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Episode 304 - The Patriot way

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit recap the biggest stories from week one in the NFL before moving the bullseye to the Antonio Brown saga to close out the podcast. Enjoy the show!


Episode 303 - Indy's Luck has run out

This week on Talk Back hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit open the show with the biggest story the NFL has encountered in years, as Andrew Luck announces his retirement at the age of 29. In segment two the boys preview the NFC divisions and give their predictions on Vegas' over/under lines for each team. Enjoy the show!


Episode 302 - You're on the clock!

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit hit up talk worthy topics from the NFL, PGA Tour, and NASCAR in the opening segment, before heading to the AFC preview in the second half of the podcast. Enjoy the show!


Episode 301 - The grass isn't Green-er

Season 3 kicks off with a jam-packed episode of NFL, NBA, and MLB content, where hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit first discuss contract holdouts in football, digest the AJ Green injury for the Bengals, and try to figure out who Eli Manning will throw to at WR this year for the Giants. Segment two brings in topics about LeBron James, the status of the 2019 baseball season, and what to watch for in the weeks ahead in NASCAR. Enjoy the show!


Episode 252 - Clippin' the League

This week Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit talk about Kawhi Leonard's control of the trade market, Zeke's holdout threat in Dallas, Shane Lowry winning The Open Championship, and parity in NASCAR. Enjoy the show!


Episode 251 - NBA Free Agency Special

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit break down the huge news from NBA free agency and react to how these player movements change the landscape of the league. Enjoy the show!


Episode 250 - LeBrow in LA

On this episode of Talk Back hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit react to the end of the Warriors' reign in the NBA as the Raptors take home the title, and in segment two discuss the big impact of not only KD and Klay's injuries on free agency, but how the AD trade to the Lakers impacts the summer as well. Enjoy the show!


Episode 249 - The Achilles heel

On this episode of Talk Back hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit react and rant about the NBA Finals, the injury heard around the world from game 5, what impact that has on Kevin Durant and free agency, and who is to blame, if anybody, for this bad situation. Enjoy the show!


Episode 248 - Wounded Warriors

This week on Talk Back hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit review the first three games of the NBA Finals between the Raptors and the Warriors, which sees Toronto holding a 2-1 lead. They'll talk about how the series got to that point and where it goes from here. What impact will KD and Klay Thompson have, if any, in the remaining games? They close out the show with Carson Wentz' signing with the Eagles, Todd Gurley already talking about a reduction in carries, and predictions for next week's...


Episode 247 - It all comes down to this

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit put the lid on the NBA conference finals, what it means for the Bucks moving forward that they're going home after a 2-0 lead on the Raptors, and then a preview of Golden State versus Toronto in the championship. They'll touch again on the dysfunction with the Lakers, and give reactions to the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 and Brooks Koepka's chances to win the US Open. Enjoy the show!


Episode 246 - An incomplete process

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit finalize round two of the NBA Playoffs, react to their beloved Sixers being ousted, and predict the conference finals matchups. They wrap the show with takes on the Lakers' head coaching hire, Tiger at the PGA Championship, and NASCAR's downforce package at Kansas. Enjoy the show!


Episode 245 - Don't foul me now

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit jaw about the NBA playoffs, the tough game for the Bucks and the Sixers in the opening of round two, the Warriors versus Rockets series, and the referees impacting the game. In segment two they have differing views on Josh Rosen's future, and give a shot to NASCAR for putting their drivers in compromising situations four times each year at Daytona and Talladega. Enjoy the show!


Episode 244 - With the first pick...

This week, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit review the opening round of the NFL Draft, including Kyler Murray at number 1, what the Raiders and Giants might be thinking (or not thinking), and reactions to many other moves made throughout the first 32 selections. In segment two it's all NBA as the first round of the playoffs comes to a close. Enjoy the show!


Episode 243 - A Masters-piece for the ages

On episode 243 hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit react to this year's historical Masters tournament, what the victory means for Tiger Woods, and how the PGA Tour and golf fans should process this development overall. In segment two they move to the hardwood to discuss the NBA playoffs, while trying not to overreact to the scores from game one in each series. The podcast concludes with a couple of talk worthy notes from the NFL and NASCAR. Enjoy the show!


Episode 242 - The Magic is gone

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit discuss the fall of Magic Johnson from his president job with the Lakers, what might be the cause, and what the Lakers do from here. In segment two the hosts finalize the NCAA March Madness tournament, complain about Antonio Brown's childish behavior, and talk PGA Tour at the Masters. Enjoy the show!


Episode 241 - WTAAF?

On this edition of Talk Back, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit work through the big topics from March Madness in segment 1, before discussing Lebron being shut down for the season and the rookie of the year battle in the NBA, as well as oddities from the World Golf Championship Match Play on the PGA Tour, and the immediate folding of the AAF. Enjoy the show!


Episode 240 - Chalk it up

This week on Talk Back, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit break down the first two rounds of the March Madness tournament a bit, predict what might happen in this weekend's games, and then stick with basketball to debate a little NBA MVP between the Beard and the Greek Freak, before topping off the episode with reaction to Mike Trout's huge MLB contract. Enjoy the show!


Episode 239 - The Giant killer

On this week's episode of Talk Back, your hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit wade through the NFL free agency period to discuss the biggest moves around the league, including Antonio Brown and Le'veon Bell finally getting away from the Steelers. In segment two's Talk Worthy, it's back to the NBA and NASCAR to discuss Westbrook's interaction with another fan, and Kyle Busch's chase for 200 wins. All of that and more, enjoy the show!


Episode 238 - Proceed with(out) caution

This week your hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit dig into the problems with Kyrie Irving and the Celtics, why the Sixers make them nervous headed toward playoff time, and more drama in LA with LeBron's Lakers, plus NFL rumors, Bryce Harper's mega deal, and NASCAR finally showing us some great racing at intermediate tracks. Enjoy the show!


Episode 237 - Patriots win the Super Blow

After a brief break, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit are back in the studio to talk about the hottest topics in the world of sports. Can the Lakers still make the playoffs? What should the Steelers do with Antonio Brown, and why is a six-billion dollar man getting a cheap finish at a Florida spa? All of that and more in episode 237 of Talk Back, enjoy the show!