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Weekly show that allows you to be you with no Judgement!!!!

Weekly show that allows you to be you with no Judgement!!!!
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Weekly show that allows you to be you with no Judgement!!!!






Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #116

Thanks for tuning into another great episode with Sports Round Table and the SRT Crew, where sports and entertainment meet. Tonight in hot news, we talked Le'Veon Bell and explained his options for next year since he has decided to forfeit this season. We jumped right in the middle of the KD and the Draymond beef, as we were trying to figure out is Draymond just wrong or is KD just to sensitive? We had our guy Reignman call in for the picks of the week as he went 4 and 1 last week. Ballers...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #115

Thanks for tuning in to another great show with Sports Round table. On the show tonight we talked hot news which consisted of the Cowboys and Dak Prescott and what needs to happen next. We talked first day of college basketball and how unbeatable Duke looked. DW called in from the Falcoholic and give the Falcon report and how newly acquired Bruce Irvin would be used and also, how the defense is continuing its improvement. Reignman also called in and gave his picks of the week. On the second...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #114

Super great show tonight. Sports Round Table was missing Super Hero, but as expected J-Smoove, H O, and G-Money Carried the show. Hott News we talked Jameis, NFL Trades and Reviewed Ga win over Fla. Reignman called in with his Picks of the week, and D-will called in and said Bama by 21 over LSU in Death Valley. Ballers and Busters as always were Top Notch, and our SRT Playoff edition Power 10 were announced. Our Round Table Discussion, we talked Falcons vs Washington, Bama vs LSU. What are...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #113

Wow! what a packed show tonight on Sports Round Table. We had Hott News Cooper to Dallas your thoughts? CP3 Rondo fight how will Labron handle Rondo now? We heard wives are looking side I as well. DW called in with his Falcons Report, where he talked it's finally time to really be concerned about Vic Beasley. Reignman called in as well on SRT Hotline to give his picks (listen to Podcast to hear them). Yes, we had E-dub from Gametime Radio show call in Live to report from Hawks game, they...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #112

Sports Round Table hit the airwaves last night with another great show. make sure you go to for replay shows. We talked about the start of the NBA season and what are you looking forward to this season? Falcon's Freeman goes on IR. Have Freeman seen his last days in Atlanta? Reignman called in with his picks of the week. he went undefeated last week. 5 mins with D-Will was 10 mins of energy as he said he would play Tua this week if he can go. We did Ballers & Busters,...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #111

Wow what another great Show tonight as Sports Round Table with the SRT Crew brought the heat. We talked Drew Brees in our Hott News and how we view his NFL Career. We Had DW call in with the Falcons Report he brought to our attention that when T. Coleman Starts Falcons ave over 30 pts a game, and when Freeman starts Falcons ave 19 pts a game hmmmmm. Reignman called in with his Picks of the week as he wen 4-1 last week. 2nd hr of the show we gave our Ballers and Busters, and in our Round...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show 110

What a Night of Sports Talk Radio. Sports Round Table with SRT Crew had fun tonight, as we talked Jameis and Fitz, and Bell coming back to help Steelers. Reignman called in with his picks of the week, so make sure you cash in on that. D-will called in tonight and made a case for Jalen Hurts to stay at Bama next year as well. We did talk MLB Playoffs and wish they would shorten the season to add 3 game series in Wildcard. Round Table Discussion we talked Falcons and their issues on Defense as...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show 109

Great Show Tonight, as Sports Round Table had another Banger. Shout out to everyone who tuned in. Tonight we had Hott News as Tiger wins, and Kelly Bryant transferred from Clemson and Braves Clinched. DW from The Falcoholic called in to give Falcons report. Says he trust the offense has to carry the defense. Reignman called in with his picks of the week. Second hr of the show we had our Ballers & Busters....... Finally, our Round Table Discussion Pump the brakes on Mahomes? Fitz or Jameis?...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #108

Thanks for Listening for a great night of Sports Talk Radio. Tonight we talked Hott News with some #AB talk as well as Josh Gordon going to Pats. #Reignman called in with his #picksoftheweek. Our #BallerandBusters was Great as Kansas Jayhawks got a mentioned. D-WIll the Coach called in saying that Jalen Hurts will be at Bama next year. We also had Hancock run down our #SRTPower10. Round Table Discussion does Jameis Winston get his job back? who's the 5th best CFB team right now? What do you...


