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The Grand Final

In the final Sporting Probe for 2018 Australia’s greatest broadcasters left nothing on the field. In the spirit of Aussie Olympic hero, Edwin ‘The Lion of Athens’ Flack, Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson tackle every big issue with gusto and flair. Like, CRICKET: What role did Michael Clarke play in the collapse of Aussie cricket? Have Smith and Warner met Justin Langer’s daughters? And, what is Australian cricket built on? (Hint: hate.) Then there are the BANKS and, Why bank CEO’s...


“Pull your finger out, Australia!”

The Sporting Probe delivers a simple but powerful and transformative message this week; a rallying cry for all probesters, patriots, pilgrims and punters. Cutting through to the heart of every and any problem, Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson say, “Come on, Australia, pull your finger out!” The world’s greatest broadcasters practise what they preach as they unpack our nation’s woes and troubles to reveal: Why the FFA should have honoured Tim Cahill’s retirement with the Banking Royal...


A Fair Dinkum Fair Go

The Sporting Probe this week may be the most fair dinkum show in the history of Australian broadcasting with Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson giving it a red-hot fair go. Every probester, patriot, punter and pilgrim will be proud as they tackle the big issues affecting every Australian. Like, the finale of The Bachelorette – the finest radio personalities ever to grace the Australian airwaves have the inside goss on Ali’s chance of success with her new romance. Or revealing how the...


HG Breaks Down

It is the moment every probester, patriot, pilgrim and punter will long remember as, overcome by grief, HG Nelson breaks down weeping over the loss of Bruce to the Melbourne Cup. You’ll be heart-broken as you hear the tears splattering his boots as HG demands Sco-Mo issue a Prime Ministerial-decree to move Bruce McAvaney to Channel 10 so he can call next year’s Melbourne Cup. Agreeing with his partner, Rampaging Roy Slaven predicted that without such an order ‘this is the end of the...


Winx Melbourne Cup Shock

Either Winx runs in the Melbourne Cup or Sports Minister Shotgun McKenzie must cancel the race. That’s the big call this week from Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson who also demand an auction live on every free-to-air TV station to win the once-in-a-lifetime-chance to ride the champion in the race that stops the world. (Hint: you’ll need deep pockets; Roy hears horse loving Saudi princes are willing to bid $150 billion for the honour.) In tragic news, HG reveals Roy has turned down...


Bruce Love Shock!

Welcome to this bumper souvenir edition of The Sporting Probe celebrating the magnificent triumph of Winx. Enjoy the glory as Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson take you behind-the-scenes of the champion’s unprecedented fourth Cox Plate win. Bask in the afterglow of the magic that is Winx as the world’s greatest broadcasters pull back the curtains to exclusively reveal WHAT Winx has in common with the Royal couple, Harry and Meghan. (Hint: communication skills.) WHY Bruce McAvaney...


Best Royal Tour Ever

The Sporting Probe has bravely and controversially called it early – Harry and Meghan’s Royal tour is officially the best ever. “There has been nothing like the magic that Meghan and Harry have smeared all over us this week,” says HG Nelson. Rampaging Roy Slaven opines: “What a great week to be an Australian with a couple of sandwiches in the glove box, a tank full of gas and a dream” In other words, this week’s podcast is chock-full of optimism. Mind you, there seems little hope for...


Bruce and Winx Sitting In A Tree

Ah Spring, when an old race-callers fancy lightly turns to thoughts of Winx. Yes, romance is in the air at Sporting Probe this week as Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson get all dewy-eyed over Bruce McAvaney’s love for Winx. But what will happen to this romance when Winx loses and, Why does Rooting King hate Bruce? And when did the romance begin? (Hint: About win number 10 …) In other gee-gee related matters, the world’s best broadcasters also have ideas on how to improve on this...


The Sausage Sizzle of Remembrance

People flock to the Sporting Probe for controversy. For hard-hitting opinions. For radical solutions. And most definitely for vision. And this week Rampaging Roy Slave and HG Nelson deliver in spades as they tackle the big issue of advertising a horse race barrier draw on the sails of the Sydney Opera House. In a nutshell, the world’s greatest broadcasters say, ‘A good start but how about the Parrot and the NSW Premier get real.’ First, Roy and HG propose punting on the barrier draw is...


The Festival Of The Boot Experience

You can smell it. You can almost taste it. You’re licking your lips in anticipation because you know the wait is over – yes, Probesters, it’s time for Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson’s piping hot, fresh from the oven Festival Of The Boot. And what a steaming serving awaits to delight you as the world’s greatest broadcasters carve up the Grand Finals in this week’s Sporting Probe. There’s Roy promising to never again punch people who talk about The Big Dance (Question: can he keep this...


