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An exciting hoops start, plus, football and AD talk

Chris Lee and Seabass talk for an hour about hoops, football and the AD search. The two discuss how, though it's scant evidence, it's hard not to revise expectations upwards based on what we've seen. They also discuss Ke'Shawn Vaughn and the football season, plus, get into some speculative AD talk at the end.


AD talk, a road win for hoops, and football, with Mitch Light

Chris Lee and VU football sideline reporter/Athlon's editor Mitch Light start with the podcast discussing Vanderbilt's athletic director search, where things seem to be heading, and what that could mean. On to football, Ke'Shawn Vaughn is becoming one of the SEC's best backs, and injuries are starting to take a toll on depth. The two end discussing Vanderbilt's first week of hoops (and why expectations might rightfully raise) and discuss a couple of baseball freshmen who could be making a...


Newcomers shine, but can they defend?

Vanderbilt color commentator Tim Thompson joins the podcast to discuss Vanderbilt's win over Winthrop. Topics include how impressive VU's newcomers were, how well Vanderbilt can defend, thoughts on some other SEC games, and a look ahead to the Southern Cal game. Tim also answers mailbag questions.


Vandy's newcomers put on an opening-night show

Vanderbilt freshmen Darius Garland and Simi Shittu, as well as Notre Dame transfer Matt Ryan, made quite the first impression in VU's 13-point win over Winthrop. Chris Lee and Seabass talk mostly about that, and then discuss the upcoming football game with Missouri.


Mitch Light sizes up rest of football schedule, talks hoops minutes

Chris Lee and Mitch Light reflect on what's ahead for Vanderbilt with Missouri, Ole Miss and Tennessee. Chris and Mitch then give their latest guesses on hoops minutes given what they've seen in practice, and briefly talk about Winthrop, VU's opening-night basketball opponent.


A freshman is Vandy's best hoops defender?

VU basketball color commentator Tim Thompson drops that scoop on the podcast, answers a ton of listener questions, and drops a lot of Vanderbilt hoops knowledge.


Change is in the air

Vanderbilt changed its approach on offense, and got a different result. Times are also about to change around Vanderbilt athletics, and that could have ramifications for football as well. Chris Lee and Seabass talk about those things, discuss what expectations should be for the rest of the football season, talk about who on the current roster is NFL Combine-worthy, and talk a bit of SEC hoops.


Three winnable games ahead

Vanderbilt faces Missouri, Ole Miss and Tennessee down the stretch, all games that are winnable on an individual basis. Chris Lee and VU football color commentator Norman Jordan discuss factors that could influence how those games play out, plus, discuss some things that went well in the Arkansas game.


A good offensive game plan does the trick

Mitch Light and Chris Lee discuss Vanderbilt's 45-31 win at Arkansas, and how changes in how the offense was called and how players were used had a big hand. Also, the bye week could come at the right time for the Commodores, who have a few guys banged up.


SEC hoops preview, hidden improvements/dangers for Vandy basketball

SEHoops' Blake Lovell joins the podcast for an 1:07 show in which he and Chris Lee preview the SEC from top to bottom, including the teams that could be overrated and underrated. The two talk about how off-season developments at LSU and Missouri since magazines and polls were released could affect those teams. They also talk Vandy hoops for a bit, break down why the Commodores are picked in the middle of the pack by most, and also discuss a hidden danger, as well as areas of improvement that...


Can Vanderbilt football get off the treadmill?

With a rebuilding season on the horizon for 2019, the Commodores need to find some success in the last month of the season to give fans some hope. Chris Lee and Seabass discuss what must change? Plus, the two talk some hoops and baseball.


Jordan Griffin, and Vanderbilt's legacy of tackling machines

Jordan Griffin has had 18 tackles in back-to-back games, and now leads the SEC. Amazingly, that doesn't begin to compare with a few Commodore linebackers from the past. Chris Lee and Norman Jordan discuss that, the Kentucky loss, the Arkansas game ahead, and a bit about the Alabama juggernaut.


Mitch Light talks about the UK loss, plus, Kumar Rocker's amazing outing

Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk about VU's 14-7 loss at Kentucky, including how the weather affected things, good tackling and a great game by Jordan Griffin, a bounce-back performance by Kyle Shurmur, play-calling controversy, red zone woes, and more. Plus, Kumar Rocker was the talk of Hawkins Field during VU's baseball scrimmages with Oklahoma State--hear the two talk about that and some more from the baseball weekend.


Tim Thompson makes a Shittu comp, discusses FBI scandal

Vanderbilt hoops color commentator Tim Thompson talks Commodore hoops, and gives a well-thought-out NBA comp to Simi Shittu, as well as talk about the overall athleticism and talent for this year's team. Tim also adds his thoughts on the ongoing FBI trial and also discusses the G League's new policy that it will allow select players to enter its ranks out of high school. This episode is guaranteed to get VU fans excited about the upcoming season.


SEC hoops talk, and the constant state of VU football

Chris Lee and Seabass talk about how VU football is following a familiar script, and Seabass answers a question about who he'd like if Vanderbilt made a coaching change. Plus, talk about how hyper-competitive SEC hoops is after the Commodores were picked eighth by the media in its preseason hoops poll.


How can Vanderbilt maximize its offensive talent?

Over the last two Southeastern Conference seasons, Vanderbilt can't get stops defensively, which means the Commodores have to score tons of points to win. But they're not doing that either despite having some talented offensive pieces. Chris Lee and Norman Jordan look at ways Vanderbilt can do things differently on offense without making wholesale changes or dramatically changing the playbook.


Mitch Light looks back to Florida, ahead to Kentucky

Chris Lee and Vanderbilt sideline reporter Mitch Light discuss Vanderbilt football. The two talk about the Florida game and answer questions on that and the upcoming Kentucky game, including which VU players could get drafted (including one whose stock may be rising), the effect of not having Ke'Shawn Vaughn in the game, and Mitch's thoughts on upcoming opponents Ole Miss and Arkansas based on watching them play on Saturday.


It's all in how you look at things

Vanderbilt's problems with athletics, and particularly with football, aren't because it doesn't have smart people. So is the problem really in how those people look at things? Chris Lee and Seabass make a case for that on several levels (including the Ke'Shawn Vaughn lack-of-playing-time issue), including the decades-old, pervasive culture that's also had a hand in bringing VU down. The two also talk about why cornerbacks coach Terrence Brown has done an underrated job, and talk hoops for a...


Norman Jordan reviews Georgia game, looks ahead to Gators

Chris Lee and VU football color commentator Norman Jordan discuss elements of the Georgia game, including VU going with four defensive linemen for parts. Norman also discusses playing through injuries, Saturday's procedure penalties, and what getting Charles Wright back will mean. Finally, the two give their keys to beating Florida.


Guessing lines on VU's remaining games, and why recruiting stars matter

Mitch Light and Chris Lee talk about what went well and what didn't in VU's 41-13 loss at Georgia. The two also talk about the talent differential between the two teams, and look at the remaining schedule and guesstimate what the betting lines would be at this point of the season.