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Episode 280-NBA Draft Expert Bobby Gerould and Mailbag

Deuce and Mo catch up with's Bobby Gerould to talk about the NBA Draft (1:30), why he thinks Lonzo Ball is the No.1 player in the draft (5:52), who can make an instant impact (7:20), his concerns about Fultz (8:30), what the Celtics should do (10:10), why he likes Josh Jackson and isn't concerned about his temper (11:42), why he thinks the draft is so deep (14:05), his thoughts on Lauri Markkanen (15:21), his best-case scenario for the Kings at No. 5 (16:35), his...


Episode 279-Falling for Fox, McGregor-Mayweather & The Logo is Gone

Morgan and Deuce talk about Deuce's experience covering the Warriors parade (1:50), how he was throwing shade at Warriors fans all day (2:37), the LeBron-Draymond beef (4:49), Jerry West leaves the Warriors for a job with the Clippers (7:55), what it means for the Clippers and why West was motivated to leave (11:10), CP3 plans to meet with Houston and Denver (12:52), why Morgan isn't super excited for the McGregor-Mayweather fight (15:19), they learn more about potential Kings PG De'Aaron...


Episode 278-NBA Draft Rumors, Blake to Boston and What If...

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the latest NBA Draft rumors (3:35), Lakers interest in Josh Jackson (4:05), the Kings won't trade the No.5 and No.10 pick to move up to 3 (4:50), what it would take for the Kings to move up to get Fox (5:20), Deuce thinks there will be a lot of movement on draft night (6:54), Frank Mason works out for the Kings again (9:00), Morgan and Deuce give kids advice (12:58), if Blake Griffin or Hayward could put Boston above Cleveland (16:30), the Rockets...


Episode 277-Doug Christie on NBA Draft, De'Aaron Fox and Finals

Deuce and Morgan catch up with former Kings guard Doug Christie and talked about why he enjoyed the NBA Finals (1:19), what it's going to take to dethrone the Warriors (2:10), how the Warriors built their team (4:05), how other NBA players are feeling about the Warriors (5:11), what the Cavs need to do this offseason (6:30), the NBA's issue with 3-point fouls (7:25) and why he kept a journal during his playing games (11:00). Doug then talks about what he remembers about his draft process...


Episode 276-Warriors Are The Champs

Deuce and Mo host a special podcast following the Warriors 2nd championship in 3 seasons. Morgan and Deuce go at it because they were sleepy (1:50), the key adjustment Steve Kerr made (4:12), the Warriors big 2nd quarter run (5:50), the West-Thompson kiss (7:30), how well Durant played in the NBA Finals and why he deserves credit (9:17), the adversity the Warriors faced during the season (10:45), they go over some of the hot takes from throughout the NBA Finals (13:05), LeBron's incredible...


Episode 275-Jason Ross on NBA Draft, Kings and Mailbag

Deuce and Mo reunited with their old partner Jason Ross (1:00), J-Ross shows off his "Bruce" and Mo t-shirt (1:30), they discussed the Kings getting a work out with potential No.1 pick Markelle Fultz and if the Kings should trade up (3:17), Lonzo not working out for Boston (8:48), if the Kings should move up to get Fox (11:52), we look at Jason's draft board (14:40), why it makes sense for the Kings to trade the 10th pick (18:52), veteran point guards the Kings could add and if Shaun...


Episode 274-Appreciate the NBA Finals & LeBron Going West?

Morgan and Deuce look back at the Warriors comeback win over the Cavs and why we should appreciate what we saw in Game 3(1:00), LeBron's decision to pass to Korver (8:00), Kyrie's shot selection (10:00), how the Warriors knew the Cavs would run out of gas (11:35), the Warriors rebounding advantage and Tristian's struggles (15:30), JR Smith says his twitter got hacked and Deuce calls B.S. (23:20), LeBron gives Kevin Durant love for sacrificing (26:30), why LeBron says the Warriors are great...


Episode 273-Finals Game 3 Preview, Hakeem vs. Duncan and Truth OR Trash

Deuce and Morgan looked ahead to Game 3 of the NBA Finals and how wrong Deuce was (2:15), if LeBron has to play different (4:20), if they're dumb for thinking LeBron can get 1-2 games in this series (6:35), why Kerr doesn't take credit for the Warriors elite defense (8:15), Paul Pierce says Durant is the best player in the world (12:15), they move on to some NBA Draft topics including how the Lakers may really like De'Aaron Fox (14:30), if the Kings should consider trading up for Fox...


Episode 272-NBA Finals Game 2 Recap, Fox in Sac, Seahawks say no to Kap

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing how everyone is watching this "boring" Finals (1:20), some of the great performances from Game 2 including Durant dominating both sides (2:30), Steph Curry's incredible on LeBron shouldn't have happened (8:10), what it meant to have Steve Kerr return (9:40), why one writer suggests the Cavs may want to think about throwing the ball out of bounds (12:17), what to expect in Game 3 (15:20), the NBA's issue with players getting fouled on 3-point attempts...


Episode 271-NBA Finals Game 1 Recap, Kings moves and Friday Mailbag

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce apologizing for his mediocre performance the day before (00:57), they looked back at what went down in Game 1 of the NBA Finals (2:20), Deuce says Durant had one of the best finals performances ever (3:01), LeBron and the Cavs turnovers (7:30), Deuce had a lame joke about how many more shots the Warriors took (11:05), the most impressive stat of the night (12:40), they talked about some of the negatives with the Warriors including Klay's offense and...


