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Total Soccer Show: USMNT, Champions League, EPL, and more ...

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Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.

Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.


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Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.




Sunderland 'Til I Die, top 5 EPL games to watch for free, best and worst US national team players to be quarantined with

Today's episode is dedicated to Peter Armatis. You can donate to the scholarship fund Fredericksburg FC have set up to honor Peter, here --> Here are today's timestamps: 1:20 — Reviewing Sunderland 'Til I Die season two, episode one. It's like The Office, but football. 26:45 Who would be the best and worst US National Team players to be quarantined with? 33:58 — Does the Olympics being pushed back to July...


Allocation Disorder: possible MLS season restart dates and how the Coronavirus will impact the transfer market

On today's episode... 0:00 - Possible MLS season restart dates and potential league structure if/when play resumes. 20:35 - Impact of the Coronavirus on the transfer market, how certain teams (in the Premier League) will handle it better than others, and how MLS is uniquely suited to handle the situation.


The English Game episode four — "It's just a wee knock, Doris"

Breaking down of every scene of episode four of The English Game, a show which almost certainly does not deserve this much attention. In our defense, we do add some good historical footnotes, including what really happened to Jimmy Love after he played for Darwen FC. Coming soon: The TSS Book Club. Our first book will be "The Age of Football: Soccer in 21st Century" by David Goldblatt. Link to buy the book, below: From your independent bookstore:...


MLS Assist: looking back at the league's inaugural season... and the many, many mullets on display

After learning that Joe is solid on piano and Jordan is working on literature, the duo take a tactical look the very first and very last games of the inaugural 1996 MLS season. Up first is San Jose's opening-day winner over DC United, featuring mullets, tight camera angles, and league legends. After that, they get into DC's dramatic, come-from-behind victory in the 1996 MLS Cup.


Picking an England national team XI, with Sam Tighe from B/R Football

England were functional at the 2018 World Cup, but now they're exciting. And maybe even good. Daryl is joined by B/R Football Ranks co-hosts Sam Tighe to discuss the current England set-up and to pick an ideal starting XI. There's some coronavirus, Messi v Ronaldo, and Marvel Cinematic Universe chat up front. If you have no times for pleasantries and want to get straight to the football, skip to 8:25 Also, as you'll learn in you listen, Sam is celebrating his 30th birthday and can't go...


A possible Premier League MEGA EVENT, plus the 10 worst transfers of all-time

0:00 - Ryan and Taylor start off by discussing the recent news that the Premier League is considering (with government backing) putting on a Mega Event to ensure the remainder of the season gets played. Ryan proposes taking to the high seas while Taylor wants to see high school pitches being put to good use! 8:20 - After that, they take turns giving their combined nominations for the 10 worst transfers of all time (or at least, in modern times). I'd list the nominees here, but that feels...


Allocation Disorder: Chastising MLS owners, telling funny stories

On this week's show... 0:00 - Sam gets mad at some MLS owners who could be doing a lot more to help out their local communities. 8:13 - Telling tales from covering Major League Soccer for many, many years. More good stories coming from a variety of folks on next week's show.


USMNT legend Tony Sanneh goes deep on all 5 US games at the 2002 World Cup

Taylor talks to US men's national team "world class role player" Tony Sanneh about the working being done by The Sanneh Foundation, as well as Tony's experiences of playing very minute of every game for the USMNT at the 2002 World Cup. They also get into the current state of the US Soccer Federation and what needs to be done to improve soccer (across the board) in this country. Sponsors! Today's episode is brought to you by... Roman! If you're struggling with ED but don't want to wait a...


The English Game episode three recap and review — mixing soccer and whisky

In episode three, we meet Fergus Suter's dad in Scotland's narrowest bedroom, see our hero say yes to that Blackburn move, and also yes to entire bottle of whisky the night before a game. We discuss what it's like to play with a hangover and get into the historical details of some of Arthur Kinnaird's Old Etonians teammates. For those who want to be extremely well dressed when eating dinner alone, today's show is sponsored by The Black Tux. Go to and use code SOCCER for 10%...


Six standup comedy specials to stream right now, with Christian Polanco of The Cooligans

Daryl talks to Christian Polanco, one half of soccer podcast The Cooligans. Christian is also a professional standup comedian, and so he explains how life has changed for standups during the coronavirus pandemic, and how he has been using the time to both sharpen his soccer skills and produce maybe the best StayAtHomeChallenge toilet paper juggling video we've seen so far: At about 20:30 in to this episode, Christian starts...


