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35: Westbrook Trade, NBA Over/Unders and NFL Training Camp Storylines!

Deuce and Mo return to discuss all aspects of the Westbrook-CP3 trade (3:00), Ben Simmons gets a max-deal with the 76ers and they discuss if it was worth it and what Philly HAS to do to get over the hump (21:25), they talk about the early NBA over/unders and why Vegas has the Kings at 35.5 wins (26:35), some wild experimental rules the NBA could be using (29:30), Deuce presents a special "Know Your Basketball, Kids" about the 2016 Phoenix Suns draft (33:30), other draft picks they were wrong...


34: Kawhi and PG13 land with the Clippers and Westbrook Getting Traded?!

Deuce and Mo return to talk about the chaos of NBA free agency with Kawhi and PG13 landing with the Clippers and why Kawhi didn't go to the Lakers (1:30), OKC's future with a ton of picks (8:00), what to expect with the Clippers and if they're the best team in the West (11:00), potential landing spots for Westbrook and if he's worth acquiring (20:00), how NBA fans should feel about this offseason and if it's time to change how contracts are structured (29:00), how Kings fans should view the...


33: NBA Free Agency LIVE Reaction Podcast!

Deuce and Mo host a LIVE reaction podcast at the start of free agency hitting on all the moves as they happened including the big signings and the signings by the Sacramento Kings.


32: Giannis wins MVP, Free Agency Rumors, NBA Draft and Wish List

Deuce and Mo return to talk about Giannis' MVP season and the Rockets showing little respect for his year (2:45), Giannis was allowed to develop (5:30), if voting should be done after the postseason (9:15), Larry Bird gives some love to today's players (12:20), they finally give their thoughts on the Anthony David trade (17:45), the Rockets want Jimmy Butler and Deuce and Mo don't think it'll work (25:00), what Kawhi is going to do in free agency and if it makes more sense for him to do a...


31: NBA Finals Instant Reaction: Raptors Win It All

Deuce and Mo recorded a podcast immediately following the Raptors winning the NBA Finals. They discussed all the storylines including KD's injury, Klay going down, Kawhi's future, the Warriors offseason and much more.


30: Warriors on the Ropes, NBA Suspends an Owner, Paul Pierce PoopGate and Kyrie to the Nets?

Deuce and Mo react to the Raptors victory in Game 3 and what we've learned about the series (1:25), the officiating (8:50), Deuce doesn't trust the Warriors bench (11:00), if Game 4 is a must-win for the Warriors (18:30), if the NBAs punishment was enough for the Warriors owner who pushed Lowry (21:00), the problem with courtside seats in the NBA (24:20), Paul Pierce addresses when was in wheelchair during NBA Finals and admitted he had to go to the bathroom (28:25), the Nets and Kyrie have...


29: NBA Finals Preview, Drama in LA and a New Best Player in the NBA?

Deuce and Mo drop a 90-plus minute podcast talking about Kawhi's magical playoffs and what Giannis has to do to improve his game (2:30), if Kawhi is the best player in the NBA (12:10), their thoughts on the NBA Finals, why Raptors can actually make it tough on Golden State and how Kerr mixes Durant and Cousins back in the lineup (22:40), people getting on Deuce for appreciating the Warriors (30:10), Deuce hates Morgan's "track record" argument (40:50), Drake has Steph and Durant tattoos...


28: WWE Champion Kofi Kingston with Deuce, Mo and Fresh

It's a bonus podcast as Deuce and Mo welcome Sacramento Kings emcee Scott Freshour in and have a conversation with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. They touch on the WWE's return to Sacramento on June 11th, the evolution of The New Day, winning the WWE Championship at Mania and more.


27: Kawhi's Game-Winner, Bye-Bye Houston and NBA Conference Finals Preview

Deuce and Mo return to discuss the craziness of the NBA playoffs including the 76ers-Raptors epic Game 7 and Kawhi's game-winner (3:40), what they thought of Embiid crying after the game (13:50), how Kawhi's shot impacts his future in Toronto (17:30), where the Sixers go next (21:00), CJ McCollum's big Game 7 against Denver (25:30), Deuce is tired of the Zach Collins hype (28:45), Kanter fasting during the playoffs and Deuce can't go 3 minutes without water (32:30), Morgan submits a "Would...


26: NBA Officiating, Embiid's Heroic Game and our Obsession with the NFL Draft

Deuce and Mo return to talk about the NBA officiating issues and Deuce defends the officials (3:27), they discussed our cultures disdain for refs and what can improve (6:35), the Warriors-Rockets series and if the Rockets can get back into it (14:32), what was more gross: Curry's dislocated finger or Harden's blood eyes (21:30), Morgan talks about the time she intentionally raked a girls eyes during a game (23:20), what they've enjoyed most about the NBA playoffs (25:23), how the NBA can get...


