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Discussing the Michigan State allegations and weekend in college basketball with Ben Brust

Jan 28, 8:28 PM Reags is joined by former Wisconsin guard Ben Brust to talk about a serious issue going on in college basketball and really college as a whole right now. They spend the early portion of the podcast talking about their thoughts and reaction to the OTL report on Michigan State, especially when it comes to Tom Izzo and the Spartans basketball team. After that, they recap the weekend in college basketball including their main takeaway from the Virginia win over Duke. Did the...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 49 - Gary Parrish

Reags is joined by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports in this episode. The two start the show talking about Gary's time covering John Calipari at Memphis before getting what's the biggest storyline of the college basketball season. Hint: It's Trae Young. Would Young be THE Trae Young if he was somewhere else other than Oklahoma? After that they start to talk about the new Duke/Kentucky rivalry on the recruiting trail. Is there anyone at the age of 70 doing what K is doing right now? They then get...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 48 - Mark Titus

Reags is joined by Mark Titus of the Ringer and One Shining Podcast in Episode 48. The two start the episode by talking about a common experience - talking with Purdue fans. They talk about just how good this team is and the one reason to be weary of them as a national title contender. After that Titus and Reags go to the other Big 10 teams and talk Ohio State and the conference as a whole. Is there a reason the conference is down this year again? They then go around the country to talk...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 47 - Zach Harper

In this episode Reags is joined by Zach Harper (@talkhoops)of FanRag Sports and Leverage the Chat to talk about Mo Bamba. More importantly they talk about Zach's piece breaking down Bamba's game and how he'll project at the NBA level. What is the one both guys want to see Bamba run more of at Texas? How does he compare to other top prospects? What's a reasonable outlook for his career and what teams would be good/bad fits for Bamba? Reags also spends some time talking about the three major...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 46 - Are There Any Good College Hoops Teams?

Reags and Ben Brust are back together for the first time since the holidays to talk college hoops. Who the hell is good in this sport? Anyone? They try to figure that out as they go back and forth on buying and selling statements about teams like West Virginia, Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Seton Hall and more. This is all due to a chaotic weekend in the sport in which multiple ranked teams lost. Make sure you subscribe, rate and review the show.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 45 - Trae Young and Kentucky

Reags is by himself for this episode for a new look. The episode starts with a state of the union on the show. What to expect going forward. What's going on behind the scenes and the plan for the future. After that Reags talks about Trae Young, because, well you have to at this moment. Why is he not talked about as a possible No. 1 overall pick with the importance of the point guard spot? Plus, this is about Oklahoma. Are they a title contender? Why? After that Reags spends some time...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 44 - UK/UL with Mike Rutherford

Reags is joined by Mike Rutherford (@CardChronicle)to talk about the Kentucky/Louisville game on Friday. Mike hosts a radio show in Louisville while Reags is a graduate of Kentucky, so it just makes sense to listen. They discuss when this game should be played. The weirdness of the two teams resume and how this game can change the public perception. What are the mismatches each team could take advantage of and what zone should Kentucky run the rest of the season. For the last 15 minutes...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 42 - Christmas Wish List with Rob Dauster

Reags is joined by Rob Dauster of NBC Sports to discuss Christmas wish lists for teams. It wouldn't be a podcast though if the beginning of the episode talks about favorite Christmas gifts growing up and Mario Kart. Following the discussion of that, they go on to talk about what's the one thing teams or conferences would ask for on their Christmas list. The guys discuss Villanova, Xavier, Big 10, Michigan State, Purdue, AAC, West Virginia and Texas A&M. There's also plenty of Trae Young...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 41 - Live from Queen City Exchange

Reags is live from Queen City Exchange in downtown Cincinnati with some guests. First he brings on Pat Brennan from the Cincinnati Enquirer to talk Xavier. They discuss this Xavier team vs the one from 2 years ago when they were a No. 2 seed. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this team. After that Reags brings on his college roommate to talk about Kentucky hoops and pick ATS today. Plus just how good is Trae Young and does it make sense to do a Crossroads Classic in Ohio. Finally...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 40 - Committee Members

The guys are back with some exciting news. First, find out why Brust is making national waves due to Lithuania and the Ball family. He has experience playing in the same league LiAngelo and LaMelo are playing in and what they can expect. After that find out what the guys have been up to behind the scenes regarding the 3v3 at the Final Four. After that they recap the first third of the season. Who are the top-4 teams in the country? What are their weaknesses? What should Wisconsin fans...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 39 - Big 10 Struggles

