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Sports's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.


Nashville , TN

Description:'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.




Evaluating a 5-1 hoops start with improved defense

Vanderbilt's Kevin Ingram joins the podcast to talk about a 5-1 start in hoops, led by better effort on the defensive end despite the loss of Rodney Chatman and Liam Robbins. He and host Chris Lee talk about how Myles Stute stepped forward with a 20-point night on a balanced team, and look ahead to a few meaningful games in the next two weeks.


Talking football, Thanksgiving and candy, with Ken Seals

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals updates us on his health, and also talks about how the offense and Mike Wright took strides in the loss to Ole Miss. Seals answers mailbag questions about many things, including what Thanksgiving week is like, what the season's last game means, what other quarterbacks in the league have impressed him, plus, the really important topics of Thanksgiving food, ice cream and candy.


Are football and hoops getting better?

It's been a tough stretch for Vanderbilt football and hoops in the last three years, but are there at least faint signs of life? Chris Lee and Seabass discuss what they're seeing, and also give a few stats that maybe point to improvement also. The two also attack a bunch of questions in the mailbag with topics including the offensive line and quarterback play, football recruiting, the madness of the coaching carousel (and coaching salaries) and Scotty Pippen Jr.'s pro stock.


Ken Seals reacts to new facilities

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals tells us what he thinks about the facilities improvements that the school discussed last week, praises three offensive teammates and answers a fan's question about last week's uniform selection.


Early takes on Vandy hoops

Vanderbilt play-by-play man Kevin Ingram shares his thoughts on Vanderbilt hoops, including how Scotty Pippen Jr. can take over games, Jordan Wright's improvement, Myles Stute's role, when Rodney Chatman and Liam Robbins might return and what he's seen from the freshmen so far. Also, Kevin spends a few minutes reflecting on Vanderbilt's facilities announcement.


We react to Vanderbilt's massive facilities announcement

Vanderbilt announced a major facilities upgrade on Friday and Chris Lee and Seabass share their same-day reactions. What do they think of what was done? When does Chris think things will be completed? What's in it of note? We cover a lot of ground in Friday's episode, and also touch on how Jerry Stackhouse's last two recruiting classes have potential to change the program's trajectory.


What we learned from an opening-night hoops win

Chris Lee and Andrew Allegretta share observations on Vanderbilt's 91-72 win over Alabama State to open the hoops season. Topics include how Jordan Wright and Myles Stute stepped up to help Scotty Pippen Jr. with the scoring burden, Jamaine Mann's double-double and what we saw from freshmen Peyton Daniels, Gabe Dorsey and Shane Dezonie. Plus, the two preview the Kentucky football game.


Ken Seals on his health, and what an in-season coaching change is like

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals updates us on the health of his finger, talks about what it was like for the team to go through a mid-season coaching change a year ago, reflects on what the team learned from the Missouri game, tells us what football he watched on his off week and answers several mailbag questions.


D1's Aaron Fitt shares what he saw from Vanderbilt baseball this fall

D1Baseball's Aaron Fitt shares detailed notes on what he saw from Carter Holton, Patrick Reilly, Miles Garrett and Grayson Moore, as well as thoughts on Vanderbilt's loaded lineup and freshmen Davis Diaz and Rob Gordon. We pack a lot of VandyBoys talk into a 48-minute episode.


A possible facilities delay, Jedi mind tricks with Seabass and more

Vanderbilt has set forth no time table on ground=breaking for facilities; why might that be? We have a theory. Also, hear Chris read Seabass's mind on what he's thinking about a new offensive coordinator at Vanderbilt, hear how Vanderbilt's academic schedules for football compare with other schools and more.


Fall baseball talk, with Andrew Allegretta

Vanderbilt play-by-play voice Andrew Allegretta discusses what he saw in the Black & Gold series, including good showings from Patrick Reilly, Hunter Owen, Carter Holton and Christian Little, and a first look at a few freshmen on offense.


Ken Seals, on what he's learning from the sidelines

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals missed his second-straight game last week; he tells us what he's learning from the sidelines and answers fan questions.


What to make of a near-miss at South Carolina

Chris Lee and Seabass share impressions of what the South Carolina near-miss meant, answer a bunch of mailbag questions and try to remember when they first met.


Kevin Ingram talks baseball, basketball and football

Vanderbilt radio announcer Kevin Ingram talks about how the Commodores used pressure to make things interesting in Columbia, plus, shares thoughts on basketball (Rodney Chatman and Terren Frank are topics) and baseball (where we discuss Carter Holton, the catching situation and more).


Ken Seals, and how he handled missing the Carolina game with injury

Vanderbilt starting quarterback Ken Seals yielded time to Mike Wright after hurting his finger in the Florida game. Seals talks about watching the game from the sideline, how he helped Wright, how the team is handing a close loss and much more in a podcast recorded on Monday night, Oct. 18.


Talent or coaching?

Chris Lee and Seabass talk Vanderbilt football and focus mostly on what's gone wrong in a 2-4 start, including a discussion of how much that's gone wrong can be blamed on the talent left to coach Clark Lea.


Four football players to watch for the future

Vanderbilt play-by-play voice Andrew Allegretta talks about Patrick Smith's good performance vs. Florida, and he and co-host Chris Lee talk about Smith and three other freshmen who could have nice futures at Vanderbilt. Also, the two talk a little Commodore baseball.


Ken Seals, on the rigors of being a student-athlete at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals discusses some things the offense did well in the Florida game, talks about the demands of his schedule and answers several questions from the mailbag, which is presented by Sutherland & Belk.


It's a win, but Cam Johnson and Ben Bresnahan need the ball more

Why have Ben Bresnahan and Cam Johnson been nearly eliminated from the passing game? Chris Lee and Seabass discuss that in the aftermath of Vanderbilt's 30-28 win over UConn, plus, discuss Vanderbilt's improving hoops recruiting.


Can close wins build confidence?

The Commodores have been in two close games, and won them both. Does that give the team confidence going forward? Plus, Kevin Ingram talks about some young players who could have a big role on the 2021-22 basketball team.