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Comparing childhoods with my 10 year old.

Comparing childhoods with my 10 year old.
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Comparing childhoods with my 10 year old.




Back In My Day - Bonus Episode

For a limited time you can earn 300 podcoin points by using the code BackInMyDay when signing up for Podcoin. I personally love the app, you earn points for things like starbucks, amazon and charity while listening to your favorite podcasts. Also, for the next two weeks, you earn bonus podcoin points just for listening to ours. Honestly, the app is pretty cool and easy to use and your'e already listening to to podcasts so why not? Today is a bonus episode with a friend of ours Wade who...


Back In My Day - Batman 2012

Genevieve and I discuss the most recent batman which came out when she was 3. Having gone down this journey with her she has discovered she likes batman. Ergo, we were delayed in completing the podcast because rather than watching three batman movies....she watched all the batman movies. Well...except Adam West...guess we better find a copy of that next. As she now has a full variety to compare we rehash the 1995 one vs the 2012. Her answer surprised me. I truly didn't expect the one she...


Back In My Day - Batman 1995

Genevieve and I revisit the #2 grossing film from "back in my day" Batman Forever. Having previously watched the batman of 1949 to give her an idea of the progression for that style of film. Just a brief review of it as she has never watched the most recent Batman movie and therefore can't fully comprehend the difference just yet. Next week we will review the 2012 film as well as comparing all three and deciding if our old brains were truly as old as she thinks back in...


Back In My Day - Movies

Today we go back to 1949 to watch the early Batman. This is obviously not "back in my day" however for a full comparison of "back in my day" to the superhero movies of today it only made sense to see the full spectrum. Music: Barroom Ballet - Kevin MacLeod Dial-Up Modem Remix - Isaac Miell


Back In My Day - Entertainment

We discuss how children (ten year olds) entertained themselves "back in my day". I brought a treat bag of a few classics from back in my day. Unfortunately I didn't spot my giga pet right away otherwise I might have ripped the back off, changed the battery and allowed her to give it a try. Though I don't think it differs all that much from their app "my boo". We finish off today being usurped by the tiny twosome who guess the age of Blippi.


Back In My Day - Communication

Genevieve and I go through the various forms of communication "back in my day" including her first time hearing the dial-up sound. Also throw back to my brief Sprint & Nextel call centre career. Music by Kevin McLeod


Back In My Day A D'awesome Podcast

I have been made to feel ancient by my 10 year old daughter. I sit down to discuss some of the things she didn't realize about, "back in my day." When we churned our own butter, lead oxen to the nearby village to trade it for goods and wares. And yes, my darling daughter, we DID have water slides. Music by Kevin MacLeod - Barroom Ballet Photo Maternity wear of the 1800's modeled by yours truly at Grand Pré