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Every week Nick and Jon discuss what's going on in the sports world, with a focus on southwestern Ontario. They also dive into broader issues related to sports and life in general. If you like it, tell your friends. If you don't, tell your enemies.

Every week Nick and Jon discuss what's going on in the sports world, with a focus on southwestern Ontario. They also dive into broader issues related to sports and life in general. If you like it, tell your friends. If you don't, tell your enemies.
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Every week Nick and Jon discuss what's going on in the sports world, with a focus on southwestern Ontario. They also dive into broader issues related to sports and life in general. If you like it, tell your friends. If you don't, tell your enemies.






Ep. 55: Do You Think Baby Bop Is a Whore Now?

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about Super Bowl 52 (4:16), Barney the Dinosaur (9:47), recent Windsor crime stories (17:34), WWE Raw 25 (26:04), My Sex Robot on Netflix (34:03), #DisappointMeIn4Words (46:32), Jehovah’s Witnesses (52:27), the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal (1:03:58), bullies (1:17:12) and more.


Ep. 54: Get Off of the Tomato and Show Some Respect

Nick and Jon talked about the NFL Playoffs (2:20), the latest Donald Trump news (25:02), #MeToo (41:55), the secret to a happy life (1:04:07), Ontario’s minimum wage increase (1:07:06), eating Tide Pods (1:18:22) and more.


Ep. 52: You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Nick and Jon talked about LeBron James' outspokenness (0:35), the NFL’s plan to donate to social justice causes (10:06), celebrity sexual misconduct and how it will eventually make the world a better place (23:35), dental hygiene habits (56:59), Jay-Z admitting to cheating on Beyonce (1:08:02), DMX’s version of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1:16:46) and more.


Ep. 50: I Probably Taste Awesome

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about the unpredictability of the NFL season (1:52), Eric Bledsoe being the latest example of why athletes should never tweet (15:37), the Dodgers-Astros World Series (23:30), Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s sex life (31:46), the kind of people who say “you’ve never been in a fight” (39:36), Halloween (45:59), how people who discover things must have felt (58:00), how empty Little Caesar’s Arena is (1:12:36) and more.


Ep. 45: Blake's Takes

Nick, Jon and Megan were joined by Blake Taylor to talk about the latest Donald Trump news (2:03), kids these days (12:05), some of Blake’s more controversial tweets (20:20), disliking Caitlyn Jenner (32:59), the video of the teenagers filming a drowning man (46:21), the girl who encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide (53:22), people who tell you how to run your business (1:07:48) and more.


Ep. 41: A Kilt Is Very Comfortable

Nick, Jon and Sam talked about: Chris Cornell’s death and who they’d want to form the perfect fantasy rock band. (1:20 - 40:00) Toronto Blue Jays player Kevin Pillar’s homophobic slur against the Braves. (40:08 - 47:12) Gisele Bündchen snitching on Tom Brady. (47:12 - 54:35) The difficulty of keeping up with the political news cycle. (56:38 - 1:02:07) The recent male romper Internet trend. (1:02:07)


Ep. 40: I'm Not a Psychologist but I've Talked to One

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about: The never-ending debate of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. (00:50 - 9:09) FBI Director James Comey finding out about being fired on TV. (9:09 - 17:39) The idea of The Rock legitimately running for President. (17:39 - 20:51) The power of the Internet getting that kid his nuggets. (20:51 - 24:01) The Bow Wow Challenge and the desire to show off but also be fake humble on social media. (24:01 - 36:41) Matt Harvey’s Cinco De Mayo weekend. (39:44 - 44:45) The...


Ep. 39: Mid-2000s Banger

Nick, Jon, Megan and Matt talked about: The NBA Playoffs, LaVar Ball costing Lonzo Ball money and Ice Cube's 3 on 3 league. (1:46 - 22:52) The NHL Playoffs and the hit on Sidney Crosby. (22:52 - 27:54) Thoughts on the results of the NFL Draft and absurdity of its coverage. (27:54 - 40:43) The Ontario Government's decision to make prescription drugs free for people under 25. (40:43 - 46:34) The Garbage Person (People) of the Week. It's the entire New York Mets organization. (46:34 - 50:28)...


Ep. 38: Restart My Heart and I'll Get Back out There

Nick, Jon, Megan and Michele talked about: The Maple Leafs playoff run changing Nick’s mind about bandwagon fans. (3:30 - 12:55) The newest segment called “Garbage Person of the Week”. This week’s winner (loser) is Madison Bumgarner. (12:55 - 24:41) Debating which sport is the best to watch on TV. (24:41 - 33:37) The Borussia Dortmund team bus bombing story being completely bananas. (33:37 - 39:04) Adam Sandler’s weird popularity. (40:59 - 48:13) The joy of shopping online and never having...


