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Find the latest Canadian running podcasts here!

Find the latest Canadian running podcasts here!
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Find the latest Canadian running podcasts here!




The Terminal Mile-Ep. 90-London:Speed City

When people insist on discussing the location of the running capital of Canada, the same names come up: Victoria, Vancouver, Guelph, so on, etc. but one often forgotten city that has produced a solid bunch of long distance guys is none other than Speed City, London, Ontario. Lanni Marchant, Jim Finlayson, Rob Watson all hail from the Forest City, while Leslie Sexton now calls it home. This week, we’re going to shine the spotlight on 2 runners training in London right now, Chris Balestrini...


The Terminal Mile-Epi. 89-A Chat With Natasha Wodak

I think it’s safe to say, that even though we’re only in May, Natasha Wodak has already had a banner year. Running 15:39 in a British Columbia 5k road race, followed by an impressive 5th place Commonwealth Games 10000m finish that saw her gut it out with the medalists to the very end, and given how she’s been racing, it seems almost sure that there are more impressive accomplishments to come. This week we sit down and chat with Olympian and Canadian record holder Natasha, talking about...


The Terminal Mile-Epi. 88-Leslie Sexton And Sergio Raez Villanueva

Track may be starting, but on this week’s show we focus on the roads and on the grass. The top University cross country runners in the world faced off last weekend in Switzerland in the FISU championship and we chatted with Sergio Raez Villanueva, a Mcmaster Marauder who made the team and was the second Canadian male across the finish line. Also last weekend saw the Race Roster Spring Run Off happen in Toronto, with some of our best runners battling it out over a hilly 8k road course, the...


The Terminal Mile-Epi. 87-Nate Brannen Retires

Earlier this week it was announced that a Canadian middle distance legend was calling it a day on his long and fruitful track career. The numbers attached tell quite the story, 3 time Olympian, current Canadian record holder in 4 events, a Commonwealth silver, pan-am bronze, and a many time NCAA all american, but, not the whole story. Along with those great successes, this man faced injuries, bad luck, and some close calls, but also inspired a generation of athletes, and up until his...


The Terminal Mile-Epi. 86-Rachel Cliff And Angus Rawling

Just like that, with USport and NCAAs done, another year of indoor track is in the books, and there were some fantastic moments for Canadians, with leads taken and records broken. But with the end of one season, comes the beginning of another. Some premier road races are just weeks away, and soon the outdoor tracks will be busy with people in search of new PBs. On this week’s episode we’ll talk with all of the above. Angus Rawling is the new USport 3000m champion, and he joins us, as well,...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-The Finale

Over the past few months we've covered everything about the Speed River U of G groups, from the sprinters to the marathoners, from the jumpers to the throwers. This week, we assembled a panel including head coach and founder, Dave Scott Thomas, member of the IST team, Brenda Scott-Thomas, Canadian 10,000m champion, Evan Esselink, and GM of the group, Scott Macdonald. What followed was a conversation about keeping athletes healthy, salvaging wrestling mats and shutting down multi-lane...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-The Marathoners

The marathon is a gruelling 42.2km race that catches the imaginations of nearly everyone who comes in contact with the event. The runners who choose to take it on are usually a tough breed, and true workhorses. On this week's show we take a look at the Speed River marathon group, a collection of athletes who fit the description above and have also done impressive things with the distance. We'll chat with 2x Olympian and fastest active marathoner, Reid Coolsaet about being with the club...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-The Middle Distances

Looking at the make-up of the collegiate track system in Canada, there’s a lot of emphasis on the middle distances: the 600m, the 4x 800, the 1000m, the 1500m...even the 3000m. I don’t think that it’s that far of a stretch to say that having a solid squad of mid-d runners can make or break your team. Over the years, Guelph has produced some solid mid-d athletes, with names like Anthony Romaniw and Genevieve Lalonde come to mind, and in those cases have made an impact internationally after...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-Episode 9-Jumps And Throws

During the cold winter months, there are few places busier than the university of Guelph fieldhouse on workout day. It’s not that it’s a small building, like most fieldhouses, it’s pretty big, it’s just full of athletes! In one corner, you have the sprinters practicing their starts, in the opposite corner there are the throwers doing their thing, beside them are the distance and mid-distance team meeting before they head out for their warmup and a little later the jumpers will arrive,...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-Episode 8-The Steeplers

It wasn’t all that long ago that the men’s 3000m steeplechase in Canada was dominated by the Speed River Track and Field Club. There was Alex Genest, Chris Winter, Taylor Milne, and, before he took on the marathon, Rob Watson. Those guys, along with Bowerman’s Matt Hughes were the pillars for the event in this country. After the Rio games in 2016 Genest, Winter and Milne retired, leaving a pretty big hole in the event and questions of what would happen as far as international...


