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Talk about coffee, food, movies and technology!

Talk about coffee, food, movies and technology!
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Talk about coffee, food, movies and technology!




Episode 107 - All about coffee

All about coffee! Well this is a special one, we have one of the best coffee roasters of the India and one of the only 25 coffee quality graders Mithilesh Valzawar. His amazing journey from introduction to coffee to passing the QGrader exam in Melbourne to opening his coffee roasting company Corridor Seven coffee to adding a coffee shop. This is sheer romance with coffee and passion about making the one cup that gets you going for the day or keep you going strong on a gloomy day! This was...


Episode 106 - Bollywood in 2018

Well what happened in Bollywood in 2018 or what happened in 2018 to Bollywood. To answer this important question we have two special guests Darpan and Parikshat, the two gurus of the movies and our dear friends. We all talk about what movies you should watch and what you should for sure avoid from last year, what do we look for in the movies and what scenes and specific bits about the films we loved from 2018. @darpankatariya - Darpan @tyagiparikshat - Parikshat The opening music is from...


Episode 105 - New year Resolutions

Happy new year to all! This episode is all about the new year resolutions you have kept, you want to keep and ones you are never able to keep. There are few conventional ones and few very funny ones. They take a serious turn and talk about the things you should actually do in your power to make the world and your life a better place. Lets start this new year with an awesome episode and what start good ends even better... Wiki Pedia Donation Link...


Episode 104 - Jingle Balle!

Happy holidays everybody! in this festive Christmas episode Piyush and Prag talk about the mystery of Santa Clause and what is the Christmas celebration and decoration all about! Here are some video links they talk about in the show. Have a superb new year! Adam Savage Secret Santa - The opening music is from Pranav Bhasin, go check him out on sound cloud.


Episode 103 - How do you like them apple's

The third episode of the season brings you answer to few mysteries in their lives. Which phone did Prag bought even after giving advance payment for a different phone! Is Piyush secretly and apple fan boy? What they like and what they don't like about apple's innovations and android phone variety that is out there. Experiences from a normal person point of view and what they think know about the products they use and buy. The reasoning behind buying a phone for themselves and their wives....


Episode 102 - To cook or not to!

This episode revolves around Piyush and Prag's love for home cooked food and how they came about making some awesome (as per them) dishes. They talk about culture of eating out in Vancouver, Montreal, Mumbai and Thailand and take aways and how convenient could that be! How they were doing it when they were young. What are the advantages of knowing what you are eating to the very basic spices and oils. Also how you can get into cooking by pre cut veggies and meat anywhere. Here are few links...


Episode101 - Let's get talking!

In this introductory episode of baaton ki therapy, Prag and Piyush will talk about the podcasts they love to listen to and the idea that sparked their friendship and why they ended up with two mics in front of them and recording their podcasts! Therapy for all! Here are few podcasts they absolutely love to listen to! The WAN show - Latest in tech news Ear Biscuits - Random topics of two life long friends and youtube juggernauts Still Untitled - Cool gadgets, films and cosplaying How I...