The Big Dance v The Granny

It’s the week’s biggest issue: should the grand final be known as The Big Dance or The Granny? Well, here’s the tip from Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson – the Big Dance has to go. In fact, the world’s greatest broadcasters are calling for Government legislation imposing massive fines and points deducted from driving licences for anyone using the term. (Hint: The Granny is not on solid ground, either.) And what’s next for Sam Newman since he kind of, maybe, quit the Footy Show? HG’s...


The Double Date With Fate

While every Sporting Probe is jam-packed with old fashioned, no nonsense Aussie values this week’s podcast somehow finds room for more. Maybe it’s the time of the year as Spring blooms and Grand Finals loom that pushes Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson, the world’s greatest sportcasters, to new heights of Aussie excellence. Maybe it’s the way Winx goes clippety-clop, clippety-clop or the way Bruce McAvaney rides the champion to every win. Whatever, you’ll find the spirit of the nation...


Grub Of The Year Shock

It’s the biggest Sporting Probe controversy of 2018 – who is the AFL Grub Of The Year? Many fans thought Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson went too early with their call but in this week’s podcast the greatest sports commentators in the world fire back at their critics and settle this fiery debate for once and all. (Hint: ensure you are sitting when Roy and HG reveal the Grub of the Year and the Golden Grub of 2018.) With Tiger Woods heading for Melbourne the question is, Can Melbourne...


Australia’s Au Pair Crisis Revealed

The issue ‘du jour’ on The Sporting Probe this week is the Murderer and the Immigration Minister’s involvement in Australia’s ‘au-pair’ crisis. WHAT is ‘au-pair-ism?’ WHY do au pairs only get paid enough to buy an end of week beer, pie and packet of fags? WHY must au-pairs be ‘au fait’ with AFL current affairs? These questions and more are answered by the world’s greatest broadcasters, Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson. But, of course, there are other pressing issues unpacked and...


As Good As A Dingo In A Dunny

How good were the greatest broadcasters in the world this week? Were Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson (a) good; (b) very good, or, (c) as good as a dingo in a dunny. You decide as you tuck in to The Sporting Probe’s smorgasbord of tempting dishes. There’s analysis of the Wallabies Bledisloe Cup loss (“The Wallabies are the best team I’ve ever seen,” opines Roy, “They’re just poorly coached.”) There’s outrage as The Probe calls on the South Australian Government to pave the road to...


The Bum Steer

Underpant technology is a big issue on The Sporting Probe this week. Yes, it’s yet another world exclusive as Roy and HG reveal the innovation that will change your world (Hint: the self-cleaning undie is here.) Also, WHO is responsible for Rafael Nada’s hungry bum problem? (Hint: it involves ex-James Bond star Roger Moore.) And WHY Port Power captain Travis Boak is the hot tip to be the next Bachelor star? (Hint: he has his own underpants range.) In a related issue, WHY should rugby...


What An Incredible Week

What a week, what an incredible week and Roy and HG, the world’s greatest broadcasters, are here to unpack all the big issues with a slew of world exclusives. Only on The Sporting Probe will you discover why every Australian Of The Year will now ride a famous racehorse to accept their honour. And, which horse will be first to take out Horse Of The Year and Australian Of The Year? In yet another world exclusive, find out why Olympic hero Ussain Bolt is about to go fishing. A lot. Rampaging...


Grubs Are Lurking Everywhere

Yet another week of massive collects as Roy & HG, the greatest broadcasters in the world, unpack all the big issues on The Sporting Probe. WHICH sporting ceremony had laughter, tears, violence and good food? (NB: Not great food, just good food.) WHAT is the latest dastardly plan hatched by The Murderer aka The Killer to ruin the AFL? ARE Rugby League Immortals born without Original Sin and HOW do you know if your baby is a potential Immortal? (Hint: does your baby glow?) WHY is everyone...


Happy Birthday, Rooting King

This week’s Sporting Probe with Roy and HG saddles up to celebrate the Horses’ Birthday with timely revelations to help champion racer Chautauqua overcome his continued failure to jump out of the starting barrier. One tip would be how Roy overcame Bludging Slug’s refusal to start racing (Question: Are batteries up the date to give a horse a gee-up illegal these days?) Then there was Roy’s slightly more extreme way of helping Rooting King overcome his fear of barriers (Hint: Parental...


TF Much, Gentleman Jim

Like our Prime Minister, Roy and HG are ENSURE freaks; bringing certainty to the issues that trouble the nation is a hallmark of The Sporting Probe. The world’s greatest broadcasters this week ENSURE that all probesters, pilgrims, patriots and punters are thoroughly briefed on everything from Russell Crowe’s acting tips to AFL rule changes to why President Trump is set to become a rugby league freak, (Hint: Hoges, The Shark and Joe Hockey will ENSURE this happens.) Budding scriptwriters...