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Get even more connected to the finances in professional sports as we dive deeper into contracts, salaries, & the cap payrolls of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more!


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Get even more connected to the finances in professional sports as we dive deeper into contracts, salaries, & the cap payrolls of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more!








An Ohtani Update, Von Miller's Contract, & Evaluating the 2024 WR Market

Mike Ginnitti details what appears to be a specified final market for Shohei Ohtani & why the Toronto Blue Jays should be taken more seriously this time around. Plus, Von Miller's off-field allegations could lead to a mess for the Buffalo Bills & their 2024 salary cap numbers, and a analyzing & predicting the 2024 Wide Receiver Market.


A Mess in Carolina, Rodgers & the Jets, & the In-Season NBA Tournament

Mike Ginnitti & Brandon Kravitz discuss the downward slide in Carolina that led to the Panthers relieving Frank Reich of his head coaching duties, why Aaron Rodgers pushing to make another appearance in 2023 might be OK, Mark Cuban's unique majority stake sale of the Dallas Mavericks, & a Point Differential discussion regarding the NBA In-Season Tournament.


2024 QB Contract Guarantee Tiers

Mike Ginnitti & Dan Soemann discuss Spotrac's latest 2024 Tiers piece, categorizing every notable QB with a future contract guarantee into one of six buckets. Plus, a quick spin around notable MLB Free Agent signings as we head toward the winter meetings.


2024 Running Backs, Zach Wilson, & Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Mike Ginnitti details a robust - but cash strapped - 2024 Running Back class, the future of Zach Wilson & his guaranteed contract in NY, & Sports Biz Quick Hits with Brandon Kravitz.


Burrow, Watson & Notable MLB Offseason Names

Mike Ginnitti details contractual thoughts & future implications for injuries to QBs Joe Burrow & Deshaun Watson, plus, Dan Soemann joins to discuss notable MLB names in line for major pay days, blockbuster trades or even potential buyouts.


Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Draymond Green & Sports Biz Quick Hits

Mike Ginnitti discusses the latest blow to Deshaun Watson & his fully guaranteed contract, the return of Kyler Murray and his future in Arizona, and the current cycle of rookie QBs getting their shot. Plus, Brandon Kravitz's Sports Biz Quick Hits of the week.


Jimbo Fisher's Buyout & Financial Predictions for Goff, Cousins, & Dobbs

Mike Ginnitti details Jimbo Fisher's historic buyout from Texas A&M, including thoughts on which massive buyouts could hit the books next. Plus, deep dives into the financial futures of Lions QB Jared Goff, & Vikings QBs Kirk Cousins & Josh Dobbs.


Midseason NFL Contract Awards & Sports Biz Quick Hits

Mike Ginnitti hands out Midseason Contract awards, including Best & Worst Extensions & Free Agent Deals, Players Playing Toward a Pay Day, a few headed toward Divorce. Plus, Sports Biz Quick Hits with Brandon Kravitz.


Montez Sweat's Extension, Gold Glove Winners, & the MLB Offseason Timeline

Mike Ginnitti breaks down Montez Sweat's $98M extension with the Chicago Bears, the financial futures of notable 2023 Gold Glove Winners, & important upcoming dates in the MLB Offseason Timeline, beginning with the start of the league year today.


NFL Trade Recaps, Harden to LA, & Sports Biz Quick Hits

Mike Ginnitti & Brandon Kravitz recap a fairly substantive 2023 NFL Trade Deadline, a Rangers World Series win, the inevitable James Harden to the Clippers move, a First NFL Coach Fired sighting, & an NCAA Coach who may follow soon.


Analyzing Stuck NFL Rosters at the Trade Deadline

Mike Ginnitti & Dan Soemann assess a half dozen NFL rosters as the trade deadline approaches, including Tennessee, Minnesota, Green Bay, & Denver, plus a bigger discussion on how QB1 contracts are affecting team construction, & an ability to remain afloat when injuries set in.


NBA Rookie Extensions, NFL Trade Predictions & the World Series Matchup

Mike Ginnitti & Brandon Kravitz recap the 202 NBA Rookies who did & didn't sign extensions this offseason, including a shocker in NY. Plus, rapid fire NFL Trade Predictions, an unpredictable World Series matchup, and Sports Biz Quick Hits.


Taking a Pulse of the Massive QB Contracts & Predicting Notable MLB Option Decisions

Mike Ginnitti takes a snapshot pulse of 12 of the largest NFL Quarterback contracts, from Mahomes to Prescott, including guarantee stability, team success, and potential out strategies where necessary. Then, Dan Soemann joins to discuss a dozen notable MLB Option decisions looming this offseason and how they may shape the winter business.


Future Outlooks for Derrick Henry, Jerry Jeudy, & Brian Burns, plus Sports Biz Quick Hits

Mike Ginnitti & Brandon Kravitz detail outlooks for a few notable NFL Trade Candidates, including RB Derrick Henry, WR Jerry Jeudy, & DE Brian Burns. Plus, Mecole Hardman to the Chiefs, Roger Goodell's pay day, & Caleb Williams' latest request.


Notable NFL Injuries & Trade Deadline Candidates

Mike Ginnitti details financial statuses for Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Trent Williams, Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, David Montgomery, & Ryan Tannehill. Plus, a dive into potential selling teams and names on the trade block as we sit just two weeks away from the NFL Trade Deadline.


The Dodgers Bow Out, Arizona Arrives, Cousins Talks Trade, & Purdy's Ultimate Value

Mike Ginnitti & Brandon Kravitz discuss future outlooks for the LA Dodgers & Arizona Diamondbacks. Plus, understanding the contract stipulations surrounding a Kirk Cousins trade this Halloween, and Brock Purdy's value is at an all-time high - through 2024.


Jonathan Taylor's Extension Breakdown & Predicting the Top 10 MLB Free Agent Contracts

Mike Ginnitti breaks down the complete details from Jonathan Taylor's surprise extension in Indianapolis, then Dan Soemann joins to project potential payouts & destinations for the Top 10 Free Agents set to hit the MLB open market this winter.


MLB Wild Card Sweeps & Notable NFL Moves

Mike Ginnitti & Brandon Kravitz discuss the 2 day Wild Card bust, & future ramifications for teams heading home. Plus, JC Jackson heading back to New England, Randy Gregory out in Denver, Jonathan Taylor & the Colts, James Harden & the Sixers, & a final recap of the now official Damian Lillard trade.


Analyzing the 6 MLB Division Winners

Mike Ginnitti & Dan Soemann dive deep into the season that was, the financials, & future thoughts for the Astros, Braves, Brewers, Dodgers, Orioles, Twins. Plus, Wild Card sustainability, & MLB Award Winners


The Damian Lillard Trade

Mike Ginnitti & Brandon Kravitz detail the blockbuster Damian Lillard trade, future thoughts on Mike Williams & Jonathan Taylor, a few new NBA broadcast opportunities, & the Taylor Swift financial effect.