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Sports's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.


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Description:'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.




Ken Seals, and how he handled missing the Carolina game with injury

Vanderbilt starting quarterback Ken Seals yielded time to Mike Wright after hurting his finger in the Florida game. Seals talks about watching the game from the sideline, how he helped Wright, how the team is handing a close loss and much more in a podcast recorded on Monday night, Oct. 18.


Talent or coaching?

Chris Lee and Seabass talk Vanderbilt football and focus mostly on what's gone wrong in a 2-4 start, including a discussion of how much that's gone wrong can be blamed on the talent left to coach Clark Lea.


Four football players to watch for the future

Vanderbilt play-by-play voice Andrew Allegretta talks about Patrick Smith's good performance vs. Florida, and he and co-host Chris Lee talk about Smith and three other freshmen who could have nice futures at Vanderbilt. Also, the two talk a little Commodore baseball.


Ken Seals, on the rigors of being a student-athlete at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals discusses some things the offense did well in the Florida game, talks about the demands of his schedule and answers several questions from the mailbag, which is presented by Sutherland & Belk.


It's a win, but Cam Johnson and Ben Bresnahan need the ball more

Why have Ben Bresnahan and Cam Johnson been nearly eliminated from the passing game? Chris Lee and Seabass discuss that in the aftermath of Vanderbilt's 30-28 win over UConn, plus, discuss Vanderbilt's improving hoops recruiting.


Can close wins build confidence?

The Commodores have been in two close games, and won them both. Does that give the team confidence going forward? Plus, Kevin Ingram talks about some young players who could have a big role on the 2021-22 basketball team.


Ken Seals, on getting a win over UConn

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals tells us about the Commodores' 30-28 win over Connecticut on Saturday night, including some notes from the last drive and what it was like in the locker room afterwards. Seals also takes fan questions in our mailbag, sponsored by Sutherland & Belk.


Two stories that explain Vanderbilt

Why does Vanderbilt do things the way it does them? Chris Lee has two stories that explain a lot. Also, will donors view it worthwhile to give to facilities unless other things at the school change? What's Clark Lea's outlook for success, and what needs to change? We hit a ton of topics in an hour-plus episode with Seabass.


It takes a while for a culture change

Andrew Allegretta may be new to Vanderbilt, but he's been through tough seasons before.while working at other schools. Allegretta talks about Clark Lea's long journey to create his own imprint on the program, then, talks a bit about a recent conversation he had with hoops coach Jerry Stackhouse.


Ken Seals, on digesting the Georgia loss and looking to UConn

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals joins the podcast, and tells us what he learned from Saturday's loss to Georgia and what he's learned about Connecticut. Seals also takes listener questions.


Feels like 2002?

There are a lot of similarities between Vanderbilt football now and when Bobby Johnson took over in 2002, and Chris Lee and Seabass go over the parallels as well as take a bunch of questions from the mailbag, which is presented by Sutherland & Belk.


The Ken Seals hour: Regrouping from the Stanford loss

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals talks about what went wrong against Stanford and looks forward to what the team can do differently. Seals also shares stories from his childhood--up until nearly high school, he thought he'd play a sport besides football--talks about things he likes in certain NFL quarterbacks and more.


Through three games, a few players have stood out

Chris Lee and Kevin Ingram talk about a few of the players who've stood out on offense and defense through three games, plus, talk some about star hoops point guard Scotty Pippen Jr.


Impressions from the Stanford game

Stanford was too much physically and athletically for Vanderbilt in its 41-23 win on Saturday night, and Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss it (and where the Commodores most need to improve).


What went right at CSU, what's ahead with Stanford

Vanderbilt play-by-play voice Andrew Allegretta discusses some things that went well, and some that didn't, in Vandy's 24-21 win at Colorado State. He and host Chris Lee also preview the Stanford matchup ahead.


The Ken Seals hour: Behind Vanderbilt's first win of 2021

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals threw for two touchdowns and ran for another as the Commodores got a road win in Ft. Collins. Seals talks about the differences between Weeks One and Two, whether CSU tight end Trey McBride's penalty fired up the team, what it was like in the locker room afterwards, Chris Pierce's remarkable catch, where he improved last week and where he wants to improve next, why Daevion Davis and Jaylen Mahoney are tough to practice against, and much more.


Vanderbilt gets a much-needed win at Colorado State

The Athletic's Mitch Light and Chris Lee break down some key things that happened in a 24-21 win over Colorado State. Mitch and Chris discuss coaching styles, the use of more depth (and talk about how coaches make playing time decisions in ways fans don't consider), discuss some things around the SEC, and much more.


The Colorado State game will tell us a lot

Seabass joins the podcast and explains why he's hit a breaking point with Vanderbilt football. He and host Chris Lee rewind some problems from the ETSU game, reflect on how Vanderbilt got here, discuss the offensive line struggles and take several questions from listeners.


Kevin Ingram on the ETSU loss, and some things to watch with Vanderbilt hoops

Vanderbilt football sideline announcer Kevin Ingram processes what he saw in Week One and gives a short preview of Colorado State's offense. Plus, Ingram answers a few questions on Vandy hoops, including how Tyrin Lawrence and Scotty Pippen Jr. might be used this year.


Ken Seals, on how he's handled a disappointing loss to ETSU

Vanderbilt starting quarterback Ken Seals discusses the team's 23-3 upset loss at the hands of East Tennessee State, what he's learned from it, and how to flip the page to Colorado State.