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The Ryan Kelley Morning After is the most listened to local sports talk show in the prominent position of morning drive. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn and Fox Sports Midwest’s Jimmy “The Cat” have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

The Ryan Kelley Morning After is the most listened to local sports talk show in the prominent position of morning drive. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn and Fox Sports Midwest’s Jimmy “The Cat” have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.


Granite City, IL


The Ryan Kelley Morning After is the most listened to local sports talk show in the prominent position of morning drive. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn and Fox Sports Midwest’s Jimmy “The Cat” have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.




10-26-21 Segment 3 Phone Sex and EMOTD

Iggy sings some Van Halen. Anne Heche says she was 'canceled' for a lesbian relationship. Another article about a phone sex gal. Iggy drops some knowledge about the sexual exploits of movie stars from the 1930's. Revisiting Iggy booking Jenna Fischer a table on Christmas. The ManningCast. EMOTD.


10-26-21 Segment 2 The Iggy Hour

Gloria! Ryan Kelley joins us on this fine Tuesday morning. StrodeCast. Where is Oakville? Iggy upset nobody is working at Dunkin Donuts. Gobble Bowl logistics. Hrabe struts into the studio. "You wanna know how Ken spells Venti". Hrabe with a flat tire story. Ken banty about Hrabe's predicament. Hrabe breaks down the Blues win. Fan Page issues. Iggy's eating situation. Things go off the rails.


10-26-21 Segment 1 The Note Stay Perfect

A team goes into the night undefeated and... does not leave undefeated. We are of course talking about the Charlotte Hornets. Jackson breaks it down. Blues win again. Sup, Vladdy. Berube's thoughts. Vladdy enjoying the crowd support. Should the Note trade 91? Jewel update. TMA Live on Thursday will be a pony. Oli Marmol announced as the new Cardinal manager. Mo on the philosophical differences between he and Shildt. Larry Nickel joins us for the WWE Recap.


10-25-21 Segment 3 Iggy's Fashion, Jewel, and EMOTD

Iggy sings something called Butttown. Iggy's outfit takes criticism. Article about Monica Huldt. Another Jewel update. EMOTD.


10-25-21 Segment 2 Derrick Goold, Cardinal Chatter, and Blues Hot Start

Derrick Goold joins us to talk about the hiring of Oliver Marmol. Derrick breaks down the new dynamic with the young manager and the older veteran players. The working relationship between the GM and the Manager. More on Shildt. The dais has thoughts. Why would fans disapprove of this move? Hrabe saunters into the studio and drops takes. Hrabe drops some Blues knowledge. More on Iggy's HOF speech.


10-25-21 Segment 1 Marmol Monday

Oliver Marmol, welcome home Frank... the dais thoughts on the move. Press conference at 10am for more details. The value of the manager. Marmol will be the youngest manager in baseball. Iggy's HOF induction speech. Mizzou a 17 point favorite over Vandy. College Football talk. Pick 6 talk. Jewel update. StrodeCast under fire. Tornado Talk.


10-22-21 Segment 3 Lisa Ann, Cuts, and EMOTD

Iggy warbles some sting. Lisa Ann joins us to talk it all over. Lisa addresses the 48-hour notice fiasco. Lisa takes two-part questions. Cuts of the Week. Last week on Ken. EMOTD.


10-22-21 Segment 2 Pizza Friday and Drops

Chilly out today. Pizza talk. Canadian Bacon. Is bacon overrated? Drops of the Week. Restaurants closing.


10-22-21 Segment 1 We Are Pigs and Chappelle Takes

Doug likes trade proposals. Jewel update. Chatty board ops. TMA Wiki. Bowling HOF. StrodeCast. Warson Woods Warfare. Can you winterize a car? The most recent Chappelle special. Who pays on a dinner date? Dating advice. What women want vs. what men want.


10-21-21 Segment 3 Danger She Wrote and EMOTD

Iggy sings Head East. Float Trip music. Is anyone on the dais watching the ALCS/NLCS? Betting odds for the World Series. Abella Danger was at the Dodger game last night. Dillion. TNT hockey pre/postgame show. Interest levels in regular seasons of the 4 major sports. DH in baseball. EMOTD.


