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The Big Red Express talks about the latest and greatest in sports, controversy, and everything in between. Make sure you tune in to this Sports enthusiast podcast.

The Big Red Express talks about the latest and greatest in sports, controversy, and everything in between. Make sure you tune in to this Sports enthusiast podcast.
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The Big Red Express talks about the latest and greatest in sports, controversy, and everything in between. Make sure you tune in to this Sports enthusiast podcast.




301: David Marmon

Robbie is back with a special guest David Marmon lead trainer and founder of Marmon Muscle: Home of CrossFit Williamsburg. Also the man who created Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic. One of the premiere competitions in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We discuss his personal training background, how he got into CrossFit, his wrestling career, Gangs as an event and much more! A packed episode you will not want to miss! Interested in Information about Gangs of the Mid-Atlantic, head on over to there facebook...


300: Fan Appreciation

Can you believe it's already been 4 years and 300 episodes later? From a little sports podcast to one of the biggest and most listened to Functional Fitness Podcasts in the World, it has been a true honor. I talk about the first 300 episodes and how excited I am about the next 300. My emceeing, my trip to London, and just how Fitness has changed my life and my outlook on everything. Work hard, put in the effort, and it will be rewarded. Don't take it easy and don't be afraid of failure or...


299: Live (sort of) from London

I’m here in London for the 2nd ever iF3 Workd Championships! Figured I’d check in and tell ya how my trip has gone so far and what is to come! Enjoy!


298: Laura Horvath

We're back and had the pleasure to sit down with the runner up at The CrossFit Games in her Rookie season, Laura Horvath. We discuss her introduction to CrossFit, her thoughts on the new format, how it was being coached by a Games veteran, and much more! She talks about how her and Ben Smith connected for The Team Series and WHO is someone she looked up to before getting to the CrossFit Games! That and much more! Photo Credit- Charlotte Foerschler Photography...


297: Georgie Returns

Georgie is back once again to talk with Robbie about ALL the changes to The CrossFit Games format and much more. We break down our favorite parts, our least favorite parts, and some things we are still confused about. Join us on a special extended edition of the podcast, sit back, listen, and let us know what you think of all the big changes! Do you agree with us? What is your favorite parts of the changes? Let us know on Social Media.


296: Jeremy Augusta of

A very special and incredible conversation with Jeremy Augusta, creator of, he also is one of the top powerlifting coaches in the country. He coaches for American Strength Club, and has programmed CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting for athletes all over the USA. Looking for a job in the fitness industry? Check out Jeremy's website and to get more information about his programming and how you can be apart of it head to...


295: All-Star Teams

Back and talking all about the breaking news about the Teens/Masters, and Teams division at The CrossFit Games. I get so pumped up and tell you my thoughts on these new changes in a special bonus episode of the podcast!


294: CrossFit Burnout

I'm back with another special new episode. We talk about everything happening and the latest Girls Gone WOD podcast Greg Glassman was on recently. We talk about how much the teams and individuals are going to have to really step up their schedules and pretty much compete in some sort of online qualifier or sanctioned event every couple of weeks for 8 months after The Open. How will teams be able to get all four of their athletes to events? Will athletes bodies be able to handle the travel,...


293: Lets talk it out

We are back for another packed filled edition from my car outside of CrossFit Krypton. That's right this entire episode was recorded as I was heading to the gym to workout. I talk about the qualifying sanctioned events for The CrossFit Games, what this means for competitions worldwide, and what it means for the mindset of the athletes going forward. As always make sure to check out and all of our social medias! Take a minute to give us that 5* rating and a little...


292: It's ALL Speculation

Robbie sits down and talks about all the speculation, yes speculation, that has been going on around the CrossFit Rumors. No Regionals? An athlete from every country? All that and more. Also recaps his past weekend in West Virginia. How the USAFF and the iF3 is the future of Functional Fitness, and what big names are going to be representing countries at the World Championships in October!


291: CrossFit Games in Jeopardy?

Brand New episode of the podcast is available and Robbie is talking all about the speculation surrounding CrossFit and The CrossFit Games.


290: 2018 CrossFit Games Recap

Robbie is back after a week off and sits down with Georgie to talk everything we could about the 2018 CrossFit Games. We talk about each event, and our thoughts, some of our favorite moments, and events through the entire week that was The CrossFit Games.


289: Day 1 Recap & Alec Smith

Robbie breaks down and gives his thoughts on Day 1 of The CrossFit Games. All the rowing, muscle-ups, powerlifting, and can't forget that CRIT! All that and more. And we also have our exclusive conversation we released early to tacked on the end of this conversation! Check it out and make sure to give us follows on all our social medias!


288: CrossFit Games Day 1 Preview

Robbie is back with a special Day 1 Preview Episode with former co-host of the Krypton Update Show Georgie Brain! We talk and break down the events for Day 1 of the CrossFit Games! Check out our new website -


287: Ben Smith

With less than a week to go before the CrossFit Games, Robbie sits down with one of his best friends and great friend of the podcast, Ben Smith. Ben is heading to his 10th consecutive CrossFit Games this year. He won the Games back in 2015 and will look to repeat that championship next week in Madison. We talk about goals and the importance of setting them, his training, how training around people at CrossFit Krypton has made him a better athlete and person, and how much longer he may have....


286: Controversy in CrossFit

One of our longest episodes to date dives into all the recent talk about banned Substances and the recent suspensions of Games athletes from all over the world. We are going to start diving into topics people are afraid to talk about, because it is important to get the conversation started and continually talk about issues people need to be talking about it. Check out our new website -


285: Caleb Goodman

Robbie sits down with CrossFit Games Teen Athlete Caleb Goodman. We talk about how he was introduced to CrossFit world and how training has been since after the online qualifier. Check out our new website over at Exclusive blogs, posts, and merchandise for sale! That's over at We are live on all social media platforms also:


284: Laura Nielsen

Robbie is back and we were able to catch up with CrossFit Games Rookie and Masters Athlete Laura Nielsen. Laura is one of the hardest working athletes out there and shared her story, the different experiences she's had because of the sport of Fitness. It is an episode full of great stories and featuring at athlete who is going to be at the top of your radar going in to Madison in less than a month. Check out our new website - Check out the Reebok PickEm for your...


283: John Coltey

I sit down with the 2nd place finisher out of the Atlantic Regional heading to his first CrossFit Games in 2018, John Coltey. I also talk about how you can win up to $1000 to Rogue Fitness. How you can subscribe to the best newsletter in all of Fitness. And we have a NEW WEBSITE!!!! Check out thats Exclusive blogs, interviews, and content galore. It is a work in progress but I promise it will be worth going to check out often!


282: Saxon Panchik

I was able to catch up and catch with Saxon Panchik, who along with his big brother and CrossFit Games Vet, Scott Panchik will be heading to the CrossFit Games in August. We talk about that moment he heard his name called, what is different this year training for himself instead of going into Games season helping Scott, and the incredible story with how he was introduced and the events leading up to him being involved in the sport of CrossFit. All that and much more! It's an episode you will...