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Jonah Keri is on the phone! The NYT bestselling author of Up, Up, and Away & The Extra 2% and baseball writer for CBS Sports & SI (also formerly with Grantland) interviews compelling people from sports, entertainment, media, and more. Plus, "My Team is a Joke?!

Jonah Keri is on the phone! The NYT bestselling author of Up, Up, and Away & The Extra 2% and baseball writer for CBS Sports & SI (also formerly with Grantland) interviews compelling people from sports, entertainment, media, and more. Plus, "My Team is a Joke?!
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Jonah Keri is on the phone! The NYT bestselling author of Up, Up, and Away & The Extra 2% and baseball writer for CBS Sports & SI (also formerly with Grantland) interviews compelling people from sports, entertainment, media, and more. Plus, "My Team is a Joke?!






Dave Lozo (Jonah Keri Podcast 05/16)

Jonah Keri heads to the penalty box with VICE Sports hockey writer Dave Lozo on who to root for in the NHL playoffs; Alex Ovechkin's undeserved bad rap; the resurrection of Marc-Andre Fleury; the U.S.-Canada hockey rivalry; League of Leagues trash talk; being in a fantasy league with a WWE superstar; the fascinating but also scary world of sports journalism, and much more!


Billy Wagner (Jonah Keri Podcast 05/09)

Jonah Keri fires high heat with Billy Wagner on becoming an MLB All-Star as an undersized lefty from a small town; the thrill of battling Barry Bonds with the game on the line; his love of teaching baseball as a high school coach in Virginia, and much more!


Reverend Rob Lee (Jonah Keri Podcast 05/02)

Jonah Keri spreads the gospel with Reverend Rob Lee (MTV VMAs, The View) on his book Stained Glass Millennials and the disconnect between young people and religion; how to inject empathy into church; reversing the legacy of his great-great uncle Robert E. Lee; why Confederate monuments should be taken down; the Reverend's charitable work with The King Center; and much more. *Today's show is sponsored by*


Chris Speier (Jonah Keri Podcast 04/25)

Jonah Keri turns two with 19-year MLB veteran and three-time All-Star Chris Speier on how semi-pro ball in a small Canadian town helped him on his way to the big leagues; being in awe of Willie Mays and Willie McCovey; the lessons you can learn from superstars; the great Expos teams of the late-70s and early 80s; the Bay Bridge World Series and its frightening earthquake; living and dying with every pitch thrown by his former big leaguer son Justin; the importance of letting players learn...


Ken Hill (Jonah Keri Podcast 04/18)

Jonah Keri toes the rubber with former major league All-Star pitcher Ken Hill on the moment he felt he could succeed in the big leagues; the delightful arrogance of the '94 Expos; the colorful and fearsome '95 Cleveland team; the ecstasy and agony of being the father of a world-class athlete, and more!


Bill de Blasio (Jonah Keri Podcast 04/11)

Jonah Keri takes a bite out of the Big Apple with New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio on his love of the Red Sox and animus toward the Yankees; using Moneyball-like strategies to govern; the legacy of Rusty Staub; running the equivalent of football's two-minute drill as mayor; affordable housing; pre-kindergarten education; fixing the subway; his thoughts on a potential Presidential run, and more!


Ellis Valentine (Jonah Keri Podcast 04/04)

Jonah Keri tests the rocket arm and generous spirit of Ellis Valentine on life growing up in South Central L.A. in the 60s; how talent can be a blessing but also a curse; the temptations of life in the big leagues; the need for non-white faces as mentors in sports; finding salvation by learning how to feel; getting sober; helping others for the past 30 years; that time at the end of his career when he worked to work for a rental car company for four bucks an hour; Ellis's life tip, and...


Larry Parrish (Jonah Keri Podcast 03/28)

Jonah Keri covers the hot corner with 15-year MLB veteran Larry Parrish on being too shy as a kid to ask Mickey Mantle for an autograph; the huge influence (and incredible Louisiana accent) of superscout Mel Didier; Gene Mauch's vote of confidence; the role of leadership and chemistry in baseball; the culture shock and frightening disciplinary style of Japanese baseball; Larry's life tip, and much more!


