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2 first-generation Asian immigrants growing up in the US; issues faced, lessons garnered, and stories to pass on.

2 first-generation Asian immigrants growing up in the US; issues faced, lessons garnered, and stories to pass on.
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2 first-generation Asian immigrants growing up in the US; issues faced, lessons garnered, and stories to pass on.






Hong Kong Independence Protest

Although we're more than 7,000 miles away from Hong Kong, the current protest still affects us as both Derrick and I still have roots there. It's difficult to get a full and complete story so far away from the epicenter, but we do our best to bring our viewpoints to our listeners and try to limit the bias as much as possible. For those of you on the ground, please let us know your thoughts and correct us if what we believe is not true.


What is it like to grow up poor?

The last episode we started to discuss how growing up as poor affected our values, goals, and life in general. In this episode, we continue that topic and hash out all the ways we believe our lives were different due to growing up poor vs the more affluent social groups we saw around us. For better or worse, the lack of resources had a great impact on our upbringing and development.


Episode 06 - Are Asians Generally More Pessimistic in Our World View?

Do we, first-generation Asian immigrants, tend to be pessimistic in our world-views? Derrick and I invited our friend, Kahan, to discuss this question with us; and it led to a very lively discussion on what pessimism actually means and whether or not the tendency can be traced back to any one factor.


Episode 05 - Does Hard Work Pave the Way to Success?

Here's a question: how much does hard way really affect your success in life? Is hard work an automatically equivalent of finding success in your job, school, or life in general? Or is there perhaps a lot of other factors which can influence the outcome of your pursuits? Derrick and I debate this question based on our experiences in grade school and at our first jobs. Hard work definitely plays a role, but...


Episode 04 - Careers

Andrew works in the field of Legal Technology, and Derrick works in Finance. We both basically fell into our careers, and looking back, while there are probably things we could have done differently; we're not sure we would have chosen other career paths. Building a career in the US, and the choices we made as we grew into that career is the topic of Episode 4.


Episode 03 - Learning the English Language

We both immigrated to the US around the age of 9 with an almost non-existent understanding of the English Language. Through some trials and tribulations, we managed to develop at least a working mastery of the language. From embarrassing first-attempts at proper pronunciation to navigating the office environment; here are the lessons we garnered around learning to read and write English.


Episode 02 - Turning 40 and the meaning of "mid-life crisis"

Derrick and I both turned 40 a little over a year ago, and it made us a bit retrospective. Here's Episode 2, talking about what it means to grow "old" and whether the "mid-life crisis" is real.


Episode 01 - Who are we? - About Derrick and Andrew

This is our inaugural podcast, a little background about Derrick and myself. Andrew is from the Refugee Camps of Hong Kong, and Derrick grew up in the fast-changing city of Guangzhou, China. We both now live in sunny Southern California, and there have been changes during the transition. This is who we are. Nice to meet you :)