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The Rody and Linnelli Show 4-14 Vegas Edition

Hello Everyone! Friday Eve is here, and we have a tremendous show ready for you. Former NBA player Daniel "Boobie" Gibson stops by the program to chat about basketball and Kobe Bryant, and the guys break down some other players in Kobe's draft class. The fellas wonder what would happen to athletes on a scholarship if college is made free by law as some want, and as always a hilarious "What were they Thinking!?"


The Rody and Linnelli Show 4-8 Vegas

Hello Everyone! You have made it! It is Friday! Sit back, and relax... and let Rody & Linnelli keep you company for the next hour. The fellas are going to chat about Hockey, and how unlike other team sports, in the NHL - the cream of the crop in Hockey - you have less ego involved than any other sport and how that translated into Jonathan Drouin hitting the ice. In the NBA, Boris Diaw wants to go to space, and the guys ask the question which you can debate on the free Fandings app : Which...


The Rody and Linnelli Show 4-5 Vegas Edition

Hello ladies and gentleman! Welcome to the Rody and Linnelli Show, it is Tuesday, and we hope you will join us for the next hour as the fellas chat about Villanova & UNC, Roy Williams & Coach K, and Linnelli has a bizarre "What were they Thinking!?" coming out of China, and the guys ask, which National Championship game would you attend out of any sport in America? Greg Hardy makes the show today for his stupidity, and a whole host of new questions that you can debate on the free Fandings...


The Rody and Linnelli Show 3-17

Welcome everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day! We have a fun show for you today, so hold off on the Guinness for just a little bit longer and let us help you pass the time before you get off work. A smokeless tobacco in Chicago ban has some baseball players angry, find out why Adam Laroche left $13 million on the table, and the fellas dedicate some time to the older athletes. All that and more, don't miss it!


The Rody and Linnelli Show 3-10

Welcome to the Rody and Linnelli Show! We got ya covered for your Friday Eve as we have plenty to get to! A big Pay day for Erin Andrews, and what they guys think about that, Maria Sharapova, some Brock Osweiler news, and can you believe that Germans are banning sausage for the sake of political correctness? Catch it all here!


Rody and Linnelli Show Philly Edition

Hey folks! Great news! Rody and Linnelli was on the Philadelphia airwaves and we want to share that moment with you! A Jam packed show, as we had Bob Ford ( The columnist, not the guy who shot Jesse James ) on the program to talk all things Philly! Which Philadelphia team he thinks will be the first to win a championship, to how he takes his Philly Cheesesteak! Some Peyton Manning talk and is he one of the greatest of all time or even in the top 5? Some news about RG3, and a former Hall of...


The Rody and Linnelli Show 3-3

It is Friday eve folks! we have an entertaining show for you. Tackling in football out the window at practice for the Ivy League, is this a sign of things to come for Division 1? What is more important to a hockey player: winning the Stanley Cup, or a Gold Metal? Would it be worth it to sign Reggie Bush for or 2 year contract, and speaking of contracts; someone just got a huge payday! Find out who and if he is worth it, right here on the Rody and Linnelli Show!


The Rody and Linnelli Show 3-1

It is Tuesday folks, and that means another installment of the Rody and Linnelli Show! Lots to talk about on the program from, moving the 3 point line in the NBA, why Kansas isn't perceived to be on the same level as a Duke, North Carolina, or Kentucky? Also, is the selfie this generations equivalent to the autograph? All that and more, you wont want to miss it!


The Rody and Linnelli Show 2-25

Hello everyone, it is Friday Eve! Welcome, and thank you for tuning in to the Rody and Linnelli Show. We have an amazing program for you today. Trai Essex and Max Starks go head to head in debate which includes some pride on the line when asked which is the better conference: The SEC or B1G? The guys chat about Tennessee and Butch Jones, and as always have a funny "What were they Thinking!?" Don't miss it!


