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Episode 212 - It's official, he's back!

In episode 212 hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit are back from vacations and better than ever, featuring previews of the NFL's AFC East and AFC North divisions, debate about the Vegas lines for win totals of those eight teams, and a Talk Worthy segment highlighting Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship. Enjoy the show!


Episode 211 - Recipe for disaster

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit cover a wide range of sports topics from the MLB Home Run Derby, LeVeon Bell's contract situation, and breaking NBA news, all the way to NASCAR's feuds, the World Cup final, and predictions for The Open Championship. Enjoy the show!


Episode 210 - LAbron's LakeShow

This week on episode 210 of Talk Back, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit discuss hot NBA topics in segment 1, such as the prospects for the LeBron and the Lakers, and where Melo fits best if the Thunder want to move him this summer. In segment 2 it's all about Talk Worthy current events: NASCAR racing in Daytona, the World Cup, and reaction to allegations against the NFL's LeSean McCoy. Enjoy the show!


Episode 209 - It's a "Rowdy" nation!

This week on Talk Back hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit break down the biggest moves in NBA free agency, and that, of course, has a lot to do with LeBron James heading to a new team. What does this mean for other big names, and what were the surprises so far? Then, the Talk Worthy segment of the show features an interview with NASCAR insider Jim Noble about the fantastic finish the fans saw this week at Chicagoland, followed by a brief discussion about the state of the sport. It's a big...


Episode 208 - A Harden-ed Heart

On the 8th episode of season 2, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit review the NBA awards, the top draft picks, and big free agency possibilities, before recapping group play at the World Cup and ranting about the status of NASCAR. Enjoy the show!


Episode 207 - Kawhi & the Mickel-slaps

On this week's episode hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit talk about the Spurs' fractured relationship with Kawhi and ponder the price of him leaving, discuss the clown-show at the U.S. Open, and look at opening stories from round 1 of the World Cup. Enjoy the show!


Episode 206 - You burned me!

Bringing the show back to its regularly scheduled air-time, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit discuss the future for LeBron James and what it means for the balance of power in the NBA, and then in segment two deal with the most Talk Worthy current events, including burner accounts, World Cup soccer, and the U.S. Open. Enjoy the show!


Episode 205 - A Legacy Broken?

On this delayed release, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit break down the NBA Finals in a dedicated episode, featuring the Warriors in segment 1 and the Cavaliers in segment 2. Did the outcome of this championship damage LeBron's legacy? Enjoy the show!


Episode 204 - LeBron vs. Goliath?

On this week's episode of Talk Back hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit finalize the discussion about the NBA conference finals and predict which team, the Warriors or the Cavs, will be the 2018 NBA Champion. They also discuss the NASCAR CocaCola600 and whether or not this race is detrimental to viewership in the sport. Thanks for listening, enjoy the show!


Episode 203 - It's a Golden Knight

On this week's episode hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit discuss how the Western Conference and Eastern Conference finals will be won, breaking down Durant, Curry, and the Warriors against the Rockets, and if Lebron's crew is in big trouble by losing game 5. Segment two hits the traditional Talk Worthy current events in the world of sports. Thanks for listening, enjoy the show!


Episode 202 - Give me $100 on...

On this week's show hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit break down the game 1 action from both the Western Conference and Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA, followed by Talk Worthy topics in segment two covering the Supreme Court's ruling on sports gambling, female coaches in the NBA, and the Yankees rising to the top of the MLB world once again.


Episode 201 - Get the brooms!

Season 2 of Talk Back kicks off with a roundup of the NBA second-round playoff action, including a Lebron led sweep of the Raptors by the Cavaliers, and a Celtics stunner to open the series with the Sixers 3-1, leaving the Sixers on the brink of elimination. In segment two, the hosts take on Talk Worthy news stories from around the world of sports, such as a QB controversy with the Steelers, the potential sale of NASCAR, and the problem of licking in the NHL. Thanks for listening, enjoy...


Talk Back Episode 152 - And with the first pick...

Wrapping up round 1 of the NBA playoffs and tackling the winners and losers from the NFL Draft.


Season 2 Teaser

Welcome to season 2 of Talk Back! Big changes are in store for this year, thank you for listening. Enjoy the show!


Talk Back Episode 151 - Take a bow, they're cheering you!

This week on Talk Back hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit discuss the chances that Lebron James will get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs, the rising Pelicans and what they'll do with Boogie Cousins, the underperforming Blazers and Thunder, and the excitement in Philly over the Sixers trusting their way into round two. In the second half of the show it's a final look into what could happen on NFL draft night, and the changing crowd reaction to Kyle Busch in NASCAR. Check out...


Talk Back Episode 150 - He's a rookie, get over it!

It's time for episode 50 of season 1, and hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit post a triple-double as they hit the opening games of the NBA playoffs in segment one, along with a discussion about Khawai Leonard's disappearing act and the case for Ben Simmons as rookie of the year. In segment two they shift their focus to final preparations for the NFL Draft, wondering not only what the Browns will do with the #1 overall pick, but if any teams will jockey for improved position ahead of next...


Talk Back Episode 149 - Two sleeves, a wedge, and a Masters champion.

On this week's episode of Talk Back, hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit bring the NBA regular season to a close by asking which teams should succeed, which teams will surprise, and which players need a championship the most for their legacy. In segment two they head to the course to discuss the Masters, Patrick Reed's persona on the PGA Tour, and give credit to both Sergio Garcia and Tony Finau for how they each handled a difficult situation during the week. Interact with Justin and Eric on...


Talk Back Episode 148 - Will the real MVP please stand up?

This week hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit connect via Ringr due to travel schedules to cover the NCAA March Madness wrap-up, the NBA playoff push and a heated MVP debate, the options for the Jets and Giants in the NFL draft, and whether it would actually be better for the PGA Tour if Tiger Woods finished second in the Masters to one of the younger superstars. Follow the podcast on social media at @TalkBackFanTalk on Twitter and Instagram, and interact with the hosts all week long on their...


Talk Back Episode 147 - Happy Easter!

Talk Back is on spring break, but host Eric Nesbit hits the mic for a few minutes to preview what's to come in episode 148 after the Easter holiday. As always, the hosts are available on Twitter at @talkbackeric and @talkbackjustin, and the show's main social media interactions happen each week at @talkbackfantalk on Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate you listening, enjoy the show!


Talk Back Episode 146 - It's March, let the Madness begin!

Episode 146 of Talk Back is jam-packed with hot topics, but hosts Justin Gay and Eric Nesbit lead the way with hot takes from around the world of sports, including the NCAA men's basketball tournament, the NBA playoff picture, what the NY Jets might have been thinking with their huge NFL draft trade-up, Rory McIlroy stealing the win from Tiger Woods and others at Bay Hill, and the always-intense Kyle Busch creating a scene in the NASCAR Twitterverse. Follow the podcast on social media at...