The Terminal Mile-Epi.83-Breakthroughs ft. Corey Bellemore and Colin Fewer.

The Terminal Mile-Epi.83-Breakthroughs ft. Corey Bellemore and Colin Fewer. by The Terminal Mile


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-Episode 7-The Junior Program

Junior coaching is a bit of a balancing act. If you do it right, your time with the kids in the program makes up a very small part of their athletic career, but those years are so formative, and important for establishing a potentially life long love of the sport. While watching a junior practice in Guelph recently, I noticed that while there were provincial and nationally ranked competitors training their guts out, the interactions between all teammates were still ones that you would...


The Terminal Mile-Epi. 82-The Houston Half Wrap-Up With Yves And Blair

I don’t know about where you are, but this winter has been interesting where I am...the days haven’t been hitting single digit negatives consistently since mid December...there’s ice and snow everywhere...just disgusting all around. One place that does not have that problem is Houston Texas, the site for the Houston Half marathon last weekend, bringing out some of our country’s best to face off, amongst a solid field. Two of those folks were Blair Morgan and Yves Sikubwabo, Scoring a solid...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-Episode 5-The Sprinters

Speed River and the University of Guelph Gryphons have long been known for developing athletes interested in the 800m and up, building most of their legacy off of those events, and being dubbed a “distance school” in the process. However, anyone who has been paying attention to university sports in Canada, has probably noticed that there is a change happening. The Gryphons, while doing great, have experienced a redistribution/augmentation of team points, as they’ve been consistently...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-Episode 4-The Integrated Support System

When one typically thinks of who a track and field club is made of, the obvious answer is: athletes and coaches, that’s kind of a given. However, when it comes to competing at a high level, and trying to explore the limits of your potential, the circle has to be expanded to include others. In Guelph they’ve realized that, and have built an “Integrated Support Team” that includes nutritional and body mechanic researchers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, sport psychologists and a lot...


The Terminal Mile-Epi. 81- Reid Coolsaet And Stef Smith

This week we have two guests who, at a quick glance, appear to be coming from completely different directions. Reid Coolsaet, Canada’s fastest active marathoner, and multiple time Olympian, has done almost all one can do in this sport, while Stef Smith, on the other hand, is just starting to realize her potential as a distance runner,recently auto qualifying in the 3000m and 1500m for the USport championships. But those differences aside, they have so much in common. Both are so incredibly...


The Terminal Mile-Epi. 80- The Best Of 2017

2017 is quickly coming to a close. As the year that was fades into the year that will be, I can’t help but think that this year presented us with moments of pride, and jubilation, but also segments of sadness and frustration. Between those frames of time, we got to experience another year of keeping up to date with what’s happening on the tracks, roads and trails, and for that I am thankful. This week, we’ll take some time to reflect, some friends of the show, Adam “Mr. Trackie” Stacey,...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-Episode 3-The Inferno

The success of the Speed River Inferno track meet is not normal. The event got it's start before there was even a professional track in the city, it's geographically not close to any other high performance meets, and the population base to draw spectators from is much smaller than a Los Angeles or a New York. Despite all that, the meet was able to grow on and eventually move from the original high school track, bring in some of the biggest names in the sport, and draw from a strong local...


Citius Mag Presents...Something In The Water-Epi.2-Recruitment

Taking a look at the current Speed River/University of Guelph roster and you'll see a collection of people who've made the journey from across the country, and in some cases, around the world. This week we take a look at the recruiting process, some of the pull factors to this small city, and some real life case studies of some of the most successful athletes to emerge from the river.


The Terminal Mile-Epi.79-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes ft. Justyn Knight and Julie-Anne Staehli

Change is one of those things that is guaranteed, constant and most of all, unpredictable. While we all are going through it, the athletes on this week’s show are truly in the thick of it, as they look to move on from the place where they got their starts onto something much bigger. Justyn Knight just won his first NCAA title, hot off the heels of his world champs 5000m finals appearance this summer, he’ll be entering into his final track season as a syracuse Orangeman before he looks to...


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