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Volvo Ocean Race - Itajai Stopover

American Sally Barkow stands in for Abby Ehler for this episode live from Itajai in Brazil and just before the in-port race took place to talk to Australian Stacey Jackson from Vestas 11th Hour Racing and New Zealand’s Bianca Cook on Turn the Tide on Plastic. They share their experiences so far and what it was really like in the Southern Ocean on Leg 7. Stacey explains how it’s now become a mental rather that physical challenge and what the last leg took out of the sailors. Bianca also talks...


The Horse Show: S3E3 - Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, Dressage

Germany’s Jessica von Bredow-Werndl finished third in Paris last weekend for the third time at a FEI World Cup Final with her loyal partner Unee Bb, and it was an emotional finale too. Owned by Swiss dressage judge Beatrice Bürchler-Keller the 17 year old Dutch stallion has had an illustrious career with Jess and this would be his last World Cup Final. The self proclaimed ‘King of Aubenhausen’ is poised to retire after achieving a personal best score in the freestyle of 83.725% and can now...


the SIRI & BEK show: S1E8 - Get Ready to Race

With race season about to get under way for triathletes, Team Sirius Tri Club coaches Siri & Bek offer advice on how to prepare for your first race by getting your mind as well as your body ready. There’s some great tips for visualization and developing the right mind set, not to set yourself up with great expectations but prepare for any eventuality on race day and know how to cope when things go wrong from a flat tire to injury. Bek discusses post race recovery and how to speed it up with...


Ready Steady Rehab: S1E2 - Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common injury among athletes and can manifest in many ways with acute to chronic conditions that sometimes last a lifetime. Dr. Heather North unpacks the common causes, symptoms and treatment and why the advice given by doctors nowadays differs so much to past practices. “We’re really understanding right now is that it’s important to stay active with low back pain and not be fearful of it. Really the worst thing you can do right now if you have low back pain is to do...


Off the Track: S1E1 - “Mick Swagger” Meets Tui Lyons

Welcome to Off the Track, a new podcast all about women’s Flat Track Roller Derby, hosted by Coach, Player and Founder of Team Indigenous “Mick Swagger“. “Mick” will be interviewing players from around the world and her first guest is Australian Tui Lyons. They discuss building and maintaining positive team culture, the coaching life and why Tui’ felt compelled to promote Team Indigenous at the recent Women’s World Cup in Manchester, where by the way, she was named The Most Valuable Player....


Sound Bites: S1E4 - Fuel for Racing

Race season is around the corner and some athletes start panicking because they have no idea how to fuel themselves. Maybe they are not begun to plan and then suddenly on race day they ‘bonk’, and suffer from upset stomach, reflux, cramps and many other issues that can be prevented with the right nutrition. Always practice nutrition during training. Race day should not be a day where you try new things. Remember that there are thousands of products out there but you have to find one that...


The Inside Line: S1E16 - Girls Moving Mountains

Keely Kelleher can be described in two words: bad ass. The former U.S national team member hunkered herself down World Cup speed courses for years and then retired. Her definition of retirement includes filming Warren Miller segments and running the growing Keely’s Camp brand.At the heart of her mission is a passion for the outdoors and getting girls outside. It’s all about girls moving mountains. She introduces young skiers to the backcountry and brings together top ski racers to coach...


Ruck On: S2E4 - Kim & Poppy; Winning, Losing & Chips

Former Canadian Hooker Kim Donaldson is joined again by Saracen’s & England Lock Poppy Cleall to review the season so far, including the Six Nations Tournament. If you want to know what’s going on in the world of women’s rugby these two have it covered. We find out why Poppy was seen with the largest bag of crisps (or chips) in the world. What it was like to play France in the final game of the Six Nations in France. Poppy talks about feeding off the energy of the crowd, which was more than...


The FAB Podcast: S1E4 - Jocelyn Vervelde

FAB Podcast host Kristeen Reenders met this month’s guest Jocelyn Verveldes six years ago when they both played volleyball at Central Michigan University. Jocelyn is currently the Assistant Director of Strategic Communications for Penn State’s Athletic Department. On this episode we hear about Jocelyn’s career journey and why she choose this path, the influences and decisions that led her to strategic communications. We find out what a day is like, is there a regular routine? We also hear...


Ready Steady Rehab: S1E1 - Why See a Physical Therapist for Your Care

Dr. Heather North, Doctor of Physical Therapy from Red Hammer Rehab presents a brand new show on sports injuries; what can cause them, the symptoms to look out for, and rehabilitation process. Heather begins by explaining why you should see a physical therapist for your care and what you can expect. Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete or just enjoy sport for fun you will no doubt have experienced an injury that has interrupted training and your competition plans, sometimes a...


