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Sports's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.


Nashville , TN

Description:'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.




The transfer portal giveth, the transfer portal taketh away

Chris Lee and Vanderbilt Hustler sports editor Simon Gibbs discuss the loss of basketball star Dylan Disu and starting football safety Donovan Kaufman to the transfer portal on Wednesday, including hoops ramifications for next year given Disu's departure.


Yes, Vanderbilt has enough pitching depth

Yes, Commodore fans have fretted about the state of the bullpen and the third starter, but Vanderbilt has plenty of pieces to make it work. Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich discuss that and compare Vandy's pitching with the rest of the league--and the comparison is fairly startling.


The VandyBoys get a series win in Knoxville

Vanderbilt won the first and third games of its baseball series with Tennessee, and emerges tied for first with Arkansas atop the SEC's overall standings. Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss that and answer several interesting questions from the mailbag.


A change in chancellors meant everything

Former Vanderbilt chancellor Nick Zeppos finally showed his true feelings as it comes to athletics investment in a recent editorial, and it's no wonder the athletic department had so much trouble getting much done. New chancellor Daniel Diermeier has truly shown it's a new day. Chris Lee, Bruno Reagan and Seabass discuss that as well as spring football.


How concerned should be be about Vandy baseball heading to Tennessee?

Former Commodore pitcher Chip Fridrich and host Chris Lee digest the last couple of weeks of baseball and discuss what was behind a five-game stretch of baseball that's been Vandy's worst of the year. The two also talk about Isaiah Thomas's return, a Sunday pitching plan and more.


Things may be looking up for both basketball programs

Chris Lee and Simon Gibbs talk about Shea Ralph's hire as women's coach before a long discussion on how the men's season next year could go in several directions (and a few of them being good). The two talk about the importance of Isaiah Thomas's return for the baseball team, as well as Vandy's third weekend starter issue and where Thomas Schultz fits in after his good start on Tuesday.


A bad baseball weekend and a hoops star transfers in

Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vanderbilt's bad baseball weekend against Georgia and what it means going forward, and in the midst of the show, process some big basketball news as it happens. The two also field mailbag questions.


Another one bites the dust

Under the direction of chancellor Daniel Diermeier, Vanderbilt has fired its second major coach in barely four months. Chris Lee and Seabass discuss the significance of that, the amazing pitching of Jack Leiter and how the structure of next year's football schedule could build some confidence.



Chris Lee and Sean Williams talk about coach Jerry Stackhouse landing prized Texas prospects Lee Dort and Noah Shelby.


Pitching switching?

The Commodores have had some hiccups with Game Three weekend pitching, and some issues in mid-week games also. Could we see a different pitching plan in both situations? Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich discuss that, the health of the lineup and a lot more.


Would you do anything differently with Vanderbilt baseball?

Vanderbilt has an abundance of pitching and hitting depth, making for some tough choices for coach Tim Corbin as to who he'll start and who sits. Chris Lee and Mitch Light consider the questions of what they'd do differently on the hitting and pitching side, and what happens once the roster returns to full health.


Vandy's away-from home dominance, plus, facilities talk with Simon Gibbs

Chris Lee and Vanderbilt Hustler sports editor Simon Gibbs talk about how Vanderbilt is steamrolling through its baseball schedule, and discuss some things they didn't expect. The two also talk about the on-campus climate around sports and how different chancellors have treated the student media on campus. Plus, the two talk about Jerry Stackhouse's performance at VU as well as his interviewing at UNC, the transfer environment around college sports and much more.


The VandyBoys are red-hot heading to LSU

From Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker's pitching, to Dominic Keegan's re-emergence as a dominant bat, to C.J. Rodriguez's recent hitting makeover, to Vandy's elite defense up the middle, Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich discuss Commodore baseball heading into a huge series at LSU. The two also throw in some Nashville nostalgia talk about minor league baseball and Opryland at the beginning.


What difference can football facilities make?

Vanderbilt has finally committed to football facilities.... so, now what? Chris Lee, former VU player Bruno Reagan and Seabass discuss the difference that could make in recruiting, fan experience and on-field success. Bruno also discusses what he saw at Saturday's football scrimmage, and Seabass shares a funny story from his college days regarding missing a breakfast check-in.


When Vanderbilt makes football success an option

Vanderbilt sent shock waves through the sports world with the announcement of a $300 million commitment to sports. Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that announcement, along with positive impressions of Clark Lea, and discuss how those two things in tandem have the potential to completely change the culture around Vanderbilt sports.


Vandy makes a $300 million athletics commitment (and sweeps another baseball series)

On Monday morning, chancellor Daniel Diermeier and athletics director Candice Lee announced a $300 million commitment to athletics. Chris Lee and Mitch Light watched the announcement and take us through their thoughts and the implications of the announcement. The two also talk about Vanderbilt baseball's sweep of Missouri.


Spring practice, and $2,000 in parking tickets

Spring football has begun, Bruno Reagan got a small slice of it and he and host Chris Lee and Seabass talk about it, as well as a bit of recruiting momentum for coach Clark Lea. Plus, Bruno tells a few crazy stories from his time at Vanderbilt involving campus parking and transportation.


Depth helps Vanderbilt deal with injuries heading into Columbia

Vanderbilt has had several major injuries this year on offense, but it doesn't seem to hurt as the Commodores are now ranked No. 1. The latest is Tate Kolwyck's hand injury, but the 'Dores may have a way to cope with that, too. Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich also discuss Sunday pitching issues and more.


Vanderbilt gets three football commits for 2022

Vanderbilt gets commitments from Langston Patterson, Linus Zunk and BJ Diakate, and Sean Williams joins the podcast to talk about each. He and host Chris Lee also answer some recruiting-related mailbag questions.


Jack Leiter no-hits South Carolina as Vanderbilt ascends to No. 1

Jack Leiter threw one of the best games in college baseball history, striking out 16 while no-hitting a good-hitting South Carolina team. Chris Lee and Mitch Light break that down, talk about Vanderbilt's underrated lineup (and what to do with the bats not in it) and also discuss whether the Sunday starting situation is a concern.