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Sports's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.


Nashville , TN

Description:'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders.




What needs to happen for a hoops turnaround this season

For Vanderbilt basketball to get better, a few things have to happen, and Chris Lee and Andrew Allegretta discuss them.


The basketball season can still go many ways and we discuss about all of them

Chris Lee and Sam Phalen take a bunch of listener questions, and tackle topics like whether the Commodores have underachieved or overachieved, what things look like with and without Liam Robbins and Rodney Chatman, what the narrow path to .500 in SEC play looks like, who's been to blame when things go wrong, what happens when the 'Dores win games they weren't supposed to win and much more.


Will Perdue, on chancellor Daniel Diermeier, the state of Vandy hoops and more

Former Commodore and Chicago Bulls basketball star Will Perdue will be a regular on the VandySports podcast going forward, and in his first appearance of 2022, Perdue shares his opinion of Daniel Diermeier and the state of athletics changes around Vanderbilt. Perdue tells why former athletes have felt like they're not valued by the school, explains what he's liked about Jerry Stackhouse and more.


Two close games, two different outcomes

Vanderbilt held on to beat Georgia, but couldn't finish in the final minute vs. Tennessee in basketball. Vandy's Kevin Ingram discusses each game and answers listener questions, while he and Chris Lee end the show talking about the D1 Baseball poll (and several Vandy opponents in it) as well as the upcoming "ADD Saturday" for Nashville sports fans.


How football gets better, long-term

Chris Lee and Seabass begin with a discussion of Vanderbilt's cursed basketball program and how this year's roster was built. That turns to a longer discussion about the football rebuild, how long that may take and what the Commodores need to do to get that right.


Speed kills

Georgia's national title victory showed the importance of speed, and the Commodores got a big upgrade in their football recruiting class, which was helped this weekend by the addition of Daniel Martin. Chris Lee and Andrew Allegretta discuss that, the trouble Vandy's had in the paint in two basketball losses and also talk some baseball.


When the parts fit together

Vanderbilt may not be one of the SEC's most talented teams, but the Commodores seem to be buying into what coach Jerry Stackhouse is selling, with many players knowing their roles and playing them well. Chris Lee and Seabass discuss that amidst a four-game winning streak and talk som football at the end.


Ken Seals reviews his 2021 season

Vanderbilt's Ken Seals does his first after-the-season podcast, offering a review of his season and also discussing some previously-undisclosed health issues. Seals looks forward to next year and tells where he'd like to improve, as well as answer audience questions.


Vandy stacks back-to-back big wins away from home

Vanderbilt has now scored two significant wins in its last two games, both away from home and the latest coming in a 75-74 win at Arkansas that snapped the Razorbacks' 16-game home winning streak. Vanderbilt play-by-play man Kevin Ingram breaks down what happened, including the Commodores surviving an eventful final two minutes that included Scotty Pippen Jr. and Jordan Wright both fouling out.


Vanderbilt takes home a title in Hawaii; what can we take from that?

Vanderbilt went 2-0 in its Hawaii trip thanks to Scotty Pippen Jr., but also some great supporting play from Quentin Millora-Brown. Sam Phalen talks about that, what Rodney Chatman's return means, when Liam Robbins may be back and more.


Rodney Chatman's back; here's what that means for Vanderbilt basketball

Rodney Chatman returned to the floor and had just two points and two assists vs. Austin Peay, but Sam Phalen tells why his impact should go way beyond that. He and Chris Lee guess at minutes ahead for Chatman (and who loses them) and whether Chatman fits better at point guard or off the ball.


The state of Vanderbilt football, post-National Signing Day

Is there finally some reason for optimism around Vanderbilt football? While progress is going to be slow given the size of the Commodores' rebuild, we give you reasons why the program took a big step forward under coach Clark Lea on Tuesday, and discuss a few players we really liked. Also, some discussion of where the portal can help Vanderbilt, and how the Commodores can gain realistically gain some ground even when they're still near the bottom of the SEC's recruiting rankings.


Kevin Ingram talks National Signing Day, hoops struggles

Kevin Ingram joins the podcast to give his impressions of Vanderbilt's football signing class, what's going on with the hoops struggles, and how Jamaine Mann could be a bigger part of the basketball rotation going forward.


What's going wrong in Vanderbilt's basketball losing skid?

The schedule's gotten tougher for Vandy hoops, and the results haven't been good. Chris Lee and Sam Phalen speak about why Vanderbilt's struggled with just about every facet of offense, and where Rodney Chatman and Liam Robbins could make things better.


The state of Vanderbilt football, Part 1

National Signing Day is coming in days, and Clark Lea's staff has been picking up momentum. Chris Lee and Seabass discuss that, Vandy's losses in the transfer portal, the challenges Lea faces with his current roster and more, including the answering of several listener questions.


The defense is working and the offense isn't

Right now, the Commodores are playing solid defense, but the offensive part has surprisingly failed. Chris Lee and Andrew Allegretta talk about that, discuss calling games from different vantage points and venues and also answer mailbag questions.


Commodores develop some depth with Robbins, Chatman sidelined

Vanderbilt is 5-1 thanks to contributions from several players, including Myles Stute and Tyrin Lawrence. We talk about some players who've stepped up, and what the team will look like if the 'Dores get Rodney Chatman and Liam Robbins back.


Evaluating a 5-1 hoops start with improved defense

Vanderbilt's Kevin Ingram joins the podcast to talk about a 5-1 start in hoops, led by better effort on the defensive end despite the loss of Rodney Chatman and Liam Robbins. He and host Chris Lee talk about how Myles Stute stepped forward with a 20-point night on a balanced team, and look ahead to a few meaningful games in the next two weeks.


Talking football, Thanksgiving and candy, with Ken Seals

Vanderbilt quarterback Ken Seals updates us on his health, and also talks about how the offense and Mike Wright took strides in the loss to Ole Miss. Seals answers mailbag questions about many things, including what Thanksgiving week is like, what the season's last game means, what other quarterbacks in the league have impressed him, plus, the really important topics of Thanksgiving food, ice cream and candy.


Are football and hoops getting better?

It's been a tough stretch for Vanderbilt football and hoops in the last three years, but are there at least faint signs of life? Chris Lee and Seabass discuss what they're seeing, and also give a few stats that maybe point to improvement also. The two also attack a bunch of questions in the mailbag with topics including the offensive line and quarterback play, football recruiting, the madness of the coaching carousel (and coaching salaries) and Scotty Pippen Jr.'s pro stock.