10-21-21 Segment 2 Chair-gate and Iggy's DM's

Gloria! Iggy cuts off Doug's hot take to give a documentary recommendation. Iggy talks about the chair thieves. Iggy said enough is enough. We have the audio of this encounter. Britney Murphy. Clueless. Audio from the Town Hall with a question from 'Ned Reynolds' about Iggy's involvement in the Rams relocation. Mad Dog audio. Toxic relationships in radio. Story time from days past in radio. Reading Iggy's DM's. A situation develops in the DM's.


10-21-21 Segment 1 We All Have Holes

Blues, looking strong. Vaccine rules at Blues game. StrodeCast under fire. Did it get to 80 yesterday? Jewel update. Jay is fired up about this FFF. 48 hours notice. Jackson details his 48 hour comment. Texters, who definitely aren't fat dorks, go after the young producer. Cuck definition.


10-20-21 Segment 3 Dork Controversy, Gambling, and EMOTD

Iggy sings The Babies. Controversy over Iggy and Hrabe's next opponent. The term 'dork' is back and better than ever. Beercats joins the presentation to discuss the allegations. James Carlton comes in studio to promote his 10th anniversary party on Saturday in downtown Webster. Gambling. Yesterday's podcast. Mozeliak. EMOTD.


10-20-21 Segment 2 Gabe DeArmond and Reading YouTube Comments

It's Halloween! Gabe DeArmond from PowerMizzou joins us to discuss Luther Burden. Gabe weighs in on the NIL factor. Gabe speaks on this level of recruiting and its sustainability. Gabe on the quarterback situation. Gabe on the post-game shows. Iggy has takes about recruits. Reading the comments from the fashion show video that has 13 million views. More comments from the FFF videos.


10-20-21 Segment 1 Welcome Home Luther, Big Al From The Morning Show

Fan page issues. Luther Burden, welcome home. This has Tigers fans fired up. Name, Image, and Likeness factor. What will the domino effect be after this commitment? Iggy gives updates on Jewel. Iggy's Treehouse. Iggy's thoughts out loud. Umpiring in the Red Sox - Astros game. Ball writers. Caller Ellen joins the show to give praises to Doug. Pick 6.


10-19-21 Segment 3 Iggy's Athletic Career and EMOTD

Iggy warbles The Moody Blues. Ryan Kelley joins the program. Gareth will be in attendance at TMA Live. Iggy wants there to be a pumpkin pie eating contest. Turkey talk. Paige Spiranic. Hrabe with an audio postcard about Iggy's athletic career. Beercats is hiding from the golf challenge. Warson Woods Wacko issues a challenge.


10-19-21 Segment 2 Social Media and Journalism

Gloria! Jackson has a Indiana Pacers take. Doug's take on Mike Shildt. Shildt discussion. Article about an OnlyFans star not paying for dinner dates. Journalism discussion. Social media. Athletes choosing to speak out vs. staying out of it.


10-19-21 Segment 1 This Show is a Mess

Iggy plans on trying some material out on Saturday. We give the hottest of hot takes. How many bowling halls of fame are there in St. Louis? We need to get Iggy an induction into the Bowling HOF. Texter warfare. Jewel update. Alena Mathews joins us to talk about Iggy's HOF career. Iggy has Blues takes. Succession. Squid Game. Larry Nickel joins the program for the WWE Wrestling Recap.


10-18-21 Segment 3 Mike Shildt, Mozeliak, and EMOTD

Iggy warbles some Camel. Mike Shildt has a press conference at 11. Understandable curiosity from the fanbase about what happened to the former Manager. How will Shildt answer some of the questions Mo was asked Thursday? Doubtful that Mike will air out fully what happened last week. The fanbase's opinion on Mozeliak. EMOTD.


10-18-21 Segment 2 Warson Woods Warfare

Some kids have it, some kids don't. Recapping the dork hunt of 2021. Iggy/Hrabe took down the dorks. Pick 6 standings. Strode Family Game night. Biff joins the presentation. Biff bet the Blues. Biff talks about the strip clubs on the East side. Iggy's history with a stripper. A texter is sideways with Warson Woods. Where does the new money live?