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One Last Halloween

On Samhain the living and the dead walk side by side, and what lies under a costume may not be human at all. 13 year old Dolan is experiencing his last night trick or treating, and his first night being able to see the spirits and haunts that visit on Halloween night Episode was produced and edited by Jeff Davidson music by: Haunted Corpse - A severed head, speaking and Maggotcorpse Crimson Curtain - Vanishing Remora - A few notes from a grave The Undermasks - Have you seen the ghost...


Friday the 13th The Saga of Jason Voorhees

The first ten installments of the classic horror franchise are served up in one fun and continuous tale. When you think of epic sagas of the human spirit rich treasure troves of narrative excellence, and pure storytelling dynamite you naturally think of Friday the 13th Normally I write my own stories, but this time I had a little help from the writers and directors of the friday the 13 films, Sean Cunningham, Victor Miller, Steve Miner, Ron Kurz, Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson, Joseph...


A Life of Death - The Priest with Red Hands

After years of exorcisms, blood cults, and executions, Frank Roarke is entering a new chapter in his Life of Death. He is seeking to build a brave new world, united against the evil of the Ghastly Ones. His allies might very well prove to be more dangerous than his enemies, because Lilah Ambrose has a nasty trick up her sleeve. The Priest with Red Hands trilogy wraps up with a jaw dropping, stomach churning climax. Guest voices this week, from Chelsea Oxendine, Sarah Hanson and Jamie Lee...


A Life of Death - the Holy Executioner

A militant religious order wages a bloody war against demonic cults Guest voices this week, from Brother Buck Rogers, Sister Sarah Hanson and Jamie Lee Hensley, who has yet to take a vow of silence produced and edited by the Abbott Jeff Davidson music by Coven - Ode to Burning Humanfobia & James Onsen - Execration Baited Breath - The Vertigo Swirl and as always, theme music by Chelsea Oxendine Please subscribe through Buzzsprout, Stitcher, Spotify, or iTunes Find me on social media...


A Life of Death - the Holy Warrior

Francis Roarke saw carnage in Vietnam, but not the kind of horrors waiting for him in Slate County prison. Serial killers, cult leaders, the damned and deranged, and when they passed through Death Row, Cell Six would feed on them. Growing stronger. A man of faith, a man of compassion, a man of letters, Father Francis Roarke will now have to become a Holy Warrior. Guest voices this week, from Evangeline Hensley, the one and only Knifey Wifey Jamie Lee Hensley, and Kevin “K-SARS”...


The Doll House

After the Night of the Long Knives, young Emily and monstrous Ben wandered looking for safe haven. When they found a lakeside cabin built like a life-size dollhouse, it seemed too good to be true. But a dollhouse needs dollies. When a group of parties crashes the dollhouse, Emily decides to turn them into her playthings. Come and join a tea party like you’ve never seen. In the raw, ruthless tradition of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, and the Lion King comes a new horror...


The Secret of Chippewa Falls

Since man first learned sin, these old woods have been haunted by inhuman monsters, lost souls, and vagabond devils. On the night of the biggest snowstorm in Wisconsin history, folklorist and professor Ollie Schnieder stumbled upon the ancient secret in the heart of the forest – the answer to the mystery of Chippewa Falls. The episode was edited and produced by Jeff Davidson Guest starring Scott Taft. Scott hosts a great show about free-to-play gaming. Check out Budget Arcade on every...


The Profane Botanist

Profane Botany is the scientific philosophy that seeks to hybridize human tissue and plant matter into new forms of life. Like alchemy and transmutation it is a dark theory never actualized. Until now... Spinning out of the mythology of the Hand Collector, the Trapdoor Spider, and the Horror in Cell Six, The Profane Botanist casts a terrifying new light on old crimes. Thanks for Mary Anne Simpson for translating, and a big shout To everyone who contributed to the Go Fund Me we set up to...


Baby Ghost Whisperer

"Visions and prophetic dreams run in my family. But my son sees things when he is awake... and he has since birth." What if ghosts talked to you, begged you for help, before you were old enough to understand what was happening? A true story unlike any you've heard before. Ian Alex Mac - Ghost Strings Stillborn Blues - Crossroads Ghost Carlos Ramirez - 12 Around 1 (Clock) Theme music by Chelsea Oxendine the episode was edited by Jeff Davidson Produced by Jeff Davidson and Jamie Lee...


They Shall Take Up Serpents

This church needed a miracle. Ever since turning to snake-handling they had lost their way. Today Rev. Elmo Cubbins plans to turn that all around. First to feed the faithful with a fish fry, and then to wow them with a real life exorcism. This hellfire-and-brimstone preacher thought he was prepared for the worst. He wasn't. Music by: Jesse Spillane - Snake Charms Sacred Harp Singers with The Dying Christian and Lover of the Lord Sleepy John Corbeck - Grand Serpent Chelsea Oxendine, as...


