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You Never Forget Your 1st… Super Bowl #ADD004

Episode #4 Topics: Super Bowl Recap: How the Eagle became World Champions! The Eagles Parade…Read MoreYou Never Forget Your 1st… Super Bowl #ADD004


Why, Lebron? Why? #ADD003

Episode #3 Topics: Why is LeBron so insecure? With LeBron being the youngest player in NBA,…Read MoreWhy, Lebron? Why? #ADD003


Did Tom Brady Sell His Soul? #ADD002

Episode #2 – AFC and NFC Championship game reviews – Did Tom Brady make a…Read MoreDid Tom Brady Sell His Soul? #ADD002


Is Your Sports Team Cursed? #ADD01

I’m back!!! Are curses real in sports? What constitutes a curse? Voodoo doctors with roots? Or…Read MoreIs Your Sports Team Cursed? #ADD01


The Robbery Episode #FYT007

Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Lack of a show from Jamie Mack and J Penn brought Baylor the Great out of retirement. He wants to discuss The NBA offseason, prelim talk about the NFL, and who got robbed. Eff Your Team! Reviews


Tough And Tiny Thomas #FYT004

Tough And Tiny Thomas #FYT004 Is Isaiah Thomas the toughest player in the NBA? Who is Aaron Judge, and where did he come from? Are Boston Sports teams the most hated of all time? Are they the most racist? Will DeShawn Watson be better than Dak? Which Team had the best draft? Have you forgiven Joe Mixon yet? and does he deserve it?


WTF Falcons #FYT003

We have to discuss the collapse of the Atlanta Falcons. Who is to blame? Does this Super Bowl win officially register Tom Brady as the Goat? Oakley vs Dolan has gone viral on social media. What are the rights and wrongs in the situation? Lastly we talk NBA MVP.


Not So Wild Card #FYT002

Recap of the Wild Card round and preview of the Divisional round. College Football had a championship game. Who watched it? Besides that we debate Kobe's greatness on an all time level And much more...


Eff Your Team Playoff Preview #FYT001

No Nonsense Sports is so 2016. The network has a new sports show and a new host. Jamie Mack and J Penn break down each NFL playoff game and commit to their picks. Bobby Bowden runs his mouth about fathers and Jamie Mack can't let it pass. Now for Grayson Allen and his tripping issues...How long before he’s punched in the face?


McGrady Lazy-Eyed Curry's Accomplishment #NNS51

Guest host Baylor The Great @BaylorTheGreatSpurs acting their age and facing elimination. Meanwhile Oklahoma City is looking like the stronger matchup for the next round against the Warriors.Portland is eliminated but not before participating in the best series of the playoffs this year. Even though the series ended 4-1, they provided excellent competition and made the games exciting.Cavaliers at home waiting for the next round again. Atlanta proved once again that they are a waste of...


Is Cam That Spoiled Brat We Thought He Was #NNS47

Cam went 'Cam' in the biggest game of his career. The question is, "Is the same old Cam" or not?Derek Fisher got fired for double the win total from last year. What the real reason? I know and discuss.Ryan Anderson goes HOF big game hunting and takes out Manu and Kobe in the same week.Rodney Harrison and Bill Romanoski talk about how they would deal with Cam.You might be the only one surprised at what they said.NBA All-Star weekend is coming and I discuss what I'm not looking forward...


Lebron Says Everything But the Right Thing #NNS46

Cam is declaring that the world has never seen a black quarterback like he wrong?LeBron is out here lying again.I have to put LeBron on my therapist couch and offer some sound advice as to how not to look like an ass clown in public.Who can stop the Warriors from taking over the league?Or is it already too late?Reviews


What Does It Mean To "Paint" Someone? #NNS45

Today's show is all about beefs!So I talk about some of the current beefs going on in sports.We have the Bengals vs the Steelers. All I know is "painting" someone can't be a good thing.Rodney Harrison vs Josh Norman in a verbal bout between two DB's, Harrison offers to make it physical - with no hard feelings afterwards.Shady McCoy and Chip Kelly. This is a good example why you have to be about it rather than a person that talks about it.Last night we have Jason Terry vs a court-side fan....


Thug Life, For Real! Jahlil Is Bout It! #NNS44

With all of Jahlil Okafors recent troubles, is it just a case of young and dumb or something else?Kobe announces retirement. I reflect on what it means to the NBA and to me personally.Tiger Woods says it is more than likely over for him.Can golf survive?David Price gets 217 Million contract, and why I'm forcing my son to play baseball!Whats wrong with Matt Ryan is the 100 million dollar question. I have the answer.Fantasy Focus:Recap of Week 12 in the Worldpay Allstars League on...


The Turn Up King, Johnny Manziel, Is At It Again #NNS43

Who should be included in the NFL MVP race at this point?Is it too early to start comparing Steph to MJ?It's official. The Lakers are who we thought they were. A bad team and seemingly worse organization.Johnny Manziel goes from being named starter to 3rd string without playing a game. Is this fair or not?Fantasy Focus Corner - Worldly Allstar's League week 11 review.


Gon' And Let That Man Dab #NNS42

Why are we so offended by Cam Newton's end zone celebration? The people overreact.D'Angelo Russell's disappointing start to his NBA career. If we were toRedraft the NBA's top 5 is Russell in it?Why are the Lakers so bad? I have an idea.Steph Curry the best NBA player? What about the Warriors are they all all time great team?Peyton Manning's career is over. That's not a question and I'll explain why.College football playoff race. Who's getting screwed now?Team Rousey/Mayweather? I'll...


Where Did It Go Wrong For Lamar Odom? #NNS41

I discuss Johnny (soon to be non)Football, is playing in the NFL too much for him?Lamar Odom's fall. I try to pinpoint just where it all went bad, how he went from 6th man of the year one season to out of basketball the next.I highlight my NFL surprises through week 7I discuss the start of the NBA seasonI discuss Don Mattingly being fired from the Dodgers and if it was the right move.NFL week 7 picks - Hot 3 +1Fantasy Recap


Hiring Escorts Is Illegal? #NNS39

England claims another NFL coach as Dolphins fire Joe Philbin, is this the answer?Todd Gurley introduces himself to the NFL, is he the next great One?Steven A. Smith vs Kevin Durant - Who's side are you on? Who's telling the truth?The Chip Kelly Experiment has failed, the question is why?University of Louisville Basketball program under investigation for hiring, escorts for recruits. Really? Rest of NCAA must be terrified.


Tom Brady Is Suge Knighting The NFL...Again! #NNS39

Week 3 NFL recapBig Ben is down, what does this mean for The Steelers and Mike Vick?Tom Brady is going Suge Knight on the rest of the NFL and can anyone stop him?RISE UP Falcon fans! You have something to cheer about again! Are these Falcons a bird of a different feather than you're used to?MLB playoffs are almost here. Are Dodgers doomed to same fate?NBA training camps are open, Derrick Rose is already hurt? Is this more of the same from D Rose?Why have we forgotten how GREAT KD...


What Can You Really Tell After 2 Weeks In The NFL? #NNS38

Break Down of the first 2 weeks in the NFL.Tom Brady is one of the BEST, regardless of the size of his balls.Eli Manning get 84 Mil? What is the NFL coming to?Floyd Mayweather fights his last fight? Does anyone care? Has his dominance led to this recent lack of interest?Who should feel worse Eagles fans or Giants fans after both teams start 0-2?Tony Romo and Dez Bryant out for they still have a shot?Fantasy Flex Zone - CBS Worldplay Allstars Update