share stories from inside the ropes, lessons from the pro's and advice for golfers of all skill levels. He talks about Tiger, Ken Green, Mark Calcavecchia, Davis Love and Fred Couples and shares lessons on: Golf Course Management, Playing Smart and Making Good Decisions, The Value of Accuracy and Power, and a good Short-Game. He also talks about Nerves, Routines and Handling Pressure and tells a number of stories about Couples and Woods and shares his "Three Favorite Shots He has Ever Seen." This one is loaded with laughs, lessons and insights to improve your game. Download it now and improve your game.