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Fundamentally Sound Ep. 34 - Rob Dauster

Reags is joined by Rob Dauster from NBC Sports for an episode about the crazy day in college basketball. The guys start with the Josh Pastner and Georgia Tech situation which broke early in the morning. After that they talk about LiAngelo Ball being arrested in China with two UCLA teammates for shoplifting. Finally, what's going on with Collin Sexton and his status with the NCAA. After that Rob and Reags start to preview the upcoming season. Who are teams that they are higher on than the...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 33 - Robbie Hummel

The guys are joined by former Purdue standout and current Big 10 analyst Robbie Hummel to preview the Big 10 this year. Hummel was able to spend time at some practices to get a look at some of the top teams and talk to coaches. Just how many teams can compete for the second spot behind Michigan State? Can Purdue succeed without Caleb Swanigan? How important were the coaching hires of Brad Underwood, Archie Miller and Chris Holtmann? After that Brust and Reags talk about the live show at...


Ep. 31 - Chad Brendel, AAC Preview

The guys start the episode talking about Joel Berry's injury and if UNC can spin zone this into a positive at all. After that they are joined by Chad Brendel of to talk about the AAC. What can the conference do to be a major six? Wichita or Cincinnati? The problem with the conference and why it's hurting teams like UC, SMU and Wichita. Plus a bonus story about the 2013-14 UConn team.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 30 - Aaron Torres/SEC Preview

Aaron Torres joins the show to preview the SEC, a conference he thinks can make a massive jump this year. Is it still Kentucky's league? What to make of Missouri and its strong recruiting class? Why should people be talking about Alabama more and what other teams are flying under the radar? Also hear their reactions to the Gordon Hayward injury the moment it happens .


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 29 - Big 12 with Chris Stone

The guys continue their conference previews with Chris Stone from FanSided to talk about the Big 12. Is it possible that Kansas winning 13 conference regular season titles in a row is getting overlooked? Can anyone beat them this year? Just how deep is this conference? There's then talk about starting the season later and players searching their names on Twitter.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 28 - Mike Rutherford

The guys are joined by Mike Rutherford of to discuss the Louisville situation and preview the ACC. Mike talks about how the fan base felt as the news broke last week, how exactly David Padgett came to be the interim head coach and what expectations are this year for the Cardinals. After that they get into ACC talk and who will overachieve and underachieve along with what does Notre Dame have to do be rated properly.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 27 - Jordan Cornette

The guys are back with former Notre Dame player and current Chicago radio/TV personality Jordan Cornette to talk about the crazy day in college hoops. With 10 people arrested due to corruption charges and pay-for-play allegations there's a bunch to break down. Plus, what can the NCAA do to make casual fans care more about the regular season? A truly can't miss episode.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 26 - Season Preview Mailbag

The guys are back answering all of your questions as they preview the upcoming college hoops season. What to expect from Cincinnati this year? Can Seton Hall win the Big East? What players and teams can have a breakout year? Do they trust Texas? Who were the five toughest players Ben played against? Plus a special big time announcement about the show that you won't want to miss.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 25 - Jordan Taylor

The guys are joined this week by former All-American and Ben's teammate at Wisconsin in Jordan Taylor. The three of them talk about where Wisconsin is as a program, share Bo Ryan stories and what it was like going through the draft process. Jordan also talks about adjusting to the game in Europe and if he'd take a two-way contract or overseas deal now. After the interview stick around for Fouled Out presented by Water Joe.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 24 - Fouled Out

The guys are back from Labor Day to argue about the possible new transfer rule that would let guys be immediately eligible. They also show off a new segment called Fouled Out presented by Water Joe (@waterjoeusa)asking each other five questions each. Find out what teammate of Ben's was the most annoying guy in practice and what team Reags would rather be a walk on for.


Ep. 23 - Tom Westerholm and Sparky Fifer

The guys start episode 23 off talking about Jordan and LeBron due to the episode number. From there find out how Reags scooped the Taurean Thompson transfer to Seton Hall. They are first joined by Tom Westerholm, Celtics/NBA writer for to talk about the Kyrie trade, some NBA over/unders and the report of the Celtics fear of Butler/Hayward meshing. After that Sparky Fifer of the Big Show in Milwaukee joins to talk Bucks and Giannis missing EuroBasket.


Ep22 - Ken Pomeroy and Drew Russell

Huge show as the guys had Ken Pomeroy (04;57 -49:05) on to talk about his formula and the movement to the analytical world in college basketball. KenPom breaks down how his formula came about and how it should be used when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. Then they are joined by Drew Russell from Intersport (56:23 - 1:30) , who was an integral part in creating the 3v3 Tournament at the Final Four. What are the plans? How did it come about? All right here. Finally, Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas...


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 21 - The Big Fundamental

Reags and Ben are back for the episode that was dedicated to the man for what this is named after. The Big Fundamental episode, number 21. Who are the best centers of our generation? Ben comes up with an All-2000s UK team while Reags does a Wisconsin one. Should Wisconsin fans be worried about Minnesota? What about a Christmas slate of games for college? All that and more in this big time episode.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 20 - Joey Lane, Ohio State Basketball

The guys are joined by Ohio State junior Joey Lane during the Manu Ginobili episode. Joey talks about life as a walk-on during his freshman year and is candid about how is can be tough for a player. After receiving a scholarship, there was a coaching change. How does a team deal with transfers and a coaching change? An update on Bo's Bros and a pick your own team challenge.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 19 - Mike Auriemma

Despite it being one of the slower times of the year for the sport, the guys had plenty to talk about. They answer a bunch of fan questions regarding Mitchell Robinson, UNC's allegations, a possible Wisconsin reunion and favorite playing moments. They are also joined by Mike Auriemma, Geno's son, to talk about a new project they are working on and what it's like playing for your dad.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 18 - Social Media

The guys are back this week with plenty to talk about. Naturally they go off the rails talking about how great having a floater or runner in your arsenal is, but then get into plenty of Zion Williamson vs LaMelo Ball. They end it talking about Kyrie Irving and why they respect the decision.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 17 - Guest Hosting Summer League

Reags is joined this week with guest host Sam Vecenie. After Sam spent 5 days in Vegas for Summer League, the guys recap Lonzo Ball, which rookies impressed them and what second year guys left something to be desired. They then transition to college hoops and the possibility of Marvin Bagley playing this year. Who are the second-tier guys returning to college basketball?


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 16 - Rick Carter

The guys were joined by Rick Carter - a former assistant coach at Michigan State, Western Michigan, Fairfield, Missouri, Xavier and DePaul. He talks about the daily life of recruiting and things coaches do to get players to commit. Tom Izzo stories? Yep, got those. How do recruiting rankings play a role during the process? Goes in depth there. It's a must listen episode.


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 15 - Free Agency and Team USA

Ben and Reags are back with plenty to talk about thanks to Gordon Hayward's decision to go to the Celtics. If they were Hayward would they choose the same path? What would be the worst bet punishment for Ben and what front offices have impressed Reags so far this offseason?


Fundamentally Sound Ep. 14 - Adjusting the Season Schedule

The guys are back in episode 14 and we almost get Ben to admit a story he shouldn't. He shares what it's like during winter break as a basketball player with the announcement of the possible new schedule starting in 2018-19. What teammate refused to talk to the entire team? How does Chris Paul fit in with James Harden? Follow the show on Twitter @fundamentallysd