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The Sports Podcast for the Blind, the Partially Sighted & the Supportive Sightie




DeafBlind Adventurer Bill Barkeley – Episode 69 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 69 we chat with DeafBlind Adventurer Bill Barkeley. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Being the first DeafBlind person to run the Boston Marathon, and recently hiking 500 miles from France to Spain are just some of the challenges that Bill has taken on. Here's a guy who by being solutions focused, encouraging teamwork and striving for both his own success as much as others is truly leading by example. Visit his website Bill also talks about the great work being done by...


Skateboarding with Daniel Mancina – Episode 68 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 68 we chat with vision impaired Skateboarder Daniel Mancina from Michigan. Daniel's determination and passion for this sport has allowed him to adapt and master methods and skills that give him the ability to do some pretty cool stuff on a skateboard. This is yet again another great story of someone who won't let vision impairment stop him from doing what he wants to do. This is a great conversation and I am sure that you will find it both informative and entertaining. I also...


Breaking Marathon Records On Debut with Chaz Davis – Episode 67 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 67 we chat with vision impaired runner Chaz Davis from Denver Colorado. On debut at the California International Marathon Chaz was not only the first vision impaired finisher, but he also set a new US VI record of 2:31:48. He recently competed at the Rio Paralympics in the 1,500 and 5,000 meters, so didn't have much time to change his training focus to build up to run 42.2km 26.2 miles. This is a great conversation and I am sure that you will find it both informative and...


Paralympic Gold for David Brown – Episode 66 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 66 we chat with blind sprinter David Brown from the USA as he returns from the Rio Paralympics, where he ran with his guides Jerome Avery and Mason Rhodes. Not only did David win gold in the T11 (or totally blind) category in the 100 meter sprint, but he set a new Paralympic record in the process of 10.99 seconds. Fantastic effort! - But not all of his plans worked out. Check out his story. This is a great conversation and I am sure that you will find it both informative and...


Ultra-Runner Rhonda-Marie Avery- Episode 65 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 65 we chat with vision impaired ultra-runner Rhonda-Marie Avery from Canada. This lady has taken on some amazing challenges including running Canada's 885km Bruce Trail in 20 days. She was also the first vision impaired person to enter the Barkley Marathons in Tennessee, which is an almost impossible to finish 100 mile challenge. And if that wasn't enough, she is now training to do a double Ironman in Florida. Check out Rhonda-Marie's Envisions Project website...


Paralympic Sprinter David Brown – Episode 64 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 64 we chat with blind sprinter David Brown from the USA as he prepares for the Rio Paralympic Games, where he will run with his guides Jerome Avery and Mason Rhodes. David has an impressive list of achievements on the athletics track in the 100, 200 and 400 meter events. He was the first totally blind runner to get under 11 seconds for the 100 meters, and holds the T11 world record of 10.92 seconds. Check out David's website This is a great...


Paralympic Track and Field with Lex Gillette – Episode 63 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 63 we chat with blind track and field athlete and Paralympian Lex Gillette from the USA as he prepares for Rio. Lex has a stack of national, world and Paralympic achievements as a track sprinter as well as in triple jump and long jump. He has set a world record in the F11 long jump of 6.73 metres (22.1 feet). Check out his website This is a great conversation and I am sure that you will find it both informative and entertaining. I also include some...


Paratriathlon with Amy Dixon – Episode 62 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Triathlon is a challenging game, and in order to do well, you need to love the focus and commitment that this sport demands. In episode 62 we chat with vision impaired Paratriathlete Amy Dixon from the U.S. Amy ranks in the world's top ten of blind and vision impaired female triathletes. Check out her website For more information about Paratriathlon check out This is a great conversation and I am sure that you will find it both...


Pioneer Ironman Gillian Walker – Episode 61 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 61we chat with blind triathlete Gillian Walker from New Zealand. Gillian has completed 17 full Ironman triathlons including being the first blind person to compete in New Zealand as well as the home of Ironman - Hawaii. A 3.8km swim, a 180km cycle followed by a 42km marathon run makes for a big day out. So how does a blind person compete in this endurance multi-sport when no blind people have done it before? Well, with some good old guts and determination I'd say. This is a...


