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Chatting Cafe Culture With Specialty Coffee Pro Rachel Snowden (#33)

Rachel Snowden is a speciality coffee pro who has been working in Cafes around Northern Ireland since she was 17. After getting a degree in psychology and working in the corporate world, Rachel decided to return to her roots and her passion: making coffee. Since then she has entered into several coffee competitions, managed several cafes and has even found the time to dream and scheme about opening her own someday. I met Rachel while she was managing Root and Branch in Ormeau Baths and...


How To Get A ‘Six-Pack Mind’ - Australian Endurance Athlete Tofe Evans (#32)

Absolute wildcard episode for you all today. In a bizarre twist of events we had the chance to sit down with Tofe Evans, an endurance athlete, public speaker and author from Australia. My friend (and accountant) Martin Gilchrist got in touch with Tofe during a Facebook Live session, found out he was in Scotland and invited Tofe to come and see Northern Ireland while he was ‘in the neighborhood’. The result was this event, recorded with a live audience and a podcast episode for...


Become The Best Version Of Yourself With Results Coach Kevin Young (#31)

Kevin Young spends his days peeling back the false beliefs and limiting mindsets each of us have. Whether it’s something from our past, pain we experience in the present or a national negativity etched into our psyche, Kevin is extremely interested - and talented - at challenging the voices in our heads with reason and truth. Check it out. Photo of Kevin and social profiles:


What Do You Want For Christmas?

We asked the people of Belfast.


Turn The Volume Up With Ross Moffett From Pop Up Original

Not all superheroes wear capes, in fact, some wear a suit and tie… Ross Moffett may sell cars by day, but at night he’s busy promoting and managing local bands to drive the local Northern Irish music scene through his venture Pop Up Original. After seeing the shortcomings in the local music industry, Ross set out on a mission to help musicians from Northern Ireland make it, make money and get their art out to the world. In this week’s show, we chat about the fear of failure, why most...


The Wonderful World Of Scent With Michael Morris From The Bearded Candle Makers (#28)

Fuelled by a passion for the outdoors and a genuine fascination with scent, Michael Morris went on to start The Bearded Candle Makers, a business that sells hand-crafted candles with exceptional scents. In this week’s show, we caught up with Michael to chat about the wonderful world of scent, how smell is closely connected to our memory and why more and more fellas are buying candles. This interview has been a real highlight of the year and I loved learning all about flow-state, how to...


Derry Fashionista Aoife Doherty From Sass & Halo (#27)

A few years ago Aoife Doherty ditched a career in law to pursue her dream of working in fashion. After studying and working abroad for a few years she came home to Derry and founded her own company Sass & Halo. Sass & Halo creates incredible decorative headwear for festivals, weddings and much more. From their workshop in Derry Craft Village, Aoife and her team have been able to create bespoke products for a global audience and even have a range stocked in TopShop. In this episode we...


Tea Master Oscar Woolley From Suki Tea ( #25)

What began as a St. Georges Market Start-Up has brewed into a global brand that serves award-winning tea in over 12 different countries. Discover the history of tea in Belfast, what Suki means in ancient Japanese and the final decision on whether you put your milk in first, or last... Photo and contact details of Oscar at


Pursuing Your Dream with Jude Henderson from OutsideIn (#24)

Meet Jude Henderson…The woman from Comber who packed in her Corporate job to pursue her dream and passion. Jude now works for OutsideIn, a street-wear brand that bridges the gap between society and homelessness through their unique wear on share one model. In this interview, we caught up with Jude to chat about the transition from a comfy steady job to start-up life, how to keep moving slowly towards your goals and why the big picture matters. Contact details and photo of Jude at:...


Creative Entrepreneur Linzi Rooney - Born And Bred + Studio Souk (#23)

…The photographer who became a silversmith before founding a creative charity and opening a shop in George Best City Airport. Our interview with Linzi Rooney was as diverse as her experience and passions. Tune in for a fun, energetic conversation about creativity, making money as an artist, life in the departures lounge and the importance of supporting quality, local goods. Linzi's Insta: Linzi's LinkedIn:...


Bill Wolsey - Owner of The Merchant Hotel, Bullitt, Little Wings, Dirty Onion and Much More (#22)

Meet Bill Wolsey, the Belfast-born man who has built a hospitality empire with some of the most noteworthy and memorable establishments in the UK. In this honest, casual conversation, Bill shares the lessons he’s learnt along the way, how Beannchor balances creativity with profitability and how he juggles a large portfolio while prioritising family.


Nancy Brown - Business Coach (#21)

Q: What do you get when you cross a New Yorker, creativity, entrepreneurship and resilience? A: Nancy Brown. Really enjoyed this chat with a personal mentor and friend of mine. We dive deep into the importance of work-life balance, how to bounce back after a freak accident and how getting better quality sleep could take your business to the next level. Nancy's LinkedIn: Enjoy!


Simon Worthington, Editor Of Turf & Grain Magazine (#20)

Meet the EY accountant with the coolest hobby ever: founding, running and editing the beautiful Turf & Grain magazine. Turf & Grain is a super-high-quality, slow-cooked magazine that features in-depth interviews with noteworthy individuals across the whole island of Ireland. The magazine is a work of art and often feels more like a published book rather than a magazine… That’s all down to Simon’s absolute obsession with quality, and desire to create something...


Aly Harte - Artist, Painter, Podcaster + Educator (#19)

Aly Harte is a local artist most well-known for her bright, colourful oil-based paintings. But Aly also dedicates her time writing about important issues like grief, producing a podcast about how to build a thriving small business all while using her social media to document/coach people along the way on her own incredible journey. In this episode, we slow things down a bit and get chatting about how to manage the busyness of life, how career changes can happen to anyone and how to...


It's Time For Change

B.O.B is one year old. We've had a great year, but it's time to switch things up.


David Kenny - Soarscape (Drones Drones Drones #18)

We hike up Cave Hill with former EY Accountant turned self-employed Drone Operator David Kenny. Hear what it's like to quit the day job and follow your passion, how Drones can be used for good and whether or not they will ever replace your post-man. See for all the important links.


Gavan Wall: King Of LinkedIn + Founder Of The Wall Group (#15)

Gavan Wall is the founder of The Wall Group, a company that owns a series of Spars, Subways and a YoggieBerrie in North Belfast. But he's probably most well known for his charisma, speed-mentoring and being the Northern Irish King of LinkedIn. In this episode, we get to chat about all thing from The Greatest Showman why Gavan kicked booze out his life for good and why he didn't go to the hairdressers for 7 years... This Episode Was Commissioned By The Knowledge Network Hosted By Fleet...