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The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. -- LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.


Granite City, IL


The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. -- LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.




2-3-23 Segment 3 Jeremy Rutherford, STL Dogs, and EMOTD

Jeremy Rutherford joins us to talk about his article in The Athletic and all things Blues. JR takes two-part questions. Plowsy is upset with Dogs tickets. STL City discussion. What colors are the uniforms? EMOTD.


P&G Back for an Iggy Travel Rant

Iggy wants you to know how much he hates to travel.


2-3-23 Segment 2 Over/Under Reveal

Real friends. Did the Over/Under cover for dais coutis? Iggy tells his tales. How Iggy identifies a swinger. Did Jackson, aka Rick, get the job done? Lisa Ann. Jackson drinking booze. Jamaican slang. Mr. Lix joins the presentation. Tipping.


2-3-23 Segment 1 Back in the STL

We are back from Jamaica. Our Milagro Tequila Listener of the Month goes to Beercats. Iggy claims he was unaware, even though he was at the conclave. We were sent a rough cut of the Golf video. Super strong. "Back in the States." Recapping our trip to Jamaica. Johnny Johnson. Lambert was buzzing when we landed. We almost missed our connecting flight home, the customs line was a snootful. Iggy tells us some tales of traveling.


1-31-23 Segment 1 Quentin and Butch

The orgy last night, super hot. The conclave after the show for our listener of the month contest. Was Jackson wearing a yellow diaper on the boat last night? Lisa Ann had to jet early today. Iggy has been to Cuba before. Crestfalling ensues. "Do you count France as Europe." How do you know if a swinger is interested? Jackson's new drunk persona is called "Rick."


1-31-23 Segment 3 Anthony, 28 Slim, & Rick and EMOTD

Mizzou hoops on Wednesday. What was Iggy's relation to the wedding he was supposed to be at during our trip? Iggy is adamant. Iggy's doppelgänger perfectly described our show yesterday. Iggy's friend Ashley is texting him trying to get her to come on. Dexter Fowler is retiring. The boys break it down. Garrett Bailey, the Entertainment Division Director, joins the show. The conclave. EMOTD


1-31-23 Segment 2 The Emergence of Rick

This Rick is wild. Adam Stewart, the Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts, joins us to the story of his family business. Pick 6 standings. The catamaran ride yesterday was a pony. Iggy was a man vs. the sea. Refurbished sybians. Iggy's career overseas. Iggy is no longer posting or commenting on the Fan Page. Listeners don't buy it. Iggy wants to go to town to buy some swag. Max Patchen, the head of Island Routes, joins us.


1-30-23 Segment 1 Live From Jamaica!

We are live from Jamaica! YouTube issues to start us off, but Jackson is working it. What's going on with Lisa and Jackson? Iggy claims he was almost laid, but there was another vomit situation. Iggy's outfits. Mungenast DFS Showdown results. Doug is wearing an island top. The executive chef from Sandals Ochi, Rodroy Thomas joins us to talk about the cuisine.


1-30-23 Segment 3 Talking Kinks and EMOTD

KG in O-Town is doing an excellent job. Plowsy's outdoor sessions. Gape talk. Iggy gave away his "three-quarter zip" to someone at the airport because he was tired of carrying it around. There was commotion during the Bengals - Chiefs game with an ornery Bengals fan. Is Jackson still live for the O/U? Position talk. Renaldo from the Water sports team joins us to talk about the water activities you can do here at Sandals. We talk about Fin-Dom and other kinks. Dillion. EMOTD.


1-30-23 Segment 2 Vomit Comet

Were the mics on during the break? Jackson, figure it out, bro. What's the status of the dais O/U? Jackson got all drunk and fell asleep while reading a book. Does Iggy's vomit situation count as something? How are the people here reacting to Lisa Ann's presence? Nick Manning, who is that? Lisa talks it over. Plowsy's pants. Iggy and Tim's rooms were sharing a wall. We are joined by Jonathan at the Sandals Upton Estates Golf Club.