Brust and Reags are back to talk about a serious issue. What the heck has happened to the Big 10? How many teams will get in to the NCAA Tournament? Can anything be done to change the perception of the league right now? After that they talk about the fallout from the Crosstown Shootout and J.P. Macura and Mick Cronin. Ben shares a story from his playing days on the situation and how it's not uncommon to hear a player and coach talking junk. Finally they talk more about surprises this year,...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 38 - Feast Week Observations

The guys are back after the Thanksgiving break to discuss the PK80 Championship games and some other early season observations. What's Michigan State's biggest question mark going forward? Can it cost them a national title? Just how good is this UNC team? Also plenty of talk of Marvin Bagley and his start to his college career. After that they talk about the ACC/Big 10 Challenge and what games really stick out to them. Can Notre Dame give Michigan State some problems? All of this and more...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 37 - Sam Vecenie

Good friend of the show Sam Vecenie joins Reags for episode 37. The guys open the show talking about Michael Porter's injury and what it could mean for him and Missouri going forward. After that they spend some time talking about the three major tournaments going on this week and what teams can change their public perception. After that they play Hot Take/Bold Take. Reags gives 12 different statements in which Sam has to judge if it's a hot take or a bold take. Topics include Purdue,...


Ep. 36 - Troy Machir

Troy Machir from NBC Sports Washington joins Reags for Episode 36. The guys start the show recapping the Champions Classic and more importantly the return of Grayson MF'ing Allen. Because it's Reags and Troy they get a little off the rails discussing what players in the country you want taking the last shot of the game, Luke Kennard vs Miles Bridges and Grayson doing the Sam Cassell celebration. After that they go on to talk about feeling more confident in Kentucky going forward after the...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 35 - Start of the Season

College basketball season has officially started, which means this is the start of 2 episodes per week season. Brust and Reags are back together to talk about the first weekend of games, including what to make of Kentucky after two scares. After that, they discuss Wisconsin's start and preview the Badgers vs. Xavier along with other Gavitt Games. What everyone is looking for though is the Champions Classic on Tuesday with Duke vs. Michigan State and Kentucky vs. Kansas. The guys make...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 34 - Rob Dauster

Reags is joined by Rob Dauster from NBC Sports for an episode about the crazy day in college basketball. The guys start with the Josh Pastner and Georgia Tech situation which broke early in the morning. After that they talk about LiAngelo Ball being arrested in China with two UCLA teammates for shoplifting. Finally, what's going on with Collin Sexton and his status with the NCAA. After that Rob and Reags start to preview the upcoming season. Who are teams that they are higher on than the...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 33 - Robbie Hummel

The guys are joined by former Purdue standout and current Big 10 analyst Robbie Hummel to preview the Big 10 this year. Hummel was able to spend time at some practices to get a look at some of the top teams and talk to coaches. Just how many teams can compete for the second spot behind Michigan State? Can Purdue succeed without Caleb Swanigan? How important were the coaching hires of Brad Underwood, Archie Miller and Chris Holtmann? After that Brust and Reags talk about the live show at...


Ep. 31 - Chad Brendel, AAC Preview

The guys start the episode talking about Joel Berry's injury and if UNC can spin zone this into a positive at all. After that they are joined by Chad Brendel of to talk about the AAC. What can the conference do to be a major six? Wichita or Cincinnati? The problem with the conference and why it's hurting teams like UC, SMU and Wichita. Plus a bonus story about the 2013-14 UConn team.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 30 - Aaron Torres/SEC Preview

Aaron Torres joins the show to preview the SEC, a conference he thinks can make a massive jump this year. Is it still Kentucky's league? What to make of Missouri and its strong recruiting class? Why should people be talking about Alabama more and what other teams are flying under the radar? Also hear their reactions to the Gordon Hayward injury the moment it happens .


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 29 - Big 12 with Chris Stone

The guys continue their conference previews with Chris Stone from FanSided to talk about the Big 12. Is it possible that Kansas winning 13 conference regular season titles in a row is getting overlooked? Can anyone beat them this year? Just how deep is this conference? There's then talk about starting the season later and players searching their names on Twitter.