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Sports's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.


Nashville , TN

Description:'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.




Jack Leiter's health and other pitching-related matters

Will Jack Leiter pitch at Ole Miss? That's the question everybody wants answered, and Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich have some guesses. They discuss that, Kumar Rocker's outing, Patrick Reilly's emergence last week, some quick thoughts about the entering class of recruits for next year, and a lot more.


Injuries and lineup shuffles

Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss the unusual late-season dynamics of the lineup and rotation as injures have hit Vanderbilt baseball hard. Chris and Mitch talk about what that looks like going forward, Carter Young's amazing defense at short and a lot more.


A baseball series win amidst great uncertainty

Outgoing Hustler sports editor Simon Gibbs joins the show to discuss Vanderbilt's 2-0 series win over Alabama in a weekend that didn't include Jack Leiter, Ethan Smith, Isaiah Thomas, Jack Bulger or Jayson Gonzalez but did include Spencer Jones, Troy LaNeve and Patrick Reilly contributing, and often in big ways. What should we make of the way the Commodores are playing? What team will we see in the postseason? We have more questions than answers but size it all up as best as we can.


Odeyingbo gets drafted; will any current Commodores join him one day?

Dayo Odeyingbo gets picked in the second round by the Colts, which brings Chris Lee and Seabass to discuss (and rank) the best brother tandems to ever play at Vanderbilt. The two then talk about how the fact that only one other Commodore (Andre Mintze) got invited to an NFL camp and what that says about the talent Clark Lea inherits. The two also discuss if there are any future NFL Draft picks on the roster.


Pitching fail in Gainesville

Vanderbilt wins the first game in Gainesville, but loses the next two as Jack Leiter is ineffective and the Commodores couldn't get quality outings from their bullpen. Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich recap the weekend, discuss how much Ethan Smith would help the team, talk about some weekend lineup changes, discuss the SEC's dominance and much more.


Vanderbilt hits Florida riding high

Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich discuss the state of Vanderbilt baseball as the Commodores prepare to head to Gainesville to face Florida. Topics include the No. 3 starter and bullpen roles, some improving hitters and the importance of getting Dominic Keegan back to form.


Recapping a series win over Mississippi State

Vanderbilt took the Friday and Sunday games from Mississippi State behind clutch pitching from Kumar Rocker and Chris McElvain, and the Commodores are now in great stretch as we head to the final month of the regular season. Chris Lee and Mitch Light talk about that, Vandy's pitching depth and answer some mailbag questions.


Spring football talk, with Bruno Reagan

Chris Lee and Bruno Reagan talk about the good and the bad of the spring game, and how that compared with the rest of the season. Topics include whether the defense is better than it showed in the spring game, Will Sheppard's breakout Saturday, increased use of the tight ends and whether Mike Wright can carve out a role in the offense.


The portal giveth, the portal taketh away

Chris Lee and Vanderbilt Hustler sports editor Simon Gibbs discuss the loss of basketball star Dylan Disu and starting football safety Donovan Kaufman to the transfer portal on Wednesday, including hoops ramifications for next year given Disu's departure.


Vanderbilt's pitching depth will be just fine

Yes, Commodore fans have fretted about the state of the bullpen and the third starter, but Vanderbilt has plenty of pieces to make it work. Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich discuss that and compare Vandy's pitching with the rest of the league--and the comparison is fairly startling.


The VandyBoys get a series win in Knoxville

Vanderbilt won the first and third games of its baseball series with Tennessee, and emerges tied for first with Arkansas atop the SEC's overall standings. Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss that and answer several interesting questions from the mailbag.


A change in chancellors meant everything

Former Vanderbilt chancellor Nick Zeppos finally showed his true feelings as it comes to athletics investment in a recent editorial, and it's no wonder the athletic department had so much trouble getting much done. New chancellor Daniel Diermeier has truly shown it's a new day. Chris Lee, Bruno Reagan and Seabass discuss that as well as spring football.


How concerned should be be about Vandy baseball heading to Tennessee?

Former Commodore pitcher Chip Fridrich and host Chris Lee digest the last couple of weeks of baseball and discuss what was behind a five-game stretch of baseball that's been Vandy's worst of the year. The two also talk about Isaiah Thomas's return, a Sunday pitching plan and more.


Things may be looking up for both basketball programs

Chris Lee and Simon Gibbs talk about Shea Ralph's hire as women's coach before a long discussion on how the men's season next year could go in several directions (and a few of them being good). The two talk about the importance of Isaiah Thomas's return for the baseball team, as well as Vandy's third weekend starter issue and where Thomas Schultz fits in after his good start on Tuesday.


A bad baseball weekend and a hoops star transfers in

Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vanderbilt's bad baseball weekend against Georgia and what it means going forward, and in the midst of the show, process some big basketball news as it happens. The two also field mailbag questions.


Another one bites the dust

Under the direction of chancellor Daniel Diermeier, Vanderbilt has fired its second major coach in barely four months. Chris Lee and Seabass discuss the significance of that, the amazing pitching of Jack Leiter and how the structure of next year's football schedule could build some confidence.



Chris Lee and Sean Williams talk about coach Jerry Stackhouse landing prized Texas prospects Lee Dort and Noah Shelby.


Pitching switching?

The Commodores have had some hiccups with Game Three weekend pitching, and some issues in mid-week games also. Could we see a different pitching plan in both situations? Chris Lee and Chip Fridrich discuss that, the health of the lineup and a lot more.


Would you do anything differently with Vanderbilt baseball?

Vanderbilt has an abundance of pitching and hitting depth, making for some tough choices for coach Tim Corbin as to who he'll start and who sits. Chris Lee and Mitch Light consider the questions of what they'd do differently on the hitting and pitching side, and what happens once the roster returns to full health.