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8: No Respect

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce complaining about a jog-a-thon (00:20), the talk about the Kings 3-1 road trip and what impressed them with the win over the Bulls (3:10), Deuce thinks the Kings aren't getting respect around the NBA and is annoyed with all the Mavs hype (5:10), Reggie McKenzie gets fired by the Raiders and they discussed why he doesn't get more love (17:20), Gruden rolling the media (19:35), they talk about the Bears dominate performance and Goff's struggles in cold...


7: Firings, Insults and Ejections

Deuce and Mo kickoff the show talking about Urban Meyer "retiring" (1:30), the Packers decision to fire Mike McCarthy, why he doesn't deserve all the blame and if Jim Harbaugh could be a good candidate (4:00), Vegas odds have Josh McDaniels getting the job and they discuss if a team would take a chance on him (10:03), Jerry Jones' interest in Kareem Hunt and Washington picking up Reuben Foster (15:10), Deuce accuses Morgan have being too aggressive (18:55), they talked about their chat with...


6: Kings 10-10 start, NFL MVP Race and Mailbag

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce criticizing Morgan for drinking off-brand LaCroix (1:05), Deuce gives himself credit over the Kings 10-10 start (2:30), they look back at the loss to the Jazz (4:19), Durant and Klay give the Kings major love (8:18), Pop says Kawhi wasn't a leader (16:19), what's going on with Markelle Fultz and Deuce says Morgan is being irresponsible with her comments (18:40), the 49ers cut Reuben Foster and how that 1st round class isn't look good for 49ers (26:00),...


5: Deuce and Mo's Thanksgiving Special (Not Really)

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing the Kings much-needed win over OKC (3:40), Fox's confidence level (10:20), Bagley's 4th quarter (14:05), Deuce brags about being right about the Kings record after 20 games (17:05), their mixed feelings on Westbrook (19:50), if the Wizards are going to blow it up (24:10), how Porter could help a team (25:35), Durant yells at a fan and Deuce wonders if courtside seats make sense in the NBA (30:45), they go over the crazy Rams-Chiefs game and if it was a...


4: Why the Kings Are Winning, Durant-Draymond feud and the Mailbag

Deuce and Mo discuss why the Kings are playing so well (1:20), Deuce talks about his exchange with Popovich and Pop's strong comments about the Kings culture (7:00), Deuce tries to give diet advice (17:15), The KD-Draymond feud and if Draymond's suspension means things are bad with Golden State (18:37), their thoughts on the Jimmy Butler trade and why it may not be a smooth transition (24:38), what's going on with Markelle Fultz (27:10), LeVert's injury and if they watched the replay...


3: Kings Hot Start, Basketball Etiquette, Nick Mullens and Giants Hire Farhan

Deuce and Mo kickoff the show talking about doing play-by-play and color for the Stockton Kings (1:20), the Kings 6-4 start and if expectations have changed (6:05), how Bogi fits back in the rotation (14:00), Giannis getting a ton of calls (18:25), Gordan Hayward struggling to return (21:10), Jamal Murray tries to score 50 and Morgan doesn't have a problem with it (23:50), the weirdness around the Wizards (29:55), Deuce was confused with the Brady-Rodgers GOAT conversation (32:20), they...


2: Deuce and Mo Return

Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan have brought back the award-winning Deuce & Mo podcast. They talked about why they stopped for a year and why it made sense to bring it back (00:30), why Deuce is loving the NBA right now (6:45), what's jumped out to them about the Kings early season success (10:00), surprises of the NBA season including JaVale McGee and the Rockets (18:40), why Melo isn't working in Houston (22:50), how they feel about Jimmy Butler's future and why it's risky to trade for him...


1: We Are Alive

Deuce and Mo are coming back. Seriously. They missed talking sports.


Episode 335-Kings First 4 Games, Suns Drama and World Series

Deuce and Mo return to go over the Kings loss in Phoenix (1:20), the debut of Bogdan Bogdanovic (4:12), Buddy's struggles (6:10), trying to have perspective with this team (9:25), how good De'Aaron Fox has been (11:20), the Kings not getting to the line enough (14:35), Deuce wants to beat the Pelicans and Boogie more than anything (19:00), the cool podcast that they will be doing on Friday (23:50), the drama surrounding the Suns (26:35), Bledsoe's lame tweet (29:30), if a Warriors player...


Episode 334-Kings and NBA season preview

Deuce and Mo return to celebrate the start of the NBA season. They look at the Kings season including their strengths and weaknesses (3:50), the Kings rookie who's poised to have the best season (11:25), how much Frank Mason will play (14:00), what would qualify as a successful season for the Kings (16:51), how many wins they expect from the team (23:35), De'Aaron Fox called In-N-Out overrated (25:05), how they'll start the season (30:30), why Deuce thinks a 2-2 start is possible (34:25),...


Episode 333-Kings Lineup, Embiid's Contract and Jerry Jones

Deuce and Mo are ready for the NBA regular season start but why the Kings need camp to be longer (1:40), the go over the possible starting lineup (7:02), the Sixers give Embiid a $148 million extension (9:05), the Kings will have issues rebounding and what to expect with the rest of preseason (12:10), NFL week 5 was weird and Deuce and Mo had a huge problem with Jerry Jones (16:48), Deuce thinks Jones is concerned about ratings and explains why he believes ratings are really going down...


