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Daily podcasts with the best the NBA and basketball journalism world has to offer
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Daily podcasts with the best the NBA and basketball journalism world has to offer




Bobby Gonzalez on the NBA Draft and the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat could very well be in the draft lottery this season, which really wasn't what they were thinking going into the season, eh? But Chris Bosh's reported blot clot problem, along with a general problem with underperforming, has left the Heat in the fight for the eighth and final playoff spot in the East as we head into the final six weeks of the season. What exactly has gone wrong in Miami? How can it be fixed? And if Pat Riley's team misses the playoffs, who might they target...


Spanning the NBA with Mike Scotto of SheridanHoops

The New York Knicks have run the Love Triangle offense off the court better than Phil Jackson’s version on the court thanks to coaches Derek Fisher and Kurt Rambis. Will this be the final straw for Carmelo Anthony to waive his no-trade clause and for the Knicks to scrap the Triangle offense for a proven winner in former Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, the best available coach on the market? Speaking of the Bulls, Derrick Rose is averaging 26 points, 5.7 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game...


Looking ahead to NBA Trade Deadline

Guards Jeff Teague and Tyreke Evans have been added to the list of difference makers available on the NBA’s trade market with the deadline less than three weeks away. The trade market is loaded with forwards such as Rudy Gay, Ryan Anderson, Markieff Morris, Terrence Jones and Corey Brewer. Trades talks will heat up closer to All-Star Weekend in two weeks when all the general managers are on hand. Three players who won’t be making the trip are Damian Lillard, Pau Gasol and Hassan Whiteside,...


What has gone wrong for the Miami Heat?

DwyaneWade scored 2 points last night in a lopsided loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, only the third time that has happened to him in 973 career games. Tyler Johnson started at point guard and shot 0-for-6. The Heat shot a season-low 36.5 percent and failed to break 80 points for the second straight game. As a team, the Heat totaled 13 assists. Was this "rock bottom,"as Michael Wallace of wrote? Is there any way Pat Riley can fix this mess of a team? Or has he already mortgaged too...


David Blatt's Future in Cleveland Uncertain After Game 5 Gaffe

Now that the NBA Finals are in the books and the Golden State Warriors are champions, it is time for some reflection on what happened ... and what might happen down the road. Specifically, is David Blatt safe in Cleveland moving forward? I was at Quicken Loans Arena on Tuesday night for the clincher, and a poerson I know and trust told me there was a considerable amount of head-scratching within the organization over Blatt's Game 5 decision to play Timofey Mozgov only 10 minutes. If you...


Sheridan discusses NBA Finals with ESPN's Colin Cowherd

Steve Kerr has been very good at one thing in the NBA finals -- telling it like it is. Everyone watching this series can see the problem with Steph Curry's body language, and Kerr called the MVP out for it in his postgame interview Tuesday night. When your best player if lifeless and docile, you have to find a way to get through to him. Whether calling him out publicly was the right move is open to debate, but the fact remains that Kerr was merely stating the obvious. A day later, Kerr...


Is Jeff Hornacek on the hot seat in Phoenix?

Earlier this week, an NBA big shot who knows more than Kreskin told me that a coach is going to get fired soon, and nobody sees it coming. He would not elaborate, and he would not give any hints. I tweeted out that information, and it went a bit viral. The tweet: "An NBA big shot who I know and trust just told me a coach is getting fired in next couple days, and nobody sees it coming." I am starting to believe he might have been talking about Jeff Hornacek of the Phoenix Suns. Why? With...


Prediction: Cavs in 7. Don't bet against LeBron

Rule of thumb: Don't bet against LeBron James. Yes, the Golden State Waqrriors have three players who can defend him: Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala. Yes, the Golden State Warriors have the reigning MVP in Stephen Curry. Yes, the Warriors are healthier. Yes, the Warriors have home court advantage, having lost only three times all season at Oracle Arena. But does anybody out there really want to state that Stephen Curry is a better all-around player than LeBron James?...


Dwight Howard's elbow vs. Andrew Bogut's face: What will happen?

Rod Thorn, the NBA's dean of discipline, has a tough decision to make. Should Dwight Howard's elbowing foul against Andrew Bogut from Game 4 of the Western Conference finals be upgraded to a flagrant-2, which would force Howard to miss Game 5. The precedent is there, whether it was Al Horford getting ejected from Game 3 of the Atlanta-Cleveland series or J.R. Smith getting suspended two games for elbowing Jae Crowder of Boston during the first round. Elbows to the head are a serious matter...


Previewing the NBA Conference Finals

Impossible to go into the conference finals without talking about the team that should have made it but didn't -- the Los Angeles Clippers. My take: They are not cursed. They were merely too thin, and they didn't have the fortitude to finish the job. And if the Houston Rockets taught us all one thing during their series against Doc Rivers' team, it was this: Never give up, no matter how bleak things seem. But that series is behind us, and we now move into the conference finals wondering...