US Soccer gets a new CEO, Nagbe says No Thanks to the USMNT, and we answer your listener questions

On today's show, Daryl and Taylor discuss... 1:43 - US Soccer's CEO is introduced and the conference call gets wild 16:41 - Today's show is brought to you by HelloFresh! Go to and use code tss10 for 10 free meals including free shipping. 19:27 - Darlington Nagbe explains his USMNT absences 28:18 - The Olympics have been postponed: what might that mean for the current crop of players? 30:31 - Today's show is brought to you by The Athletic! Sign up now for a 90 DAY...


The English Game episode two recap and review — STRIKE!

Well, at least we still have strikers to watch, am I right? Daryl and Taylor review episode two of The English Game SPONSORS: The Black Tux! Go to and use code SOCCER for 10% off. Hims! Go to for your free online visit


Three Western Conference teams that have started the 2020 MLS season well (and why)

Joe and Jordan take some long looks at three Western Conference teams that started the 2020 MLS season in strong form. 0:00 - Should Cross Kitchen Skiing be an Olympic event? 2:59 - Sporting KC: the importance of defensive pressure, the flexibility of attacking fluidity, and the glory of Alan Pulido. 30:57 - Colorado Rapids: How did they turn things around last season and how has that continued into 2020? 38:54 - Minnesota United: broadcast limitation disclaimers up front, getting...


Recapping, reviewing and ranting about the film United Passions (2014)

Ryan and Taylor go deep on the least successful movie in US box office history, United Passions (2014). Why did this movie need to be made? Is there a plot? Does Sepp Blatter really see himself as a fighter of corruption? Are Nazis bad? Are the English worse? All that and much much more! Sponsors! Today's show is brought to you by... DoorDash! Get $5 off your first order of $15 or more when you download the DoorDash app and enter code "TSS" The Black Tux! Go to and use...


Reviewing episode one of the new Netflix series The English Game

We go deep on the first episode of Netflix's new historical series/period piece/soccer show, The English Game. What did we like, what didn't we like, and what did they get wrong from a historical standpoint. Send us a tweet or an email to let us know if you think we should keep reviewing the show and howe we should go about doing it.


Alexi Lalas discusses his 5 most memorable games for the USMNT

Taylor is joined by Alexi Lalas for an hour of anecdotes, insider info, and footwear talk! Alexi tells stories from his 5 most memorable games for the USMNT, with mentions for Maradona, kicks to the nuts, dunking on Russians, and a whole lot more! Today's episode is brought to you by The Black Tux! Go to and use code SOCCER for a 10% discount Reminder! You can help with fundraising to fight Coronavirus in Nebraska by heading over here: Bugeaters FC. Give it a look if you're...


Allocation Disorder: How MLS teams are coping with coronavirus, plus: listener questions

For the first 20 minutes of today's Allocation Disorder, Sam Stejskal and Paul Tenorio discuss what they've heard about MLS teams' response to coronavirus. In part two, they answer listener questions, including: Will MLS cancel the playoffs to save the season? How are transfer fees absorbed into roster budgets? And which MLS press box has the best food? Today's show is sponsored by The Black Tux. Go to and use code SOCCER for a 10% discount


The Minnow XI: assembling the best team from the smallest soccer nations, plus Pulisic v Davies and more listener questions

0:00 - Slightly positive Coronavirus updates from the soccer world. Speaking of, here's a link to the fund raiser being undertaken by our friends at Bugeaters FC. Give it a look if you're interested in helping out! 7:36 - We take a good long while to answer our first question... Who's in your All-Time Minnow XI? (aka who are the greatest men's players from countries most would describe as minnows) 23:37 - Today's episode is brought to you by The Black Tux! Go to and use...


US National Team co-ed XI, best transfers of the 21st century, Euro 2020 update, and more listener questions

We open with a quick chat about why it's worth working remotely if you can, and why taking a shower is still important. At the 2:30 mark we get into UEFA's decision to move Euro 2020 to 2021, and what that might mean for domestic soccer. At 4:45 we revisit Taylor and Ryan's list of soccer movies, righting the historic wrong of leaving Kicking & Screaming off the list. GO TIGERS! Then, some quick promos: Soccer 101! Subscribe here for classic match reviews, starting with USA vs Mexico...


Three MLS teams that haven't lived up to expectations so far (and why)

Joe and Jordan analyze three teams that started the 2020 MLS season on the opposite of the front foot, and attempt to figure out what's gone wrong and how it can be fixed. 3:55 - LA Galaxy: why the reliance on so many crosses and (simultaneously) why so narrow? The phrase "attacking posture" is used. 18:40 - San Jose Earthquakes: man-to-man marking is wildly complicated and sometimes organized chaos can be less "organized" and more so the other thing. 32:37 - Portland Timbers: attacking...