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Leading voices within various fields share their thoughts on Norway-India.

Leading voices within various fields share their thoughts on Norway-India.




Leading voices within various fields share their thoughts on Norway-India.




The Modern India Podcast #25-DFAVO:Helping students grow faster, smarter & together worldwide

Dfavo® - formerly known as - has developed a fast, easy to use online service that enables access to education worldwide. By digitizing the application services the team have developed a popular solution to make international student recruitment both secure and transparent. This is clean and efficient Scandinavian communications design that improves the experience for applicant, counsellor, and university. We have with us Pål Kvalheim and Harinder Aulakh, the founders of...


The Modern India Podcast #24-Foodtech:A foundation boon to sustainable food system

DMI invited Ganesh Shenoy, Chair of the Board of the Norwegian Business Association of India (NBAI)for a c-suite conversation on Foodtech: a foundation boon to sustainable food systems. Shenoy is also CFO & VP IT, MTR Foods Pvt Ltd (owned by Orkla). Here is what was discussed: •What is FoodTech? How it has emerged and secured its place on the the market? •COVID-19 is changing how we work, travel, communicate, shop and more, but how has it shifted the focus of consumers with respect to...


The Modern India Podcast #23-India’s Population Policy

India has given the world many of its leading intellectuals. We are proud to have with us Dr. Parakala Prabhakar , a well known Indian political economist, political commentator, economic, and social affairs. Dr Prabhakar was an advisor to the Andhra Pradesh government from 2014 to 2018 and he is the Managing Director of RightFOLIO. Dr Parakala Prabhakar does not shy away from being critical of the government while being the Finance Minister’s husband. By 2030, the two countries will...


The Modern India Podcast #22-How India will redesign the World

The Modern India was honoured to hold 3 events at Arendalsuka 2021. Day 1-How India will redesign the World The world was last designed seventy-five years ago. This is the time to look at a world redesign beyond the narrow national interests, to one which would serve the best interests of people and our planet. In the late nineteenth century, the three great powers were imperial Britain, the United States, and a rising Germany. In the mid-twentieth century, the US, Britain and the Soviet...


Det Moderne India Podcast #21 - Politics that works

Norway serves as an exemplary model for widespread adoption of EVs, achieved through a combination of smart incentives, infrastructure, and benevolent conditions. DMI invited the following for a seminar on Clubhouse to discuss the successful model of EV adoption in Norway. - Ola Elvestuen is a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party. He served as Minister of Climate and Environment from 2018 to 2020. - Jasmeet Khurana manages the mobility decarbonization project at the World Business...


Det Moderne India Podcast #12 - Kinas femårsplan og Atmanirbhar Bharat

One of Norway's leading experts on China, Knut Sørlie, joined us in this podcast episode. Listen to the episode and hear what he and Rina Sunder have to share when it comes to: Why does China have a 5 year plan? What is the status of the plan? Is India operating with a 5 year plan? Who has adopted the plan? We often hear Modi talk about a self-sufficient India. What does that entail? What is the main element of the plan? China and India's relationship seems conflicted. Can India...


Det Moderne India Podcast #11 - Norway-India cooperation and different leadership styles

In this episode Wayne Cheong and Rina Sunder are discussing


What does the UNSC have to do with business? | Ole Jacob Sending | UNSC Seminar guest

What does the UNSC have to do with business? What business does business have in the UNSC? Ole Jacob Sending is Director of Research at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and an adjunct researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). Sending holds a PhD (Dr. Polit.) from the University of Bergen, titled: “How does knowledge matter?”. His work is mainly focused on the role of international organizations in crisis management. He has previously worked as Senior Adviser...


Det Moderne India Podcast #7 - Space Exploration: The Big Picture

This space podcast dives into the big picture of what is going on in space exploration these days. Since the Moon race in the 60’s when it was the United States and the Soviet Union racing to put the first man on the surface of the Moon, the situation today is much more diversified. More countries are involved, both China, India, many European countries and new space nations like the United Arab Emirates, are initiating projects to explore the Moon and Mars. And not to forget Elon Musk with...