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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.


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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.






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Ward Jarvis on Becoming Mentally Strong and Resilient and Beating Adversity

Ward Jarvis is a Mental Performance Coach on the PGA TOUR. He burst onto the scene in 2018 when he began working with Brendan Todd - at the time Todd was ranked 2045 in the Official World Golf Rankings. Under Jarvis's tutelage and coaching Brendon Todd won twice and ascended as high as 39th in the world. Ward Jarvis's battles with stuttering drove him from being a firefighter to studying Neuroscience. His studies and research helped him develop the know-how and tools to overcome his...


Scott Stallings on Getting the Most out of Your Game and Holistic Changes to Live Your Best Life

Scott Stallings is a 3x winner on The PGA TOUR. Born in Massachusetts but a lifelong resident of Tennessee he talks about his life in golf from his All-American career at Tennessee Tech, to time spent on the Mini Tours, to making it through PGA TOUR School, to winning on TOUR. He shares anecdotes and lessons learned from every level of the game. Stallings then addresses his change in lifestyle and fitness which led to a loss of more than 60 lbs. He speaks about diet and hydration, fitness,...


Cameron Strachan on How to Become Automatic on the Greens

Cameron Strachan is one of the leading golf instructors in Australia and certainly one of the foremost putting instructors. Sought out by golfers of all levels, especially Professionals, Cameron is the founder of the "Look and Shoot" Putting System and has published 12 golf instruction books. Cameron joins "On the Mark" to explain his approach to more instinctive putting. He breaks success on the greens down into Green Reading, "Einsteining" or Pre-Putt Routines, Aiming, and Striking the...


Mark Immelman with Lessons from Inside the Ropes at The 2022 TOUR Championship

Mark Immelman puts on his teaching hat and gives lessons and shares insights from Rory McIlroy's play, and win, at the 2022 TOUR Championship at Eastlake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Mark was the on-course announcer for the ESPN+ Marquee Group broadcasts on PGA TOUR LIVE and covered the following groups: Rory McIlroy and Cam Smith (Thursday and Friday), Justin Thomas and Matt Fitzpatrick (Saturday), and Jon Rahm and Collin Morikawa (Sunday) While on course and inside the ropes he has...


John Swantek and Mark Immelman Recap The 2021/22 PGA TOUR Season

John Swantek is the voice of PGA TOUR Entertainment. Host of the "Talk of the TOUR" podcast, John also anchors PGA TOUR Champions broadcasts on Golf Channel. As the lead play-by-play announcer for PGA TOUR LIVE, John knows the game and the PGA TOUR intimately and he joins Mark Immelman to revisit the 2021/2022 PGA TOUR Wraparound Season. They discuss the State of the TOUR; their Top 3 Highlights from the Season; they list their respective "All PGA TOUR Teams" and discuss Rookie of the Year...


Nick Biondi on Golf, Golf Instruction and Improving Your Golf

Nick Biondi is a former Touring (PGA Tour) Professional who has stepped away from playing full-time and taken up teaching golf. He parlays his competitive playing experience into his instruction and works with golfers from Beginning to Elite skill levels. Nick is fast becoming a leading mind in the industry and he joins "On the Mark" to help you improve your golf. The elements he addresses have a holistic nature about them and this conversation will help you improve mentally, emotionally...

Nate Hairgrove on the OnForm App and How it can Improve your Golf

Nate Hairgrove is the Director of Golf with OnForm Golf and a High School Golf Coach. Along with his colleagues at OnForm he is at the forefront of golf instruction with video analysis, focussing on AI "Skeleton Tracking" and how the body moves during the golf swing, and other sports. (OnForm is being used in many athletic disciplines including Baseball and Equestrianism.) Nate joins us to demonstrate how the App works, explain it's many instructional features (including a feature which...


Grant Field Talks Golf, Game Improvement and Using DIgital Golf Instruction

Grant Field is a leading global golf instructor. Based in Australia he has a large stable of professional clients headlined by Cam Smith (2022 PLAYERS Champion and 2022 Open Champion). Grant joins us to talk about game improvement and using the ever-growing and popular medium of Online and Digital Golf Lessons. He shares his keys to success including: Finding the appropriate teacher, Frequency of lessons, and Simplifying and Stripping away the unnecessary. Grant also levels advice for Golf...


Keith Bennett with Simple Ways to Lower Your Stroke Average

Keith Bennett is a recognized Golf Instructor and the #3 ranked Teacher in Washington State. His success is predicated on his understanding of technique and an emphasis on playing and scoring in all his lessons, whether to Beginner or Professional golfers. Keith joins On the Mark to share his take on the mindset shift between hitting balls and going out to play with a score in mind. He also shares 6 ideas that are easily applicable and guaranteed to lower your scoring average. He discusses...


Teague Balen on Time Management and How to Improve it for Better Scores

Teague Balen (Canada) is a bright young mind in golf instruction. Formerly a member of the “Course Kings” stable of golf instructors, Balen adopts a fresh and thought-leading approach to game improvement. He joins “On the Mark” to address Golf, Golf Instruction and Technique and an important, and unaddressed topic, that of Time Management. Specifically the time spent Pre-and-Post Round, in Practice and Preparation, and importantly Between Golf Shots. He delves into the subject by...


