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April 6 - Segment 11 - Wrestlemania Breakdown

George and Gary give their thoughts on the show too big for one night, Wrestlemania!


April 6 - Segment 10 - Matt Vrzal

Vrz joins Gary and talks how his weekend was, how the to go alcohol is going, then gets into his player that we don't talk enough about and more!


April 6 - Segment 9 - Cesar's Palace Win Total Projections For BIG 10 West

Gary reads off a quote about faking injuries from a coach in a Power 5 conference. Then gives the Cesar's Palace win total porjections for the BIG 10 West including Nebaraska...and more!


April 6 - Segment 8 - We're Going To Have A Lot To Choose From In The Fall

Gary reveals what Iowa may be doing with their high school spring sports if classes resume on May 1st. Then gets into some Golf schedule changes, also a Creighton player is going into the transfer portal and more!


April 6 - Segment 7 - Steve Berkowitz

Steve joins Gary and talks the financial for a smaller schools that don't have a football team and what their future looks like, how he thinks TV partnerships will handle all of what is going on, Pac-12 and how they get through this and more!


April 6 - Segment 6 - Best Basketball HOF Class Ever?

TV Networks need content and NBA might be putting together a H.O.R.S.E tourney. Then Gary talks about the HOF class of 2020 and it might be the best ever and more!


April 6 - Segment 5 - Mike Schaefer

Schaef joins Gary and talks a Daniel Bruce story, names his players that don't get talked about enough, Nebraska is in the top 6 of a REALLY good recruit and more!


April 6 - Segment 4 - Lets Get This Going

Gary's idea would be absolutely awesome and Luke sends us a tweet in support of the idea. Gary also pitches his promo idea and more!


April 6 - Segment 3 - Be The Light

Nebrasketball gets another transfer and Gary lets us know who it is. Then Gary has this idea and thinks Nebraska as a state could really make this look awesome!


April 6 - Segment 2 - Showcase Showdown!

Gary sets up the show. Gary and George bet on the Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right and our first WIN of the week with Rob Gibson and more!


April 6 - Segment 1 - Crossover

Gary is joined by Mike'l & DB and talks the Elite 8 matchup between Gary and DB in the media tournament bracket, can George name the top 15 WNBA players in 15 years of the league, name a pro athlete that we don't talk enough about that we should start and more!


April 3 - Segment 10 - Dr. Richard Hankins

Dr. Richard Hankins from UNMC joins Gary and talks how he's doing, how we're doing as Omaha/Lincoln, what's the next thing that's probably going to come out, what a test is like, and more!


April 3 - Segment 9 - Bryan Alvarez

Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez gives us a call and talks what he thinks the audience will look like this weekend, why does he think they taped everything, could WWE be taking a break, which storyline he is most interested in, John Cena's next move and more!


April 3 - Segment 8 - Dirk Chatelain

Dirk joins Gary and talks if he's ever been to a pro wrestling event, has he learned anything new about Omaha in the last 3 weeks, does he think we're farther away from watching games than we want to admit, what does college athletics look like when we do get back to normal and more!


April 3 - Segment 7 - Stat Guy Greg

From ESPNs Cheap Heat Podcast Stat Guy Greg joins Gary and George to talk Wrestlemania including how he got to this point, why did WWE keep moving forward with Mania, what happens with the Raw after Mania and more!


April 3 - Segment 6 - Remember The Astros?!?!

Gary and George spit out some storylines for Wrestlemania...then Gary makes sure to reminds us about the Astros and more!


April 3 - Segment 5 - Aldon Smith Timeline

Roger Goodell has told teams not to say anything negative about the draft coming up and Gary explains what the Broncos have done. Then reads the incredible timeline of Aldon Smith as he just signed with the Dallas Cowboys and more!


April 3 - Segment 4 - Brian Christopherson

Brian joins Gary and talks something he's done this week that he's been meaning to get to, general feel of the optimism to have something in the fall, if he watched the Texas/USC game last night and more!


April 3 - Segment 3 - Bryan Munson

Bryan joins Gary and talks his one time he went to Wrestlemania, NFL Draft being his Christmas, if Tua is getting more attnetion than Burrow, the QBs the Huskers have made offers too this past week and more!


April 3 - Segment 2 - We Remember Bill Withers

Bill Withers has passed away so Gary and George have a little sing a long to lean on me. Also Gary sets up the show, we get the showcase showdown from the price is right and Gary remembers the game that Nebraska Baseball clinched their first CWS berth and more!