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Weekly show that allows you to be you with no Judgement!!!!

Weekly show that allows you to be you with no Judgement!!!!
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Weekly show that allows you to be you with no Judgement!!!!






Sports Round Table 1100am Show #95

Great Show tonight as Sports Round Table Welcomed Edwin Powell from Hawks Beat,, Tonight we dove into lots of NBA Draft talk, and What the Atlanta Hawks are thinking with their draft Picks. We did talk Juloi on Hott News as well as Kawhi. Buy or Sale JR Smith Jersey for Sale Really? We did talk NBA and the offseason in our Round Table Discussion Chris Paul, LeBron, Paul George and Pops. You already know I Talked Atlanta Braves and I Hate it when Segment I really talked about them lol....


Sports Round Table 1100am Show #94

What a night.... Sports Round Table came with some great energy and we had plenty to talk about. QOD: Do you think Golden State is a Dynasty Team Right now. We will prove that they are. we talk Julio and money breakdown and why he wants more money. Jay Smoove talked Terrell Owens and why h'es not mad about him deciding not to go to HOF Ceremony and yeah that Kobe Bryant and his advise....Right message wrong messenger per Hancock!!!! G-Money allow the listener to hear Lonzo Ball Diss Track in...


Sports Round Table 1100am Show #93

Want to give a special shout out to Jamie Walker for coming thru, we really enjoyed you in Studio. Tonight Sports Round Table Talked Hott News..... White House Cancellation, Lebron Bench Meltdown, and Arod asking for opt out clause. Buy or Sell was awesome as usual, as G-Money had some great Items up for bid. NBA challenge Flag and I-Robot Umpires? Round table discussion was NBS Finals Talk, does CP3 get the Max and where is Bron best fit. continue to support and follow SRT Crew on Social...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #92

Great Show tonight as Sports Round Table entered your airwaves. Tonight we started out with some Hott News and how Cavs and Warriors won, and also what we learned. G-Money as always did a great job with Buy and Sell. All I have to say is Colanlego, you big Dummy!!!! D-will called in and gave his thoughts on the NBA Finals. Our Round Table discussion was NBA Playoff Breakdown along with the Finals Predictions. continue to Support Sports Round Table with the SRT Crew. Follow us on Social Media...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #91

Awesome Show tonight, thanks for tunning into another great episode for Sports Round Table wit SRT Crew!!!! Tonight we had Deshaun Tate call in to talk #NBA and CBB. Hott News we discussed New Anthem Policy for NFL, as well as Julio "Correct my contract " comment. G-Money had some great Items for Buy or Sell segment. We broke down the NBA Playoffs in our Round Table discussion. Braves in 1st Place and Celtics going for another win at Home in game 5. Continue to support and follow SRT Crew...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #90

Thanks for tunning into another great show tonight as we actually gave out $25 Red Lobster Gift Card. Shout out to Micheal Steel for calling in to win. Tonight we talked Hott news, as Hancock says Tiger will win one this yr. J-Smoove says he is inspired by Hawks New Coach Lloyd Pierce based on Press conference. D-Will called in tonight to give us his NBA Playoff perspective. G-Money had his buy or sell Segment, that was off the chain. We finish the second hour of the show with #NBA #Lebron...


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Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #88

J-Smoove, and G-Money filled in great as Hancock & D-Will was on Vacation. Tonight we Had Hott News Buy or Sell and Round Table discussion. Hott News Tom Brady said he pleads the 5th, buy or sell former NBA Coach Don Nelson is growing weed Nellie Kush. We also talked other news and GA Swarm is trying to repeat as Champs. While the Braves continues on their hot streak and takes over 1st Place. our Round Table discussion was some great Draft talk as well as NBA Playoff Breakdown. make sure...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #86

WOW !!!!! what a show full of Sports Entertainment. The SRT Crew had a blast dropping Sports Knowledge along with our Sports Humor. Tonight we broke down each NBA Playoff Series and a couple of Playoff teams will be looking to break up in the offseason. We did our 2nd annual SRT NBA Awards called the Tennies. As we Voted Harden as MVP and Quinn Snyder as COY please go to see who else we picked. We picked our favorite NFL undrafted player, and I selected Warren Moon. this was...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #85

Thanks for tuning into another great episode.... Sports Round Table with the SRT Crew had an awesome time tonight talking Hott News and what Tiger is going thru, along with Robert Kraft visited Meek Mills. We did talk about NBA Rookie Beef but we all agreed that it should be co-ROY. Our Last NBA Power 5 Rankings are out and based on us Harden would win MVP. We had Bo Bell in Studio Talking NBA and NBA Playoffs. We also gave a huge shout out to Andre Ingram the 10 G-League Vet for making...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #81

Great Show Tonight as we had SEC Legend on the show tonight as well as SRT Resident CBB expert Deshaun Tate. Tonight we Talked Tiger Woods and how much he increased TV ratings with his charge this past weekend. NFL Free Agency was a big topic as so many moves have been made please check out for NFL FA Tracking. Our NBA Power 5 Ranking was hot as I think Portland could beat Timberwolves in series if Playoffs started today. James Hollywood Robinson called the show and we had so...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #74

Thanks for listening to another great show. Tonight we talked Hott News as Hancock explained why Deandre Jordan would not be a good move for Cavs. DW called in with his Falcons Report and said his take away from DQ's end of year presser was admitting the Offensive Transition was much more than he expected. We Congratulated Chipper Jones as he is officially a HOF getting 97.2% votes. 2nd Half of show Bo Bell was in Studio talking NBA. D-Will called in and gave his thoughts saying OKC will...