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All Y'all is a live storytelling event series and podcast featuring stories from the Deep South. Hosts Sara Hebert and Chris Jay bring the community together through powerful, true stories told in front of an audience, without notes. The podcast is independently produced with help from sponsors and the community of Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana.

All Y'all is a live storytelling event series and podcast featuring stories from the Deep South. Hosts Sara Hebert and Chris Jay bring the community together through powerful, true stories told in front of an audience, without notes. The podcast is independently produced with help from sponsors and the community of Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana.
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All Y'all is a live storytelling event series and podcast featuring stories from the Deep South. Hosts Sara Hebert and Chris Jay bring the community together through powerful, true stories told in front of an audience, without notes. The podcast is independently produced with help from sponsors and the community of Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana.




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Episode 55: The Skin I'm In: Coleen McKechnie, "A Colorful Dying Leaf"

On some level, we all know that we're dying. But Coleen McKechnie, who assisted with her mother's end-of-life care - her mother was battling Huntington's Disease - at the same time that she was also diagnosed with Huntington's, is more familiar with her own mortality than most of us. Now, Coleen faces what she calls "a known and unknown future" with awe-inspiring grace.


Episode 54: Momma and Daddy: Luke McClung, "Sneak Attack"

Sometimes thoughts and feelings from the past can hit you out of the blue, like Imperial Japanese fighters on a December morning in 1941. Storyteller Luke McClung's tale of family secrets and repressed feelings is one of our favorites.


Episode 53: Exit Interviews: Jim and Christine Hayes

A few years ago, All Y'all friend and storyteller Maya Lau told us that we should conduct exit interviews with folks who are moving out of Shreveport. The idea burrowed into our brains, and we've reconsidered it many times since. We could build an archive of peoples' answers to the question "So, why are you moving out of Shreveport?" It's not, as Sara puts it, "a bitch-fest." It's an opportunity to hear - in their own words and voices - the folks who've decided that, for one reason or...


Episode 52: Farah Cowley, "American Girl"

The first time we met Farah Cowley, at a business networking event in Shreveport, her warm smile, Southern drawl, and friendly demeanor won us over. We'd never have guessed that Farah had immigrated to the United States from Amman, Jordan - as a 14 year-old-girl who spoke very little English - just six years prior. For Farah, the path from the Middle East to Deep South was fraught with dangers seen and unseen. Her incredible journey, and what it says about America, is the subject of this...


Episode 51: Ladies Night: Annie Kendig, "Flying Into Lubumbashi"

Annie Kendig is a badass. At our 2015 live event, "Ladies Night," Annie bravely took the stage to share the incredible true story of how she and her family traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to adopt their third child, Tauntine. Annie's story reminds us that all mothers are fighters - and some are action movie heroes.


Episode 50: Podcast Exclusive: Big Daddy Yum Yum, "I'm Yummy"

For our 50th episode of the All Y'all podcast, we're proud to present a podcast-exclusive interview with a genuinely fascinating Shreveport native: Byron Wilcott, who is better known to his fans as Main Event Pro Wrestling superstar Big Daddy Yum Yum. Wilcott's career as a pro wrestler has taken him all over the world, and he's got lots of incredible stories to tell. We caught up with Wilcott before a recent match in Shreveport, where he regaled us with tales of meeting Ric Flair, dinner...


Episode 49: Momma and Daddy: William Joyce, "A Mother's Love"

William Joyce may be Shreveport, Louisiana's most celebrated storyteller. He's won an Academy Award, several Emmys and countless other honors during his career as an author, illustrator and filmmaker. The All Y'all team has enjoyed a long friendship with Bill; but, until he shared this story, we'd never heard the unbelievable story of how his mother and father met and what witnessing their love meant to Bill as a boy. It is a powerfully personal reflection on the relationship between love...


Episode 48: All Y'all Presents A Special Stuffed & Busted Episode

This is a special episode of All Y'all, highlighting our other podcast, Stuffed & Busted. The third, and possibly final, episode of Stuffed & Busted is a long-form tribute to our favorite restaurant of all time: Lucky Palace Chinese Restaurant in Bossier City. On Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, the James Beard Foundation announced their list of semifinalists for the annual James Beard Awards, and Lucky Palace Chinese Restaurant in Bossier City was right there on the list nominated for Best Wine...


Episode 47: The Skin I'm In: Kyle, "Normal"

Boy meets girl: It’s one of the oldest stories in the book. But when Kyle asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage, a challenging road lay ahead. Kyle took the stage at our August 2017 live storytelling event to share this intimate, inspiring story of love’s ability to overcome any obstacle. Kyle's story elicited one of the most powerful audience responses that we've ever seen at All Y'all.


