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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays and Dominique Foxworth on Fridays.

Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays and Dominique Foxworth on Fridays.


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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays and Dominique Foxworth on Fridays.




David West & André Gudger of the Professional Collegiate League

Bomani Jones welcomes former NBA forward and COO of the Professional Collegiate League David West and entrepreneur André Gudger of Next Level Sports and Entertainment to break down the scope of the PCL following their TV distribution deal, including balancing investment with activism, the extent that the league will center athletes and how it will add value to their future careers post-athletics (15:03). Plus, what their dealings with the NCAA have been like thus far and more (21:29)!


Am I a Dummy?

Bomani Jones examines Aaron Rodgers’ failed “Draft Day” attempt to force a trade away from Green Bay and how the Packers have handled transitions away from their Hall of Fame QB’s (1:58). He also applauds coach Kyle Shanahan for “not being a dummy” and drafting QB prospect Trey Lance at #3, exposing the “dumbest draft narrative in the history of draft narratives” (18:32). Plus, an IYHH including Amazon opening up a hair salon in London (31:29) and your voicemails from encountering the “repo...


Foxworth Friday: Remembering Draft Days Past

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth laugh about their fits during the live edition of the podcast from the prior week and discuss having family in the military since Dominique’s son is obsessed (8:10). Also, how did Domonique spend draft day (19:53), how the NFL Draft became such a cottage industry (30:02), Bomani’s problem with the popularity of streamers like Logan Paul and more!


Shannon Penn on the Knicks!

Bomani Jones welcomes former The Right Time producer Shannon Penn back to the show to discuss the return of the New York Knicks to relevancy and the underperformance of the Celtics (2:08). Plus, they get into Twitter talking about Babe Ruth being Black, again, and more (27:55)!


Fair Questions & Book Club Part 2

Bomani Jones tries to get a handle on why this NBA season feels “different” and why viewership is down (1:19). His theory, in a word, LeBron. He also touches on the IOC “banning” athlete protests from the 2021 Olympic games (17:28). Plus, former ‘Canes RB Alonzo Highsmith joins for the next installment of The Right Time Book Club on “’Cane Mutiny” by Bruce Feldman to discuss playing under Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson at the University of Miami, as well as how the team balanced...


Foxworth Friday: The Right Time Live!

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth join for a show in front of a live audience for the first time to look back on college and the Black fraternity and sorority experience. They also delve into the obscurity of NFL draft analysis, including the lack of criticism for White QB’s, player types that have "evolved" out of the game and more (20:00). Plus, an IYHH including President Joe Biden’s German shepherd going for training after biting two people (40:54) and your “why I quit football”...


Elle Duncan on the Derek Chauvin verdict and remembering Prince

Bomani Jones and Elle Duncan react to the news of officer Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict in the murder of George Floyd (2:55), as well as why the response from professional sports teams like the Las Vegas Raiders can miss the mark (13:53). Plus, remembering Prince five years after his death (38:01).


Return to Competency

Bomani Jones is pleased with the New York Knicks’ return to “competency” following Pelicans F Zion Williamson speaking glowingly about playing at Madison Square Garden (1:22). He also compares the story of a mistaken identity that evolved around Rams DL Aaron Donald over the weekend to a WWE wrestling brawl (16:16). Plus, an IYHH including an angry octopus (26:08) and your voicemails from the most awkward date that you have ever been on (36:25)! IYHH Stories @IvanPer4 on NY state leaders...


Foxworth Friday: Trevor Lawrence speaks, Jayson Tatum shares

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the racial lines across different spaces and events, such as with “Freaknik” in Atlanta (2:14). Also, the Sports Illustrated interview with NFL Draft prospect Trevor Lawrence, and subsequent criticisms of his “love” for the game (17:08) as well as Celtics F Jayson Tatum sharing the after effects of his bout with COVID-19 (32:18).


Howard Bryant on Minnesota & the World of Sport responding to Daunte Wright's Murder

Bomani Jones and Howard Bryant discuss the public response to Daunte Wright, another Black man in the Minnesota area who recently lost his life at the hands of the police (0:48). They get into the response from professional sports teams and outspoken individuals like Spurs coach Gregg Popovich (12:07). Plus, a discussion on the racial makeup of NBA rosters, past and present (35:49).


