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Episode 6-Dub Maddox Jenks High School Offensive Coordinator

In Episode 6, Coach Dub Maddox of Jenks High School introduces and installs the R4 system with our listeners. Coach Maddox discusses the necessary characteristics and qualities of successful quarterback play and details how his journey in the coaching profession has shaped him and his passion for the game. Coach also previews his new book "Adapt or Die", which is available now for purchase. Coach Maddox is a premier quarterback mind in the game of football today and his insight will prove...


Episode 5-Karson Pike of Bemidji State University

In Episode 5, we speak with Bemidji State Offensive Coordinator Karson Pike. Coach Pike shares with us his journey from high school football to now coaching in a premier Division II Conference in the nation. Coach also teaches us his offensive system, his method for developing and implementing RPOs, his methods for how to get your best athlete the ball, and tips for calling big-plays in the play-action passing game.


Episode 4-Mike Rowe-Rocori High School

In Episode 4, Head Coach of Rocori High School, Mike Rowe, speaks to us about his Spartan Spread system and the development of RPO's within it. One of the most gifted offensive coaches in the game today, Coach Rowe explains the DNA of his RPO system from how he chooses to pair his routes with his run game, to how he teaches his quarterback to be successful with RPO's, to when and where he likes to call certain RPO's.


Episode 3-Chad Clendening & Jeff Flugum of Apple Valley HS

In Episode 3, we have the privilege of talking with Head Coach Chad Clendening and Offensive Coordinator Jeff Flugum of Apple Valley High School. Both coaches explain the creation of the Apple Valley 2 back spread offense and the characteristics that make it so difficult to defend. They also discuss the evolution of the Apple Valley program over the years and the progress it continues to make. The episode culminates with a reveal of the rationale behind a trick play used in a high-leverage...


Episode 2-Garrison Carter ADM High School

In Episode 2, we talk with new ADM Head Coach Garrison Carter. Garrison goes in depth on the intricacies of his high-octane offense and his methods for preparing quarterbacks to succeed in his system. Garrison also shares with us the unique ways in which he promotes his program, the characteristics of his leadership courses, and his goals for making football at ADM "something that kids can't live without".


Episode 1-Adam Fischer Farmington HS

On Episode 1 we chat with coach Adam Fischer, head coach at Farmington High School in Farmington, Minnesota. In this episode Adam discusses: the structure of his offensive system, the keys to developing quarterback play in a spread offense, his belief in having no playbook, his method for turning around high school programs, and the philosophy and implementation behind Farmington's successful strength and conditioning program.


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