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Supporting Women In Business With Donny Walford - Sn 3, Ep 106

Donny Walford is the founder of DW Bottom Line Transition Strategists™ and DW Behind Closed Doors®. She has an enviable record of success working with boards, executive, senior management and business owners across industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. According to Donny, "it's lonely at the top for men, but it's even lonelier for women as there's just not enough of us". In today's episode of Be The Drop, Donny discusses the critical importance for women to invest in...


The Importance Of Simplicity In Web Marketing With Alex Counsell

Understanding and delivering successful Web Marketing has become increasingly important in business. To find out more about how businesses are extending their leadership in this area, I sat down with Alex Counsell, the Web Marketing Manager at Le Cordon Bleu. Alex is an advertising and marketing professional with over 20 years experience in agencies and big-brand corporate marketing teams. After a career in London, he moved to Australia and has since helped some of Australia’s biggest...


The Wonder Of Technology With Amie DD - Sn 3, Ep 104

AmieDD is a maker of things. With a background in Game Programming and Simulation, Amie Danielle Dansby is a Software Engineer with a passion for code and cosplay. Whilst at Hybrid World Adelaide recently, I managed a quick interview to discuss the wonder of technology with AmieDD. Starting her career at Marvel Studios, working on Captain America and X-Men Destiny, she transitioned to Research and Development, working on the Xbox and Playstation. AmieDD is currently one of the Co-Founders...


Building A Community On Instagram With Chloe Jane

Chloe Jane is a kindred spirit, who shares my passion for the incredible power of storytelling. Taking her love of creative writing and combining it with her skills in visual storytelling, Chloe Jane now helps a range of clients to answer questions such as > how to build your Instagram profile? Chloe Jane loves creating beautiful social content and teaching people tips and techniques, to curate an authentic online presence. She describes herself a driven and dreamy 'ideas girl', with a...


How To Build A Successful YouTube Channel With Muselk

Elliott Watkins, better known online as Muselk, is a 22 year old Australian YouTuber based in Sydney. With over 6.3 Million subscribers to his YouTube Channel and nearly 1.8 Billion total video views since launching, Muselk has established international credibility as a YouTube content creator. But what does it take to build a successful YouTube Channel? How do you create initial momentum to attract subscribers and grow your channel? Muselk's channel grows by an average of 18,000...


Latest Marketing Insights From Social Media Day Adelaide - Sn 3, Ep 101

Social media seems to be evolving at a rate that makes my head spin. It can get confusing and it's certainly a challenge to keep up. That's why events like Social Media Day Adelaide, packed full of the latest industry insights and real business applications, are so incredibly valuable. Established in 2015 by three passionate marketers, Jennifer Evison, Rubina Carlson and Ryan Jones, wanted to create an opportunity to share social media knowledge, with the aim of making it accessible to...


Interview Techniques For Storytelling With Marc Fennell - Sn 3, Ep 100

What does is take to be a good interviewer? How do you capture content in order to create a story that will take your audience on a journey - and keep them with you until the end? As a content creator and storyteller, these are questions I search to answer as I work to continually improve my interview techniques. Sitting down at Hybrid World Adelaide with Marc Fennell, renowned Australian radio, tv and podcast interviewer and presenter was therefore a huge honour (and also slightly...


When Technology and Humanity Collide - LIVE from Hybrid World Adelaide

What does it mean to live and communicate in Hybrid World? Technology advancements are increasingly making our lives easier as machine learning, ai + robots improve process delivery. However at the same time, humans need to decide how we want to shape our digital life. As more of our data is captured in order to deliver these efficiencies, what are the boundaries we believe are necessary, in order to protect individuals privacy and what are the ethical parameters we want to implement on how...


Practical SEO Tips To Build Your Online Business - with Chaz McGregor

This podcast episode is packed with pure gold SEO tips from someone who's worked in the field for 18 years. Chaz McGregor's SEO journey began around the turn of the millennium, working for one of the early search engine marketing businesses in Adelaide. Fast forward to now and his business New Order Digital manages the complex digital advertising requirements of multiple brands. On his journey, Chaz has been captivated by the power of bringing people to a website and turning them into...


How Can SEO Help Your Business? With Mark Kirk

As more and more people turn to online searches to find information, there is increasing pressure to understand how SEO helps business be found online. Founder of SEO Marketer, Mark Kirk, began building and optimising websites 22 years ago - before google was even google!! Today SeoMarketer employs 8 Australian based team members and 3 international full time employees. Over the years much has changed but the fundamental requirement for businesses to generate leads from their marketing...