Losing My Mind & Book Club Part 1

Bomani Jones questions the genius of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan if he is indeed targeting QB prospect Mac Jones with the #3 pick (1:22) and shares how he will remember the rapper DMX following his passing at the age of 50 (16:00). Plus, it’s the first installment of this year’s Book Club with guest Spencer Hall, discussing coaches Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson in their time at Miami for chapters 1-4 of “’Cane Mutiny” by Bruce Feldman (26:41). Having trouble finding "'Cane Mutiny"...


Foxworth Friday: The Masters, Hubert Davis at UNC, Dehsaun Watson

Bomani Jones and Dominque Foxworth discuss the #TwoAmericas in horn honking and door knocking, the wealth of The Masters (8:41), as well as Hubert Davis getting introduced as the first Black MBB coach of North Carolina (13:45). Plus, the guys update the Deshaun Watson situation after the majority of his sponsors have bailed on him (23:58). Show Announcement Sign up for our first live show! Seats are limited:


Mike Golic Jr. talks NFL Draft analysis and more!

Bomani Jones is joined by Mike Golic Jr. of “Chiney & Golic Jr.” and Highly Questionable. The two guys chat about Mike’s childhood and time growing up in the shadow of his dad at Notre Dame (0:43) as well as coverage of the NFL Draft, including why people seem to take others’ word about prospects rather than actually getting to know them themselves (16:00). Plus, who the “best” player in this draft is and his “why I quit playing football” story (38:04)!



Bomani Jones reacts to Gonzaga’s victory over UCLA in the Final Four and connects it to the “reasons” behind the retirement of legendary North Carolina coach Roy Williams (1:13). He also shares why the Braves’ response to MLB moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta hurt him personally (15:27). Plus, an IYHH including the impact of blockage in the Suez Canal (29:00) and your voicemails from heated Twitter beefs that you have had (43:24). IYHH Stories @ReedAlbergotti on the dangers of trusting...


Foxworth Friday: The 17th Game, Pro Days & Justin Fields

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the NFL deciding to add a seventeenth game to the schedule starting in the 2021 season, including who it negatively impacts the most (04:35). Plus, it’s pro day season ahead of the NFL draft (24:37) and the “dog whistles” have come out in quarterback analysis on prospect Justin Fields from Ohio State (34:05).


Michael Smith on getting old, KD and the Internet, voting in Georgia

Bomani Jones and Michael Smith discuss being “grown” in the social media era (0:46) and how old is too old to get into a scrap like Kevin Durant did with Michael Rapaport (8:13). Plus, they discuss whether or not the fight over voting rights in Georgia is cause for MLB to try and move this year’s All-Star Game (30:53). The Right Time Recommends "The Social Network" documentary on Netflix


More Questions than Answers

Bomani Jones questions the motives of 49ers decision makers Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch and their future planning at the quarterback position, following their trade up to the #3 pick in the upcoming NFL draft (1:13). He also shares concern for the future of college basketball following his observance of a lack of talent and phenomenon during the Sweet 16 of Match Madness (14:22). Plus, an IYHH including a study about America “putting on the pounds” in the pandemic (25:49) and your funniest...


Foxworth Friday: QB commitments, NFL TV deals & free agency money

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss NFL front offices juggling the stock of their starting Quarterbacks like Mitch Trubisky and Jimmy Garoppolo in Chicago and San Francisco respectively, in light of the Bears signing Andy Dalton and tweeting out “QB1” from their admin account (0:40). Plus, they dish on the future of “money” for the NFL through the lens of the television deals that were just signed (13:04) and how a player’s “money” gets affected when signing in free agency (29:02)....


3x Champion Bruce Bowen bounces around the NBA

Bomani is joined by friend of the show and three-time NBA champion Bruce Bowen to catch up and discuss the NBA season (3:50). They get into the development of players across the league and touch on funny stories from playing in Europe early in his career. Plus, sifting through the top stories in the West (15:59) and East (27:32) like LeBron James’ injury, Phoenix’s resurgence, Nikola Jokic’s MVP-caliber play, the evolution of Kevin Durant’s game, the Celtics’ issues and much more!


Eyes Wide Shut

Bomani Jones discusses why LeBron James’ injury should end calls for an MVP case that doesn’t really exist (1:14), as well as why the inequities between men and women as far as treatment by the NCAA at March Madness go much deeper and are more problematic than you may know (21:24). Plus, an IYHH including a Florida homecoming queen that “stuffed” the ballot box (31:20), and your voicemails from the “dumbest” thing that you bought with a big check (42:17). IYHH Stories @jakecoyleap shares...