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Get even more connected to the finances in professional sports as we dive deeper into contracts, salaries, & the cap payrolls of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more!

Get even more connected to the finances in professional sports as we dive deeper into contracts, salaries, & the cap payrolls of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more!


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Get even more connected to the finances in professional sports as we dive deeper into contracts, salaries, & the cap payrolls of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more!








#224: Carson Wentz's Future, NBA Free Agency, & Potential NBA Trades

What the NBA offseason lacked in quality superstar names, it made up for with quantity of movement. Scott Allen breaks down some of the notable moves - both positive & negative. Plus, the big trade chips haven't yet fallen, should New Orleans be considering themselves buyers? And, Carson Wentz's future in Philly is certainly in doubt. A look at what the Eagles can do with him in 2021.


#223: Post NBA Draft Storylines plus Modern Broadcasting with Kevin Sylvester

Scott Allen breaks down the NBA's draft, & a few storylines that now exist in its aftermath. Plus, Kevin Sylvester joins to discuss how the live broadcast & social media are growing father apart, and how broadcast salaries are simply growing.


#222: NBA Draft Preview & the MLB Offseason with Hembo

ESPN's @PaulHembo gives us a few #MLB teams & players to watch out & how a looming strike could temper contracts, while Scott Allen previews the financials & potential movement in tonight's NBA Draft. Plus, Milwaukee's all-in moves, Houston's potential fire sale, & notable best value NFL players through 10 weeks.


#221: NBA Trades, Moves, & Free Agency + the Future Saints Now

The NBA will have something new in store for us almost every day this week, starting with a trade window that could produce a few blockbusters. Plus, does the injury to Drew Brees provide us with a look at the future Saints now?


#220: NFL Number Ranks, Bauer's Sticky Cy Young, & a Fantasy Football Update with Michael Fabiano

Senior SI Fantasy Analyst Michael Fabiano gives us a mid-season master class on how 2020 has been, & what names to consider for the stretch run of the fantasy football season. Plus, Cousin Dan & Trevor Bauer both think an increase in spin rate is the key to a Cy Young. But how did that sudden increase come about? And, which NFL teams have all the right numbers for a deep postseason run over the next few months.


#219: The Big Spending Patriots?

The Patriots are bad, but is it really because of years and years of cap & cash splurging? Plus, an NBA league finance update, Jimmie Johnson gracefully walks away from NASCAR, & RIP Alex Trebek - who got screwed financially.


#218: The Worst NFL Team, NBA 2021 Update, & Fixing Baseball

MLB will hand out its awards next week & it couldn't be more wrong. How this & many other aspects of the game need an update. Plus, the NBA is pushing forward with a quick, slightly reduced season. And, the race for the #1 NFL pick in 2021 has plenty of interesting layers.


#217: NFL Midseason Marks & MLB Qualifying Offers

A quick breakdown of how Qualifying Offer compensation works as the MLB offseason arrives, plus, a look across the NFL at its season midpoint, including a dive into plenty of question marks at the QB position.


#216: NBA Offseason Storylines

Which NBA storylines will dominate this offseason? Should the Heat push the pedal down? Are the Mavericks in prime position for Giannis? What should Daryl Morey's first move in Philly be? Plus a deep dive into the extremely expensive Golden State Warriors, who could be facing a record luxury tax bill in the upcoming season.


#215: The NFL Trade Deadline Primer

Which contenders will be buying high to gain that extra push into the postseason? Which teams are selling off parts? Which teams have no idea who they are? 25+ NFL trade candidates, the money to move them, teams who may be interested, and plenty more.


#214: NFL Trades, SVG in NOP, & a Sports Business Catchup w/ Emily Caron

As the NFL trade deadline approaches a look at teams and players that could & should be involved in a weird year. Plus, Stan Van Gundy joins a very interesting Pelicans roster with decisions to be made. And, Sportico's Emily Caron catches us up on NCAA revenue, Women's Sports, & plenty more.


#213: A Vikings Purge & World Series Facts & Figures

A financial breakdown of two very differently constructed World Series teams in the Dodgers & Rays, plus thoughts on betting lines, MVPs, & offseason opportunities for each. Plus, the 1-5 Vikings are trending down in the standings as their salary trends up for 2021. How a few moves could remedy that in 2020.


#212: NFL Reporting & the Dallas Cowboys with Jane Slater

NFL Network reporter Jane Slater joins to discuss the ups & downs of covering sports in a 2020 world, plus a unique dive into the future of the Dallas Cowboys. And, how the Jets go forward after Le'Veon Bell's release.


#211: LeBron's Lakers, the NBA Offseason, & Dak's Future

The newly built Lakers scored LeBron James his 4th NBA title, but how do they fare going forward? Scott Allen breaks down a cap-space-less NBA offseason. Plus, Alex Smith's return from injury & Dak Prescott's unfortunate new one puts the spotlight on future guarantees. And, a quick update on NHL offseason finances. Powered by The Athletic


#210: The Future QB Conversation

A team-by-team breakdown of every starting QB situation in the NFL from a contractual, stability, & team-building standpoint. How many veteran QBs will be jobless in 2021? Which teams could be in the QB free agent market? Which teams are set to break it all down for a high draft pick QB?


#209: NFL Depth, MLB Matchups, & the NHL Offseason

The Running Back & Wide Receiver positions are showing as much depth as ever, which could mean big money changes going forward. Plus, MLB's second round offers matchups with financial Davids & Goliaths. And, the NHL hot stove could be a precursor for all sports heading toward 2021.


#208: MLB Extensions with Cousin Dan

Supplementing a piece on, Mike Ginnitti & Cousin Dan break down the projection cost & outcomes for 25 notable MLB players up for a contract extension this offseason.


#207: How the Lakers & Heat Are Built, MLB Picks, & Athlete Sponsorships

The Lakers & Heat begin the 2020 #NBA Finals, but they come from very different starting points. Plus, where the best money lives for the #MLB Postseason, & how athlete sponsorships could become more visible in 2021.


#206: NFL QB Money, Next for the Nuggets, & MLB Playoff Payrolls

Russell Wilson & Josh Allen didn't just further their stance as MVP candidates, but their contracts must now be a topic of discussion. Do each get new deals after 2020? Plus, a future financial outlook at the Denver Nuggets, and MLB's postseason bracket is set & if you paid top dollar in the American League, you probably did it wrong.


#205: Valuing Cam with Jeff Howe & Baseball Numbers with Sarah Langs

9/23/2020 reporter & "numbers queen" Sarah Langs brings her unique takes on the current baseball season, & what we might look for in free agency & forward. Plus, The Athletic's Jeff Howe breaks down his recent evaluation of Cam Newton with the Patriots, including a potential next contract, & possible destinations should he leave New England.