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5 mates 1 accumulator. Every Weekend






The FBC end of season review 2019

As another season comes to an end the guys in the studio discuss their moments of the year, the bet of the year and the worst bet of the year sandwiched in between a special guest, Johnno's talk on parks and some general nastiness from you know who


FBC Episode 134: He's a spud! He's a nobbly spud!

This week we discuss a man who looks like a spud, who can keep pints pace with David McDonald, and Justin throwing caution to the wind by sitting at the other side of the studio. All of that, and Greg throwing down the gauntlet to Nathan for the season finale of the FBC.


The FBC Episode 133: Ed De Goey played for Chelsea

This week Johnno and Justin bite back as we discuss the shenanigans at Ellend Road this week, the contradiction of Joey Barton and how fake news started in Rotherham


The FBC - Episode 132: The FBC Goes Global

FBC legends Greg and Nathan join up via the magic of T'interweb to chat behind Johnno and Justin's back.


FBC Episode 131: Lo-fi 'til I die / The Paul McShane appreciation edition

Bit of a weird one this week - technical glitches give us a more homespun, lo-fi sound. There's a race against time to get Greg's bet in, and a few more surprises. We also talk Paul McShane (City 'til he dies), Stephen Malkmus (lo-fi and City 'til he dies) and Wayne Hennessy ('a stupid, stupid man whose defence was that he was even more stupid than he actually is'). Oh, and we talk tips and pick the bones out of another disappointing 2/5 last time out.


The FBC Episode 131: I've never heard them get called peacocks

This week we discuss team nicknames, which Barca player would you be and the differing tones of footballers voices


FBC Episode 130: WELCOME.. to what?

Nightmare episode. False start, tough quiz and a poor 2/5 last week. We talk Marco Silva myths, have a Nathan update, and even try our hands at a little Danish in his honour.


The FBC Episode 129: I'm not familar with the work of Guy Roux

This week we indulge in some Kareoke of the Hull kind, we discuss Saido Berahino's chances of winning the Golden boot at the african nations, we expose super Kevin Campbells polictical naivity and discuss the comparable work of Dario Gradi and Guy Roux


FBC Episode 128: Channel it into duck humour

Duck Jokes - tick Atomic Kitten- tick Wrestlers-turned-politicians - tick tick tick Business as usual (but with more politics, as Nathan wasn't there to stop us). While you're there, take a look at our international break acca - we're sniffing around the lower leagues, so it should be interesting!


The FBC episode 127: Breakfast with Billy Sharp

This week we Discuss the difference between DDP yoga and your momma's, we social media careers in the Scottish lower leagues but chat is dominated by the absence of one particular gentleman who has captured the hearts and minds of the FBC public


FBC Episode 126: A titan of the spoken word

This week, we say so long to our pal FBC Nathan as he jets off for pastures new. He gives us his best bits, we give him ours, and we reminisce about the fun that we've had making this show together. Truly, Johnno and Justin will miss him tremendously, and we're sure that you will too, listener. Join us in wishing him nothing but the best by listening to his dulcet tones just one more time.


FBC Episode 125: There are people listening to this who have no idea who Gianluca Festa is.

After a week off Justin, Johnno and Nathan are back in the studio. The sole blame jingle gets an airing and the quiz question brings up Gianluca Festa. Remember him? Aside from all that and the usual jazz, Nathan makes a plea for gifts and tributes before he departs the pod in a week (tears).


The FBC episode 124: Derby or not Derby? that is the question

This week is dominated by one major talking point as well as the usual chat about wrestling and cereals...what makes a rivalry a derby and is the dockyard derby a real thing?


FBC Episode 123: Big South Coast Derby

This week, there's marginally less wrestling chat, Sugar Puffs wee vindication for Johnno courtesy of Big Narstie, and oh, a bit of football. Enjoy!


FBC Episode 122: Mr Socko.

Hi everyone, Episode 122 touches on various issues in detail. These mainly being related to wrestling, so please bear with us. The lads do finally manage to chat about football. Phew. I hope its worth waiting for. Probasbly not. Hope you enjoy.


The FBC episode 121: Would Steve Stone float?

This week we the boys discuss absurd January transfers, the optimum colour of urine and whether Pumice stones or any other stones for that matter can actually float.


FBC Episode 120: Warren Barton was a good man

On the back of a terrible 0/5 week, tensions are running high. This week Nathan and Justin go head-to-head on the WBOTY debate and Statham vs. Washington... yes, really. Johnno just laughs along to be honest.


FBC Episode 119: We got a Christmas present

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday. The lads are back describing some of the many accumulators we put on over the festive season, including a sole blame for one of the members. As usual, we chat about champ 01/02 and the David McDonald quiz. Rather unusually, the guys received a belated Christmas present. Enjoy (if that's possible)


The FBC Episode 118 Xmas special: Where the wild cards are

This week we completely forgot to talk about the special one, We discuss record being shattered, we ask whats wrong with Mesut Ozil and the responsibility of saving Xmas is placed on the shoulders of The FBC's Quiz skills


FBC Episode 117: 'La-La-La Organobet'

Nathan is not with us this week, but Johnno and Justin whip through last week's debacle before pointing ahead to sure success on the horizon. We also have a fiendish transfer trivia question, North of the Wall bet and much more. All on this week's Football Bet Club.