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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays and Dominique Foxworth on Fridays.

Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays and Dominique Foxworth on Fridays.


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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays and Dominique Foxworth on Fridays.




Foxworth Friday: Aaron Rodgers, 'coming into money', maintaining friendships into adulthood

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss Aaron Rodgers “going in” on the haters at his press conference upon returning to the Packers (2:04), what it’s like to come into money and feel out of place in different spaces, the remaining vaccine detractors across the NFL and Saints WR Michael Thomas delaying his surgery (26:15). Plus, how skilled or not skilled the guys are at video games these days as well as why it’s hard to keep childhood friends all the way to adulthood.


Joel Anderson on The Olympics, Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC

Bomani and Joel Anderson discuss some of the more somber stories coming out of The Olympics from Tokyo, including gymnast Simone Biles' decision to step away from competition and why the pressure they experience is something we can never truly grasp (3:11). Plus, the guys get into Texas and Oklahoma's decision to bolt the Big 12 for the SEC (23:52).


Ticking Time Bombs

Bomani Jones discusses the remaining vaccine detractors across the NFL in the context of the league’s ruling on forfeited games and salaries due to COVID breakouts, as well as the Texans treating QB Deshaun Watson like the allegations of sexual misconduct against him “never happened” (21:45). Plus, an IYHH including Jeff Bezos’ trip to space (31:09) and your voicemails from when your partner ditched you for a future pro (48:47)! IYHH Stories @cademetz asks the question, can A.I. grade your...


Foxworth Friday: News breakers, 'Big Slims', UNC vs. NC State hatred

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss how news breakers like Adam Schefter can save any “slow news day” (1:15), “big slims” across NFL history like Julius Peppers and Deacon Jones (7:40), why there’s no love lost between NC State and UNC (20:59), athletes at the Olympics doping (30:51) and more!


Vinnie Goodwill on the Bucks' Championship, Giannis and 'Super Teams"

Bomani Jones and Vinnie Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports discuss the Bucks winning the NBA title and what Giannis and the rest of the franchise had to do to get here, including possibly the greatest player development story “in the history of the NBA” (1:10). Plus, why the quality of stars across the league and this Finals result is proof you don’t need a “super team” to win in this era (28:32), awkward postgame pressers (44:35) as well as much more!


Top of the Mountain

Bomani Jones discusses why this NBA Finals could be the “coronation” of Bucks F Giannis Antetokounmpo (1:19) and why the COVID issues surrounding the Olympics spell bad news for everyone involved (17:04). Plus, an IYHH with a Lego-covered gun (if you can believe it) (26:49) and your voicemails from the “worst” haircut you ever received (41:31)! IYHH Stories @publicbill shares that a “toy-like” gun covered in Legos has sparked an uproar: @IGNMattK shares that Netflix will...


Foxworth Friday: The Espy's, NYC Weed Vans & the NBA Finals

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss bluntly honest children and if you're allowed to give it back to a 4-year old (1:35), being recognized by fans - except they can't remember your name or they confuse you with J.A. Andande (17:30). Plus, who deserves credit for the Buck's turnaround against the Suns in the NBA Finals (36:00).


Howard Bryant talks MLB All-Star, language barriers & Team USA basketball

Bomani Jones and Howard Bryant discuss when the last time we had an MLB commissioner that we liked (2:30), Stephen A. Smith’s comments about Shohei Ohtani after the all-star game and the gap between Asian and Latino players (6:45), and why they’re not going to talk about Team USA beating Argentina after losing to Australia and Nigeria (25:30) and much more!


Is There Any Pride Left in Olympic Basketball?

Bomani Jones applauds Giannis for fighting through his poor free throw shooting during the NBA playoffs (0:50), and questions if there’s any pride left in Olympic basketball after Team USA’s recent loss to Nigeria. (12:25). Plus, an IYHH including why we’re paying more for less - even if we don’t notice it - thanks to “shrinkflation” (23:30) and your voicemails from the time your mom came up to the school (39:10).


Foxworth Friday: Holding Institutions accountable, Sha'Carri Richardson controversy

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the burden that comes with being a “sub six-foot” point guard like Chris Paul (1:20), as well as why institutions like the Dallas Mavericks, Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Dodgers can’t be counted on when it comes to investigating issues of sexual assault (13:30). Plus, Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympics marijuana controversy (35:10).


