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Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 12* Football is back!!!!

Your good friend Jimbo is flying solo this week but he touches on the 1st or 2nd greatest sports out there (depending on who you are). Football is back!!!!! Well preseaon. Whats going on with Cam Newton and kelvin benjamin? Also its offical. Connor is back fighting for ufc. Legally. That and more. #ufc #nfl #camnewton #kelvinbenjamin


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 11 • Urban Meyer, Ohio State, and Domestic Violence

This week, Jimbo and King stop talking about moonshine for a little bit, and discuss: • Who’s a better mascot, Swoop or NJ Devil? • Urban Meyer: Did he know about his assistant’s domestic violence incident in 2015? • Did Meyer lie about it? • Where does Urban Meyer and Ohio State go from here? • How does this impact the Buckeyes’ season? • Running down the NFL Hall of Famers being enshrined this weekend


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 10 • Is Wrestling Going To Save MMA?

This week, Jimbo and King stop talking about moonshine for a little bit, and discuss: • Taylor Swift • Tom Brady, the LeBron of Football (In both good and bad ways) • Conor McGregor gets a light sentence. Was his Barclays outburst real, or a wrestling “work”? • Between Conor and the Brock/DC promo, is UFC using WWE tactics to stay relevant? • A NFL training camps begin, the boys give a quick idea of what they expect from this season


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 9 • Twitter Never Forgets

This week, King and Jimbo are actually on the same damned show! It’s a Christmas miracle! Also on this week: • Jimbo’s moonshine adventures in the Smokey Mountains • Le’Veon Bell’s cantankerous relationship with the Steelers • Hot Take City: King and Jimbo argue the G.O.A.T. status of LeBron • Josh Hader: True, full blooded racist? Or stupid teen trying to be edgy and offensive? Can his comments be explained away? Forgiven? Or will this follow him forever?


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 8 • What Really Happened?

King is back and did he ever pick a week to return. There’s some Tavares talk, a bit of World Cup for our soccer friends, and the big story this week, LeSean McCoy and his ex. What happened? Who to believe? Massive set up by Him? By her? Coincindence? We tackle this topic on this weekes Stay Tuned Sports!


Stay Tuned Sports~Episode 7~ I dont want to grow up

This week your good friend jimbo touches base on the wild and whacky plays of the Tampa Bay Rays and their pitchers. He also updates us on some nfl suspensions and a new football league debuts this weekend you say? Tune in and find out what kind it is and more.


Stay Tuned Sports~Episode 6~ Draft talk

This weeks episode your good friend Jimbo talks about sports this past 2 weeeks. He touches base on the stanley cups final winners and the upcoming nhl draft. what is Jimbo affraid the flyers may do during the draft? find out and more on the latest episode.


Stay tuned sports~episode 5~All drama

This weeks episode has your good friend Jimbo touching base on the nba and nhl finals, as well as the Philadelphia eagles saga. Also what did Jimbo think about the Bare Knuckle Boxing PPV last weekend? Download and find out.


episode 4.5

So since you stay tuners are awsome listeners, here is a bonus episode…. or you can consider it a second half of this weeks episode. It’s your good friend jimbo talking about his response to kings feelings towards Lebron James. As well as talking a little hockey and some new fighting form. What is it? Give it a listen and find out.


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 4 • The One Where JR Smith Forgot The Score

• The annual Warriors-Cavaliers NBA Finals tradition kicked off this year with the Cavs almost pulling an incredible upset… until JR Smith forgot the score of the game. • The Stanley Cup Final may be the most entertaining sporting event we’ve seen in a while and King once again throws shade at those who scoff and hate the Vegas Golden Knights and their success • Does baseball exist before the All-Star break?


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 3 • Knights, and Knees, and Kings, Oh My!

Due to technical issues, Jimbo was left on the bench this week as king goes it alone and discusses the Vegas Golden Knights and the love/hate relationship hockey fans seem to have with them. The NFL institutes new rules on kickoffs and the anthem. Also, King speaks on The King, Lebron, and how this run he has made is greater than anything else he’s done in his 15 year career.