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Talking Coffee + Nitro Cold Brew with Jordan Cortazzo: Sn 3, Ep 123

Caffeinating workplaces can be expensive, unsustainable, or, with the dreaded instant coffee, unpalatable! Nitro Cold Brew has become increasingly popular movement in the United States, and is now making waves in Australia. Using nitrogen gives the coffee a rich, creamy style without using any dairy and, I can personally verify, it tastes delicious! Jordan Cortazzo is an entrepreneur and coffee connoisseur, who during his time as a barista and coffee bean merchant, was inspired to provide a...


Future Proof Yourself and Your Business With Penny Locaso: Sn 3, Ep 122

The future of technology is both uncertain and disruptive, requiring many of our current systems in business and life to radically change in the next decade. With the speed of technology and AI advancements moving exponentially, it is crucial for our society, particularly our corporate and professional leaders to understand technology and embrace the changes of the future, in order to future proof our workforce and businesses. Penny Locaso, Founder and CEO of BKindred is an expert in...


Goal Setting To Kick Start 2019 With Matthew Michalewicz; Sn 3 - Ep 121

Truthful and hard hitting, Matthew Micalewicz's book Life in Half a Second provides direction to achieve your goals and aspirations in less time, with less risk. As 2019 begins, it's the perfect time to re-visit my interview with Matthew where he shares what steps to take, to achieve success in your career, business, or personal life. Matthew has more than 20 years of experience in starting and running high-growth tech companies, especially in the areas of machine learning, predictive...


My Year Long Facebook Live Experiment + What I Learnt: Sn 3, Ep 120

Coming live to you on Monday 24th December, in this episode I wanted to wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas and to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your support in listening to my podcast - I sincerely appreciate each and every one of my listeners, thank you for joining me on this journey. Does Facebook algorithm favour Live Video? To find out, I released a Facebook Live Video (almost) every week in 2018, now I can share with you what I learnt! Before I take some time off to spend...


SouthStart: Supporting Future Australian StartUps - Sn 3, Ep 119

SouthStart was back with a bang in 2018 - successful in their mission to unite, connect and recognise amazing people doing incredible things. Across the 2 day conference, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and innovators came together in a celebration of people, ideas and technology. An exciting opportunity for startups to unite in their passion for shaping our future - it was eye opening to hear where some of these new directions could take us. Live from SouthStart, I speak to three people heavily...


Tobi Pearce On How To Build An International Business - Ep 118, Sn 3

Growth in business can seem elusive and difficult to obtain, yet 26 year old Tobi Pearce, is very clear on the methods, the conditions, and the mindsets that has driven his international business success. In this forthcoming interview, Tobi shares many strategies and tools, that helped him build a global fitness business. Tobi Pearce, together with his fiancè Kayla Itsines, have built a highly successful online fitness company that attracts millions of customers and followers. His...


Adelaide Fringe - Behind The Scenes With Festival Director, Heather Croall

The Adelaide Fringe Festival is a hugely successful example of an open access arts festival, that is recognised Internationally as one of the best. Adelaide Fringe not only supports the local arts industry but also attracts both National and Internal artists and visitors. A proud South Australian organisation, the team will coordinate 1300 shows in 2019 and are looking to beat the tickets sales of 700,000 tickets in 2018! Heather Croall is the Director and CEO of the Adelaide Fringe, and...


Listen To Your Unconscious Mind With Vanessa Jones; Sn 3 - Ep 116

Embracing positive risk is not only liberating, it can also deliver positive gains or benefits to your business in areas you may normally avoid due to risk of potential failure. Vanessa Jones is an expert copywriter who helps others to listen to their unconscious mind, helping them to successfully navigate the marketing world by teaching them to listen to their gut feelings. A freelance copywriter, Vanessa has also studied positive psychology, philosophy and she is a qualified yoga teacher....


Tips For A Successful Startup Business With Michelle Perugini - Sn 3, Ep 115

Moving from the academic to commercial sector is daunting, as the transition from research and testing, to selling in a competitive market, involves a steep learning curve. Michelle Perugini, is one example who has made the transition from academic science, to successful startup business. Combining a background as a stem cell biologist with the rising power of artificial intelligence, has seen Michelle become a leading technology innovator. She sold her first startup business to Ernst &...


Building Human Durability For Success with Derrick MacManus - Sn 3, Ep 114

Emotions can seem detrimental on our path to professional success, especially when decisions are driven by irrational responses. However there is a place for emotion in our professional lives and according to my guest this week, understanding this, helps improve human durability - or what is often referred to, as resilience. Derrick McManus is a survivor, to say the least, and he has incredible stories to tell. Derrick was in the South Australian Police Force for over 40 years, where he...


