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The FAB Podcast: S1E33 - Sports Digital Video Producer

On this final episode of our Women of BTN Series, we speak with Kristen Hayman, Web Video Producer for Big Ten Network. She introduces listeners to the world of digital media in sports as a career. She spreads her message of calculated risk taking and having initiative in order to get your foot in the door in the sports industry. She also has an interesting take on the education vs. experience topic regarding whether or not a Masters Degree is worth it. For show notes and related links for...


Hockey Talk_S1E7: Keeping it Fun & Playing Smart Offense

On this week's episode Coach Shannon Miller shares her philosophy for creating a spirit that while taking the sport seriously the team must have fun and remember why they love the game. She also talks tactics and explains her thoughts on a smart offensive attack. We learn about some of the many variations to this strategy as well as the options versus a poor gap from give and go to delay. Plus Shannon caught up with her friend Tiia Karinen who was in Saskatoon last week for the Four Nations...


The WeCOACH Podcast: S1E2 - Basketball Coach - Muffet McGraw

On episode 2 of the WeCOACH Podcast, host and WeCOACH Executive Director Megan Kahn welcomes University of Notre Dame head women’s basketball coach Muffet McGraw who is coming off their 2018 NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship and preparing to tip-off the upcoming season. Megan digs in as Muffet shares perspective on how she celebrated this historical year both personally and professionally, lessons learned and rewarding moments in her career, and how she’s evolved as a coach and...


The FAB Podcast: S1E32 - Digital Sports Journalism

In this week’s episode, Kristin Ray talks to Brooke Fletcher, Digital Host for Fox Sports Detroit as part our Young Female Professionals Series. Brooke she tells us about how patience and appreciation helped her get to this amazing point in her career. She also stresses the importance of capitalizing on opportunities and not shying away from ones that might not seem perfect on paper. Brooke tells us how she knew she wanted to work in sports and what decisions she made a long the way to make...


Hockey Talk: S1E6 - Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

On this week's episode the topic is expectations and accountability with the emphasis on the fact that change is inevitable, growth optional. Shannon encourage coaches to take a progressive approach, to develop a vision and a strategic plan. "It's important to encourage, teach, and re-enforce , and extremely important to be positive the majority of the time, to reward good work ethic, good attitude and good intentions." Shannon's guest is Kristen Hagg is the General Manager of the Calgary...


The Circle: S2E1 - Fiona Ryan - A Roller Coaster Ride

Fiona Ryan née Boyce played 101 games for the Hockeyroos from 2009 - 2012. Growing up in Western Australia in family so closely linked with hockey, there was no doubt that Fiona would make her mark on the game. Known for her fitness and determination, Fiona won gold at the 2009 Commonwealth Games and played at the London Olympics despite breaking her collar bone just six months out. Some might say that playing hockey at an international level is mentally draining and strenuous on the body,...


Off the Track: S1E11 - Allyship in the Roller Derby Community- Part 2

On this episode of Off the Track, Mick Swagger and Mary Fagdalene continue their story of Allyship in the Roller Derby Community. How to recognize micro aggressions, gaslighting, white fragility and complicity in racism within their personal story of skating with Victorian Roller Derby League. A piece on Restorative Justice and what is being done in the present to heal these past wounds is coming soon, with special guests. Special thanks to Bonnie Wykman aka Mary Fagdalene for joining me on...


The FAB Podcast: S1E31 - Choosing Your Field of Sports Marketing

On this episode we chat with Allison Butler of the Big Ten Network. She enlightens us about the differences between working in marketing for a broadcast TV Network, professional teams, and professional leagues, like the NBA. She talks about the pros and cons of the differing communication styles and work environments and how they might fit different personalities. This is a must listen for anyone trying to decide which environment in sports will work best for them. For show notes and...


Hockey Talk: S1E5 - Dare to Take the Lead and Fly

On this week’s episode Coach Shannon Miller shares her philosophy on daring to take the lead and initiate the offensive game, not to be stuck in old habits of previous match play strategies. She says: “Do your best to escape the gravitational pull of what everyone else is doing, to consider something different than what has been modeled to you in the past.” Thinking outside the box encourages creativity and promotes courage and is important to advancing the game and shifting the paradigm....


the SIRI & BEK show: S1E17 - Planning Your Season

On this episode, as the season comes to a close, Siri & Bek look ahead to planning the next season. They share their experiences as coaches for both professionals and age-groupers on what to consider when selecting races always with the destination race in mind. They explain why it's good to choose races in good locations that offer more than just the race that your support team would enjoy. Importantly select races that will take you outside your comfort zone, challenge you and build your...