The Coyote Princess

In the 1800s, the life of a circus freak was grim, sad, and short No life was more grim than the Coyote Princess, the star attraction at the Shocking World of Human Oddities. Plagued with profound deformities and put on display to be mocked and ridiculed, the Princess lived the saddest life of all. Until one day she struck back, and struck back hard. Music performed by: Circus Homunculus Ergo Phizmiz Pilesar Theme music by Chelsea Oxendine Edited and produced by Jeff "Bobo Bilobo the...


Bedtime Stories for Creepy Children

Three more bleak tales for the disturbed the odd, the disenfranchised, and the perturbed A hero cop tries to rescue a baby A security guard finds something unpleasant at the vet school And a Nancy Drew-like teenage sleuth stumbles across something she is not at all prepared to handle. Produced by: Jeff Davidson and Chelsea Oxendine Edited by: Jeff Davidson Original score by Chelsea Oxendine Please subscribe through Buzzsprout, Spotify, or iTunes Find me on social media on Instagram...


Night of the Long Knives Part VI

All horrific things must come to an end, but who will live to see the light of day? Emily and Ben play a torturous game of hide and seek, while Marla gets a face to face introduction to the monstrous Thing in the Basement. And there's more... so much more... but let's not spoil it just yet Guest voice by Savannah Hensley (also like to thank her for the promotional art shes been providing) Edited, produced, and held the F down by Jeffrey "Boom-Boom" Davidson Music this episode provided...


Night of the Long Knives Part V

Three games of cat and mouse unfold across the blood soaked town of Grace: Guest voices by Eric Taylor, Sarah Hanson and Savannah Hensley Edited and produced by Razorjeff Mouthidson music by : Nurgul Jones - Blood of my Blood Tower of Light - Imagine a New Darker you Phemale - Someone Who's Dead Hobosexual - The Howling Live Matt Sekel - Ravens Call and Perspective ROZKOL - Bleed Out Monplaisir - Check Filmy Ghost - Abyss in the Streets Lost Technology - Survival Frenzy The...


Night of the Long Knives Part IV

Andre Montgomery spends his retirement hunting and fishing. Tonight he is the one being hunted. A casual trip into town leads Andre to a gauntlet of homicidal lunatics, including the enigmatic hitcher called the Southern Gentleman. The intensity with every installment of NOTLK cranks up another notch, and this episode sets a new standard for nail-shredding suspense. Noisy Filter - Abandoned Laboratory Monkeeastronaut - Dissociative Hallucinogenic Compounds Infinite Third - Fear, Terror...


Night of the Long Knives Part III

The inmates aren't just running the asylum, they are running the town. The cannibal is in the diner, the psychotic genius is in the police station, the Machinist is in the hardware store, and Gordo the Clown is crashing the "croquet and crumpets" themed slumber party. Thing will get worse before they get any better. Dawn is still hours away, and the Night of the Long Knives is in full swing. music by: Noisy Filter - Abandoned Laboratory Matt Sekel - The Man in Black and Running...


Night of the Long Knives Part II

After a horrific massacre at a bonfire party, Marla Cole is a woman on the run. But during the Night of the Long Knives, running away from one killer only means you are running toward another. The slasher epic continues, as the town of Grace is beset by a who's-who of the most sick and depraved killers on Earth. Guest voice by the incomparable Dan Jopling music by: Movie Theater - In the Woods Delirix - Demon of the Night Matt Sekel - Ravens Call and Holding Hands Big Dan and the...


Night of the Long Knives

The Horror Epic Begins Here! A hidden asylum filled with a sinister pantheon of the most sadistic and dangerous human monsters in the world: The Cannibal, the Summer Camp Killer, the Torturer, the Killer Clown, the Evil Genius, the Identity Thief, the Hitchhiker, the Posthuman Abomination, the Split, and the Mutant Now they have escaped. God help us all. Music this episode by: Sara Afonso - The Asylum Matt Sekel - Trapped in Your Basement Bastard Noise - Forgotten Prisoners Sextile –...


Blood in the Sand: a Western Horror

In 1890, if you were traveling from Albuquerque to California there was a place you surely wanted to avoid, a place reportedly haunted by shape shifting Navajo witches. One man decided to go through it to save time. To protect himself and his stage coach, he hired on a crew of gunmen to escort him. But would guns be enough to match the horror of the Skin Walkers? Music by: Fields of Ohio - Route of the Old West Convicts Purple Planet - Prairie Dogs Lobo Loco - Psychedelic Blues and Bad...


A Harvest of Soft Necks

This is the story of what happened the night Kathy Nguyen was named teacher of the year. It is the same night that in her old life had been called the Harvest of Soft Necks. To say any more about this tale would be saying too much. Music provided by Chelsea Oxendine, the songs It's Alive, Invasion, and the haunting theme music Filmy Ghost with the song Ceremonial Sacrifice Edited and produced by Jeff Davidson NO TEACHERS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS EPISODE Please subscribe...