How the Rockets pulled off one of the greatest playoff comebacks ever

With 14 minutes left, Game 6 felt just like the twoin Los Angeles before it. The Rockets were close at thehalf, trailing by just two, but found themselvesagainblitzed in the third quarter, with the Clippers pushing the64-62 edgeto 89-70. In the prior two games, the Rocketsfoldedand lost by 25+ points. This time? They answered with a stunning 49-18 counter-punch to close the game andtie the series, sending it back to Houston for a decisive Game 7. The wildest part? MVP runner-up James...


Dont' Count on Tom Thibodeau taking Pelicans coaching job

Lots of speculation on who will take over for Monty Williams after he was fired as coach of the New Orleans Pelicans -- a subject I discussed here on WWL Radio in New Orleans. For those who beliueve Tom Thibodeau might take the job ... hold on a second. First, Thibodeau was very close to Monty Williams after the two served as assistant coaches to Mike Krzyzewski on Team USA two of the past three summers. Thibodeau does not want to go to a dysfunctional organization that values...


Firing of Monty Williams will cause Anthony Davis to Leave New Orleans

The bad news for Monty Williams was good news for the rest of the NBA. There is now a strong chance that Anthony Davis leaves New Orleans and becomes an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2017. That is the ultimate fallout from Tuesday's shocking news that the Pelicans had fired Williams after he led them to the Western Conference playoffs, where they were swept by the Golden State Warriors. The firing came a mere two weeks after owner Tom Benson wrote a public letter to Williams,...


PODCAST: What's wrong with the Rockets?

The Rockets haven't lost three straight games all year. But if they're going to keep that streak alive in Tuesday's Game 5 -- and with it, their season -- they're going to have to overcome a tidal wave of momentum in favor of the Clippers. It's not just that the Clippers lead the series, 3-1. It'sthat they're doing it in dominating fashion. In their weekend romps, the Clippers became the first team since the 2001 Lakers to win back-to-back games in a playoff series by at least 25 points....


Will Khris Middleton Get a Max Offer in Free Agency?

Last summer,we ran a poston detailing which players received the biggest raises in salary from the previous year. The list was made up of three types of players. A.Players who received maximum salary deals as their second contracts, such as DeMarcus Cousins. B.Former first-round picks who received sizable contract extensions, although not necessarily max deals, such as Larry Sanders. C.Second-round picks who had been making near league minimum and signed new deals, such...


Blake Griffin is MVP of the playoffs thus far

Blake Griffin has taken his game to a new level in the playoffs. Griffin is averaging 25.4 points, 13.4 rebounds, 7.7 assists, 1.3 steals and 1.2 blocks per game. Griffin has recorded a double-double in all nine playoff games, including three triple-doubles. With Chris Paul out for the first two games of the series against the Houston Rockets, Griffin has also become more of a vocal leader in the huddle. With that in mind, columnist Michael Scotto of SheridanHoops.comjoined Yahoo! Sports...


Win or Lose, Thibodeau appears on the way out in Chicago

He just coached the Chicago Bulls to a very impressive Game 1 win in Cleveland. He finished off the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6 of the first round with a 54-point victory. He has had a surprising level of success the past two seasons despite being without Derrick Rose. He is widely regarded as one of the best tacticians in basketball. Yet Tom Thibodeau appears to be on the way out in Chicago. Even if he wins a championship. How can this be? Is there any precedent? To answer to second question...


Win or Lose, Thibodeau appears on his way out in Chicago

He just coached the Chicago Bulls to a very impressive Game 1 win in Cleveland. He finished off the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6 of the first round with a 54-point victory. He has had a surprising level of success the past two seasons despite being without Derrick Rose. Heis widely regarded as one of the besttacticiansin basketball. Yet TomThibodeauappears to be on the way out in Chicago. Even if he wins a championship. How can this be? Is there any precedent? To answer to secondquestion first...


Clippers-Spurs Autopsy: End the madness of 3-hour games

Game 5 of the Clippers-Spurs series was a great one, going down to the final minute. But it lasted nearly three hours, ending just before 2 a.m. EDT on the East Coast. This, folks, is a problem. And the NBA needs to solve it. You simply CANNOT have the best basketball of the postseason being played when two-thirds ofthe country is asleep. What if there was a magic formula that could shave an hour off the game time? Would the NBA even consider looking at it? In this interview with Sid...


Around the NBA: Hack-a-Shaq, Playoffs, Scott Brooks and Draft

The playoffs have been defined by lopsided first-round series and calls to abolish the Hack-a-Shaq strategy. Meanwhile, the Oklahoma City Thunder – who failed to qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2009 – made news recently by firing head coach Scott Brooks. The move was made with a long-term view to hopefully retain franchise cornerstones Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Both players were selected high in the NBA draft, which is only two months away. The lottery is less...