Episode 46: I Just Work Here: Luther Cox, "Take a Dance Class"

Luther Cox never intended to become a dance teacher. As an accounting student at Florida A&M University, he literally wandered into a West African dance class in progress and the course of his life was changed forever. Cox went on to found the Inter City Row Modern Dance Company in Shreveport's Cooper Road community in 1981. Inter City Row is now the oldest operating African American dance company in Louisiana. Cox's story gets us thinking about careers: How is it that some people...


Episode 45: Momma And Daddy: Laura Crawford, "Robert Popper's Song"

Laura Crawford's father, Dr. Robert Popper, narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Nazis during the antisemitic pogrom known as Kristallnacht. The unbelievable journey that ensues is a globe-spanning journey of courage, luck, endurance and love. Crawford, who founded the world-renowned Centenary Suzuki School, was kind enough to share her father's awe-inspiring journey at an All Y'all live storytelling event on Saturday, March 12, 2016.


Episode 44: Haunted: Clay Walker, "Ghost Stories"

Shreveport, Louisiana - where the All Y'all podcast and live storytelling series is produced - is a small town in some ways. Following the announcement that All Y'all was seeking stories of the paranormal for our November 2016 event, "Haunted," several people contacted us to insist that Clay Walker be asked to share a ghost story onstage. One friend swore that Clay told two of the best ghost stories she'd ever heard. By the time that we sat down at a table with Clay and heard his stories for...


Episode 43: Podcast Exclusive: Derek Wayne Johnson, "Friends with the Cobra Kai"

Derek Wayne Johnson was born in Carthage, Texas, about an hours' drive southwest of Shreveport, Louisiana. He fell in love with cinema at an early age, developing a special affinity for the films Rocky and The Karate Kid. Those films were directed by Academy Award-winner John G. Avildsen. Through an unbelievable series of events, Johnson wound up not only meeting his filmmaking hero, but directing a documentary film about his life. Robinson Film Center and Maccentric will present a screening...


Episode 42: I Just Work Here: Winston Hall, "Look at All of the Little Black Dots"

Careers are tricky things. Sometimes, you pursue one career only to wind up in another line of work. Other times, a career sort of finds you - you take a job to make ends meet and, years later, you realize it's become more than a job. And then, sometimes, you tell the owner of the China Garden Buffet in San Angelo, Texas that you're a professional piano player (even though you only know a few songs) and - next thing you know - you're tickling the ivories.


Episode 41: Haunted: Steven Abney, "Personal Demons"

Ghost stories can be a lot of things: visceral, frightening, unnerving. But very seldom do they drift into territory that could be described as intimate or personal. Storyteller Steven Abney took the stage at our Nov. 12, 2016 live event, "Haunted", and delivered a ghost story that was as equally suited for Ghost Hunters as it was for Dr. Phil. This spine-tingling tale of a haunted house and one man's struggle to shake loose of his demons continues to be one of the most unique All Y'all...


Episode 40: I Just Work Here: Amy Lynn Treme, "Monty"

Some folks are just natural born storytellers. Amy Lynn Treme, a pre-K teacher who lives in Shreveport's Highland neighborhoood, is one of those folks. When All Y'all announced that we'd be presenting a night of stories about work ("I Just Work Here" was held at the Woman's Department Club of Shreveport in April 2017), Amy was the first person to reach out with a story pitch. And, wow, it was a doozy.


Episode 39: Haunted: Christopher Louis Wilson, "A Wing and A Prayer"

On May 11, 2016, Christopher Louis Wilson published a post on his blog, From the Desk of Mr. Coach Wilson, about his lifelong love affair with Shreveport-based restaurant Wing Taxi. Within 24 hours, the post had gone viral in Shreveport, with thousands of views and social shares leading the owner of the restaurant to reach out to Wilson. As it turns out, Wilson isn't the only Shreveporter obsessed with the quirky, gypsy-like wing joint. For many locals, the taste of home is Cajun ranch lemon...


Episode 38: I Fought The Law: Meghan Shapiro, "Sentences"

During the second half of our July 2016 storytelling event, “I Fought The Law,” we featured stories from three attorneys who shared an insider’s perspective of our complex legal system. Our last storyteller of the evening, Meghan Shapiro, moved to Louisiana in 2013 to practice death penalty defense law in a place with greater need than most. From 2010 to 2014, more people were sentenced to death per capita in Caddo Parish than in any other parish or county in the United States. Meghan has...


Episode 37: Stuffed & Busted Preview

Hi All Y’all! Sara here with a quick update. In addition to hosting our last live storytelling event in November, Chris and I have been hard at work building a new show for All Y’all. It’s called Stuffed & Busted, a podcast that takes an irreverent look at food in Shreveport and Bossier City as well as the fascinating folks who grow, cook and serve it. I wanted to share the first segment from our second Stuffed & Busted episode, exclusively, here with you. I hope you like it and if you do,...