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5 mates 1 accumulator. Every Weekend

5 mates 1 accumulator. Every Weekend
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5 mates 1 accumulator. Every Weekend






FBC Episode 114: Nobby Solano walks into JD Sports

This week, we dissect a truly awful week even by our recent standards, talk Adidas Predators and customer service for footballers. All that, plus the usual tips, quiz and more, on your piping-hot and fresh-out-the-kitchen FBC Podcast.


FBC Episode 113: The intricacies of human DNA

Justin and Nathan, who both won last week, hold the fort while Johnno is away. A review of last weeks tips throws up another candidate for worst bet of the year. This weeks accumulator is one of the highest we have had, so listen in and see what you think. The quiz is a good one as well. Enjoy


The FBC episode 112: Back on the 'oss part 2

This week we discuss our favourite celebrations, we reflect on an eventful week in the non leagues and attempt to reconcile the injustice we served the wildcard last week


FBC Episode 110: Back on the 'Oss

After a frankly awful week last time out, the boys are back to run a quick post mortem before looking ahead to what simply *has* to be a more successful outing this weekend. We've got all that, plus listener queries, Beano vs. Dandy chat and an Italian-themed quiz question from David McDonald. Get yer listening gear round that!


The FBC Episode 110: Chris Tarrant gave me shredded wheat

a triumphant return in every sense other than a winning one the guys are back this week discussing Halloween habits, the first rule change they can remember, Nathan lets his ascendency get to his head and Mr Nasty is back taking aim at Mark Hughes amongst others


FBC Episode 109: Fore!

While Nathan was off watching a Ryder Cup victory for Donald Tusk's boys, we were hard at work cheering on another week's acca. It was so near, yet so far, but we dust ourselves off and get back on the 'oss this week. We actually have a North of the Wall bet, too - and we almost read it out correctly! All that and more on this week's Football Bet Club.


The FBC Episode 108: Its so very peaceful.

Its so very peaceful. Nathan and Johnno bring you this weeks show as Justin is ill. The lads bring you the most calmest, welcoming and warm pod this season. Enjoy it while it lasts!


The FBC episode 107: Welcome to Aldershot

This week we celebrate a victorious weekend of betting by looking forward to another round of weekend football, we go North of the wall for our Scottish betting master, Johnno spots a strange coincidence in the Liverpool VS PSG game and Nathan wins some unexpected and surprising accolades.


FBC Episode 106: North of the Wall

What a random season this is becoming. After many sole blames, we have yet another sole win week, this time for Justin. This weeks show almost almost didnt make it out due to technical difficulties, which would have spared Justin the shame of getting the quiz question wrong. He made up for by bringing an extra quiz challange, which isn't the only new segment!


The FBC Episode 105: Etch a sketch was uni sex

This week the boys debate the merits of spirograph vs etch a sketch, we ask whether Watford are the new leicester and Nathan proves that his pronunciation of English towns is Just as bad as his pronunciation of foreign towns.


FBC Episode 104: Big Kev and the Acolytes

This week, we dissect an ugly sole-win for Nathan's Nathan bet, and discuss how the FBC acca last week was both influenced by and had an influence on the early-season managerial merry-go-round. That, plus a tricky nationalities round in the quiz, and news of Big Ronny's move up to the board room. Let's face it, though. It all pales in comparison to the news of SAIDO SCORING.


FBC Episode 103: The Nathan Bet

SOLE BLAME.......AGAIN! For the second time in three weeks the lads miss out on the jackpot by one result. Sorry. We discuss a shed load of stuff....including the Man City Documentary. Mainly focusing on Peps frequent use of the word "guys" and his ability to move magnets on a whiteboard with aggressive tenancies. Please do leave us a review on itunes if you like what you hear.


The FBC Episode 102: There to be shot at

This week, we make the most of Johnno's return from the hotel WiFi to discuss our predictions for the coming season, as well as running the rule on tips past and present as we head into our third acca of the season. That, plus apologies (sincere and insincere), and a dastardly Mexican-themed quiz from David Macdonald, make this week's Football Bet Club.


The FBC Episode 101: The man who knew too little....about Ebbsfleet

As we return with our first set of bets we think about how you pick without form to go on, we discuss some of the recent signings and managerial changes and Justin shows complete and utter ignorance of all things Ebbsfleet.


FBC Episode 100: Championship Manager Special

EVERY SINGLE one of our shows has a reference to Champ 01/02 so Justin and I chat for a (very long) about the best game ever to be invented. Best moments, worst moments and the hardest job of all, choosing a best 11\. It all goes well, but i fear we have made one huge omission. For info on the game including a free download go to ( these are the proper experts).


The FBC World Cup 2018 special

its that time that comes only once every four years where we all become giddy as schoolgirls at the thought of the oncoming festival of football that is the world cup. in this special we speculate over winners, scorers, teams to dissapoint and teams to surprise as well as looking back at some of our favourite moments from the world Cup from including names like Voller, Rijkaard, Baggio, Schillaci, Linekar, Oliseh, Zubizaretta, Milla, Heguita and many many more


FBC Episode 98: End of Season Review

The Wildcard joins Nathan, Johnno and Justin for an end of season review which is heavy in both content and laughs. The boys discuss the Bet of the Year, Worst Bet of the Year and Moment of the Season. A belter so its well worth sticking with! The end of season celebration will be at the Good Samaritans Pub in Whitechapel from 7.30pm to watch the Champions League Final. All are welcome. Stay tuned for a World Cup Episode and an additional Champ Man 01/02 episode in the summer months. Thanks...


The FBC Episode 96: ¡Champiñones!

Though last week's was confusingly called episode number 97, this week's FBC offering is actually number 96 in our catalogue. We crown Greg the 2017-8 champion, discuss (and contest) the need for a 'pasillo', before looking ahead to a week of fixtures that could see us waltz off with a healthy profit into the summer sunshine. Yeah, right. Other Business: - Explicit content saved for the completists. - Live footage of Greg's championship celebrations:...


The FBC Episode 97: you Mustafi ticket then

This week Nathan joins the already relegated teams in drowning his sorrows, we ponder the lack of unity on merseyside and discuss the floodlights of the Riazor


FBC Episode 94: The Eagles are Squawking

Its tight at the bottom and the top of the FBC after a sole win week for Greg. The guys chat about this and last weeks tips, amongst Justin's Sunday league debut.