David Ortiz (Jonah Keri Podcast 03/21)

Jonah Keri circles the bases with future Hall of Famer David Ortiz on baseball culture in the Dominican Republic; his childhood ambition of playing a sport other than baseball; his friendship with Pedro Martinez; Manny Ramirez's rope-a-dope approach to media relations; Ortiz's surprising feeling during the 2004 ALCS; the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, and much more! *Today's show is sponsored by*


Dave Zirin (Jonah Keri Podcast 03/14)

Jonah Keri journeys to the edge of sports with The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin on his new co-authored book with NFL defensive lineman Michael Bennett, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable; his upcoming political biography of Jim Brown, Last Man Standing; the legacy of Colin Kaepernick; the absence of healthy and nutritious food in lower-income communities; the importance of STEM education, especially for girls and people of color; concussions in football; the NCAA cartel; Dave's...


Susan Slusser (Jonah Keri Podcast 03/07)

Jonah Keri hunts for market inefficiencies with San Francisco Chronicle writer Susan Slusser on the always innovative Oakland A's; how MLB needs to be more like the NBA in promoting its stars; the tricky world of Hall of Fame voting; reconciling PED use in baseball; lessons learned in three decades of sports journalism; Susan's life tip, and much more!


Doug Glanville (Jonah Keri Podcast 02/28)

Jonah Keri seeks a 1 rating with former major league outfielder Doug Glanville on his path to the Show; the moment he knew he could make it in baseball; becoming a gigantic Strat-O-Matic fan; hacking it in the sometimes fickle and challenging world of sports media; the pain of micro aggressions; righting wrongs through social change; his new teaching gig; Doug's life tip, and much more!


Buck Showalter (Jonah Keri Podcast 02/21)

Jonah Keri's got cakes on the griddle with Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter on the joys of Basset Hounds; the wisdom and humor of Billy Martin; the art of managing a big league bullpen; how to turn a team around quickly; finding a player's hidden skill; what he would do if he wasn't a major league manager; Buck's life tip, and much more!


David Samson (Jonah Keri Podcast 02/14)

Jonah Keri goes fishing with David Samson on the many details surrounding the demise of the Expos; many more details surrounding the operation of the Marlins; the controversial three-way franchise swap of 2002; pressuring local governments into forking over hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium; the motivation behind running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents; what Antarctica feels like in January; David's life tip, and much more.


Lachlan Penfold (Jonah Keri Podcast 02/07)

Jonah Keri gets into a scrum with Lachlan Penfold (director of performance for the National Rugby League's Melbourne Storm and former Head of Physical Performance and Sports Medicine for the Golden State Warriors) on the rigors of rugby; the training habits of the Warriors; how Steph Curry thrives against players much bigger than him; how to define and identify the world's best athletes; Lachlan's life tip, and much more!


Mike Dunleavy (Jonah Keri Podcast 01/31)

Jonah Keri rides the green wave with Tulane men's basketball coach Mike Dunleavy on playing with Dr. J; guarding Michael Jordan; Magic Johnson's HIV announcement; the Jail Blazers; his quest to build a winner in his first college coaching job; Mike's life tip, and much more!


Brett Anderson (Jonah Keri Podcast 01/24)

Jonah Keri strolls the French Quarter with award-winning New Orleans Times-Picayune food critic and features writer Brett Anderson on the effects Katrina had on the city; persuading diners to eat Gulf of Mexico seafood after the BP oil spill; the power and class dynamics of New Orleans as reflected in its restaurant culture; the plight of African-American chefs in a celebrity chef culture; Brett's life tip(s), and more!


Ian Eagle (Jonah Keri Podcast 01/17)

Jonah Keri hits nothing but nets with Ian Eagle on his 24 years calling Nets basketball games; his reaction to the wild Jags-Steelers game he called last weekend and the even wilder Vikings-Saints finish; the great Bill Raftery; being a jack-of-all-trades in broadcasting; a delightful Todd MacCulloch story (!?!?!); Ian's life tip, and much more!


Pete Prisco (Jonah Keri Podcast 01/10)

Jonah Keri runs a go route with CBS Sports Senior Writer Pete Prisco on the NFL playoffs; the longevity of today's star quarterbacks; Tom Brady's illustrious career; the Falcons' huge upside as a #6 seed; DUUUUUUUUVAAAALLLLLL, and much more! (Make sure to tune in for the intro too, for a little Baseball Hall of Fame talk.)


Bob Kendrick (Jonah Keri Podcast 01/03)

Jonah Keri fills a Satchel of knowledge with Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick on baseball pre- and post-integration; the links between baseball and black communities in the first half of the 20th century; the legend of Josh Gibson; Bob's life tip, and much more!


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