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The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. -- LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.


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The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. -- LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.




11-30-23 Segment 3 Broadcaster on Broadcaster Crime & EMOTD

Looking ahead to spring. Mad Dog is not happy with Gus Johnson. College vs. Professional sports rivalries. Best college sports rivalries. Darin Atkins: Baseball Insider. Time for the JV Golf Coach vs. Blueberry PopPop showdown. EMOTD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-30-23 Segment 2 Ethically Non-Monogamous Fest

Coming up on the 20 year anniversary of the show. When we're gonna be at a bar, you play Ween. Jake* and his ethically non-monogamous festival. Keen blokes. Is this a cuck? Public schools across the pond. Doug and Bob Barker in London. Jackson and KG heading to London. Eureka slander. Are the Cardinals in on Dylan Caese? Ladue vs. Private Schools. The Gilded Age. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-30-23 Segment 1 I Felt You On My Prostate & An Emphasis on Gravy

Doug's not gonna be real good to us today because of the Sabres being in town. Buck Swope wasn't happy with Jackson yesterday. EMOTD word count. Sinbad Saturday. Iggy's Facebook activity and music festival. The Bailey's situation hitting a fever pitch and it's affecting the Cardinals and Blues. You can always move away from St. Louis if you want to watch the Blues vs. Sabres on a Thursday night. Can PocketTube save us? We're having phone line issues but tail call in. Now they're fixed and Dogtown Ty is here to talk about Bailey's. Chairman Steve is in great spirits this morn. JBoyd, Riley, and Olivia from Hotshots join us to talk TMA End of the Year awards and new menu items. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-29-23 Segment 3 Does More Hair Product Make You Look Naughty & EMOTD

Correlation of hair product and naughtiness. Coming down the stretch for the November email of the month competition. Audio of a guy low on toasted ravioli and the Cardinals offseason moves. Will the rotation look the same on Opening Day as it does today? Jackson bought out of a bet with Tim. EMOTD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-29-23 Segment 2 Jeremy Rutherford & French Body Moles

Good ol JR joins the show to speak a little French and talk a little puck. Blues power play woes continue. The Blackhawks Corey Perry situation. Why do French girls have more body moles? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-29-23 Segment 1 College Football Erotica

Talking levels. Live QFTA yesterday getting positive reviews. CFP rankings. Peach Bowl, Cotton Bowl, or Fiesta Bowl for Mizzou? Tim lays out a hoth college football fantasy. Feel your pre fly. How will this affect interest in the non NY6 Bowls? Revisiting the question of which liquid is the least desirable in which to be doused. Resume vs. Eye Test. The Chaos Model for this weekend. Does an undefeated FSU with a backup quarterback deserve to get in? Texas/Alabama/Georgia chaos. Dear Deidre of a couple who like watching porn starring men with large penises. Can't take the bull out of the man. Steers. Imperial sushi. Divorce rates. The Corey Perry situation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-28-23 Segment 3 Naked Window Washing & EMOTD

Live QFTA on YouTube later today. White balancing and video editing of days past. Dear Deidre with a woman whose husband sent nude photos to their window cleaner. EMOTD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-28-23 Segment 2 Let Plowsy Cook

The golden days of TMA at the picnic table at Spring Training. Plowhawk tweeting with Charlie Marlowe during the show. Let my boy Plowsy cook. Stephen A Smith audio. A heated skeleton debate breaks out and Plowsy is cookin'. Mr. Lix is on the line to talk skeleton and fan page news breaking, flying private, and Zach Johnson. We're back on the skeleton. Can we get Bif & Show into the skeleton? Sploshing. The February LotM, Natty Nate is checking in with some Cardinal thoughts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-28-23 Segment 1 Coifs & 'Staches

Rick's coif is back. People having sex during Tim's sportscasts. Whose star will shine brightest at the End of the Year TMA Awards? Last year's awards was (sadly) the best night of KG's life. Audio of Randy Karraker on The Opening Drive yesterday reacting to the Sonny Gray signing. What else will the Cardinals do this offseason? John Mozeliak talking about the moves they've made and what's still left to be done. Arbitrage. Poor signings over the years. Andy Crouppen joins us in studio to talk about throwing eggs at SoFi Stadium in LA. It's getting HOTH in the studio. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-27-23 Segment 3 Gabe DeArmond & EMOTD

Gabe DeArmond from PowerMizzou joins us. Will Cody Schrader get any Heisman votes? Heisman and SEC Coach of the Year conversation. Contract extension for Eli Drinkwitz? Unraveling the Mizzou bowl situation. EMOTD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-27-23 Segment 2 Summer of Colonoscopies

The importance of a NY6 Bowl Game for Mizzou. Comparing the 2023 Tigers with the 2007 and 2013 teams. Looking at spreads for Conference Championship weekend. Cardinals may be finalizing a 3 year/$75 million contract with Sonny Gray. TMA End of the Year Awards coming up on December 14th. Who will KG be placing this year's green jacket on this year? Where were you when CM Punk and Randy Orton returned this weekend? AI discussion. Dotem is on a roll with his bathroom/french fry AI art. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-27-23 Segment 1 Remnants of Rick

