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March 30 - Segment 12 - Matt Vrzal

Vrz joins Gary and talks how things are going for him with Piezon's, how different this draft will be than others because all about tape, which sports athlete he would tank for, we get Geore's NBA 2K minute and more!


March 30 - Segment 11 - Shopping Cart Racing

Gary mentions how BIG Marble Racing has become and then talks shopping cart racing as well as when he tried to get on Super Market Sweep & The Price Is Right and more!


March 30 - Segment 10 - Aaron Fitt

Aaron joins Gary and talks about his emotions and what they've been like without college baseball, what he thinks should happen and what WILL happen next with the vote coming soon on Spring sports seniors and more!


March 30 - Segment 9 - Hand Shakes & High 5's

A listener reminds Gary that about 5 weeks ago The Gary Sharp Show had talked about hand shakes and high 5's and Gary dives into how it might REALLY be a thing of the past and more!


March 30 - Segment 8 - Alcohol In Memorial Stadium

Gary mentions how Bill Moos has said that alcohol in Memorial Stadium talks have ramped up a little bit. Gary dives into this and things that you'd have to look out for and more!


March 30 - Segment 7 - Everyone Will Follow What The NBA Does

Gary asks is there a list of shows that you haven't seen that is outrageous. Then explains that the NBA will lead the rest of the major sports leagues in regarding to how they will handle coming back from the COVID-19 pandemic and more!


March 30 - Segment 6 - Mike Schaefer

Schaef joins Gary and talks MLB The Show 2020, what he ate this weekend, if football will start on time this year, Profit Brown and more!


March 30 - Segment 5 - Somebody Has To Say It...So I Will...

Everything is on the table in regards to bringing back some sports. Gary asks the good but tough questions about eligibility and if Spring sports seniors should be allowed 1 extra year and more!


March 30 - Segment 4 - Can You Be A Martinez AND McCaffrey Person

Gary is 15 days into not shaving and is going nuts. Then asks if you can be a fan of MJ AND Lebron and takes it local to if you have to choose between Martinez and McCaffrey or can you legit hope for the best and more!


March 30 - Segment 3 - Dave From Florida Gives Us A Call

Dave from Florida gives us a call and lets us know how things are going into his world and George and Gary guess their Price Is Right winner and more!


March 30 - Segment 2 - Gary Misses Sports

Wal Mart sales on tops are up rather than bottoms. Also George's mom wants to be on Tik Tok and then Gary misses sports and more!


March 30 - Segment 1 - Crossover

Gary i sjoined by Mike'l and talks grocery stores have the 6 ft marked, Phase 10, any new show sthat were consumed, Jay Williams wants something outrageous


March 27 - Segment 10 - NBA 2K Minute

George delivers the NBA 2K Minute and we get a call from Mike to close out the week.


March 27 - Segment 9 - Update From The MLB On Their Season...

Gary updates us on the condom shortage, Shaka Smart news out of Texas, and the MLB has made a statement in regards to when they would feel comfortable to start their season, & comments from Mark Cuban on teh NBA SEASON AND MORE!


March 27 - Segment 8 - Dirk Chatelain

Dirk joins Gary and talks about some of the better stories that he's encountered in the last week, how things are holding up at home, the fall sports being in trouble and more!


Mach 27 - Segment 7 - MLB Draft Changes

Gary asks about the popularity of Tiger King. Then gets into the changes that we'll be seeing in the MLB Draft. Then we get a call from Pam who is a interpreter and we dive into that life and more!


March 27 - Segment 6 - NFL Draft Will Move Forward

NFL Draft will move forward and Gary dives into that and what it will look at and what people are saying about it and if he agrees or not and mroe!


March 27 - Segment 5 - Athletes Helping The Cause

How does Jon Jones get in trouble during quarantine. Then Gary gets into an underappreciated job that's very important and what top athletes are doing to help with COVID-19 and more!


March 27 - Segment 4- Brian Christopherson

Brian joins Gary and talks what Brian is wearing, what would college football look like without fans, who benefits or who is hurt from Nebraska in the NFL Draft since it'll be decided mostly on tape and more!


March 27 - Segment 3 - Bryan Munson

Bryan joins Gary and talks about his memories of seeing the Harlem Globetrotters when he was little, Christopher Pual and what he knows about him, where another position group that Nebraska will lean on heavily in the 2021 class and more!