Spencer Hall definitively on the NIL

Bomani Jones and Spencer Hall discuss college athletes’ newfound ability to profit off of their “name, image and likeness”, including what makes Miami and Ohio State’s situations unique (6:55), how schools may try to get around the rules to further pay their athletes (26:18), which former "rebels" we need to pay homage to in this new world order (37:11) and much more! The Right Time Recommends: Spencer's new subscription site: ...also on Twitter @Channel6_feed


Foxworth Friday: 'Insurance fraud' and 'bad' coaching in the NBA Playoffs

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the “insurance fraud” and "bad" coaching in the Eastern conference semifinals (1:50). Also, coach Ty Lue and forward Paul George carry the Clippers as they battle against the Jazz (25:56) as well as rumors coming out of the Mavericks following GM Donnie Nelson’s departure (33:11).


Roy Wood Jr. on Juneteenth and COVID vs. the NBA Playoffs

Bomani Jones and comedian Roy Wood Jr. attempt to digest the news of a positive COVID test for Suns guard Chris Paul and Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard being held out due to an unspecified knee injury (1:30). Plus, the guys react to Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday (21:26).


Show Some Respect

Bomani Jones raves about Game 4 of Bucks-Nets bringing us back to a different time in playoff lore (1:34), and the Suns finishing off the Nuggets despite the lack of public adulation (13:24). Plus, an IYHH including “funny money” becoming accepted currency in El Salvador (27:51), and your voicemails from when you came up against a future pro and lost (36:54)! IYHH Stories @wapodavenport says you are now free to move about the cosmos…if you can afford it: @jeffgernst...


Foxworth Friday: NFL COVID-19 vaccine detractors, questioning 'Space Jam 2' & the Suns' gorilla mascot

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the multitude of NFL players that have chosen not to get vaccinated and why it seems to have broken the "peer pressure" culture of football (1:27). Plus, why Bomani is surprised to see the affection and nostalgia for “Space Jam 2” (17:50) and why the Suns bouncing the Lakers from the postseason has reminded them to question the existence of the Suns’ gorilla mascot (22:45).


Peter Rosenberg on his new album 'Real Late', navigating social commentary

Bomani Jones is joined by Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 to talk about how the two know each other, including his time at Maryland “hating Duke” following the news of coach Mike Krzyzewski’s retirement (1:51). They get into his new album “Real Late” (7:46), the level of work and expertise in putting it together and how each of them has dealt working in the media with difficult to navigate social issues (25:46).


Now, You Have My Attention

Bomani Jones goes in on the Mavericks for bowing out to the Clippers despite the heroics of Luka Doncic (1:21) and shares why he is re-thinking getting back on the Hawks “narcotic” (17:56). Plus, an IYHH including Amazon using your “Echo” to build a wi-fi network (29:51) and your voicemails from that time when you went to extraordinary lengths to retrieve “your money” (41:01). IYHH Stories @publicbill shares the ‘time has come’ for a global pandemic treaty, WHO says:


Foxworth Friday: Coach K to retire, the decline in entertaining sports

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth react to the news that Duke’s legendary head coach Mike Krzyzewski will retire following the upcoming season and discuss how the obsession with championships shapes affection for teams (1:41). Plus, why you see less of the entertaining moments that endear you to people, like Luka Doncic barking at Pat Beverly and Trae Young bowing to the fans at MSG after eliminating the Knicks (31:32).


Howard Bryant reacts to Ainge and Osaka

Bomani Jones is joined by Howard Bryant of Meadowlark to react to the developing reports that Danny Ainge is stepping down from his position with the Celtics to be replaced by head coach Brad Stevens, as well as why Boston faces the same challenges teams like the Jazz and Suns face for team building (2:26). Plus, what Naomi Osaka’s decision to pull out of the French Open says about the press coverage of tennis (29:08).


Foxworth Friday: Player-Fan altercations, Kyrie returns to Boston, Eugene Chung

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the racial tenor in fan interaction with players given recent altercations including Russell Westbrook and Trae Young during the NBA Playoffs (1:10). Plus, Kyrie Irving’s sentiments about racism during his time with the Celtics as the Nets' series ships up to Boston (25:28) and former NFL coach Eugene Chung’s comments on discrimination in NFL coaching circles (38:01).