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Episode 25-Season 1 Finale

In the last episode of Season 1, John and Brian talk through the most impactful and memorable memories and guests from Season 1. They also discuss the future initiatives of Intentionally Grounded and what listeners can expect for Season 2.


Episode 24-Gordy Shaw Former OL Coach University of MN

Episode 24’s guest is the former Offensive Line coach for the University of Minnesota, Gordy Shaw. Coach Shaw shares stories from his many years coaching at different stops throughout his time in collegiate football. He also discusses his beliefs on offensive line play and the points of emphasis on developing a strong run game. Finally, Coach Shaw reflects on the most memorable stadiums, players, games, and accomplishments from his coaching tenure, and discusses his future in the game of...


Episode 23-Jed Kennedy Brookfield Central High School (HC)

Episode 23’s guest is the Head Coach of Brookfield Central High School, Jed Kennedy. Coach Kennedy will take you through his Single Wing philosophy background and install and unpack the coaching points that make it so successful. Coach will also discuss personnel within the Single Wing, methods for protecting their power run scheme, and the program and culture building strategies that have produced several state tournament teams.


Episode 22-Mat Mahoney Fairmont High School (HC)

Episode 22’s guest is the Head Coach of Fairmont High School, Mat Mahoney. Coach Mahoney shares with us his program and staff building strategies and explains the foundational values he has instilled in the program. He also explains the difficulties and changes in the coaching profession today and what remedies could improve the game moving forward. Coach also recalls the impact of his grandfather on his coaching career, and the characteristics that makes Fairmont a special place.


Episode 21-James Vint Estacado High School (OC)

Episode 21’s guest is the Offensive Coordinator of Estacado High School in Lubbock, Texas, James Vint. Coach Vint will take you through his coaching career and share with you his experience with the Pistol offense and the advantages it gives an offense. Coach also gives predictions regarding the next future trends in offensive play. Finally, Coach explains the changes he has experienced at Estacado over the past year and what the future has in store for him and the Estacado Football program....


Episode 20-Phil Vogt Freedom High School (HC)

Episode 20’s guest is the Head Coach of Freedom High School (Orlando, FL), Phil Vogt. Coach Vogt will take you through his pro-style/wing T philosophy background and install and explain the intricacies of the wide zone. Coach will also detail teaching points and ways to protect the wide zone and why he believes it is so successful at any level. Coach Vogt is a great resource for coaches of all ages and his contributions to the profession have been valuable. His future is very bright and we...


Episode 19-Jason Eck South Dakota State (OL & Run Game)

Episode 19 features South Dakota State’s Offensive Line Coach and Run Game Coordinator, Jason Eck. Coach Eck shares his detailed coaching background, the traits and skills he looks for in an Offensive Lineman, SDSU’s secret to protecting the quarterback, as well as the variations of SDSU’s Power play and how they protect it. Coach Eck is one of the best and most entertaining coaches to talk ball with and is a genuine individual who gives back to the football coaching community. We feel...


Episode 18-Marcus Wood East Mississippi Community College

Episode 18’s guest is former East Mississippi Community College Offensive Coordinator Marcus Wood. Coach Wood will share his story that takes him from a hall of fame playing career, to the offensive coordinator at one of the premier JUCO’s in the nation. Coach then will unwrap the EMCC offense, install its most successful run and pass game concepts, and explain the influence of the veer on his coaching career. Coach also reveals what it was like to be featured on Netflix’s Last Chance U...


Episode 17-Chris Kappas Mount Union (OC)

Episode 17 features Mount Union’s offensive coordinator, Chris Kappas. Coach outlines the Mount Union offense and shares the teaching points that make it simple, multiple, and successful. Coach also discusses the keys to Mount Union’s passing efficiency, teaching points for 4 Verts in the Mount Union offense, and the adjustments made to the passing game inside the red zone. Coach Kappas’ journey to become the offensive coordinator at a national champion is an engaging one, that saw him...


Episode 16-John Bond University of Northern Iowa

Episode 16’s guest is University of Northern Iowa’s co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, John Bond. Coach Bond will share his knowledge on the quarterback position and explain the drills, skills, and traits that he looks to recruit and develop at the collegiate level. Coach then will introduce the techniques and teaching points that have led to successful run game development at many of his coaching stops. Finally, Coach will explain the reasons behind UNI’s red zone success and...