Zach Parker Upgrades Your Practice for Better Performance

Have you ever thought of Circuit Training in your Golf Practice? Zach Parker joins On the Mark to illustrate how adopting that mindset will lead to greater and quicker gains. Zach Parker is a Golf Digest "Best Young Teacher in America" who trains golfers with drills allowing them to learn, feel and immediately apply changes to their golf-swings. His approach allows the golfer to learn through getting them "behind the wheel" to experience and internalize a mind-body connection of the most...


Bryan Lebedevitch with Five Things to Learn from LPGA Players

Bryan Lebedevitch is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and a Golf Digest "Best Teacher in California". He coaches and teaches a number of winners on the LPGA, PGA and Korn Ferry Tours. A long-time teacher to Major Champion, Christie Kerr, Bryan operates at PGA West in Palm Springs. He joins us to highlight lessons you can learn from watching players on the LPGA. Bryan talks about the following game improvement concepts: Knowing your Strengths and Weaknesses, Using Game-like...


Scott Haskell on The WHOOP and How it Can Improve Your Golf and Quality of Life

Scott Haskell is the Senior Golf Marketing Manager for Whoop. Whoop is a wearable Fitness Measurement Device that tracks Sleep patterns and Circadian Rhythms, Physical Rest and Recovery, Physical Strain, Cardiovascular Performance and Respiratory Rates. Scott works with number of golfers on The PGA TOUR. He joins us to talk about the Whoop and how leading players, such as Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas and Nelly Korda, use it for wellness tracking and game improvement. Mark Immelman believes...


David Young on Golf and Coaching Cameron Young

David Young is a Master PGA Professional and the Head Golf Professional at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in New York. He is also Cameron Young's (PGA TOUR) father and instructor and he joins us to share anecdotes and lessons from Cameron's meteoric rise to the top of the global game. David shares lessons and stories from Cameron's childhood and years as a junior golfer. He levels advice to parents on how to shepherd young golfers through successes and failures. David talks about Cameron's...


Doug Smith with Lessons and Golf Tips from The PGA TOUR's Best

Doug Smith is a former professional golfer and a host of "Birdies Not BS" and NBC Golf Channel's "Down the Fairway" podcasts. Now, a sportscaster and announcer for PGA TOUR LIVE on ESPN+, Doug joins us to highlight and emphasize lessons you can learn from watching the PGA TOUR's best. "Dougie Fresh" spends time enlightening you on how there can be an information overload in the digital era, and how it is important to know how to sift through the abundance of info to find what is best for...


Tyler Standifird with Insights and Research on How to Improve Your Clubhead Speed and Power

Tyler Standifird had a PhD in Kinesiology and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Exercise Science at Utah Valley University. He specializes in Biomechanics and has been doing research, and Data Collection for Superspeed Golf relating to Speed Training and Clubhead Speed Improvement Protocols. Tyler joins us to discuss and share some of his findings from his exhaustive studies. The topics he addresses include: Speed Training Protocols and Consistency of Training. Speed Training...


Peter Dawson Shares His "Four Musketeers" for Better Golf

Peter Dawson is a former European Ryder Cup Team member and a winner on The European Tour (DP World Tour). Since retiring from competitive golf Peter took to teaching and is perennially recognized as one of the leading golf instructors in the United Kingdom. Peter joins us to share his knowledge and experience as a Tour Professional. He shares insights from golf at the highest level and provides lessons on preparation, mindset and handling pressure for competitive golfers and aspirant...


Ian Mellor on Building Movement Awareness for Golf Swing Improvements

Ian Mellor works with golfers of all skill levels, from PGA TOUR and LPGA players to club golfers. Vastly researched and educated, Ian is a specialist in 3D motion capture and movement in the golf swing. As an instructor his primary goal is to help players move more efficiently and in a healthy way that works with their body. He joins "On the Mark" to help you build physical awareness and move (in your golf swing) more efficiently. Ian explains how to understand your dominant movement...


Jon Sherman (Practical Golf) on the Four Foundations for Better Golf

Jon Sherman is the founder of practical-golf.com, a website dedicated to being an honest resource for the everyday golfer who is looking to improve and enjoy the game more. Already a best-selling author, Jon recently published his second book "The Four Foundations of Golf - How to Build a Game that Lasts for a Lifetime." Jon joins us to discuss the book and dive into the four pillars to better, more consistent play. He discusses: Expectation Management, Practice, Strategy and the Mental...


Greg Chalmers with Sure-Fire Ways to Lower Your Scores

Greg Chalmers (Australia) is a 2x Australian Open Champion and a PGA TOUR Winner. A back injury has seen him curtail his PGA TOUR playing schedule and now Chalmers is using his extra time to give golf lessons. He has long been one of the best short-game players in the game and he joins "On the Mark" to share simple takes that will help you lower your handicap and your golf scores. Greg touches on the following subjects: Productive Practice including developing a "Second Serve" Off the Tee...