Sports Round Table 1100 am show #107

Another great Episode with Sports Round Table. On this Episode, we talked #Serena and #Falcons in our Hott news Segment. I think we got hate mail as well. lol We continued the Falcons talk with DW from the Falcoholic and the Falcons Report. Make sure you check him out @falcoholicdw on twitter. Reign man called in with his Picks of the week. Our Round Table discussion was deep into #CFB and #NFL. check out our Podcast on Iheart radio, Google Music or you can go to our website


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #106

Great night of Sports Talk Radio as the 1st week of CFB has passed. We touched on Kaep and NIke, why Bell is still holding out. and Do you see KD going to Lakers? We had Reigman call in with his Picks of the week, as he went 4-1 last week. Make sure you check out our Ballers and Busters from this past week. Lastly, our roundtable discussion was our thoughts, impressions, and not so impressed for the 1st week of CFB. we all think Falcons will win on Thursday. continue to follow SRT on Social...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #105

Thanks for listening to the show as College Football starts this Labor Day weekend. Tonight we started with some Hott News as we chopped it up about both A-Rod and OBJ new contracts. We had the Falcons Report around 7:30 with our Guy DW from the Falcoholic. He said we can figure it out Falcons need to try to keep Tevin Coleman. Reignman called in with his Football picks. (make sure to listen). The Round Table discussion tonight was College Football. Team or player to watch and player or team...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #104

Great Show as usual, as Sports Round Table invaded the airwaves for 2 hrs. Tonight in Hott News we talked Zamir Smith Injury how it will affect UGA, How will Adrian Peterson do with the Skins, and Kobe playing in the Big 3 Fake news? G-Money buy and sell was awesome tonight as we talked NBA Mental Program. My Guy E-Dub called in to tell everyone about his new show Game Time Radio Show, which will Start Sept. 9 from 6-7 pm est. Roundtable discussion tonight we previewed Preseason CFB...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #103

We Kicked off season 3 with a Bang. Sports Round Table with the SRT Crew brought some Hott News in the 1st hour. We also had the Falcon Report with our guy DW from the Falcoholic, saying he would give up a Kidney for Khalil Mack. D-Will called in and basically said that Jalen Hurts is done at Bama. Our Buy and Sell has Jennifer name all over it. Our 2nd hour of the show was our Round Table Discussion as we talked NFL Preseason week 1 and we gave our prediction for the NFC East. Sorry,...


Sports Round Table 1100 am Show 102

Great way to end Season 2 with Special Guest Alvin Watson of the Old Fashion Health Radio show. Yes, even on Sports Round Table we talk Health. Tonight we Talked Hott News about Urban Myer, Jalen Hurts and NFL HOF weekend. We did our Interview with Alvin around 7:30 and Water, Walking and Sleep 3 most important to health. He did say Meat was bad for you but ........ ok. Buy and Sell by G-Money C'mon Andre Drummond!!!! Our Round Table Discussion was Top 5 CFB and our Thoughts. One of the best...


Sports Round Table 1100am Show #101

On this episode of Sports Round Table, we Had Hott News as the Urban Meyer news is getting hotter, as he was put on Administrative Leave by OSU. We did Talk Lebron I Promise School. Buy or sell By G-Money has Kaye wanting to make Yeeeezy Basketball shoes. Yeah right. Round table discussion QB Tiers and NFL team to look out for this year. We ran three Man weave tonight, but we made it happen. don't forget to check out get it off your chest. I had plenty to say. Follow us on social media...


Sports Round Table 1100am Show #100

Tonight on our 100 Episode we had Edwin "Edub" Powell. Tonight we Talked Julio, Gurley, Wade, and Kevin Love. Did I mention D-Will was back in studio with H o, Hancock and Jay Smoove. The whole crew together 1st time in a while. Edub brought some heat with his Hawks talk and we had some very good time talking NBA off season. please check out the Podcast/Replay show on We would like to thank all who have made this 100 episode a mile stone, as it should be. You all have made...


Sports Round Table 1100am Show #99

Thanks for listening to another great show. Sports Round Table with the SRT Crew did it again.... another banger of a show. Tonight we Talk NBA Trade Kawhi and DeRozan . who won the trade? also Le'veon Bell go be done in Pittsburg. as well as The HOF clap back to TO. G-Money had some Buy or Sale up for bid as you will hear how we feel about Papa Johns. D-Will called in to give his thoughts on Trade, Summer League and SEC Coaches. Our Round Table discussion... we gave our NBA summer league...


Sports Round Table 1100am Show #98

Great Show tonight as we get back into Penthouse after 4th of July. Tonight we talked Hott news and why LeBron actually signed with Lakers and Melo next move, along with how Boogie could make the best starting 5 ever. D-Will called in and talked about AAU fight, and he also said KD will join Lakers and LeBron when he wins his 3rd straight ring this year. Buy or sell was hot as always as. we talked about Former owner Richardson keeping his Statue. our Round Table discussion was NBA talk and...


Sports Round Table Best of SRT Show #97

Happy 4th, hope you are enjoying your day. Today G-Money will provide you all with the Best of SRT Vol. 1 while we celebrate 4th of July. We will cover in this episode some great SRT moment we have had thru out the years. Some of our best interviews, Ballers & Busters and yes you will finally Hear the Otto Porter reference. it will be alot of laughing but more importantly plenty of Facts. So don't waste time download the file or go to to listen to the Podcast. Happy 4th!!!...