Blind Alive with Mel Scott – Episode 60 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 60 we chat with Blind Alive founder Mel Scott. www.BlindAlive.comis a result of Mel's desire to find accessible fitness programs that can be done in the comfort of your own home (With or without sight). How do you follow a fitness instructor when the instructions are mostly visual? By designing routines that can be followed with audible instructions. That's how, and that's just what Mel and her team did. This is a great conversation and I am sure that you will find it both...


The Adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber – Episode 59 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 59 we chat with Blind Adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber from England. Despite being blind for over 25 years, Miles has still lived his dreams, (and man, does this guy dream big), encouraging us to realise that "The only limits in our lives are those we accept ourselves." Some of his adventures have included running Ultra-marathons, mountain climbing, trekking in Antarctica, driving supercharged drag-racing cars, speed boats, setting a grand prix track record, piloting a microlight...


Mixed Martial Arts with David (AKA Blind Fury) – Episode 58 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Are you wanting to be more fit, more self-confident and more physically capable? Well, whether you become a multiple black belt lethal Ninja or just someone who can fall over without hurting yourself, then maybe Martial Arts is worth considering. There are so many styles of Martial Arts to choose from that you can train in, and some, that are more suited to people with limited or no vision than others. In episode 58 we chat with David Kuttnauer from San Diego, California, or as he is known...


Tandem Cycling with the Blind Stokers Club – Episode 57 of The Blind Sport Podcast

When was the last time that you rode a bike? Can you remember how great that felt? Being part of a tandem team of sighted captain and blind stoker is pretty amazing. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, to cycle at a competitive level or just have a bit of weekend fun, riding a tandem could be the sport for you. In episode 57 we chat with Dave White (Club Director and sighted tandem captain) and Andy Granda(DeafBlind Stoker) from the Blind Stokers Club in San Diego about their...


Sport, Fitness and the Apple Watch with Jonathan Mosen – Episode 56 of The Blind Sport Podcast

So is the Apple Watch just an expensive gimmicky fashion accessory? Or could it actually help me with my sport or physical activities? In episode 56 we chat with Jonathan Mosen from Wellington New Zealand about the Apple Watch and how it can be used to assist your sport or physical fitness goals. Jonathan is a well-respected voice in the world of accessible technology for the Blind and vision impaired. Listen to how he has recently benefitted from using many features of the Apple Watch to...


Adapt and Run with Simon Wheatcroft – Episode 55 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Blind people are running the streets unassisted? Well Yes! Blind runner Simon Wheatcroft from Doncaster England is doing just that. In episode 55 we chat with Simon about the methods, adaptions and technologies that he uses to allow him to run alone around his local area. Some of Simon's running achievements have included marathons and ultra-distance events including his 2014 epic run from Boston to New York to finish off with the New York City Marathon. Simon is currently training towards...


Adventure Running with Daniel Berlin – Episode 54 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Running as a blind person can be an adventure, but for Daniel Berlin from Colorado, he makes sure that it is. In episode 54 we chat with Dan about his running journey and cover some of his epic adventures which include marathons, triathlons and ultra-distance off-road challenges. Some of Dan’s achievements include running the Inca […]


The World’s Fastest Blind MotorCyclist with Stuart Gunn – Episode 53 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Can you imagine riding a motorbike without sight? What about attempting a world record speed challenge? In episode 53 we chat with Stuart Gunn from Edinburgh Scotland about breaking the world record as the fastest blind motorcyclist. When we think about the sports typically pursued by people who are blind, Motorbike riding doesn’t usually feature […]


Volunteers and Sport with Kyle Robidoux – Episode 52 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Volunteers providing sighted assistance can make such a huge difference in how blind and vision impaired people approach their chosen sport or physical activity. Vision impaired runner and snow skier Kyle Robidoux chats with us about his involvement working with volunteers and peer support groups for MABVI (Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired). […]


Can Echo Location help your sport with Daniel Kish – Episode 51 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Could you be better at sport if you made clicking sounds with your mouth? Daniel Kish from California talks to us in episode 51 about how he has mastered the skill of Echo Location to assist him to interpret his surrounding environment in order to not only safely navigate around, but even more than that, […]


My 2015 New York City Marathon – Episode 50 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 50 I share my experience of participating in my seventh New York City Marathon. On November 1 along with 50,000 other runners, I hit the streets of New York’s five boroughs with the enthusiastic support of two to three million spectators. Wow! What an amazing adventure. Listen to why this specific marathon is […]