The Rody and Linnelli Show 2-23

It is Tuesday! What a show we have for you today! The guys are all over the place and probably cover everything under the sun that you would least expect. The guys ponder which sport has the most exciting trade deadline, they bring up a proposition for listeners involving Lance Armstrong, fans who follow players instead of teams, and some baseball talk involving the latest lines coming out of Vegas showing the Cubs are 4/1 to win the World Series. All that, and much more! Don't miss it!


The Rody and Linnelli Show 2-22

Hello and welcome everyone! It is Monday and that means that the Rody and Linnelli Show is here to help you get through! Plenty to talk about on the show ranging from the Miracle on Ice, to the NFL making some changes to the combine and Felix Hernandez gets the fellas wondering what other athletes are there to not make a postseason appearance? All that and more, so don't miss it!

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-18

Who was the better player at 23, Bryce Harper now, or ARod? Which team needs to address their QB situation first to plan for the future, the Cowboys or the Saints? Plus Rody and Linnelli talk about good TV Shows! Download the Fandings App to debate these topics with the guys!

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-15

Today on the Rody and Linnelli Show the guys talk about the NBA All Star Game festivities. Ask how you would feel about the NFL Championship game being decided by a best of 3 series instead of a single Super Bowl Game. And of course touch on the Peyton Manning Story!

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-11

Hello everyone! Thank you for tuning in to the Rody & Linnelli Show on your Friday Eve! Today we have 2X Super Bowl winner Trai Essex on the program to chat about the Super Bowl, Cam Newton not diving for a fumbled ball for fear of getting injured, and Trai talks some NBA and the guys debate if the torch of best player in the NBA has been passed from LeBron James to Steph Curry. All that and more, plus you won't believe how much former coaches at Georgia's football program are making from...

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-9

Today on the show Rody and Linnelli ask which means more in the racing world, winning the Daytona 500, or winning the Indy 500? Debate this on the Fandings app with the guys! We talk about different levels of stupid. Women in the NFL. And some trips down memory lane!

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-8

All Super Bowl all the time today! We break down what happened in the biggest sporting event of the year! Plus Rody and Linnelli have a special "guest" at the end of the show after "What Were They Thinking"

Rody and Linnelli "Best Of" Show 2-5

Hey everybody, it's Friday! Pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to something good to eat! Got the Super Bowl this weekend, so you know that any New Years resolutions that still may be kept will be broken this weekend. Every Friday, the Rody and Linnelli Show plays a recap of the best bits from the week, and this Friday is no different. Former Denver Bronco, Nick Ferguson stops in to chat about the big game, and National Signing Day was this week too, so a good friend of the program...

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-4

Happy Friday Eve everyone from the Rody and Linnelli Show! We have a jam packed show for you today! Rody came into the studio wounded from trying his hand at a competitive Baseball league, so you wont want to miss hearing how that event went. Former Denver Broncos player Nick Ferguson stops by to chat about Super Bowl 50, and the guys ask what is your Mount Rushmore of athletes from any sport who played for just one team? Choose any four athletes from 1980 and on! The guys add their two...

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-2

Hello there folks! Today is Tuesday February 2nd, and that means it is Groundhog Day! Rody goes off on Florida, traffic, and snow birds ( which he hopes to be some day ) and he even goes in on Disney. Bill Kurelic stops by from and 247sports to chat about signing day. The guys ask, which sport is the most "unreffable" and an interesting debate about what kind of success Coach K would have in the NBA? Don't miss it!

Rody and Linnelli Show 2-1

Hello everyone! It is Monday, but have no fear! The Rody and Linnelli Show will help you get through this... We have a great show for you today as the guy's talk about the Pro Bowl, the NHL All-Star game and some hypocrisy involved there. The NFL wanting to move to Sam's town, and the fellas ask some good questions which you can debate on the app such as: Who's end of career was the saddest, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? How valuable is the Wide Receiver position in Football, and Calvin...