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Canucks make home run pick with Vasili Podkolzin

Patrick Johnston explains why Vancouver Canucks general manager Jim Benning made a home run pick in taking big Russian forward Vasili Podkolzin.


Pratt ready to reprise bad guy role in new podcast

Paul Chapman is joined by longtime Vancouver broadcaster Dave Pratt in this special edition of the White Towel. Dave talks about his new podcast, The Prattcast, weighs in on the current plight of the Canucks, the NHL draft, and even bike lanes. He also talks about the sun setting on sports radio in Vancouver and pays respect to former Province writer Jason Botchford for trailblazing a path forward on the Canucks beat.


Is Jim Benning capable of making a big splash on draft day?

In the movie Draft Day, the Cleveland Browns' owner takes the GM to an amusement park and tells him he wants to make a "big splash". Is the same scenario in the offing for Jim Benning and the Canucks? Patrick Johnston and Ed Willes take a look at the state of play with just over a week to go until the NHL Entry Draft.


Breaking down Canucks draft plans

Patrick Johnston and Ben Kuzma talk about whether the Canucks might stand pat at the draft or move up, who the Canucks are looking to pick at 10th overall, take stock of the Alex Edler situation, and list some valuable lessons taught by the St. Louis Blues.


Bruins give Canucks roadmap for Stanley Cup success

Ed Willes and Paul Chapman look at which Stanley Cup finalist, the St. Louis Blues or the Boston Bruins, provide the most salient roadmap for the Vancouver Canucks to follow on the path to winning a Cup. Ed’s opinion on this may surprise you. They also discuss Raptors hysteria and how much interest in Vancouver there is in the NBA and if Canucks ownership has any interest in returning a team to Rogers Arena.


Which Canucks will be back next season?

Patrick Johnston and Ben Kuzma look at the list of free agents the Canucks have on their roster. Alex Edler’s signing (or not signing) will affect the rest of the roster; it all starts from there.


Analyzing Canucks draft plans

Patrick Johnston joins Paul Chapman to discuss the plan forward for the Canucks’ defence, plus some thoughts about what it is the Bruins have done right in rebuilding on the fly and how long it will be till the Canucks are in similar shape. Plus, some thoughts on their late colleague Jason Botchford.


Canucks small front office bucks trend among NHL elite

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to talk about all the chatter surrounding the Canucks front office on this week’s version of The White Towel podcast. Compared to most other teams, the Canucks appear to be missing people in key front-office positions. Ed talks about how this impacts the plan to build a winner in Vancouver. The pair also talk about the playoffs and compare what the Canucks would have to do to see a path like the Avalanche, Hurricanes, Blues or Blue Jackets are travelling this...


Familiar face could fill Canucks vacant president spot

In this week’s White Towel podcast Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to talk about the exit of the Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and how the Canucks can look at the teams who have advanced in the playoffs to shape their rebuild. They also talk about the Canucks presidency position, what they need in that role, and which formerly-fired Canucks executive has been sounded out about a return to office.


Canucks young core miles away from competing

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to talk about the NHL playoffs and how the Canucks' prospects compare to the other teams in the playoffs. Willes says the Canucks seem miles away from being able to get into the playoffs and compete with the top teams in the NHL.


Canucks season showed shades of good, bad, ugly

In this week’s White Towel podcast Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to put the whole Canucks season on a slab. From the disappointing draft lottery results to the priorities in free agency, Ed talks about the direction the team must go in the offseason. Ed also talks about Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser and Elias Pettersson.


Canucks fans desperate for positives as losing season wraps

After Quinn Hughes debut for the Vancouver Canucks, Ed Willes and Paul Chapman are wondering if the elite prospect can survive under the microscope. Talk turns to the impending draft lottery, the Canucks' offseason strategy, Jake Virtanen's future in Vancouver, and Jim Benning's draft prowess.


Hughes brings good news to struggling Canucks

In this week’s White Towel podcast Ben Kuzma joins Paul Chapman to talk about the slimmest silver lining to another Canucks season, hopefully a look at last year’s top draft pick, Quinn Hughes. Ben talks about how important Hughes’ skill set is to the Canucks, and some of the other problems facing the team in the offseason.


Case to release Jim Benning grows

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to talk about Canucks general manager Jim Benning's job security. Has Benning done enough to be given the mandate to go forward or are there some big names out there that may spur the team into a move? Ed gives insight on the job Benning has done and what other factors may play into the decision.


Answers to Canucks questions of the week

Patrick Johnston joins Paul Chapman to answer all your Canucks questions of the week in this edition of the White Towel podcast. Patrick delves into why the Canucks have followed the trend the last three seasons essentially nailing down a lottery draft pick, then winning games at the end of the season to lessen their chances of a higher pick. They also get into which blueliners may have helped, or hurt their causes for next season. Patrick also gives his insight into what Quinn Hughes...


No guarantees for Benning beyond this season

This week's White Towel podcast opens with talk of expectations squarely on the shoulders of injured rookie Quinn Hughes, potential for the Canucks to make moves at the NHL Entry Draft, Travis Green's pitch to be the bench boss going forward, and why GM Jim Benning might be out of a job by the end of the season.


Why people are worried about Brock Boeser

In this week’s White Towel podcast, Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to delve into the debate over Brock Boeser being a great young player or merely a good piece. Other topics include: pressure put on young players, underperforming journeymen veterans, and whether Utica is the best place for young players to develop. Finally, the podcast covers if Vancouver is a more toxic market than others, with news that Dahlen had to delete his social media accounts because of abuse from Canucks...


NHL game changed, but Erik Gudbranson couldn't change with it

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman on the White Towel podcast to share his dissertation on the Vancouver Canucks performance at the NHL trade deadline. The guys try to figure out what went wrong for Erik Gudbranson in Vancouver and if he can be a valuable piece in Pittsburgh for the Penguins. Ed also talks about the holes left on the Canucks blueline, the Jonathan Dahlen trade, and what the rest of the season holds for the Canucks.


The litany of Canucks injuries

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to discuss the litany of Canucks injuries. Is this a product of bad luck or are the Canucks doing something wrong to have so many players on the IR, with Jake Virtanen being the latest. With the looming trade deadline they also examine what to expect from the Canucks and GM Jim Benning at the trade deadline. They then examine the Canucks blueline and are Erik Gudbranson and Derek Pouliot scapegoats or really that bad? Ed has some thoughts on how Gudbranson can...


Canucks struggle to solve goaltending problems

On the latest episode of the White Towel podcast, Paul Chapman and Patrick Chapman take a look at the Canucks’ goalie controversy this week and what it really means. They also get into the team’s defence, their planning and where the team really stands in their development.