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The Ghastly Ones

The most haunted place in America isn’t a house, it’s an 8x10 prison cell on a Pennsylvania death row. The evil that lurks inside it is more sadistic and malevolent than any ghost. The cell itself is a doorway, and the key is a mysterious book that has been passed down from serial killer to serial killer for decades. This book holds the secrets of a dark and eldritch religion. It is called The Ghastly Ones.


The Savage & Sadistic Serial Slasher Spectacular

Emily Mason is the youngest mass murderer in American history. Behind her blue eyes is an infinite ocean of evil. Eric Bright had the sort of true love most people only dream about. But when she died, that love turned into something foul and started to rot his soul Ben Burroughs was a genetic freak of nature, who never stood a chance against the world. A summer camp and half a police department paid the price All of this, plus a delightfully shocking anecdote about a diner owner’s brush...


A Life of Death - The Hunter

"A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be" -- Fred Bear Big game trophy hunting is a volatile subject in our day and age. The image of a hunter kneeling next to a slain giraffe or elephant will spark outrage far and wide. But in times past, and not even so very long ago, the killing of beautiful and exotic animals solely for the sake of killing was not at all frowned upon. In the second half of the 20th century, Perry Ambrose was the king...


The Ballad of Barbed Wire Henry

Henry Morgan Dempsey terrorized the Philadelphia area for almost two full years, leaving a wake of blood and mutilated bodies. He carried a hangman’s noose made of barbed wire, and wrote rambling notes to the press about his “ascension.” But after all of that, he proved to be a just a sick man with a massive brain tumor. At least, so it seemed. When the autopsy was performed, the entire story of Barbed Wire Henry changed. Revisit the life and death of one of America’s most notorious...


Bedtime Stories for Weird Kids

Not all horror stories have to be Rated R. Fear defies rating. Terror needs not vulgarity, not sexuality, nor graphic torturous violence. It helps sometimes, sure, but a good scary story needs only to be scary. This episode of ASHC is fit for the whole family! What you will find are devious little details that will haunt your sleep. Listen to survivors of the child-snatching ghost called Sweet Jane Learn the obsession of the murderous numbers Shudder to the tale of Mr. Nix, the blood...


The Hand Collector

One of the most unusual cases of the modern age is that of the Hand Collector. He terrorized the women of Seattle, abducting them, severing their left hands, and then letting them go. Who was he, and why did he need his victims to live? This isn’t Forensic Files. The “case” is only the beginning of the story. Once the Hand Collector attacks stopped, things took an even more sinister turn. But was it the hand of the supernatural at work, or a toxic culture? Are boogeymen real, and if...


Florida Monsters, Florida Man

"Florida Man" is a popular fixture of headlines, viral mug shots, and tabloid journalism, but what if there were more to him than just a guy who had too much moonshine and too much meth? What if the undercurrent of darkness in Florida has a historical basis, dating back to the time when Native American curses held sway, and the monsters of old had not yet disappeared into the swamps. In this episode ASHC tells the story of the Faceless Bishop of the Tequesta Indians and goes face to...


All the Cannibals, Fine, Young and Otherwise

“Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism, yet we make the same impression on Buddhists and vegetarians, for we feed on babies, though not our own.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson As long as mankind has walked this earth, we have occasionally feasted on the flesh of our fellow men, whether it be through desperation or simply curiosity. Tonight, we will hear tell of an African secret-society of cannibals, learn about the underground world of cannibal auctions, and meet Obadiah...