Ep. 37: Burgers and Brackets 2 - Electric Burgaloo

Nick, Jon and Matt go over this year's Talking Trash Food Chain Bracket. Will there be a new champion? Will Starbucks ever make it out of the first round? When will Jon bring chili in off the bench? In addition to the Food Chain Sweet 16, they also share some honourable mention local restaurant choices. Checkout the bracket at


Ep. 36: Most People Aren't Pornstars

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about: Daylight Saving Time being dumb (1:35 - 4:17) The incredible (and possibly fake but hopefully real) Siberian Hunger Games. (4:17 - 14:44) The iCon. It’s basically a fitbit for your weiner. (14:44 - 24:42) An update on the Lenten season. Jon and Megan are going to heaven. Nick is not. (27:16 - 32:52) The NFL breaking federal drug laws. What a surprise. (32:52 - 37:11) St. Patrick’s Day (37:11 - 41:41) Nick’s brother Matt joined the show to talk about St....


Did You Watch That? - Ep. 6: Get Out and Logan

Nick and Megan give their thoughts on 'Get Out' (1:30) and 'Logan' (16:51). Then they figure out where 'Logan' ranks against the other X-Men films and all comic book movies (34:59).


Ep. 35: Anniversary Special

Nick, Jon and Megan celebrate the one year anniversary of the show with a super-sized episode about: Rob Gronkowski at the Daytona 500 (6:27 - 8:33) Amare Stoudemire's homophobic comments (8:33 - 12:36) The experience of seeing "Get Out" in theatres (12:36 - 17:56) Georges St-Pierre's return and UFC 209 (17:56 - 21:05) Donald Trump's complete mockery of steak (21:05 - 27:29) Overrated, Underrated or Properly Rated: Lent Edition (27:29 - 34:08) Papa John's new "jump the line" feature (34:08...


Did You Watch That? - Ep. 5: The Oscars

Nick and Megan recap the Oscars going over everything from that crazy ending to some of their favourite moments. Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.


Ep. 34: If You Have to Ask, It Does

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about: Alex Trebek reading rap lyrics on Jeopardy. (00:37 - 4:02) All-day breakfast at McDonald's and how all-day dinner would be better. (4:02 - 9:33) MLB's new automatic intentional walk rule. Stop trying to fix baseball. (9:33 - 11:44) Magic Johnson having total control of the Lakers. How bad could he be? Probably very bad. (11:44 - 21:02) Some weird places they've fallen asleep at and the unmatchable feeling of sleeping in your own bed. (24:44 - 35:28) A WNBA...


Ep. 33: In Street Terms, I Guess You Would Say He Was Hammered

Nick, Jon & Megan bounced around to cover a lot of things including: Georges St-Pierre’s return and McGregor vs. Mayweather. Both warrant zZzZzZ's (1:32- 5:15) Jim Harbaugh hiring the father of a future recruit. (5:15 - 7:25) A Windsor man who was arrested for masturbating on a woman’s head.(7:25 - 12:33) Donald Trump declining an invitation to fill out an NCAA bracket on ESPN. (12:33 - 13:38) The re-release of Titanic. (13:38 - 15:15) The proper name for the inside of a coconut. (15:15 -...


Did You Watch That? - Ep. 4: The Grammys

If you aren't already, make sure you subscribe to Did You Watch That? on its own feed! Visit for all the links. Nick and Megan share their thoughts on everything from last night's Grammys including: Chance the Rapper, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, James Corden, Metallica, Adele and more.


Ep. 32: Super Bowl 51 Recap

Nick & Megan talk about last night’s incredible Super Bowl covering the game itself, Lady Gaga’s halftime performance, commercials and Tom Brady’s legacy. Then Patriots super-fan Jonas Martin calls in to talk about his whirlwind experience during it all (55:26).


Ep. 31: The Pot Calling the Kettle a Dope

Nick, Jon & Megan talk about the LeBron James vs. Charles Barkley beef, Donald Trump’s comments on Roger Goodell (14:02), Aubrey Huff’s tweet about protestors (20:15), Rob Gronkowski’s obsession with 69 (24:06), the repulsiveness of National Signing Day (29:34), the Quebec City mosque shooting (45:36) and Donald Trump’s Black History Month speech (52:57).


Did You Watch That? - Ep. 3: Beauty and the Beast, Taboo, Suits and Split

Subscribe to Did You Watch That? on its very own feed! Visit or search Did You Watch That? on iTunes. Nick & Megan talked about the final 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer, HMV closing down (6:04), some of the things Megan watched this week including: 'Hemlock Grove', 'Slasher', 'Riverdale' and 'The Bachelor' (8:07). Then after recommending Amazon's 'Sneaky Pete' (19:00) they review FX's 'Taboo' (23:15), USA's 'Suits' and M. Night Shyamalan's 'Split' (40:50).