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Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 28* O noooo no king again

O no!!!!! No King this week. Well your good friend Jimbo DOES talk a little bit about one king. That's Connor McGregor. Is he done with fighting? Is his coach done with him? Also Jimbo dives into the rumor floating around about college football expanding, and is Jimbo turning on his eagle fan base? Find out in this weeks episode.


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 27 • Conference Championship Games Are Dumb, And So Are You

Jimbo welcomes back special guest, King, as he rants and raves over Notre Dame and the argument on whether they should join a conference. They also touch on Kareem Hunt, and the strangeness of the current investigation, and Seattle joins the NHL Club.


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 26 • Order or Chaos? College Football Conference Championship Weekend

This week, Jimbo welcomes back an old friend to the show, and discusses the possibilities that may arise from College Football's Conference Championship games this weekend and the impact on the College Football Playoffs. Also: • The Flyers fire GM Ron Hextall, and their new possible GM might land then a multiple-Stanley Cup winning coach • The XFL is coming to fill the football void in St. Louis... where else will Vinny Mac put his teams?


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 25* Feel good story

This week Jimbo closes the book on the Le'veon Bell saga, as well as some more trading going on in the city of brotherly love. Nba style. He gives you his Nfl picks as well as recaps Ncaa football games this week. So buckle up and enjoy this weeks show.


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 24* Now that we are all caught up.

This week your good friend Jimbo is back after a small hiatus. He catches you all up on the past two weeks sports news involving the nfl trade deadline moves, as well as the feel good story of New Jersey Devils player Brian Boyle. Also how is Jimbo feeling about this weekends Notre dame game? This and more, so sit back... relax... and enjoy.


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 23* Everyone is getting traded

This week your good friend Jimbo talks all about all the trades across the sports universe. From the raiders hoarding first round draft picks to mma promotions trading fighters? What???? This plus his ncaa football and nfl weekly picks.


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 22* Leave the drama for your mama

This week your good friend Jimbo talks about the drama that is going on in the sports world. Is OBJ the new T.O.? Did Nick Bosa from Ohio State start a new trend? This and more on a brand new Stay Tuned sports.


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 21* Ufc is the new wwe

This week your good friend Jimbo recaps the past weeks college football rankings and game as well his surprise of the first week of hockey. Then gives his feelings on ufc229 fights.... in and out of the octagon. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 20* It's a good time to be a sports fan

Yes. You read it right. It's a good time to be a sports fan. Your good friend Jimbo dives into the latest weeks sports stories. Are Yankees fans the new Philly fans? what? As well as goodbye to some people in the Baltimore Orioles Organization. He recaps week 4 of the nfl season as well as his week 5 picks. O yea and hockeys back!!!!!!


Sta Tuned Sports*Episode 19* Gritty performance by the Browns

This week your good friend Jimbo talks about how he's finally pleased with Notre Dame's performance but not so much of the Flyers orginazations approval of the new mascot. As well as the fun times at Jori Lehtera's summer vacation. So tune in and hear the "Gritty" performance by your good friend Jimbo.


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 18* Wide Receiver sale!!!!!!

This week your good friend Jimbo talks about the drama that unfolded in Buffalo. Did he really just do that at halftime? Who is Jimbo referring to? As well as more drama in Pittsburgh mixed in with his week 3 nfl picks. Check it out!!!!!


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 17* Cleveland didnt lose!!!!!!!!

Yes you read the title right. Cleveland didnt lose. Jimbo this week discuss the Cleveland Browns outcome as well as the list of Hall of famers eligble this year. Who did he think makes it? Tune in to find out and more.


Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 16* Football talk with a side of football talk please.

Your good friend Jimbo, a little "under the weather" from celebrating his Eagles win a little to much, recaps his feelings from the game. He also touches on the notre dame game as well as some other college football games. All that plus is the Steelers locker room being divided by the Bell contract holdout? Find out what he says in this weeks episode.


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 15 • Nobody Beats The S.E.C.

Jimbo is back from assignment, and the boys have a few things to discuss: • Celebrating the Return of NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL! (Go Irish) • What does the Mychael Kendricks situation mean for his career, for the Browns, and the NFL going forward • Teddy Bridgewater traded to the Saints. Will he ever start again? Are the Jets better with Darnold starting? • Are you looking forward to the new Spring Football Leagues coming in the next few years? • What will the NFL look like this year? King...


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 14 • Urban Decay

This week, Jimbo is on assignment, so it's just King bringing you: • Urban Meyer suspended three games: Too Little? Too Much? What did the investigation reveal? • How will the decisio impact The Buckeye's season? • The Browns beat the Eagles 5-0 in Week 3 of the pre-season. Should Eagles fans worry? • Winter Classic Logos unveiled #FBS #tOSU #OhioState #Buckeyes #UrbanMeyer #Urban #MeToo #DomesticViolence #Suspension #CollegeFootball #NCAA #Cleveland #Believeland #Browns #DawgPound...


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 13 • Free Beer For Everyone!

This week your good friend Jimbo talks about the perks that the Cleveland browns fans will recieve when (or if) the browns win their first game of the season. Also how long should Marlins pitcher Urena be suspend for? Also what went wrong at Maryland University? Tune in this week to see what he says about these topics. #budlight #browns #nfl #braves #mlb #marlins #terps #ncaa


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 12 • Football is back!!!!

Your good friend Jimbo is flying solo this week but he touches on the 1st or 2nd greatest sports out there (depending on who you are). Football is back!!!!! Well preseaon. Whats going on with Cam Newton and kelvin benjamin? Also its offical. Connor is back fighting for ufc. Legally. That and more. #ufc #nfl #camnewton #kelvinbenjamin


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 11 • Urban Meyer, Ohio State, and Domestic Violence

This week, Jimbo and King stop talking about moonshine for a little bit, and discuss: • Who's a better mascot, Swoop or NJ Devil? • Urban Meyer: Did he know about his assistant's domestic violence incident in 2015? • Did Meyer lie about it? • Where does Urban Meyer and Ohio State go from here? • How does this impact the Buckeyes' season? • Running down the NFL Hall of Famers being enshrined this weekend


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 10 • Is Wrestling Going To Save MMA?

This week, Jimbo and King stop talking about moonshine for a little bit, and discuss: • Taylor Swift • Tom Brady, the LeBron of Football (In both good and bad ways) • Conor McGregor gets a light sentence. Was his Barclays outburst real, or a wrestling "work"? • Between Conor and the Brock/DC promo, is UFC using WWE tactics to stay relevant? • A NFL training camps begin, the boys give a quick idea of what they expect from this season


Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 9 • Twitter Never Forgets

This week, King and Jimbo are actually on the same damned show! It's a Christmas miracle! Also on this week: • Jimbo's moonshine adventures in the Smokey Mountains • Le'Veon Bell's cantankerous relationship with the Steelers • Hot Take City: King and Jimbo argue the G.O.A.T. status of LeBron • Josh Hader: True, full blooded racist? Or stupid teen trying to be edgy and offensive? Can his comments be explained away? Forgiven? Or will this follow him forever?