Talking Point: S1E6 - Shannon Miller

Renown Ice Hockey Coach Shannon Miller recently made the headlines when she won a federal case against the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) for sex discrimination and retaliation, and was awarded $3.74 million in past lost wages and emotional distress. Her story highlights how discrimination is ignored in the dark shadows of systemic oppression. Lisa Ingarfield invites Shannon to lay out the facts of her employment and dismissal at the university and how for a prominent and high...


Sound Bites: S1E3 - Vegan or Vegetarian; That is the Question

In episode 3 of Sound Bites, Maricarmen discusses vegetarian and vegan diets and she explains why she is no longer a vegetarian. Maricarmen addresses some common mistakes that people do while on a vegetarian diet and how can they be resolved. Athletes may be wondering if they can get their needs met for performance and recover effectively while on a vegetarian/vegan diet. And there’s advice on which supplements you should you take while on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Some great nutritional...


Fair Play: S1E5 - Commonwealth Games will Test Silver Ferns

On this month’s episode Zoe George discusses the upcoming Commonwealth Games with Silver Ferns captain Katrina Grant to find out if their current form can be turned into winning games. This month’s co-host is Netball Central’s CEO Carolyn Young who was appointed to that role in 2013 and the Central Pulse—Zoe’s local team—has gone from strength to strength in that time. Zoe also spoke to sports psychologist and Fair Play co-host Karen Nimmo about burn out to get her advice on what it is and...


The Inside Line: S1E15 - Bred to Ski, Born to Win

Gabbi Hall has the latest news from around the world of women’s alpine ski racing including the national championships, which wrapped up the season and she also has a special guest. Tina Weirather made her Olympic debut in Torino, Italy, all the way back in 2006, so she’s been around the block (or the World Cup circuit) a few times. Coming from the small country of Liechtenstein, she has used hard work and perseverance to propel herself to the top of the women’s alpine skiing rankings. Off...


the SIRI & BEK show: S1E7 - Planning Your Race Season

On this week’s episode Siri & Bek discuss planning your race season: how to plan and attack it depending on what races you’re doing, your goals for the season and also what to do if you have an injury and your season doesn’t go according to plan. They also have advice on how to deal with nerves; why being nervous before a race is not a bad thing and there are ways to channel nervous anticipation even by using humor. Bek has a funny story about what her sister did to her before a race! As...


The Dirty Double: S1E5 - Inequity Among Athletes

On this month’s episode, multi-medalists rowers Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee reflect on their experience and World Champions and Olympic silver medalists regarding inequity in sport. They share their perspective of being on the Canadian rowing team for many years, how men were always first in line for coaching and even medical treatment regardless of their performance and record. Why would a multi-medalist athlete be treated less favorably than an athlete who was unproven regardless...


New Horizons: S1E3 - Rebecca Coles

On this month’s episode of New Horizons, Cathy O’Dowd talks to British climber Rebecca Coles who has funded many of her expeditions through grants. She now sits on the selection committee of Britain’s most important source of adventure grant funding: The Mount Everest Foundation. She is adamant that a good grant application has a much better chance of success than chasing corporate sponsorship. Rebecca explain the work of the foundation and its criteria for grants. For show notes and...


The Sailing Show: Heading South from Auckland

Abby Ehler and Francesca Clapcich, who is sailing with Turn the Tide on Plastic in her first Volvo Ocean Race, and VOR veteran Sally Barkow, who has raced on a couple of legs alongside Abby on Team Brunel join us from Auckland. They chat about their experiences of the race so far in anticipation of Leg 7, which leaves tomorrow to head to Itajai in Brazil via the Southern Ocean. Sally brings us up to date about the M32 sailing with help from Abby and other Magenta Project news. We wish them...


Sound Bites: S1E2 - Coping with Cravings

On this episode Maricarmen addresses something that almost everyone struggles with; cravings. Have you ever wanted a cookie or cake so bad that you were late to work because you had to stop at the store to get it? How about the ice cream that you longed for so badly that you paid no attention to what your mom was saying to you? If you recognize these yearnings you have experienced a craving. Maricarmen helps you identify the difference between craving and hunger and the healthiest ways to...


The Inside Line: S1E14 - Alice McKennis Finds the Sweet Spot on her Skis

The World Cup season is coming to a close in Are, Sweden, which means globes, parties and, hopefully, a little down time for the athletes when it’s all over. American Alice McKennis found time after her final practice run before the downhill race to talk to Gabbi Hall about her best season since 2013 including her fifth-place performance in the Olympic downhill, the strength of the U.S. women’s speed team and overcoming the inevitable injuries that accompany life as an American Downhiller....


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