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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.


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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.






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Webb Simpson on Getting the Most Out of Your Game.

Webb Simpson has been an achiever at every level of the game. He was a decorated Amateur, an NCAA All-America at Wake Forest (ACC), a winner on The PGA TOUR, a PLAYERS Champion and a US Open Champion. He joins our podcast to share his take on lessons he has learned in his career. Webb addresses: Nutrition, Rest and Recovery, Dealing with Mental Doubt, His Putting Improvement, How to Use Data Correctly, A Proper Mindset and Perspective for Success, Dealing with Pressure at the Highest Level...


Ryan Armour Shares His Keys to Accurate Ball-Striking

Ryan Armour was an All-American golfer at The Ohio State University. He is also a winner on the Korn Ferry Tour and The PGA TOUR. He joins "On the Mark" to share stories from his journey, and rise, through Amateur golf into the Professional ranks. His anecdotes include a recount of his match against Tiger Woods in the Final of the 1993 US Junior Amateur. Armour is perennially one if the most accurate ball strikers on The PGA TOUR and he shares his take on Shot Selection, Target Acquisition...


Mike Wasilisin (MoveU) Helps You Breathe for Well-Being and Good Golf

Dr. Mike Wasilisin is the Founder and CEO of MoveU. MoveU is designed to strengthen your body into healthy alignment through sequential exercise training videos, safe and challenging workouts, community and expert support, video analysis, motivational coaching calls, and downloadable guides. Mike believes his purpose is to inspire the world to transform pain into a powerful mind and body, and he joins On the Mark for a second time to discuss the MoveU Quarantine Program and talk to you about...


Nick Faldo Elaborates on the Key Swing Thoughts that Led to Major Championships

Sir Nick Faldo is a Hall of Fame golfer. He has won multiple tournaments on The PGA TOUR, The European Tour and around the world, including 6 Major Championships (3 Masters and 3 Open Championships). He is also one of Europe's leading Ryder Cup team-members and he joins us to elaborate on the golf swing thoughts and feels he employed en route to all of his success. He discusses: The Address, The Takeaway, The Top of the Swing, Transition, At Impact and The Finish. He also shares tips and...


Robert Damron Talks Golf, Golf Swing Technique, and Lessons from Arnold Palmer

Robert Damron has won on The PGA TOUR and The Korn Ferry Tour. He is now an analyst for The Golf Channel and an announcer for PGA TOUR LIVE. Damron brings his experiences and insights to our podcast as he shares lessons from his days in college (All America Univ. of Central Florida), on the Mini Tours and as a winner on The PGA TOUR. Growing up in Bay Hill (Orlando) Damron grew close to Arnold Palmer and he shares lessons he learned from the King. He also talks about Tiger Woods, Ernie Els,...


Marc Leishman on Golf, Playing in the Wind and Shaping Shots

Marc Leishman (Australia) is a PGA TOUR winner, a former PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year, and a President's Cup International Team-member. A winner around the globe, he has won events on multiple Tours and he shares insights and lessons learned from his journey through the Professional ranks. Marc joins the chat on our podcast and talks about his approach to golf. He addresses, mindset, attitude, being rested for success, how he plays under pressure, playing successfully in the wind,...


Dr. Ara Suppiah with Everything You Need to Know about the Covid-19 (Corona) Virus

Dr. Ara Suppiah is a highly sought after personal physician on the PGA and LPGA Tours, a practicing ER Physician & Chief Wellness Offi­cer for Florida Emergency Physicians, and an Assistant Professor in Clinical Medicine at the University of Central Florida Medical School. He joins us to thoroughly inform you about the Covid-19 (Corona) Virus. Among many topics Ara addresses: The Nature of the Virus and its Properties, Best Practices to Avoid Community Spread, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, and...


Max Homa with Lessons He has Learned in Professional Golf

Max Homa has won tournaments at every level of the game: Amateur, NCAA College, Korn Ferry Tour and The PGA TOUR. He has grown as a player and a person through every level, culminating with his first victory on The PGA TOUR at the Wells Fargo Championship, and he joins us to shares insights and experiences from his career. Max dives into player-coach relationships and managing them properly, playing under pressure, visualization, playing out of a slump, maintaining a good attitude and...


Frank Nobilo Shares His Opinions on Golf and the Development of the Game

Franks Nobilo (New Zealand) has won events around the globe. A winner on The European Tour and The PGA TOUR, he is now a full-time announcer for CBS Sports. A true savant of the game, he has always been one of the brightest minds in golf and he joins us to share his take on the game, his experiences as a Touring Professional and an Analyst and his insights on some of the greats in golf. Nobilo addresses and contrasts the differences between the modern game and the players of yesteryear. He...


Scott Fawcett (DECADE) on Better Decision-Making and Course Management

Scott Fawcett is a former professional golfer and the inventor of The DECADE Course Management System. DECADE has solved golf strategy and decision-making by combining shot distribution patterns and PGA TOUR scoring statistics to optimize target selection. He joins "On the Mark" to explain DECADE (Distance, Expectation, Correct Target, Analyze, Discipline, Execute) and share his PGA TOUR insight into how to lower golf scores simply and easily. He cites examples like Tiger Woods, Dustin...