Episode 15-One Back Clinic Recap

Episode 15 will be a recap of the one back clinic that was held on June 2, 2018 at the University of North Texas. Austin James Smith put on the clinic and did a phenomenal job. From guests like Sonny Dykes and Jimmy Klingler, to legends such as Hal Mumme and John Jenkins, the level of talent that was brought together and shared with coaches like myself was amazing. This episode details the teaching points and lessons that were learned from these great mentors.


Episode 14-Scott Heitland Dallas Center-Grimes HS (HC)

In Episode 14 our guest is Dallas Center-Grimes’ Head Coach, Scott Heitland. Coach tells us about his journey as a coach and explains some of his major influences as he progressed through the coaching ranks. Coach Heitland also explains his program and culture building strategies that he employs and details how he holds players accountable throughout the entirety of their decisions and careers. Along with sharing his offensive and defensive philosophies, Coach Heitland bestows valuable...


Episode 13-Brian Bergstrom South Dakota State

In Episode 13, we had the exciting chance to speak with South Dakota State University Safeties coach Brian Bergstrom. Coach Bergstrom shares his successes and experiences, ranging from his playing days, through his various stops along his coaching career. Coach also details the individual drills and coverage schemes that have yielded great success throughout his career. Finally, coach discusses how modern defenses are adjusting to RPO's and what SDSU has done to combat them. Coach...


Episode 12-Vinny Fazio Los Osos High School (OC)

In Episode 12 our guest is Los Osos Offensive Coordinator and author of the book The 3-5 Defense, Vinny Fazio. Coach Fazio shares with us his story that has taken his to various high school and collegiate spots, culminating with his arrival at Los Osos. Coach Fazio brings a unique experience, as he has spent most of his time as a coach on the defensive side of the ball, perfecting the 3-5 Defense and causing headaches for opposing coaches. Coach Fazio’s defenses have ranked amongst the best...


Episode 11-Shawn Liotta Burrell High School

In Episode 11 we sit down with the new head coach of Burrell High School in Burrell, Pennsylvania, Shawn Liotta. Coach installs his no huddle offense and details the criteria for its success. Coach also explains the benefits of running an up-tempo system and the practice structure necessary for implementing such an offense. Architect of the No Huddle No Mercy Offense, Coach Liotta has a wealth of experience and knowledge. His successes at every level are a testament to the quality programs...


Episode 10-Ryan Burns 24/7 Sports Recruiting Analyst

In Episode 10, we had the privilege of speaking with Ryan Burns from 24/7 Sports and Gopher Illustrated. Ryan previews the upcoming recruiting classes for the state of Minnesota, as well as the 2018 classes for the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State. In addition to previewing some of the top and sleeper prospects for the upcoming 2019 class, Ryan discusses the characteristics and actions steps necessary for players to get recruited, while also outlining the role of the coach in...


Episode 9-Mike Rolih GoRout Founder & CEO

On this special episode, episode 9, we had the privilege of speaking with GoRout Founder and CEO Mike Rolih. Mike takes us through the story of Go Rout from its inception, through its growth and expansion into the football technology marketplace. One of the most innovative products on the market today, GoRout has the ability to greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of practice and preparation on an immediate basis, while remaining accessible and flexible to coaches and players....


Episode 8- Donnie Woods Iowa Western CC (OC)

In Episode 8, Coach Donnie Woods of Iowa Western Community College details the drills, skills, and techniques necessary to build a successful offensive line and offensive system. Coach Woods also shares his journey to national prominence at Iowa Western and explains how they have made IWCC a model program at the JUCO level.


Episode 7-Chris Meidt Former Washington Redskins QB Coach

In Episode 7, we interview former St. Olaf College Head Coach and Quarterbacks coach for the Washington Redskins, Chris Meidt. Coach Meidt shares with us his experiences in the game of football ranging from his days in a small Minnesota town, to being the head coach of a successful Division III football program, to coaching in the NFL. Coach also details his philosophy for building a successful program and outlines his qualities for successful quarterback play at any level. While no longer...


Episode 6-Dub Maddox Jenks High School Offensive Coordinator

In Episode 6, Coach Dub Maddox of Jenks High School introduces and installs the R4 system with our listeners. Coach Maddox discusses the necessary characteristics and qualities of successful quarterback play and details how his journey in the coaching profession has shaped him and his passion for the game. Coach also previews his new book "Adapt or Die", which is available now for purchase. Coach Maddox is a premier quarterback mind in the game of football today and his insight will prove...