Episode 270-Durant's Discount, Wall Loves Fox and NBA players in NFL

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce crying about his allergies (00:50), they look ahead to Game 1 and if Durant is nervous for this game (2:45), Durant will take a discount to stay with Golden State (5:51), why Paul Pierce is still upset with Durant (11:10), LeBron comments on racism (14:50), Adam Silver is cool with the Warriors superteazm (20:25), how Silver may be trying to send a message to LaVar Ball (24:42), John Wall is super high on De'Aaron Fox and Deuce thinks the Kings would...


Episode 269-Deuce and Mo's NBA Finals Preview

Morgan and Deuce preview the Warriors-Cavs matchup and the weird things from last NBA Finals (2:03), some of the new characters (3:40), the most intriguing storyline in the finals (5:20), why it's hard to figure out who people are rooting for and they discuss who the heel is in this series (6:52), the underrated storyline of the series is Mike Brown (10:10), Morgan doesn't think Steve Kerr should come back in this series (12:55), who LeBron should defend (16:30), the Curry-Irving matchup...


Episode 268-Harper-Strickland Brawl, NBA Finals and Tiger Woods

Deuce and Mo return from the three-day weekend to discuss the drama between Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland (2:00), why Strickland plunked him (3:30), the stat the proves he did it on purpose (5:00), why Posey didn't try to grab Harper (7:20), how Morgan's friend got a black-eye from Brandon Belt (16:15), Pujols is close to joining the 600 HR club and no one cares (18:49), they look ahead to the Warriors-Cavs and what they expect from this series (25:00), how the Cavs are underdogs...


Episode 267-Bobby Jackson talks NBA Playoffs and Draft

Morgan and Deuce catch up with former NBA PG Bobby Jackson to get his thoughts on the playoffs (1:05), why he thinks Cavs-Warriors will be great for the NBA (1:45), LeBron hitting the switch (2:40), what he thought of LeBron when he played his first game against the Kings (3:32), who he likes in the NBA Finals (4:22), his relationship with Isaiah Thomas and what makes him such a special talent (5:45), what it was like facing Manu (7:07), how difficult it was to retire (7:45), why he likes...


Episode 266-Kyrie's Night, Kap Visits Seattle and Gronk's New Deal

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Cavs beating the Celtics and LeBron's foul trouble (1:45), Kyrie's big night (4:34), Marvin Lewis doesn't like NFL celebrations because it's a "bad example for the youth" (13:38), how strange it is that Kap could be joining the Seahawks (18:15), Deuce kind of feels bad for Mike Glennon in Chicago (21:40), Gronk's new deal and Deuce has some stupid hot take about the Patriots falling off next season (25:10), Calvin Johnson hanging out with...


Episode 265-NFL Celebrations are back, Warriors Advance and Manu done?

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing the Warriors advancing to their 3rd straight finals (1:30), Ziller's 5 Amazing Warriors Stats (7:30), Joe Lacob says the Warriors were better than the Cavs last season (10:00), Manu possibly playing his last NBA game and what he meant to the Spurs (12:20), Morgan brings up some classic Manu moments including a testical injury and swatting a bat (15:55), Deuce thinks Popovich could be his dad (23:00), what the Spurs need to do this offseason (24:55),...


Episode 264-Basketball Gods Strike Cleveland and MVP Finalists

Deuce and Mo start the show talking about how the Celtics were able to beat the Cavs without Isaiah (1:30), LeBron's rough night (6:42), Deuce says the Basketball Gods didn't appreciate what the Cavs did in Game 2 so they punished them (8:50), the great play drawn up by Brad Stevens and how they were able to get the Bradley game-winner (13:20), they discussed LeBron finishing outside the Top 3 in MVP finalists (16:10), if they should have a "Best Player in The Game" award (17:15), the...


Episode's Scott Howard-Cooper on NBA Draft and Friday Mailbag

Morgan and Deuce kick off the podcast talking to's Scott Howard-Cooper (00:55), if there's a can't-miss prospect in the NBA Draft (3:00), why Danny Ainge will shop the No.1 pick (5:15), why Isaiah and Markelle can work together (6:50), the most surprising thing in the NBA playoffs (7:40), Deuce thinks LeBron's play is the biggest surprise (8:43), Scott discussed the All-NBA voting (10:40), what he thinks of the Kings front office additions (16:10), the Kings roster and the No.5 and...


Episode 262-Deuce's Concussion, All-NBA Team and Lottery

Deuce and Mo return after Deuce missed two days with a concussion so Deuce spent way too much time recapping his journey (00:35), they discuss the All-NBA team (5:30), Deuce doesn't understand how Cousins doesn't make the team (7:16), they recap the NBA Draft lottery and why they were fine with the Kings landing the No.5 and 10 pick (13:15), Deuce says he's on the Fox bandwagon and how Playstation helped improve his game (15:30), he explains why he's cool with the men rompers and Morgan is...


Episode 261-Zaza's Dirty, Pop Goes Off and Jeter's Night

Deuce and Mo start the show looking back at Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (1:05), Kawhi's injury and if Zaza was dirty when he stepped under Kawhi (2:15), Draymond says he's not dirty (5:30), Popovich goes off about Zaza (6:25), Deuce says he wasn't that surprised by the Warriors comeback (12:45), why people are talking about Bruce Bowen (14:30), Iguodala's injury and how significant it can be (19:31), they look ahead to Wizards-Celtics Game 7 (27:00), the draft lottery is almost...