Podcast Insights from Pocket Casts Developer – Russell Ivanovic

Pocket Casts is my favourite app for listening to podcasts, and I'm not alone. Recently listed by TIME as one of the 5 best podcast apps, Pocket Casts receives international recognition as one of the leading listening platforms. I was therefore very excited to interview Russell Ivanovic, Pocket Casts Co-Founder and Developer. Russell + Co-Founder Philip Simpson, developed their first app in 2008 - an Australian weather app, which became number 1 in the app store in Australia. Two years...


CEO Sleepout - Working Together to Address Homelessness

This week’s episode was recorded live from the CEO Sleepout where sharing stories helps raise awareness and generate much needed funds for those in need. David Wark, CEO for Vinnies SA recently wrote "Homelessness shouldn’t exist in Australia. There shouldn’t be hunger in Australia. And surely there are enough clothes for all. Vinnies is doing our best to address all of this and it’s with your support that this becomes so much more possible." On Thursday 21st June, I joined over 130...


Tips for Building a Good Website – with Tyson Brady

In today's crowded digital marketplace, the performance of your website is so important to your business. Yet many SME's struggle to understand what is required to develop an online presence that is functional, engaging and visible in search results. Unless you know a web developer, that is! Tyson Brady is a freelance website developer and former graphic designer. So, as an introduction to our Online Storytelling Program, that looks at how to generate leads from online storytelling, Tyson...


Connection & Positive Impact – with Cathy Beaton, Vinnies

Cathy Beaton is an incredible woman. As South Australian State President of Vinnies, her work is integral to the positive impact that Vinnies has on the thousands of homeless people in South Australia. This is a cause that troubles me deeply. So this year, I will once again participate in the CEO Sleepout, spending the night outside, on the street in the cold and wet of mid winter, to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the vulnerable and needy within our community. In today's...


Why You Should Never Give Up In Business with Victoria Fox

Victoria Fox combines that wonderful mix of friendly and approachable, with hard working and professional; and you're aware of it from the first minute you meet her. As Owner of Adelaide Skydeck, and also the General Manager at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, she has many valuable business insights to share. Victoria has built an award winning team at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, guiding them to win the accolade of Best Business Event Venue, firstly in South Australia and...


How To Optimise Your Digital Content With Amelia + Jojo

The digital content landscape is a noisy space that is constantly evolving. The rate at which this marketing space changes often leaves businesses and marketers with their heads spinning - myself included! So this week, I sit down with my Narrative Marketing team member Jojo Furnival to share some key tips that we’ve learned about how to achieve success with online content. Jojo started blogging for business in 2010, and has witnessed firsthand the evolution of digital content and online...


Big Hairy Audacious Business Advice with Luke Talbot-Male

It's important in small business to get the right business advice. I can safely say that my guest this week, Luke Talbot-Male, can be counted on to give it! Launching a surf school in Port Elliot in 2001 was Luke's way of mingling business with adventure. And what an adventure it has been! At one point, Luke managed 15 different brands and operations, including Heysen Trail walking tours, a team building activities company, a Kangaroo Island backpacker hostel, restaurant, cabin park, and...


Personal Branding Tips From Brand Expert Kristen Werner

These days, it's not enough to have a corporate brand. You need a personal brand too. In some industries, it's more important than others. But across the board, adopting some basic personal branding tips could take your networking and sales efforts to the next level. In today's episode of Be The Drop, I chat to Kristen Werner of KW.Brands about authenticity and visual branding. Plus, she reveals some powerful tips for developing a compelling personal brand. To explore this topic in more...


How Storytelling Can Be Used To Sell

All of us working in small to medium sized business are acutely aware of the importance of sales to ongoing success. But despite this, it is not uncommon for there to be a reluctance or unease about knowing how to sell. Sometimes it's as though "sales" is a dirty word. But it's not! And even if your business doesn't have a dedicated salesperson, there are some changes you can make that will help sharpen your sales focus - in a natural and organic way. In today's episode of Be The Drop, I...


The Human Element In Business - with Phil Scardignio

Phil Scardigno knows A LOT about business. He began his business journey at the tender age of 23 in a family startup manufacturing innovative solvent free bitumen membranes. Today Axis Group has numerous businesses within its portfolio, including new online business Monsta for DIY enthusiasts, and Axis Constructions, a market leader in the construction and metal roofing and cladding industries. In today's episode of Be The Drop, we discuss entrepreneurship and startups, how important...