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Have ONE LEG UP IN LIFE Listen to this podcast and shoot me an e-mail at OR follow me on Twitter @AlexGNYC1 for story ideas or interview recommendations






BREAKING - WGA and Hollywood Studios Reach Tentative Deal

On the Alex Garrett Podcast Network , I call the writers strike on the whole a cultural shift within entertainment, which is a good thing! After 140+ days, the WGA and Hollywood studios agree on a tentative deal, bringing back the lights, camera , action! In additon, I advocate for Jimmy Fallon and why NBC should give the Late Night host a second chance! Details in the LA Times:


Who Will Make Sure Parents Have One Leg Up On The School Board?

Links referenced on Alex Garrett Podcasting: DOJ Memo from 2021: NSBA memo from 2021 via WashPost: Westchester mom 'silenced' at school board meeting:


Alex Garrett Podcasting Welcomes NYS Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages 9-21-23

Thanks toabout our special guest, Assemblywoman Micaelle C. Solages (NY-22), for joining Alex Garrett Podcasting to talk big changes at the LIRR and her thoughts on this ongoing migrant crisis that has hit NYC and Long Island as well as all of New York State. More info on the LIRR changes : For more on Assemblywoman Solages:


One Leg Up on Talk Radio With Talkers Magazine Founder Michael Harrison

On this VERY special episode of One Leg With Alex Garrett , the founder of Talkers Magazine , Michael Harrison joins me for a very special conversation on preserving talk radio as well as going behind the scenes into how The Talkers Heavy Hundred is produced. We also talked about a very special announcement as UNESCO at the UN and Talkers partner for World Radio Day in 2024, with Michael Harrison as the EXECUTIVE Advisor! Details here: For more information on Talkers, please visit


The FAA and DoD Must Have One Leg Up In Our Skies

Tonight's One Leg Up With Alex Garrett discusses managing the cultural impact of our aviation agencies in the skies More on the 1.7 Trillion Dollar program that inlcuded today's missing F-35 (Zachary Wolf/CNN) : AP story on the missing stealth fighter jet: WaPo article on FAA's 5,000 pilots concealing medical issues:


One Leg Up on Sling TV Sunday During NFL Week 2 - Team Jerseys are a Culture

Sling Tv information here: My latest Fanatics deal honoring Deion Primetime Sanders: Link to conversation with Ahmard Vital:


NYS Assemblywoman Solages Has One Leg Up For LIRR Commuters and Amplifying The Alex Garrett Podcast Network 9-16-23

As referenced on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network: Assemblywoman Solages Demand MTA Appoint a Dedicated President for the Long Island Rail Road: Terminello's Take on The Aaron Rodgers Season-Ending Injury: Alex Garrett Podcast Network's First Recorded Show on AMP:


Is One Leg Up With Alex Garrett Culturally Relevant?

The hot button topic I wanted to tackle is whether or not this show is culturally relevant or too hard-lined on talking about adaptation, accessibility and accountability. Shoot me an email with your thoughts


We Need One Leg Up On Healing When It Comes to September 11th

The Biden Admin or quite frankly any President's job is to help us HEAL from September 11th. On this episode , we delve into why the Biden Administration isn't helping us heal wounds of September 11th, but continually open them. Links referenced on One Leg Up With Alex Garrett: Adapting with Dr. Gene Moran: Biden in Alaska on 9/11/23: Time article on how kids are learning on September 11th:


How VotifyNow Aspires to Have One Leg Up On Election Integrity

Thanks to Johnny Viera, CEO of this app called VotifyNow in which We the People have a voice and a chance to preserve election integrity! Find out here more about the topic and the app discussed on The Alex Garrett Podcast Network: As featured in Just The News following Kari Lake’s election :


Highlighting Jack Curry's One Leg Up On the 1998 Yankees Ahead of Old Timers' Day

With the Yankees honoring the 1998 Yankees, take a listen to an excerpt of my sports spotlight with Jack Curry of the YES Network on his book, '1998 Yankees' . As heard on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network


Episode 813 -No Disputing the Need to End Labor Disputes Plaguing 2023

From UAW, to the nursing strike crisis , to SAG-Aftra trying to outlast AI , it’s been a bitter year in the fight labor unions have undergone. Why ending all these disputes and not viewing the union worker as some evil communist/socialist would benefit all parties involved in 2023 ! I try and cover all angles of the accountability factor of these union disputes on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network. Teamsters 237 President Greg Floyd joined Alex in 2022:


One Leg Up Remembers Jimmy Buffett and Previews Alex's Conversation With Joan Herrmann

Links featured on today's One Leg Up With Alex Garrett - Tune in to my conversation with Joan Herrmann on the Adapting feature: - Take a listen back to Kevin McCullough and Val D’Elia talk (and sing) about Jimmy Buffett and Margaritaville :


Meshing One Leg Up With Fanatics Friday For the Love of Baseball

With Ronald Acuña, Jr. Historic grand slam for the Braves last night, I was reminded to not let the disastrous seasons of the Yankees and Mets cause us to become jaded and shutdown the rest of the MLB excitement September offers . Fanatics Friday link for Alex Garrett Podcast listeners: ( Subscribe to the latest at @!


One Leg Up On Policing With The National Police Association

A big thank you to the spokesperson of the National Police Association, Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith for discussing how we, the American people, can help those who protect and serve this great nation. We also did a recap of National Night Out and discussed how these shootings like the Dollar General shooting in Jacksonville could be avoided. More on the National Police Association: A big thanks to Tim Livingston PR for connecting us at the Alex Garrett Podcast Network!


Do We Really Need Another Vaccine to Have One Leg Up On COVID?

Hear how the White House is proudly announcing the roll-out of a new vaccine to fight COVID...again? My thoughts on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network. Link to story on Andy Ngo Victory over AntiFA: Link to info on Babe Ruth Induction into NYS Baseball Hall of Fame:


How SoLight Design Aims to Have One Leg Up in Maui

Thanks to Alice Chun, CEO of SoLight Design for discussing her upcoming plans to visit Maui and aid in relief efforts by bringing LIGHT. To find out more, please visit Thanks again to Alice Chun for joining the Alex Garrett Podcast Network.


It’s About Having One Leg Up On the Snoozer-In-Chief

In my eyes, these GOP candidates need more than just one leg up on the debate stage they need one leg up on President Biden, the Snoozer-In-Chief! Links referenced today: https://alexgarrettblog.wordpr... My conversation with Lou Terminello on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network


Why Won’t Biden Admin Have One Leg Up on Terrorists? ; Dad Recognized by Wrigleyville and the Chicago Cubs

Story on September 11th mastermind plea deals: Thank you Chicago Cubs for recognizing John Garrett! A verbal reading of their letter to my family honoring dad . As heard on Alex Garrett Podcast Network


Highlighting Alex's One Leg Up In Radio For 10 Years

Thanks to all those featured for making this 10 years in radio a special journey, through it's ups and downs at Salem Media Group! From Curtis Sliwa to Arthur Aidala to all those along the way in 10 years, THANK YOU for helping inspire me to continue my own work on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network!