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Episode 29: Abandoned - Breaking and Entering

There’s good reason they tell you to stay out of those abandoned buildings. You could slip, fall, hurt yourself, run into a squatter that could be dangerous. No one really knows what goes on behind those doors. Guest storyteller Alex tells us about the abandoned building he broke into that turned out to be devoid of at least some traces of life. Pop a squat, At the Fire.


Episode 28: Stranger Danger, Part 2 - The People You Know

We encounter strangers on a daily basis. Sometimes you make a new friend, meet a new coworker, or you realize someone you've known all your life was really a stranger in disguise. We share two stories about the people we know who remained strangers since the day they entered our lives. First, we hear from guest storyteller Candice whose best friend turned out to be no friend at all. Jill shares an anonymous Redditor’s story about the time she realized her roommate’s boyfriend had hidden...


Episode 27: An Evening with Linda Godfrey and the Beast of Bray Road

Author and cryptid enthusiast, Linda Godfrey, joins us At the Fire to share tales of the Beast of Bray Road. We also get an exclusive look into a report Linda is researching that possibly involves some secret operations hidden beneath the Wisconsin earth. It’s all here and more, At the Fire.


Episode 26: Spirits, Specters, and Ghosts, Oh My! Part 4 - Haunted

Ever wonder what it would be like to move into a house that’s plagued with a poltergeist? Would you ever spend the night aboard a haunted Navy ship? Tune in to our fourth installment of “Spirits, Specters and Ghosts, Oh My!” to hear listener Becki’s experience rooming with a ghost. Co-host Jill tells her story about her amatuer ghost hunting night on the U.S.S. Edson. It’s all here, and more, At the Fire.


Episode 20: Spirits, Specters, and Ghosts, Oh My! Pt. 3 - Ghosts Investigated

Donna Oliver of Philly Ghost Hunt and Katie Webb of Haunt ME join us At the Fire to share their experiences with researching spirits. We talk magic, techniques and ghostly encounters...and you will even have the opportunity to to examine an exclusive EVP courtesy of Philly Ghost Hunt. Grab your dowsing rods and Proton Packs, we’re investigating ghosts tonight, At the Fire.


Episode 19: Your Worst Nightmare

Every night you close your eyes, you risk wandering into a nightmare...but for some, these nightmares are a reality. We're talking with listeners about their experiences with sleep paralysis and déjà vu. It's all about nightmares At the Fire. Pull up a seat and drink lots of coffee, because you won't want to fall asleep tonight.


Episode 18: Aliens & UFOs, Part Deux

Do you ever find yourself unable to remember what happened the past week? What about waking up in the middle of the night, unable to determine if what you experienced was real or just a dream? At the Fire is excited to share three stories of personal extraterrestrial experiences. A special guest storyteller tells us about his sighting while serving in the U.S. military. A group of Men in Black drop by one Redditor's home for a surprise visit. And we hear about a dream that's out of this...


Episode 17: Louisiana's Most Haunted - An Evening with Todd C. Elliott

This episode, we chat with horror and true crime author, Todd C. Elliott. He shares his bone-chilling inspiration behind his first three novels, along with his upcoming book, The Lowerline. We'll also discuss his favorite haunted New Orleans mansion and learn a little about the history behind the most haunted city in America. Lock the door so the Axe Murderer can't get you and pull up a seat At the Fire. A very special thank you to our guest, Todd C. Elliott, for taking time out of his busy...


Episode 16.5: Valentine's Day Minisode

Happy Valentine's Day! Here is a creepy story to help remind us that just because Hallmark tried to make this holiday warm, fuzzy, and full of love, there are still nefarious characters lurking about. Love Ben & Jill


Episode 16: Creepy Kids

Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of a child? Are their odd comments and mutterings to themselves innocent and imaginative or is it something more sinister? At the Fire is proud to present our first episode as part of the Screaming Pods Network, Episode 16: Creepy Kids. We bring you stories from a teacher who interacts with children on a regular basis, a tale of a newly found identity in a young boy, and a tragic story of a group therapy session gone wrong. So make sure those kids are...


Episode 15: Spirits, Specters, and Ghosts, Oh My! Part 2 - Ghosts FO REAL

How would you like to spend your childhood getting tucked in every night by the woman who died in your closet? This episode, special guest storyteller, Corinne, joins us to share her experience growing up with a ghost! Co-host Jill reminisces about the time she lived in a haunted apartment and we share one Redditor's battle with some unexplained activity inside their childhood bedroom.


Episode 14: Stranger Danger - Sisterhood of the Traveling Horror Stories

This episode we take you into the heart of Peru when Redditor u/ArdenArcade's study abroad adventure turned sour. We'll also give you plenty of reasons to just down that extra Red Bull rather than stopping at the empty motel right off of the somewhat abandoned highway. And Jill shares her run-in while on a road trip with her friends from college. That's right! We're giving you plenty of reasons not to book your spring break trip this year, so dig yourself into a nice, comfy hole of blankets,...


Episode 13: Aliens and UFOs - With ExtraTerrestrial, Please

Get those tin foil hats ready! This episode, we're shifting our attention away from the terrestrial fears of spirits, specters, and ghosts to bring you three intergalactic tales surely to leave you wondering “are we really alone?!” We'll ponder one of the most baffling alien abductions in recorded history, recount the night we saw lights in the sky, and hear about one Redditor's abduction firsthand! Come join us At the Fire!


Episode 12: Spirits, and Specters, and Ghosts, Oh My! Part 1 - Ghosts Busted

We're back! After a short break, we've returned to help you get through this holiday season by bringing binge-worthy stories every other week that will surely be more terrifying than your next family gathering! Join us this episode where we'll tackle ghost busting! We bring you the tale of a classic American haunting, an even more modern twist on the paranormal activity front, and one story that will have you itching to go check out your local museum. Remember listeners, the simpler...


Episode 11: Halloween Spooktacular, Part Two

We're sharing four super spooky true stories to satisfy those morbid Halloween desires. Ghosts, murder, and the darkest side of camping. It's all At the Fire tonight.


Episode 10: Halloween Spooktacular, Part One

Tonight, we're bringing you two true and terrifying tales. One takes us to a remote island in Mexico where visitors pay their respects to a gruesome local legend. The other will have you squirming in disbelief at one woman's real-life medical miracle.


Episode 9: The Origin of Halloween

Join us tonight where we'll explore the truth behind the most terrifying holiday of the year. We're talking about the origins of Halloween and all the creepy happenings around the celebration.


Episode 9: The Origin Halloween

Join us tonight where we'll explore the truth behind the most terrifying holiday of the year. We're talking about the origins of Halloween and all the creepy happenings around the celebration.


Episode 8: Julie and Katherine's Haunted Adventure

This week, gather 'round At the Fire and experience the story first hand! Hear Jill and a special guest make their way through a local haunted house. We'll learn all about the horrors lurking within Rotten Manor and see if Jill makes it out of the forest alive.


Episode 7: "What's your favorite scary movie?"

This week we're stepping away from the typical tales and will be sharing stories from the big screen. Beware - these films will cause you to lose sleep. You've been warned.