25: Kings Hire Luke Walton

Deuce and Mo talk about the Kings decision to hire Luke Walton as their next head coach.


24: Dave Joerger Out and NBA Playoffs Preview

Deuce and Mo kick off the show talking about the Kings decision to part ways with Dave Joerger, what led to it and what's next (1:20), they discuss the possible coaching candidates for the Kings (26:15), Magic Johnson quits and what it means for the Lakers (38:50), fans ask about the Kings going after DeAndre Jordan and Pat Beverley (42:35), the national media's reaction to the Joerger move (46:25), they previewed the NBA playoffs and why Deuce doesn't seem excited for any of the series...


23: Westbrook's legendary game, Zion is a star, Marketing MLB Stars and WrestleMania Preview

Deuce and Mo kick off the show talking about what made Westbrook's 20-20-20 extra special (4:00), appreciating this era of NBA basketball (8:45), Deuce explains why he's so convinced Zion will be a stud in the NBA (19:00), they discuss why Deuce is calling himself the "baseball guy," how he's all-in on watching MLB again and how they can promote their incredible talent (25:00), Kevin Pillar's travel day to join the Giants and taking out a pitcher who was throwing a no-hitter (29:00), Stephen...


22: NBA MVP Race, Luka Fatigue and MLBs Issues

Deuce and Mo talk about the Kings race for a .500 season (1:45), why more people aren't into the Oakland A's (4:00), MLBs attendance issues (6:30), why baseball fans always have hope at the start of the season (9:30), preparing for another bad Giants season (10:30) and Deuce claims he's retiring his Pablo Sandoval joke (14:05). They hit on some NBA topics including the MVP race and if there's actually a rookie of the year race (18:35), Luka fatigue (31:05), Jordan Bell's weird suspension and...


21: For The Love of Sports

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce reflecting on the issues with last weeks podcast and calling Morgan Ragan annoying (1:20), they look back at the Kings losing a 25-point lead to the Nets, how it happened and D'Angelo's incredible run (4:17), how Bagley and Giles look on the floor together (18:00), what team is the best story in the NBA (22:00), LeBron James mailing it in and if it's OK if he is (25:40), Kyrie talking about sitting out games before playoffs (32:40), the Nuggets benching...


20: Odell Traded, Westbrook vs. Fan and Antonio Brown to Oakland

Deuce and Mo kick off the podcast talking about the big Odell Beckham trade, what the Giants were thinking and what it does for the Browns (2:15), the 49ers missing out on him but landing Dee Ford (10:38), they discussed the Raiders landing Antonio Brown and why Deuce is mixed on it (16:40), if the Jags found their franchise guy in Nick Foles (24:40), Deuce gets really annoyed with Morgan and things get awkward (29:35), the Kings playoff hopes dimming and the rest of the road trip (30:40),...


19: Playoff Hopes, LeBron's Season and Social Media in Sports

Deuce and Mo return and Morgan talks about her trip to Seattle and her mom selling 3 million books (00:40), they talk about the Kings postseason chances and losing close games (1:45), Harry Giles' emergence (11:30), they look at the crucial 4-game road trip and Deuce rants about the start time for the game in NYC (13:40) and LeBron passing and Jordan and who's to blame for the Lakers not making the playoffs (19:00), Durant's issue with Kerr (31:30). They also discussed Adam Silver's comments...


18: Kings Big Picture, Bury The Tape and NFL Combine

Deuce and Mo taped a podcast following the Kings loss to the T-Wolves and talk about what went wrong, Bagley in the starting lineup and Buddy sitting late (1:00), they wonder why Fox doesn't get more calls from officials (14:15), Mo and Deuce talk about the big picture with the Kings and why they believe it's turning into something special (18:31), the struggles of the Lakers but why they still believe they'll make it to the playoffs (29:45), Robert Kraft's issues, how the NFL should handle...


17: NBA Playoff Push, Bochy Retiring and Antonio Brown's Future

Deuce and Mo return with Morgan talking about starring in a commercial (00:30), her experience hanging out with Steph Curry in Charlotte (2:40), they looked back at All-Star weekend and Deuce explains how to REALLY fix the dunk contest (7:35), how the Anthony Davis situation plays out and if his reputation has taken a hit (13:40), the Kings crazy tough schedule and what they have to do over that stretch (21:10), Sports Illustrated's piece on the Kings (23:30), creating the greatest street...


16: Deuce and Mo's Incredible NBA Trade Deadline Recap

Deuce and Mo dedicate this episode to look back at one of the craziest NBA trade deadlines in league history (2:10), the Kings pushing for a playoff spot (3:30), what they like about Harrison Barnes and how he fits in with the Kings style (4:05), the report that says Corey Brewer may land with Sacramento (7:19), what Shumpert provided with young guys and how they'll handle the trades (10:00), Dirk loves Barnes (15:00), the Kings landing Alec Burks and what he can bring (18:25), the...