Episode 332-NBA GM Survey, Z-Bo Loves Fox, and Cam Newton

Deuce and Mo talk about the changes made to the NBA All-Star game and if it makes the game more exciting (1:30), the new NBA GM survey came out and some Kings were mentioned (10:00), Deuce shares his brief conversation with Zach Randolph about the Kings young PGs and why he loves Fox (19:40), they get into Cam Newton's comments about a female reporter (23:20), how female reporters have a tough job (29:30), the NFLs major issue with how the Chargers have been received in LA (33:20), they look...


Episode 331-Kings 1st Preseason Game, Carr's Injury and Week 4

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing Deuce's decision to leave TV (1:20), Deuce is upset at Morgan for not really giving him any love for the new move (3:20), they look back at the Kings first preseason game against the Spurs (5:00), what they loved about De'Aaron Fox (8:10), what Frank Mason brought to the floor (11:00), our first chance to see Bogdanovic (13:42), the Kings small forward situation (16:00), Westbrook gets a new deal in OKC (19:38), if the Raiders are now done because of...


Episode 330-NBA Training Camp Opens, Melo Trade and Week 3

Deuce and Mo return to look back at Kings media day (2:50), they talk day one of training camp and why Vince Carter is Deuce's man crush (6:00), how Joerger will deal with the rotation (10:35), D-Wade lands back with LeBron in Cleveland (13:30), Melo's trade to OKC and what it means for the Western Conference (16:35), the drama surrounding the anthem and how it took over the sports world (25:00), if they're concerned about the Raiders after what happened against Washington (31:15), they give...


Episode 329-Reunited with Jason Ross

Deuce and Mo celebrate Morgan's birthday week by reuniting with their old buddy and co-host Jason Ross (1:00), Morgan insulting J-Ross (1:35), Durant tweeting negative things about the Thunder and using a burner account (2:50), why athletes pay such close attention to social media (7:50), Marshawn's dance moves and fitting into the Raiders offense (12:30), Todd Downing's offense (15:45), if the defense is better than last year (16:40), the biggest surprise in the NFL through two weeks...


Episode 328-Look Back At NFL Week 2, Surprises and RIP "The Brain."

Deuce and Mo start the podcast talking about the Raiders victory over the Jets (2:45), the creativity on offense (3:40), giving some love to the Raiders defense including Joseph, Edwards and Conley (6:22), Marshawn Lynch danced and the Jets were offended (11:18), Deuce makes fun of them (14:38), they talk 49ers-Seahawks and Morgan pokes fun at Deuce for Hoyer's performance (19:00), at what point do the 49ers make a change at QB (23:40), Russell Wilson's impressive performance (24:30), if the...


Episode 327-NFL Week 2, Bruce Bochy's Future and Mailbag

Morgan and Deuce discuss the ugly Thursday Night game (1:25), what's going on with the Bengals offense (3:50), if Marvin Lewis is finally on the hot seat (7:20), what to expect with the Raiders and Jets and if this game will be closer (10:00), 49ers-Seahawks and why Deuce doesn't like the Seahawks offense (17:00), Brian Hoyer is going to have a rough day (18:35), Richard Sherman thinks QB play has been bad in the NFL (22:35), NF-ill In The Blank includes the must-watch game of week 2...


Episode 326-NFL Hot Seats, Lakers Retire Both of Kobe's Numbers and Indians Streak

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce making fun of Morgan's spray tan (00:30), they look at Thursday Night Football (4:30), who's seat is hotter: Dalton's or Bill O'Brien's (8:10), Deuce campaigns for Raiders kicker Giorgio Tavecchio to be the next Bachelor (11:40), Morgan thinks Deuce has a weird fascination with kickers (14:42), how ugly the 49ers-Seahawks will be (17:15), they discuss the Lakers retiring both of Kobe's numbers and if they have an issue with it (18:30), a special Jersey...


Episode 325-NFL Week 1 Recap, Great Debuts and Crazy MLB Streaks

Deuce and Mo return with Morgan talking about going to cat therapy while in Santa Barbara (00:40), they look back at the Vikings win over the Saints and what Deuce loves up Minnesota (4:00), Adrian Peterson's debut and if he'll last with the Saints (6:00), the awkwardness of Rex Ryan and the sideline reporter on Monday Night Football (16:35), Deuce says it's OK to criticize Sergio Dipp's sideline reporting (19:40), what they liked about the Raiders win in Tennessee and BeastMode's debut...


Episode 324-Chiefs Crush Pats, NFL Week 1 and Friday Mailbag

Deuce and Mo talk about the Chiefs beat down of the Pats (1:35), Tyreek Hill's speed and if he can be a No.1 WR (4:37), the rookie Kareem Hunt with an incredible game (6:18), Eric Berry looked calm after the Achilles injury (10:20), Deuce has a crush on the Chiefs (12:40), if people should be concerned about the Pats (13:32), they look at the challenges the Raiders face against the Titans (18:05), what Conley can bring in his first game (21:50), if they'd rather have Carr or Marriota...