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AutoLooks AutoPod will take you back in time, jump to other side of the world and even teach you some long lost information about the automotive industry we all love. So sit back and take a listen, as we bring the automotive world, to you. Everett J.

AutoLooks AutoPod will take you back in time, jump to other side of the world and even teach you some long lost information about the automotive industry we all love. So sit back and take a listen, as we bring the automotive world, to you. Everett J.




AutoLooks AutoPod will take you back in time, jump to other side of the world and even teach you some long lost information about the automotive industry we all love. So sit back and take a listen, as we bring the automotive world, to you. Everett J.








Copycat H.M.G. - 0080

Hyundai got its start with some help from Ford. Utilizing the Cortina as their own they paved the way for the Korean auto industry. Now they are one of the top five biggest automakers out there, so why are they still copying other companies designs. This is a question we have for the Hyundai Motor Group, as AutoLooks dives deep into their past to bring to light the copying background of the Hyundai Motor Groups divisions. Everett J. #autolooks,


Luxury Trucks - 0079

Luxury and Truck really don't seem to go together well. But in our automotive world today, it seems they do, as more and more companies have luxury options for their trucks. This is most prominent in North America with our full size trucks. But why are luxury makes having a hard time with this market? We answer that and more on this podcast. Everett J. #autolooks


Automotive Inspiration - 0078

Everyone is inspired by something, but what inspired you. AutoLooks takes a look at the ways we were inspired or influenced into the automotive world. Want to know more about inspiration, just listen below, or take a look at our site. Everett J. #autolooks


Dacia - 0077

Known as the budget brand from Renault, Dacia is more than just that. Their history is littered with bad news, but in the end, it all worked out. Come with us as we take a look at this little brand, who proved to be more than meets the eye. It's the brand we all love and now its time to love it some more. Everett J. #autolooks


Stellantis Cargo - 0076

With two (2) brands dedicated to commercial use and an option from nearly every division, Stellantis has one of the largest commercial product ranges in the world. But how will they manage all of these brands and move themselves into the future. AutoLooks takes a look at how they can utilize what they have to move into the world of tomorrow. Everett J. #autolooks @Autolooks


Get N or Get Out! - 0075

Hyundai's journey towards the N performance brand has been a long and unusual one. From its humble beginnings as a turbo on sports car, all the way to a dedicated performance brand, Hyundai has gone through it all. And now it is time to take a look at its journey and ask a few questions about its future. So, sit back and relax as AutoLooks takes you down memory lane. Everett J. #autolooks


Subscription Required - 0074

With less people looking to purchase new vehicles and rental companies dying, its no wonder that someone would make a subscription service for vehicles. But will this be the future or just a fad, as we all move back to the suburbs. AutoLooks takes a look at this new market and how it can help the industry survive. So come with us as we take you on a trip into subscription car services. Everett J. #autolooks, @AutoLooks


Ford Ranger - 0073

Back in 2019 we finally got a new Ranger after years of waiting and seeing the great looking product they had across the pond. Now its time for the Ranger to rise again. This time they are bringing the Raptor to our shores. AutoLooks takes a look at how it all started and how it all went wrong, as we take a look the life and times of the Ford Ranger. Everett J. #autolooks efBm5YNdkrV4m7zoiPfA


Dying Rental Companies - 0072

With the near fallout of Hertz in 2020, it seems that the times may be changing for rental companies. Less people are owning or driving cars in major urban centers. Uber and Lyft are picking up more people each year and now the introduction of dedicated delivery and transportation pods, the rental industry has a lot of competition on their hands. Now add in subscription cars and their market could be near its end. So how can we help this market? Check out our podcast below for the...


COVID‘s Rush to the Suburbs - 0071

COVID may have changed our everyday life, but it also spurred growth in odd places. A rush to small towns and suburban life has been rekindled due to our lockup and new ability to work from home. But how is this rush back to the suburb's going to affect the transportation system of tomorrow? AutoLooks takes a look at how it is going to change both the products in the market and the setup of the burbs. Everett J. #autolooks


Cheech & Chong Lowrider Culture - 0069

Lowriders are part of the aftermarket world, no matter what someone tells you. But did you know that Cheech and Chong helped influence its rise during the 70's and 80's. We take a look back at how they did it and how their influence changed both cinematic and lowrider culture. Everett J. #autolooks


American Divisions of the Big 3 - 0070

The American Auto Industry has gone through a lot of changes over the years. With new divisions to fill in gaps in their lineup, to shuttering complete divisions who have lost their way. They made it through both the British and Asian invasions. For now it looks to be on good times, but changes are on the way for some of our beloved divisions, as we transition to an alternative fuel future. Who will survive and who will perish? Everett J. #autolooks


Electric Mall - 0068

Malls have changed over the years and it seems like they are about to die out. But can the electric future, which is upon us, help bring it back. AutoLooks seems to think so. This week we are taking a look at how the alternative fuel transportation of tomorrow, could help revive our once great malls. Everett J. #autolooks, @Autolooks


Copycat Culture - 0067

Copycats are essentially all around us, as most companies are a copy of what Henry Ford gave the world. But today some companies go even further and make their products look exactly like the competition. Why do they do this? Well, there are many reasons as to why and that is what this podcast is about. Everett J. #autolooks,,


Rise of the Green Transport - 0005

Could the future of the the way we transport products be in the hands of three rivals. We think so as it seems not many others are willing to jump into the future of transportation yet. But this battle has a few hurtles to cover before a king can be named a new energy be fully utilized to transport our products. So sit back and listen to how Tesla, Nikola and XOS (Thor) will move your products. Everett J.


Pacifica‘s New Niche - 0066

Chrysler has unlocked a few more niche markets within the Van segment. Can this help improve their market share and will the competition let this go on for long? Only time will tell. Well, that and the Podcast. Click to learn more about Chrysler's new van markets here. Everett J. #autolooks, @autolooks


Rise of the Cross-Trek - 0004

Hitch a ride with us as we take you back to a time when vans ruled the world and the term cross-trek had never been heard of. One company decided not to stand with the van market and decided to go out on their own and carve out their own niche. They wouldn't last due to a fallout in the market, but from their ashes would rise a new leader who would bring the cross-trek market to the world. So sit back and listen to how a simple idea turned into one the fastest growing segments in today's...


Bond Villain Cars - 0028

James Bond has had a few great vehicles, but what about the vehicles which are chasing him. There have been a few great ones and one which would go down as his greatest foe ever. AutoLooks takes a look at what has been chasing Bond around, as we uncover the most memorable villain rides. Everett J. #autolooks, @autolooks


Coupe Vs. Coupe Profile - 0003

Death is knocking on the coupe's door and it seems that they soon may answer. Of course that may not be without a fight. As we have moved into the world of CUV's and families with less vehicles, it seems that real world coupe model has been on the decline. Although we have a few still around, the coupe segment is dropping and this could be due the CUV and sedan segments. But can the coupe segment hold out against the rise of the coupe profiles? Take a listen and find out for yourself....


Stellantis Performance - 0065

Performance may not be high on everyone's priority list these days, but there is still a need and a market for it. AutoLooks takes a look at what Stellantis now has to work with, to help keep the performance train moving into the future. With two (2) dedicated brands and many performance sub-brands, there is a world of possibilities for this new corporation. Let's take a look at what they have. Everett J. #autolooks