How To Improve Your Content Marketing With Cas McCullough - Sn 3, Ep 113

Creating appealing and readable content is a complex process; there is tension between what the author is explaining, and what your audience wants to read. Changing your perspective as a content writer can make your material more desirable and consumable. Cas McCullough is the founder and CEO of tech startup, Writally, which provides content recipes to help you write powerful marketing and blog content in less time. Cas has worked in content strategy for 8 years. As well as running...


Sharing Your Passion With Boho Bookworm, Jade Lee Wright - Sn 3, Ep 112

Sharing your passion with others is confronting, especially in age where there are so many competing voices on the internet. With a plethora of communication channels at our fingertips, it is difficult to know where to start your journey, in order to be heard. Jade Lee Wright is a book lover, who’s turned her love of literature into a multiplatform blog. Since 2010, Jade’s blog has blossomed through using Instagram, YouTube, and now podcasting. Books have had a deep and influential impact...


Tell Your Story Via Interior Design With Jacqui Dunn - Ep 111, Sn 3

Interior design has been linked to business success with a connection to improved sales and staff productivity. It considers the overall look and atheistic of a space, and the feeling they create, to ultimately shape the story that these feelings convey. With a career spanning over 19 years, Jacqui Dunn has become a trusted name for interior design projects in Adelaide. A Co-Founder of The Travelling Stylist - an Interior Design and Styling firm, Jacqui is also a presenter on the Channel 9...


Building Trust Through Social Media With Mel Kettle - Sn 3, Ep 110

Social media platforms provide huge opportunities to communicate with your audience. However, understanding which channel to use and how to successfully engage people to know, like and trust your organisation on social media can be overwhelming. Mel Kettle is a communication and social media expert, helping organisations communicate effectively so they build and maintain relationships with their staff, customers and stakeholders. Mel is particularly passionate about encouraging her clients...


Improving Your Corporate Identity With Spiros Giannos - Ep 109, Sn 3

Your corporate identity is about so much more than just your logo and brand colours. Your identity or brand is the essence of your business that distinguishes your organisation or product from your competitors, in the eyes of your customers. Sipros Giannos is the Design Director of DesignLab, the business he started to answer a marketplace need for a more flexible, targeted and collaborative approach to design. His focus is to deliver creativity that visually connects your business with...


Write Your Business Story With Kylee Bristow - Sn 3 Ep 108

The art of copywriting is an important skill. With more diverse audiences accessing information from multiple sources, the ability to write your business story to suit specific platforms and attract your target audience, could be the difference between obscurity or success. Kylee Bristow is a corporate communications specialist and trainer, and the Director of Lexi Communications. Kylee recently invited me to present at the Business Writers Conference in Brisbane, and whilst there, we sat...


How To Start Podcasting with Rory Noke - Sn 3, Ep 107

Podcasting popularity continues to grow, and exciting things are predicted for podcast numbers in 2019. In the lead up to International Podcasting Day, I sat down with fellow Adelaide podcast enthusiast, Rory Noke to hear his thoughts on world of podcasting. Rory is PodBooth’s Co-owner, as well as their audio and video producer. He has over 10 years broadcast experience, previously working with ABC, Network Ten and Channel 7. Rory is a podcaster himself and was selected as a Host of the...


Supporting Women In Business With Donny Walford - Sn 3, Ep 106

Donny Walford is the founder of DW Bottom Line Transition Strategists™ and DW Behind Closed Doors®. She has an enviable record of success working with boards, executive, senior management and business owners across industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. According to Donny, "it's lonely at the top for men, but it's even lonelier for women as there's just not enough of us". In today's episode of Be The Drop, Donny discusses the critical importance for women to invest in...


The Importance Of Simplicity In Web Marketing With Alex Counsell

Understanding and delivering successful Web Marketing has become increasingly important in business. To find out more about how businesses are extending their leadership in this area, I sat down with Alex Counsell, the Web Marketing Manager at Le Cordon Bleu. Alex is an advertising and marketing professional with over 20 years experience in agencies and big-brand corporate marketing teams. After a career in London, he moved to Australia and has since helped some of Australia’s biggest...


The Wonder Of Technology With Amie DD - Sn 3, Ep 104

AmieDD is a maker of things. With a background in Game Programming and Simulation, Amie Danielle Dansby is a Software Engineer with a passion for code and cosplay. Whilst at Hybrid World Adelaide recently, I managed a quick interview to discuss the wonder of technology with AmieDD. Starting her career at Marvel Studios, working on Captain America and X-Men Destiny, she transitioned to Research and Development, working on the Xbox and Playstation. AmieDD is currently one of the Co-Founders...