The WeCOACH Podcast: S1E1 - Megan Kahn with Softball Coach Sue Enquist

The WeCOACH Podcast aims for the fences with its first episode. Host and WeCOACH Executive Director Megan Kahn sits down with the ubertalented coach, dynamic speaker, and impassioned leadership expert Sue Enquist. They discuss her storied 27-year coaching career for UCLA softball, her coaching tree, changes she’s witnessing in the coaching profession, and how she’s continually leaning in to provide education and support. Sue candidly shares about what drives her now, including her new...


The FAB Podcast: S1E30 - Maximizing Your Internship

Continuing our series on the Big Ten Network Kristin’s guest is Taylor Washington who was a summer marketing intern at BTN. Taylor talks about how to make the most of an intern opportunity. Taylor works with Kristin and is also involved with Females in Athletic Business (FAB). Taylor talks about how she researched internship opportunities. She recommends Team Works as an online resource for internships. Taylor explains the roles and duties of her internship and how she navigated and...


Hockey Talk: S1E4 - The Hickel Sisters Pulling on the Same Rope

On this week’s show Shannon discusses Team Work, why it’s so important to ensure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities and are pulling on the rope at the same time. She shares some advice and tips for coaches and players on her secrets to success in the team work she creates. The Drill of the Week is “3 V 3 KEEP AWAY” in the NZ versus Dump and Chase. And her guests this week are sisters Zoe and Tori Hickel who have both played NCAA Division I hockey, and also in other countries:...


Transcending Sport: Sports Psychology - Motivation with Dr. Inga Wolframm

In this series of sports psychology that was first aired in 2014 Chris talks to sports psychologist, author and researcher Dr Inga Wolfram about motivation. She explains that ambition is a combination of autonomy and competence or an alternative theory of achievement striving. People need to do what they want to do so their actions need to be guided by themselves. Whatever your chosen sport if outside influences inhibit your time to train or compete you’re not going to be happy because the...


The FAB Podcast: S1E29 - Hannah Bradley: Sports Information Director

On this week’s FAB Podcast, Kristin Ray chats with Hannah Bradley, Assistant Director Of Media Relations at the Southern Conference as part of the Young Female Professionals Series. Hannah has experience working in three different university’s athletic communications office and is now working on the conference level. Hannah shares her experiences of interning with the Augusta Greenjackets, her batgirl transition to SID student worker then SID transition to GA, the importance of volunteering...


Hockey Talk: S1E3 - Rebecca Johnston's Medal Winning Career

On this week’s show Shannon covers a range of topics for coaches including planning training and games, discrimination in the coaching profession, using positions of power to empower others. Her guest is one of her key players at Calgary Inferno’s, Rebecca Johnston whom she describes as an ‘elite athlete that possesses the skills and leadership abilities to empower others, and one of our best players.’ Rebecca is a three-time Olympian — double gold medalist —and has also played in nine World...


Transcending Sport: Samantha Livingstone Redefines Success

Samantha Livingstone has truly transcended sport since retiring from the U.S. National Swimming Team. Her career highlights included the 2000 U.S. Olympic Team when as an 18-year-old, she won a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics after swimming the lead-off leg of the record-setting 4 x 200 Freestyle Relay. She was also on the 1999 U.S. Pan Pacific Team and ended her career as a 7 x NCAA All-American after leading her teammates to the 2005 National Championship title as the co-captain of...


The FAB Podcast: S1E28 - Negotiating your Salary During a Job Change

We finish up our Salary Negotiation for Women series with this third installment with Kathy Grayson, Career Consultant for PGA of America. This week host, Kristin Ray and Kathy cover the ins and outs of negotiating your salary during a job change. When we switch employers, Kathy tells us we should take advantage of that unique career moment to reevaluate our salary and benefit needs. She reminds us that women in sports often leave money and opportunities on the table during salary...


Hockey Talk S1E2: Hilary Knight's Light Shines On and Off the Ice

On this episode Coach Shannon Miller discusses team leadership, the purpose of team rules, creating a championship culture, recruiting tips and her Drill of the Week - Constant motion in the OZ. Her sidebar this week is a shout-out to: Billie Jean King for her Battle of the Sexes – Courage – Role Modeling – Title IX – Equality/Fair Treatment. Shannon's guest is Hilary Knight, a member of the 2018 gold medal winning hockey team, Team USA, a long time member of Team USA and leader of the...


The Sailing Show: Ireland's Joan Mulloy Makes History in La Solitaire

In this episode Abby Ehler is joined by Irish yachtswoman, Joan Molloy who has recently returned from competing in the La Solitaire URGO, a single handed multi-stage race, in a one design boat, with a total of 36 competitors of which 5 were women and 8 rookies. Joan is the first Irish woman to compete in La Solitaire and shares her experiences of the race, what it's like to sail alone, the preparation and tactics and emotional challenge. Joan's tells us why herultimate goal is to compete in...