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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH BITCHES this episode is dedicated to Colt because not only did we just end pride month, we started his birthday month! cheers to the girls and the gays bby love u guys <3


what happened to laci?

we’re back again with another case episode… this one hits close to home for us because it happened in our own hometown that we grew up in, the laci peterson case SHOCKED the world and gives me the chills thinking about everything that happened in it. don’t know about this case? listen on this episode, we did our research for you guys and you’ll love the way we present it to you guys! thank u as ALWAYS, love, us 🤍


mental health rockz

hi everyone! this week in honor of mental health awareness month, we talk about our mental health state and how we help ourselves. its not something that's easy to talk about, but we thought us using this platform to speak on something so big in our lives would help not only us, but everyone listening to show that you're not alone! we care about you and you should too.. xo Colt & Sandra if you need further help, please use these to your advantages... MHA- 1-800-273-TALK National...


damn were so lit

hey friends! this honor of 420 episode was a random one we decided to film and talk about but hey we promise its worth the stay! were all over the place per usual but this time high as sh*t... enjoy!! xo Colt & Sandra <3


bitch im an aries

hi loves! sorry we took a mental health break last week but this week were back and paying tribute to Sandras birthday! lets all join together and chill in honor of her, we love u guys! xo Sandra & Colt


spring breakers 4eva

hi hotties! its a spring break edition podcast this week! lets talk papas & beer (iykyk) haha. our story and struggle to get to Rosarito! grab ur margarita and relax with us <3 love u guys, xo Colt & Sandra


because we got high

HI HI HI in todays episode were getting stoned and talking about funny experiences and stories of our past as potheads! this episode was so much fun & funny to record so we hope you guys feel the same and love it! come and get high with us (of course if it's legal and your of legal age) and listen to some funny shit! we love u guys! xo Colt & Sandra


lets talk about elisa lam

hi babes! surprise, we're doing a mystery podcast! we've been wanting to do one for so long and we finally talk about a long case that has everyone wondering what happened. we apologize in advance for the mess because its our first "murder mystery" type podcast, but it'll get better in time when we do more! we hope you enjoy because this is the first of many! love you guys, xo Colt & Sandra


surprise bitches!

oh my goshhhhh! hi lovlies and welcome back to our podcast for season 2!! were back for more fun & better things to come your ways... disclaimer: its been a while recording so sorry in advance for the breathing in the mic :( next one we promise will be the A1 quality you know and love! enjoy our updates, catching up, what's to come & some TEAAAA we love you guys! happy to be back.


this is the end...

hi our loves! sadly... good things come to an end. is this the last of our podcast? or just the season? listen to find out! xo, but did we lie?


itz crizmuz

HAPPY HOLIDAZE BABIES! We hope you ALL have an amazing holiday season and safe Christmas! A little holiday joy and cheer to this crazy year with this new podcast episode! We love you all and happy holidays. xo, But Did We Lie?


we did this for what?

hi babes! we took a week break for some mental reasons but were back with an episode about all the jobs we've had! come see why we hop jobs & can't stay content with the money we make. if it aint about the cash we don't wanna talk! love you guys <3 xo, but did we lie


das jus my baby dawg

hi beautiful ppl! this episode we wanted you to get to know our doggies that have a huge part in our life! a little conversational poddy so let us know what you think.. love you guys! xo, but did we lie?


2 shots of vodka... (feat. Hector & Karla)

hi lovers! this week we wanted to take a little break and get drunk with you guys! we have our 2 best friends joining us to talk about some nonsense that we have and the memories we've made! It's unedited and raw and real messy, so get ready to hear what our loudmouthed drunk personalities have to say. DISCLAIMER- we do not condone or advertise the use of alcohol for anyone under the age of 21. be responsible! xo


orange was an imposter

Hi Babes! Today we talk about the Presidential election and spill all the tea about how we feel about the outcome and what we hope to see for the future. Also we talk about some conspiracies and theories that other people have made. Disclaimer: These are our opinions and how we feel, if you don't feel the same or don't like politic talk catch us in another episode! xo but did we lie


wrong bitch

hey boss babies! heres a little personal development for your week to help make you become the baddest bitch you could ever be for yourself! we hope this motivates you to get out and make a change to choose your happiness over everything. we both love you and have a great week! <3 xo


cindy! the TV's leaking... (feat. AJ)

Hi babes! We wanted to bring a little SPOOK to this week in dedication to Halloween week so we hope you guys enjoy this podcast. We talk about Halloween experiences, movies & paranormal activities! We brought on Colt's boyfriend, Anthony, to give us a little help with this one! We thought it would be fun to get a little insight on Halloween topics with another Halloween lover. Let us know what you think about this episode on our Instagram & don't forget to share! We love you guys!


and they were roommates...

Hi everyone! Time to get to know us a little on this new episode I hope everyone's ready! We're still getting used to everything... and learning how to use other words than "like" haha! So hopefully it doesn't bug you guys too much... we promise were improving! These are the basics of our friendship, but trust us we'll have more storytimes following to come! Thank you for supporting & we love you guys!


a... podcast?

Hi everyone! We hope you enjoy the first episode we have for everyone. It's a little intro to give you a little more insight into what we will be covering on our platform! Were still getting used to everything so we apologize in advance for any minor flaws in this episode. We are learning a lot and improving each episode with speaking and editing so hopefully, you stick around and watch us grow! We love you guys, thank you for supporting our dreams!