1-27-23 Segment 3 Bailey's, Cuts, and EMOTD

Turning away callers. Paul DeJong. Bally's Sports situation. The boys theorize about it. Payrolls. Mr. Lix joins the fold. Bertarelli Cuts of the Week. EMOTD.


1-27-23 Segment 2 Iggy's Dinner with your Wife

Technology. Driverless cars. Does Katie Kush look like Teddy Bruschi? How will Jackson handle the bathroom situation in Ochi? Retired Air Marshal joins us with some energy. Iggy potted him down. Will he win Listener of the Month? What will Doug drink on vacay? Dear Deidre about size. Is there a White Castle in Jamaica? Should we run a promotion where listeners enter a contest to have Iggy take their wives to Andria's? Retired Air Marshal tries to sneak past Jackson's call filter.


1-27-23 Segment 1 Jamaica Trip Eve

People are NOT happy with us because we are 3 minutes late. Golf video poll on the Fan Page. Vianney's Hottest Mom calls in to talk commercials. How do these companies have these ad budges for TV commercials? Blues drum the 'Yotes, wait, I got bad info. Rough building. Arizona uniforms. Sandals discussion. How's the tastins and soppins? Jamaican currency. Iggy's twitter activity. Brad in Boca joins the presentation to give us tips on Sandals Ochi. Jackson's dream gal.


1-26-23 Segment 3 Cardinals Play-By-Play and EMOTD

Balloon Party. Aaron Goldsmith did an interview about why he didn't take the Cardinals play-by-play job. Iggy compares this to turning down the ESPN gig for Springfield and Ned Reynolds. The logistics behind the hiring. New news about Bally's Sports and Sinclair. EMOTD.


1-26-23 Segment 2 Pie Charts and Having Kids

Fire remix of Cassie Moore from Chris Hrabe. News about the Naegel video. Iggy and Plowsy create a pie chart about why some of the listeners are angry. Having kids young vs. old. Iggy backs up his pie chart. DINK. Friend groups with kids. MLS season starting soon.


1-26-23 Segment 1 The Blue Hole

KG in O-Town is lurking. Listener of the Month selections. Iggy compares our competition with one from his Hedo days. Cedric the Entertainer. Hedo stories. The Blue Hole. Will things get naughty in Jamaica? Pepper n' Genie vs. Meteorology. KG in O-Town vs. Iggy.


1-25-23 Segment 3 Jeremy Rutherford, Scott Rolen, and EMOTD

Jeremy Rutherford joins us to talk Blues Hockey and our trip to Jamaica. JR talks Colton Parayko. JR takes two-part questions. Scott Rolen is a Hall of Famer. The boys break it down. Should Jim Edmonds also be in the HOF? How Rolen went from 10% on his first ballot year to in the HOF. Rolen talks with Bob Costas about which hat he will wear for his plaque. Which cap do you think he will wear?


1-25-23 Segment 2 Pepper n' Genie vs. The Audience

Ryan Kelley joins the presentation. We have some examples of Listener of the Month submissions. KG in O-Town was here yesterday meeting with the Director of Sales. Iggy pushes back against the news. Stories from Springfield. "Go shovel the driveway, bro." Will Pepper n' Genie return for money? Plowsy explains his journey to his position. Iggy and PlowHawk explain their reasoning for not wanting to do the show. The duo is pushing back HARD at the audience.


1-25-23 Segment 1 Winter Storm Iggy

Winter weather update. Iggy claims victory on his "dusting" prediction. Closing schools. Plowsy is FED UP with the meteorologists in this town. The Blues lose to the Sabres. Colton Parayko. Berube audio. Beercats joins us to debate Iggy's forecast and talk Hot Wife Autumn. Over/under of 2.5 of the dais has sex in Jamaica. The boys breakdown the logistics. Mungenast DFS Showdown. More on the Rory - P. Reed situation. TMA Listener of the Month.


1-24-23 Segment 3 Mitch Orville & Joshy Tuna and EMOTD

Glo Worm. Deidre. Story about a fitness influencer and her sexual interests. The dais doesn't understand. Mitch Orville. Joshy Tuna goes after Plowsy. Aubrey Plaza. EMOTD.