Baden Schaff (Skillest App) on Digital Golf Instruction and Game Improvement

Baden Schaff (Australia) is the Founder of Skillest.com and the Skillest Golf Instruction App. He has been teaching golf for over 15 years and his talent and insight have led to him becoming a Contributing Instructor for Golf.com (Golf Magazine). Baden joins our podcast to discuss his App, how it has become the biggest online coaching marketplace in the world, and elaborate on all of the digital features and interfaces it offers the user. He also talks golf instruction and highlights his...


Jon Tattersall Discusses 5 Commonalities of Great Ball-Strikers

Originally from England, Jon Tattersall is based at Fusion ATL (Atlanta, GA). TPI certified and an expert in 3D Motion Analysis, Jon has worked with PGA TOUR, Korn Ferry Tour, LPGA and European Tour winners. He has also advised and helped Ryder Cup team-members and an Open Championship winner. Tattersall shares his insights and research on the "5 Commonalities Between Great Ball-strikers". He elaborates on: Swing and Club-head Speed (for appropriate level of play), Arm Structure, Launch...


Colt Knost on Rhythm, Tempo, Timing and Accuracy Off the Tee

Colt Knost is a former US Amateur Champion, US Walker Cup Team Member, PGA TOUR Professional and Korn Ferry Tour Winner. Known for his accuracy off the tee and his gutsy and competitive manner, Colt has always "played a big game" and he joins "On the Mark to share how he approached golf, the golf-swing and competition at the highest level. He shares PGA TOUR experiences and stories as he takes a deep dive into Swing Rhythm, Tempo and Timing. He also shares his take and some tips on Driving...


Erika Larkin with Golf Swing and Game Improvement Hacks

Erika Larkin is one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers (USA) since 2012. She has also been ranked as the Best Teacher in Virginia since 2014 and the 2010 Mid-Atlantic PGA Teacher of the Year. The Director of Instruction at The Club at Creighton Farms, Erika joins us to unpack a few of her "Swing Hacks" - simple ideas to improve your golf swing and your game. She shares Hacks for: The Pivot, Posture throughout the Swing, Timing, Sequencing and Tempo, the Release of the Golf Club, Improved...


Dr. Bhrett McCabe with PGA TOUR Insights on a Productive Mindset

In recent years, Dr. Bhrett McCabe has become a trusted Sports Psychology resource for Amateur, Collegiate and Professional Golfers on The PGA TOUR, Korn Ferry and LPGA Tours. Dr. McCabe, also the Sports and Performance Psychologist for The University of Alabama Athletics, works with a number of golf's luminaries including Jon Rahm. He joins "On the Mark" to share insights on the "Mental Game" of the PGA TOUR's best. Subjects covered include: Dealing with and overcoming adversity, Scoring...


Stuart Morgan on Improving Performance and Play at an Elite Level

Stuart Morgan is a PGA Professional and a golf coach. Based in Austria, Morgan focuses on junior development and performance players. He has coached a number of professional golfers, national champions and elite-level golfers. In this podcast he discusses the aspect of Practice vs. Play with a view to improved performance and consistency. Within the subject matter he delves into elements such as the Ratio of Practice to Play for improvement, Self-talk and Attitude, Resilience and Handling...


David Poulton Analyzes the Golf Swings of the Legends

David Poulton is a South African golf professional who lives and works in Scotland. The originator of the Social Media handle @doglegpar3, David is a noted author and blogger on golf and golf instruction. He has built an extensive library of golf swing videos and images, and he joins our podcast to analyze, illustrate and share information from the golf swings of the legends to help you improve your golf swing. The elements he focuses on are simple and easy to incorporate and are sure to...


Learn about Separation Values and How to Take Advantage of them with "Lowest Score Wins"

David Wedzik (former Korn Ferry Tour player) and Erik Barzeski, authors of the book "Lowest Score Wins", join our podcast to explain their approach of using "Separation Values" to guide practice and "Shot Zones" to help on-course decision-making. Both David and Erik are recognized and award-winning golf instructors and they elaborate on their idea of "Separation Values" and inform how you can direct your practice and preparation for the most return on the golf course. They break down how...


Mike Granato (Athletic Motion Golf) on The 5 Biggest Misconceptions in the Golf Swing

Mike Granato (alongside Shaun Webb) has worked with PGA TOUR, European Tour, Korn Ferry Tour and LPGA Tour golfers. Together they began "Athletic Motion Golf" to show golfers how incorporating a few simple athletic principles can make a world of difference to the golf swing. Granato brings a common sense approach, based on collected research data, to the golf swing and he shares some of that on our podcast. Mike highlights what he believes are "The 5 Biggest Misconceptions in the Golf...


Oliver Morton with Tips and Practice Drills to Improve your On-course Performance

Oliver Morton is an English Golf Instructor and a Biomechanics and Junior Golf Development expert. He uses state of the art technology in concert with innovative coaching techniques to help clients of all skill levels improve their golf. Oli understands the importance of the Physical, Tactical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual aspects of the game, and he joins "On the Mark" to speak about those, as well as tips and drills you can use in practice to improve your on-course...