Iggy's on vuh-cation and where's Tim's head? Jon Heyman with reports that the Cardinals are in on Sonny Gray. Doug is not on board with man buns. Reliving Rick's Skanksgiving. The tail at Tamm Avenue Bar. The Cardinals offseason. A private school kid only Fan Page. Socioeconomic warfare has ensued. College football coaching carousel over the weekend. Audio of the winning touchdown in The Iron Bowl. Questions abound regarding Auburn's defensive scheme on that final play. Comparing Mizzou and Ole Miss's resumes. The CFP conundrum. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-22-23 Segment 3 Jeremy Rutherford and EMOTD

Mark Hannah in the building. Happy Birthday, Hannsy! Jeremy Rutherford joins the show and gives his opinion on the hockey trip infidelity. Blues and 'Yotes. Two-part questions aplenty. Where should the NHL expand to? Iggy's cameos. Plugola discussion. What will Iggy do with his vacay next week? EMOTD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-22-23 Segment 2 A Piece of Strange

Ween Wednesday is so gosh darn sick. Iggy's back on time. Adult diaper discussion. PGA - LIV golf news. The boys talk it over. Will Rahm head to LIV? Negotiation talk. Is Bob Tway involved in any of this? Where is the best spot for MFF's tonight? Shepard's P. Skate, boy, skate. Are Hockey parents more vulnerable to infidelity? Iggy's cheating theory. Hockey trips. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-22-23 Segment 1 Full Eyes, Lynn and Gibson, Can't Lose

Lern drops by to kick off the show. Lern is thankful for Iggy. Aren't we all? Iggy will be on vacay next week. Orlando. Worst airports. We dive into the Cardinals signing Kyle Gibson. The boys break down the signing. This may come as a surprise, but the Plowboy seems skeptical of the Cardinals intentions when it comes to free agency. Audio from Mozeliak's press conference yesterday. Skanksgiving plans. Where will the youngs go? Caller Buzz. The texters vs. St. Charles county. Iggy's cab service. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-21-23 Segment 3 Dating in 2023 and EMOTD

Tuesday Turbulence today on 101 ESPN for Balloon Party. Doug is dubious of the content. Larry Nickel joins the program for the WWE Recap. We read an article about the new trends in dating for Australian singles. Are things staying status quo in the outback? Men want to be vulnerable. Iggy on what % of couples cheat. EMOTD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-21-23 Segment 2 Man Musk

The smell in the studio is getting hot. What is the culprit. Plowsy feels it could have been KG in O-Town. SoundStory. Hogsnapper. 20% off at, no promo code needed. KG defends his musk. Cologne and air fresheners. Ken is anti-air fresheners. Jackson comes in to investigate the aromas. The Athletic posted a survey with fans listing where their preferred MLB city to talk a weekend trip would be. STL not at the top of the list, which is a damn shame. Ken plugs his cameo, much to the audience's chagrin. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-21-23 Segment 1 Reunion Tour Galore

Why does our studio have an odor? Kind of smells like an onion pizza. Jackson thinks it smells like man. What's going on? Speaking of smells, you smelling what Mozeliak is cooking? Tee hee. Lance Lynn and Descalso. What say you, Cardinal Nation? Let Mo cook, because Lance Lynn is going to eat up these innings. MNF last night featured a lot of drops. Dressing vs. stuffing. Derrick Goold audio from Foul Territory on what Cardinal fans want this offseason. Do you think Yamamoto would come to St. Louis? Iggy's cell phone. Ed Herman of Brown & Crouppen in the building talking baseball. Ed's opinion on the Trevor Bauer situation, both from a baseball and a legal perspective. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-20-23 Segment 3 Gabe DeArmond and EMOTD

Gabe talks about the emotional rollercoaster after the dramatics on Saturday with Florida and the brutal loss to Jackson State. Briefly discussing Gates and the loss. Missouri Football and their win on Saturday. Gabe's perspective on the difference between that win and games like that in seasons past. Harrison Mevis' confidence this season. NY6 Bowl talk. Potential matchups. CFP discussion. Comparing 2007 and 2013 to the current Tigers. FedEx Field was without hot water after the Commanders - Giants game. Gobble Bowl. EMOTD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11-20-23 Segment 2 Jackson's Despair and Cardinals Offseason

Missouri Basketball. Brutal. Jackson's in a bad place. The texters, especially later on Balloon Party, will be feasting on the young buck. John Mozeliak was talking it over with Tom Ackerman about Aaron Nola signing with Philly. The boys break it down. The free agent market will have plenty of competition. Ken Strode and his love for Eduardo Rodriguez. has 20% off all merch for Black Friday this week. No promo code needed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit